New official OpenSim release is out

The new official release of OpenSimulator — OpenSimulator 0.8.1 — came out this week, with only minor changes compared with the preview release.

Justin Clark-Casey

Justin Clark-Casey

“The most significant being a fix for a regression where script state was being lost for hypergrid transfers,” core developer Justin Clark-Casey said in an announcement.

Compared to the previous version of OpenSim, 0.8.1 improves teleports, physics, varregions, scripting and general stability. Read more about it here.

Where’s the Wifi?

The Diva Distro version of OpenSim 0.8.1 isn’t out yet, but some users have been jury-rigging a temporary work-around.

The Diva Disto is a self-contained, pre-configured version of OpenSim, a standalone mini-grid that comes with the Wifi front-end.

A typical Wifi screen. Not to be confused with wireless Internet.

A typical Wifi screen. Not to be confused with wireless Internet.

According to Mike Hart, to enable Wifi, OpenSim users need to add the following line to the “Additions for Hypergrid” section of their Robust.ini or Robust.HG.ini files:

WifiServiceConnector = "${Const|PublicPort}/Diva.Wifi.dll::WifiServiceConnector"
Alexsandro Pomposelli

Alexsandro Pomposelli

“It does work,” said AviWorlds grid owner Alexsandro Pomposelli, also known as Alex Ferraris in-world. “Mine works fine: I have been running the 8.1 release since it came out with no problems. Regions very stable and don’t crash ever. I had a party last night and it held more than 30 people.”

In addition to showing grid statistics, the Wifi front end allows users to create new accounts and change their passwords.

Should you upgrade?

OpenSim is complex, quickly-evolving, cutting-edge software and grids need to be careful about which versions of it they run, depending on their appetite for risk:

  • Most risky: Experimental preview releases. Only testers should be using these releases. Commercial grids should use them only on their “beta” grids. Remember to report bugs so that they can be fixed as quickly as possible.
  • Moderately risky: Recommended releases right after they come out. Although most of the major bugs should have been caught by the testers trying out the experimental preview release, some might slip through. Good for personal grids and individual regions.
  • Less risky: Recommended releases “post fixes.” Best for commercial, school and company grids that need the features of the latest release.
  • Least risky: The previous release of OpenSim. For the most conservative and risk-averse grids, or grids that need time to update custom modules and Web front ends.

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Maria Korolov

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10 Responses

  1.' Geir Nøklebye says:

    For any production grid I’d recommend to hold back till we get a point release or two more. While the release is solid in the sense it does not crash, it is still a bit rough around the edges when it comes to hypergrid asset transfers and attachment scripts crossing sim borders both regular and hypergrid. It also offers some welcome and good performance improvements in parts of the system.

    One if the major things about this release is it breaks just about any 3rd party plugins so if your grid relies on such, make sure there is an updated version available before you attempt a grid update.

    Other things to mention that you don’t find in the release notes is bulletsim has been fixed for OS X so it is now possible to also configure VAR regions if you run OpenSim with OS X and mono. Thanks to Robert Adams for fixing this longstanding issue, and thanks to myself for making hardware and software available for him to build the update.

    The PostgreSQL adapter still have some (glaring) bugs that should be relatively straightforward to fix for someone knowing the server code. It is OK for running standalone on, not equally OK in grid mode.

    Some people have reported performance issues with using version 2/3 viewers where they sometimes flood the server with requests that can take hours for the server to work through. One of the viewers that has been fixed for this is the latest iteration of the Kokua viewer which also again can be used on all OpenSim grids including Inworldz, Avination and Kitely. The developer therefore discontinued the OpenSim specific version of the viewer. Some versions of Firestorm has been observed to have this flooding behavior.

    Finally I think everyone is relieved that OSgrid is back up so the code (again) can get wider testing before being let loose on the (unsuspecting) public, and of course a big THANK YOU to everyone who have contributed to this release.

  2.' Dorena Verne says:

    Arriba-Sim by Freaky Tech rules.^^

    •' Han Held says:

      I haven’t followed that in some time; is it tracking opensim’s release and is there an 0.8.1 version of Arriba out?

      •' Magnuz Binder says:

        Freaky Tech still merges in relevant updates from OpenSim to ArribaSim, but owing to his ongoing major refactoring, some updates aren’t compatible and some are redundant. He doesn’t do release versions or follow OpenSim version numbering, but the present version available on GitHub contains most of the goodies in OpenSim 0.8.1 and a lot more. I’m running an own ROBUST test grid on ArribaSim, and it worked out of the box after setting the necessary IP’s.

        •' Han Held says:

          May I ask …how many regions do you have connected, and what advantages do you see in performance compared to using regular Opensim?

          •' Magnuz Binder says:

            Right now, I only have 4 normal regions, but while I tested it, I ran 22 regions, of which several with heavy OARs, like LK Freebie Mall, and 9 varregions, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 8×8, 9×9 and 10×10. New terrain in the 10×10 loaded within seconds compared to many minutes when running it in an OpenSim 10×10, and the LK Freebie Mall loaded fully within 30 secs compared to 3-4 minutes on OpenSim on the same server. I gave up on the normal OpenSim ROBUST grid for several features like V2 groups never working, while they work out of the box with ArribaSim. The OpenSim 8.1/8.2 might have improved though, since Freaky contributed a lot of fixes to it.

          •' Carlos Loff says:


            Do you know of any URL / Grid where we can walk on a 10X10 Var ?

            Im very curious on how bad and laggy people say they can be, so far I found a 7X7 at Digiworldz – Pangea – And its not bad at all

            Thanks in advance

  3.' Alex Ferraris says:

    The line mentioned above comes with or used to be in the robust.ini. It is not used at all. I leave that commented. The DIVA wifi set up does give you that line when you configure the wifi in robust.

  4.' LaniGlobal says:

    Opensim v0.8.1 adds wonderful features and bug fixes. Unfortunately, it breaks some existing physical vehicles designed for ODE physics. Core OpenSim server platform is now focused only for use with Bullet Sim, an excellent physics engine.
    R.I.P. ODE in OpenSim, you served us well.