Digital Lisbon crowdfunder relaunched on AviWorlds

The crowfunding campaign to build a virtual copy of the city of Lisbon was relaunched today, founder Carlos Loff said in an announcement.

The project is now planned to be 144 regions in size, equivalent to about 9.4 square kilometers or 2,300 acres of virtual land. That’s about one-ninth the size of the actual city of Lisbon.

Digital Lisbon. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Digital Lisbon. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

The crowdfunder hopes to raise $2,250 for the project, to cover hosting fees, events, and virtual content.

Sightseekers can come and see the in-progress work on the AviWorlds grid starting on July 15.

Alexsandro Pomposelli

Alexsandro Pomposelli

“After months of researching which grid would be best he has picked us due to the strong processing power AviWorlds has plus a no lag environment,” AviWorlds owner Alexandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business.

AviWorlds is a hypergrid-enabled commercial grid with land prices starting at $3 a month for a standard region and $10 a month for a variable-size region. But it looks as though Digital Lisbon is getting a significant discount from AviWorlds.

The project is currently budgeting $600 for a year’s worth of hosting, which comes out to about 35 cents per region per month.

“The discount was not as big as it looks,” Loff told Hypergrid Business, pointing out that AviWorlds’ $10 megaregion or varregion plan works out to as little as 63 cents a month when scaled to 16 regions. “But it is still a great discount and makes the difference in turning the project much more sustainable.”


Loff is an experienced virtual worlds builder and community manager, and has been active in Second Life since 2007. Previously, the reaction of the city of Lisbon was hosted on Kitely.

Carlos Loff

Carlos Loff

“Digital Lisbon is now by far the biggest city replica in the whole metaverse,” Loff said, “With nothing less than nine clustered megaregions of 16 regions each.”

According to Loff, Digital Lisbon will have an almost 70 percent degree of geographical scale accuracy and structural continuity.

“People will be able to furnish their own homes, attend concerts, fairs and workshops, explore virtual museums and monument replicas, rent a store or office and run a bar, theater or school,” he said. “What makes Lisbon special are elements such as unparalleled city size and continuity, building and texturing accuracy, full usage and interactivity of buildings, objects and living things, everything brought alive with many community activities and dynamics, including hiring many artists and lecturers.”

(Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

(Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Loff’s campaign offers special access and uses to backers and a free piece of land to top supporters, with freedom to develop their own vision of business, education or entertainment activities.

Visit the crowd fund campaign, help make a difference on the metaverse and get your piece of Lisbon at

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4 Responses

  1.' Carlos Loff says:

    It is my deep pleasure to announce Lisbon is already born and ready for visits on Aviworlds – Just go there and type Lisbon in the Mao – Don’t be overwhelmed by so much land, it will all be filled for your pleasures and uses

  2. Awesome 🙂 I love to see that someone (well, a lot of someones!) is doing this major building work of my own hometown 🙂 Great project! 🙂

    •' Carlos Loff says:

      Hi Gwyneth and, once again, thank you for your contribution to this campaign, Im working hard every night so Lisbon becomes more built and decorated but I guess such a Megalomaniac plan will only be fine tuned for christmas, along with your venue of choice to have or run as you please, yet there will be phases and many cool free things will be opening every month, cheers and long life to Lisbon and Opensim

  3.' Carlos Loff says:

    I want to thank another great contribute – Hello Fred Beckhusen’s a.k.a. Ferd Frederix – from Outowrldz, I believe -thank you so much for believing in this project that it has started already to develop but needs all help to keep being so big

    I will invite you for our group perms and also let you know when you can start soon choosing your spot for your perks, that are as follow:
    – Invitation to special access group
    – 7 venues rental (or one entire skyscraper/building) x 1 year
    – Backstage events access
    – 10 street add boards x 6 month

    Thousand thanks, we are making history here

    All the best – Carlos Loff