Virtual Life celebrates first anniversary, makes $5 deal permanent

Virtual Life, a mid-sized closed commercial grid is celebrating its first birthday anniversary this summer, and is marking the occasion with a party, music, cash-giveaways and by making permanent its $5 region deal.

Keith Sparkman

Keith Sparkman

“We are not looking to line our pockets with cash, instead we would like to offer the best virtual life experience,” said grid founder Keith Sparkman.

At $5 per month for a 15,000-prim region, with no setup fee, and no limits on number of visitors, Virtual Life is the lowest-priced closed commercial grid, and the only closed grid on our bargain hosting page.

Closed grids are more attractive to some content creators, especially those who distribute scripted or rigged mesh products. Unlike other types of content, scripts and rigged mesh cannot be easily pirated by hackers with copybot software, so being on closed grids gives this type of content a security advantage.

(Image courtesy Virtual Life.)

(Image courtesy Virtual Life.)

Virtual Life will be holding its first birthday party on July 7, at 2 p.m. Pacific time.

“We are glad to be part of the virtual reality community,” said Sparkman.

Virtual Life party flier

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Maria Korolov

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6 Responses

  1.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Sorry but AviWorlds is offering 3 dollars 15000 prim regions plus a 5000 AV$s bonus for uploads to start. It has just been ignored by Maria and her blog here I guess. AviWorlds is a commercial grid also.

    • Alex —

      I haven’t listed you guys in the bargain hosting section because I don’t have a land sales page for your grid. Have you put one up yet?

      Also, weren’t you recently arguing AGAINST low land prices??

      • Also, I didn’t say that Virtual Life was the lowest-priced commercial grid — that’s SkyLife ( I said they were the lowest-priced CLOSED commercial grid. Last I checked, AviWorlds was still hypergrid-enabled. Has that changed, as well?

        •' Alex Ferraris says:

          Yes I am still working on the website. Soon…
          Yes I still am against the cheap prices because now all the professionally structured grids that have high operational costs will be in trouble if this TREND continues.
          So since that is a possibility I went with it and yes I still am offering the ones that are only 10 regions in a 32 gig ram server but also am offering the cheap ones for $3.00 each in a shared environment.
          AviWorlds is hypergrid enabled yes that has not changed.

          •' Carlos Loff says:

            Its the free global market and if indeed low prices are not profitable sooner or later those grids perish and the expensive ones get their customers

            Its up to customers to be wise and not to go just for the prices, specially when even the most expensive grid is dizens of times cheaoer than SK

  2.' Carlos Loff says:

    Congratlations – But, with all due respect, how can a creator expect to thrive selling on a closed grid to a few dozen persons ???