Landscaping brings in the dough on Kitely Market

The Kitely Market gained almost 700 new listings this month, its biggest growth month since the market first launched two years ago. More than two-thirds of these listings were for exportable items, available for purchase on almost any hypergrid-enabled grid and some closed grids.

Kitely Market stats June 2015

The market now has 9,392 different items listed in 4,661 product pages, of which 5,415 items are available for export.

Preferred payment, categories

In addition to the usual growth stats, Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner provided some additional information this month.

Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner

The Kitely Market allows merchants to decide how they will be paid — whether they want to accept Kitely Credits, or if they only want to be paid in cash, via PayPal. Kitely Credits are not redeemable, so the PayPal option is more attractive to many merchants.

But it’s also attractive to customers, said Tochner, since they don’t have to buy any Kitely Credits first in order to shop the market.  The Kitely Market keeps payment information confidential, so the merchants don’t see the payment details of the PayPal shoppers.

As more users of other grids have begun shopping the market, the ratio of people preferring to pay with PayPal has increased, from 59 percent of all items purchased when the market was first launched, to 79 percent in May.

Ration of PayPal purchases on Kitely Market. (Data courtesy Kitely.)

Ration of PayPal purchases on Kitely Market. (Data courtesy Kitely.)

Tochner also broke out the statistics for which categories of content brought in the most money last month.

Best-sellers were in the landscaping category, he said, which brought in nearly three times the revenues of clothing sales.

Top-selling products in May, 2015 on the Kitely Market. (Data courtesy Kitely.)

Top-selling products in May, 2015 on the Kitely Market. (Data courtesy Kitely.)

However, Tochner pointed out that landscaping items were also more expensive than clothing, and, in fact, there were more individual clothing items sold in May than individual landscaping items and plants.

Tochner discussed some of these issues, as well as the recent land price changes on the grid, on the Inworld Review last night. Watch the full video below.

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5 Responses

  1.' Freda Frostbite says:

    It is true that I have purchased more landscaping items on KM than anything else, but that is only because the clothing and hair options are so limited. If there were more quality wearable items on KM, my Kitely Freda would no doubt own them.

  2. I think another reason landscaping does so well is the abundance of land in Opensim. If you buy avatar components, the perceived value is broadly the same as in SL, but landscaping items perceived value is increased exponentially because people have a huge amount of space to use the objects and the prim allowances to back it up.

    Sales remain strong it seems. I had a bit of a lull in May, but this coincided with the closing of my inworld showroom for a revamp, so that might have had something to do with it. I will be interested to see what happens over the summer. Traditionally this is the slow season, and last year Kitely (for me at least) bucked that trend, but I speculate that this is because it was new and novelty drove some extra sales. This year that novelty factor has faded, but the number and quality of items continues to increase and people are far more familiar with the way things work.

    •' XMIR Grid says:

      I too saw a bit of a lull in May. OpenSim has a higher (relative) density of Europeans, and May is usually full of holidays and other events in Europe, so that could be one reason.

      Avatar components are not so important when you have low density populations (3 full sims to 1 active user on average), so it does not matter if you haul around in the same t-shirt and good old skin if you hardly bump into others :-))

      •' Freda Frostbite says:

        Good heavens, NO! I don’t want to look at my av wearing the same stuff all the time. And she needs a new “do” from time to time. And better skin– lord, she needs better skin! Doesn’t matter if I never see another person in opensim. I will see my own av and she needs to look good.

        •' XMIR Grid says:

          I think, perhaps, the guys care less about that.

          Doing my fair share of contributing to looking good by adding a nice default female avatar to XMIR (male too). Here she is relaxing on deck.