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Virtual reality is a fast-changing field, and is about to explode.

Stay on top of the news by subscribing to the top blogs on the subject. The page authority numbers are from Open Site Explorer and are estimates of how the site does in search results — the higher the number, the better. The Alexa and SimilarWeb numbers are traffic rankings, with the lower the number, the better.

Road to VR

Road to VR websiteFounded in 2011, Road to VR bills itself as the world’s largest independent news publication dedicated to the consumer virtual reality industry. Send story ideas and press releases to [email protected]. The editor is Ben Lang, who’s been covering technology since 2008.

Their page authority is 62, Alexa rank is 50,800, SimilarWeb rank is 58,474, and they’re indexed by Google News.

Hypergrid Business

Hypergrid Business websiteThat’s us! We cover virtual reality, in particular focusing on non-gaming  and non-social applications, but occasionally we’ll write about games and social stuff, too. And we cover OpenSim and other virtual world platforms, and in particular the intersection between virtual reality and virtual worlds. We’ve been around since 2008, so we’re the oldest publication in the space. Send story ideas and press releases and guest columns to [email protected]. And we’re always looking for writers, and are happy to train.

Our page authority is 62, Alexa rank is 211,348, SimilarWeb rank is 393,713, and we’re indexed by Google News.


VR Focus

VR Focus websiteUK-based VR Focus launched in Febru is edited by Kevin Joyce, who has more than eleven years experience within videogames media. Submit pitches and press releases to [email protected].

Their page authority is 55, Alexa rank is 106,408, SimilarWeb rank is 104,312, and they’re indexed by Google News.


Upload websiteLaunched in October 2014, Upload publishes a couple of stories a day. It’s edited by Will Mason. Send story ideas and press releases to [email protected]. They cover hardware, development platforms, software, and do app reviews.

Their page authority is 47, Alexa rank is 149,144, SimilarWeb rank is 116,180, and they are not in Google News.

VR Nerds

VR Nerds websiteA German-language blog covering virtual reality hardware, software, applications, and other news. Use this contact page to suggest story ideas, send press releases, or to find out about becoming a writer.

Their  page authority is 45, Alexa rank is 559,715, SimilarWeb rank is 934,144, and they are not in Google News.

Virtual Reality Reviewer

Virtual Reality Reviewer websiteThis publication was launched in early 2014, and publishes a handful of stories a week. It’s edited by David Whelan, who’s also the founder of the Virtual Reality Awards and the guy behind the Apollo 11 Experience. Send story pitches and press releases to [email protected]. They’re also looking for writers.

Their page authority is 43, Alexa rank is 687,908, SimilarWeb rank is 869,764, and they are not in Google News.

General tech publications with virtual reality sections

The following publications have sections, tags or RSS feeds for virtual reality news, even though they cover more than just virtual reality:

Are there any virtual reality-specific publications that publish regular news that we’re missing? Let me know in the comments!

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1.' Shy Robbiani says:

    I haven’t visited any of these other sites recently so it’s difficult to judge, but when I was there in the past it was all about VR and gaming only. As I’m more interested in Virtual Worlds, Opensimulator and a general overwiew on VR I will continue to stick to Hypergrid Business as my first blog and daily VR information source. Continue the good work.

  2.' leadingones says:

    For VR development

  3. I’m running this blog about VR… Don’t know if it deserves to stay in your directory, but I’d like you to know that it exists 🙂

  4.' virtual vizors says:

    VR at IFA in 360°:
    Hot new Virtual Reality tech at IFA 2016 in our 360° 4K videos:

  5.' Rockefoten says:

    Also working on a VR review / newsblog, mostly for Norwegian people though 🙂

  6.' The Twitt says:

    this is really amazing to see such blogs that are giving immense information on our technology.

  7.' New School VR says:

    For those interested in VR/AR assisted learning, check out the blog/podcast and let us know what you think!

  8.' voxelworlds says:

    Great Blog!
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