Unreal Engine now free for everyone

(Image courtesy Epic Games, Inc.)

(Image courtesy Epic Games, Inc.)

Game development studio Epic has just announced that their engine, the infamous Unreal Engine, will be completely free for everyone to use starting immediately. This is a full version of Unreal Engine, and not just a demo or trial version. Those who choose to use Unreal Engine will still be able to download all future updates…

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3 Responses

  1. i have used UE4 before and have had to request my money back after just 2 hours of use.
    my video card could not handle the shadowing and having to rebake the scene every time i put out a object was a pain and terraforming was super slow, like 10 times more slower than SL’s most laggiest sim.
    If i had to pick between UE4, CryEngine and Unity, i would pick CryEngine.

  2. I snatched it up the second I heard…installed it and fired it up.

    Then my brain had a seizure. May as well be Unity…or worse… Blender!

    • sargemisfit@gmail.com' Sarge Misfit says:

      I’ve not tried Unity. This latest, Unity 5, requires some sort of poll or info gathering before I can even get in to see what the GUI is like. No thanks.

      Maybe it was the way the tutorials are done that is making UE4 work for me while Blender is the Mind Maze From Hell