Latest Castrol ad is a scary virtual ride

Castrol's Virtual Drift immersive video.

Castrol’s Virtual Drift immersive video.

Car companies have been getting into virtual test drives lately. There’s the Volvo XC90 Experience, for example. And Mercedes VR for Cardboard for Android phones. And Subaru Motorsports, also for Android — look for the videos with the 360 symbol, and select the virtual reality headset mode.

But this Castrol EDGE 360° Interactive Titanium Strong Virtual Drift virtual reality ride puts some virtual reality into virtual reality.

The driver in this car is wearing a virtual reality headset while driving around a wide, empty lot at top speed, spinning around, evading obstacles that only exist virtually.

Watch the regular video below.

Or, better yet, load up the immersive version below in your Android phone’s YouTube app and switch to virtual reality view.


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