DX Exchange enters OpenSim payments space

DX Exchange, one of the oldest exchanges trading Linden Dollars, has now entered the OpenSim payments space.

The exchange is now providing the currency infrastructure for Sunlight Grid, with four other grids in beta testing.

(Image courtesy DX Exchange.)

(Image courtesy DX Exchange.)

Currently, there are two main exchanges providing currency services to OpenSim grids. Virwox operates the multi-grid OMC currency and also trades Avination‘s C$ currency.

Podex, based in the U.K., provides the currency infrastructure for Avination, InWorldz, Virtual Highway, ZanGrid, YrGrid, The Adult Grid, My Virtual Community, Lost Paradise, and Mobius Grid.

Marcel Verhagen

Marcel Verhagen

According to DX Exchange’s developer Marcel Verhagen, the development is done and grids that want to get started with DX Exchange would need about a day to switch over, and another day or so for testing.

“The company has a great money system,” said Alexandre Abrial, the CEO and founder of Sunlight Grid.

On advantage of DX Exchange, Abrial said, is that the “buy currency” button in the viewer works as it does in Second Life.

Steven Kuik

Steven Kuik

It is up to the grid to decide whether the currency is redeemable or not, added exchange COO Steven Kuik.

The currency purchase functionality has been tested with the Firestorm and Singularity viewers, confirmed Verhagen.

Virwox requires that users buy the currency on the Virwox website and, moreover, all transactions require a second, Web-based confirmation step.

With Podex, users go to in-world cash terminals to buy currency.

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4 Responses

  1. me@timothyfrancisrogers.me' hack13 says:

    Actually a small correction to this article, you don’t have to buy from inworld with several grids. Examples of grids you don’t have to do this with, are ones Zetamex Hosts, and also ZanGrid you can purchase straight from the site.

    • abrial.alexandre@sfr.fr' Alexandre Lex Abrial says:

      In sunlight-grid buy your silver from the viewer, we made the request also Dx for recording information of payment and therefore a direct payment of the viewer! You can buy at the viewer and website too



  2. arielle.popstar@gmail.com' Arielle says:

    Is it possible with DX Exchange to transfer my Secondlife L$ directly to one of my Opensim accounts or would that have to be done as transactions on separate accounts?