Digital Lisbon seeks crowdfunding for biggest virtual city replica

Digital Lisbon (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Digital Lisbon (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Carlos Loff, an experienced virtual worlds builder and community manager since 2007 in Second Life, has launched a crowd funding campaign for $2,300 to build Digital Lisbon on Kitely. The biggest part of the money raised, or $1,200, will cover the first year hosting fees, $600 for events, and $400 for purchasing content and building the virtual recreation.

“Digital Lisbon will be the biggest city replica so far in the metaverse,” said Loff.
According to Loss, it will have a high degree of geographical accuracy and structural continuity, and will cover 16 regions — the equivalent of 256 acres or one square kilometer of virtual land.
Carlos Loff

Carlos Loff

“People will be able to furnish their own homes, attend concerts, fairs and workshops, explore virtual museums and monument replicas, rent a store or office and run a bar, theater or school,” he added.

“What makes Lisbon special are elements such as city size and continuity, building and texturing accuracy, full usage and interactivity of buildings, objects and living things, everything brought alive with many community activities and dynamics, including hiring many artists and lecturers,” said Loff.
Loff’s campaign offers special access and uses to backers and a free piece of land to top supporters, with freedom to develop their own vision of business, education or entertainment activities.
Visit the crowd fund campaign, help make a difference on the metaverse and get your piece of Lisbon at

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11 Responses

  1.' Carlos Loff says:

    Thank you Maria for your support, I have just opened Lisbon to any visitors at Kitely so everyone can check out how the structural foundations are being laid out, right here – – Carlos Loff

    • Carlos —

      Thanks for sending an excellent press release! I am extremely swamped at work right now, so anyone who can send me a press release that is ready to go — complete with snapshot! — is a hero to me!

      Meanwhile, as far as selecting grids is concerned, I have to say that Kitely is a good choice because of the combination of content filtering, working marketplace, hypergrid connectivity, and an excellent uptime record.

      Plus, their region capacity is excellent.

      I’m sure that there are grids — like AviWorlds above — that would be very happy to have you, at a much lower price, or even for free, but do be careful and check their reliability and history of content protection measures.

  2.' Alex Ferraris says:

    I would donate the land for the project in AVIWORLDS grid. The cost would not exist and I would also give him the oar and all back ups. FREE!
    Plus we have many portuguese speaking residents! And from Portugal also!
    The best of all we have a BUILDER for you! She speaks portuguese and she is currently building RIO DE JANEIRO , Brasil for us. She could definitely take on that project!

    •' Carlos Loff says:

      Thank you gor your kind offer ans duggestions buy for many reasons well thought I do want it at Kitely and since Im an experienced builder My partnerships need to be invested on other areas – You are all welcomed at Kitely Lisbon to develop projects for free and perform events, cheers

  3.' Tom says:

    Crowdfunding is great, this for size.. might be the biggest mesh project on the hypergrid, Will you do a step by step tutorial? for those who want to see how things are progressing.

    What 3D Modeling program are you going to use?, can you maybe do a video of that as well.

    Look forward to this massive realistic creation helping show off the best of the metaverse.


    •' Carlos Loff says:

      Hi Tom, thank you for your kind words – You can already visit the whole 16 Regions Lisbon Foundations at Kitely – There is no better way to show it’s progress than allowing inworld visits at any time you like – I will do it by stages, using 2 methods – Building and texturizing myself with prims, replicating RL and buying pre-built elements from Kitely Market like moving animals, trees and construction parts, ofcourse seaking the best low prim mesh products – VISIT NOW FREE HERE –

  4.' Eddi Haskell says:

    I hope this is not an idiotic question, but what is a virtual city replica? Is it a replica of a virtual city that already exists? Is the word replica redundant? Can you explain the term a bit more? Thanks.

    • It is a replica of a city, but done in virtual form. As opposed to say, in cardboard or plastic.

      I didn’t say “virtual lisbon” by itself without “replica” because most virtual cities are simply named after the originals, and maybe copy a couple of style elements, or landmarks, without trying to be particularly realistic.

      There’s a problem of scale in virtual worlds. A single region is 16 acres. Imagine 16 acres of, say, downtown NYC in a virtual world. Even a single building would be impossible to really replicate — too many prims, too many people. Even a single office of a medium-or-large-sized company would be impossible to model.

      So every virtual city has to decide where to draw the line between accuracy and usablity. With Kitely’s high prim limits and high visitor capabilities, it looks these guys are a little further along on the realistic side.

  5.' Eddi Haskell says:

    Thanks Carlos I am looking forward to photographing it. There is a nice virtual Porto (or was) in Second Life.

    •' Geir Nøklebye says:

      Hi Eddi. Are you on any hypergrid connected grid these days? I am on Gavin from ZA.