Littlefield amps up content protection

Littlefield Grid Mall. (Image courtesy Littlefield Grid.)

Littlefield Grid Mall. (Image courtesy Littlefield Grid.)

Many grids, especially those with unique or specialized content, struggle with content protection issues.

Both closed and open grids have problems with copybotters, while hypergrid-enabled grids also have the additional risk to scripts.

Grids with large quantities of unique or high-end content are particularly at risk. So, for example, Second Life is typically the main source of copybotted content in the metaverse simply because there is more content there than anywhere else.

But another grid known for its content — Littlefield — has also been struggling with theft recently, and has decided on an innovative approach to thwart the cybercriminals.

Littlefield ranked second in content in last month’s grid survey. It has a strong group of creators who share their content at no charge with grid residents and this has also helped the grid create a tight and cohesive community.

To keep the content local while still allowing residents to travel the hypergrid, the grid blocked foreign visitors from being able to purchase content on the grid.

So people found work-arounds.

“People were coming in, joining the grid, then using copybot software,” grid owner Water Balazic told Hypergrid Business. “You can also copybot mesh items which is the thing we were very concerned with because we have so much mesh.”

The grid installed a tracker to look for copybot viewers, and box up mesh items to stymie the copybotters, but the thefts continued.

(Image courtesy Littlefield Grid.)

(Image courtesy Littlefield Grid.)

Now, the grid has upped the protections available for content creators one step further.

Certain content on the grid is now only available to members of the Littlefield VIP group. This includes high-end content, scripts, and animations available in the Littlefield Mall, as well as all content in a special VIP-only mall. Most content will remain available to all members, Balazic added.

The Littlefield VIP group is open to land owners or creators, or members in good standing recommended by other VIP members.

“The VIP VAR mall has all of our very best content,” said Balazic. “Without the VIP group tag, they cannot even get to that mall.”

Littlefield will hold a public meeting on November 6 to discuss the new VIP program.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

49 Responses

  1.' Shy Robbiani says:

    I understand that some creators want to see their content protected and support the right to do so. But for most of us content creation is a hobby and we do this for education and fun. Most creators I met in the Opensim community love to share their work for free.

    Having a VIP group sounds ridiculous to me. It’s like having a mini Second Life® in the otherwise liberal hypergrid. Why don’t these creators continue to stay in Second Life® if they are so picky?

    I agree, regarding quality content Littlefield and it’s associated regions were one of the best places in OSGgrid . I loved shopping there and felt pity when it’s gone. But to me, to follow into a more or less closed grid was no option. I never joined the Littlefield grid.
    My vision of Opensim is completely different. I would love to see an “open” hypergrid, one without borders at all and not one going towards a two class society with shopping malls for the upper class only.

    Don’t take me wrong. I’m not against any creators right to protect his/her creations. I’m only against the way it’s done in Littlefield.

    •' Delana Quinn says:

      Because they take themselves far too seriously and need something to whine about. This topic annoys me to no end. If people are that paranoid and emotionally stunted about the idea someone might rip off a digital coded faux toon image, they don’t need to be messing with open sim or second life or littlefield. They need to visit a psychiatrist.

      I still think if they sell cartoon stuff nobody can actually use anywhere in the real world they should get cartoon money for it. Unless and until these items have real world value, they shouldn’t be able to take real world money for it and impose a bunch of anal retentive paranoid idiotic restrictions on it. Imagine if we went into Walmart and bought something and the manager tells us we can’t take it out of the city or resell it. They’d go out of business…which is why I hope copybotters evolve and keep at it so these sorts will also go out of business. This is not a big enough economy that anyone’s real lives will be ruined or adversely impacted in any way if even 1000 people swiped some toon hair.

      And I don’t care if it’s an unpopular opinion for the drama queens. Walk it off. 😉

    •' Alex Ferraris says:

      Yes but that kind of vision does not provide any incentive for creation and at the end it will also create bad economics leaving the grid with no money to even pay for servers, developments actually nothing good.
      You will find a bunch of grids with the same content acquired freely like Linda Kellie ….etc.
      I guess if you dont mind being in a dead area u can be in a free grid with no advancements, no nothing.The human race requirers excitement and opportunities not to be bored with a static virtual life.

      •' Dharma Galaxy says:

        Maybe we don’t want your grids. I bet there are more of us out here in private grids where Hypergrid Business can’t count us than in any public grid other than SL now — and it won’t be long before SL shrinks to the size while we continue to grow that even it won’t count for much.

  2. I find it amusing how all of you praise Kitely and other monetized grids for having a PAY situation for buying goods, but when Littlefield and other grids that give the content free to their community, have no money system in place in order to make it easier for the users, and want to protect it from people selling it on these monetized grids and marketplaces, you complain about it. I’ve been approached by our content creators and they want this content remaining free for the people on the grid. They don’t like seeing their creations that they spent time, effort, and in some cases money (textures etc) to create content for people they consider their friends and in some cases family taken from the grid and being used to make a few bucks. It isn’t fair to them, and I and the admin team agree with them. And it isn’t just monetized grids. I have on many occasions had HG’d people visit the grid wearing items from Littlefield, yet they aren’t grid members. How did they get it? More to the point, I’ve visited several grids to see people walking around with Ada Wong’s boots only to see them labeled still as “A.W. Short Boots” but showing the content creator as Lana Lavall or someone else. That is unfair to the content creator as well. Having spent time creating these objects just to see someone else’s name as creator on their creation is offensive to the creator, and is going to do nothing to entice more content creators to come to Opensimulator.

    •' Ilan Tochner says:

      Hi Walter,

      Kitely takes content protection very seriously and we don’t allow selling other people’s freebies in Kitely Market. If you encounter a product listing in our marketplace that doesn’t comply with our policies then please let me know so we can act to remove it.

      You can read our IP protection policy here:

      •' Adam01time says:

        When you enable the back door for that kitely store on your grid you have now created a huge amount of work for the admin. Back door once open becomes a screen door.

        Kitely brings a large service to the Virtual worlds. But so does amazons and Wal Mart to the real world.
        Once some one from an open grid system buys the product it is subject to copy and god powers.
        And for all of you that think scripts are unable to be copied I would not hold my breath ok.

        Some things are better left unsaid.

        All grid owners that have open the door for in world delivery from Kitely should be charging kitely for the huge amount of admin work it has created. A percentage charge or a monthly rent.

        No store should have access to your grid for free.

        This is why LFG does not have a monetary system it is about the creator.

        •' Ilan Tochner says:

          Any grid owners that believe that the benefits of having Kitely Market deliver to their grid are not worth it can easily block Kitely Market access to their grid.

          You’ll note that there aren’t many grid owners who share your view. There are more closed grids that have made exceptions to enable Kitely Market delivery to their grid than there are Hypergrid-enabled grids that have opted to prevent access to Kitely Market.

          As for content creators, Kitely is currently the OpenSim grid that provides the most flexibility in how content may or may not be distributed. Content creators selling via Kitely Market can specify export controls per object that they sell and those export controls are enforced in all the export options provided by the Kitely system, see:

          As for the risk inherent in allowing content to be exported to other grids, that is something content creators can decide for themselves. Content creators that want to maximize their sales opt to sell exportable items from their Kitely Market store. Those that believe that people who intend to rip off their content will first buy it from some marketplace instead of using a copybot on whatever closed grid(s) their content is already available are free to not sell exportable items.

          The music industry has already learned that selling songs without DRM makes better business sense than trying to sell them with DRM. The big music labels spent years and wasted billions of dollars in a failed attempt to limit the sharing of unlicensed copies of their content. Eventually they decided to change strategy and started selling unprotected music files in an effort to maximize sales instead of minimizing theft.

          iTunes and other online stores have enabled those big companies to sell content that can easily be gotten for free on various pirate sites that are just a google search away for anyone intending to steal that content. There are goods sold legally in Kitely Market that had only been listed by their creators in our marketplace after those items had already been pirated on many OpenSim grids. And yet, those items that can easily be found in other OpenSim grids are instead frequently bought in Kitely Market instead. In other words, the content creators turned a potential lost sale into a sale by listing their items in our marketplace. Had they not listed them there then people on all those grids where their content isn’t available would have only been able to get unlicensed copies of that content.

          This isn’t a difficult concept to understand and this is why the number of exportable items in Kitely Market grows much faster than the number of items sold without the Export permission. But, of course, anyone wishing to take your advise is free to limit the number of legal options available for their potential customers to acquire their content.

          • “The music industry has already learned that selling songs without DRM makes better business sense than trying to sell them with DRM. The big music labels spent years and wasted billions of dollars in a failed attempt to limit the sharing of unlicensed copies of their content. Eventually they decided to change strategy and started selling unprotected music files in an effort to maximize sales instead of minimizing theft.”

            That is true, however, you’ll notice they don’t let you just walk in and take music. You can’t get into iTunes to get this DRM free content unless you pay for it. A similar case is what Amazon does which gives you a music service as part of their “Prime” program. That methodology is similar to what we are instituting. The VIP mentioned above is a side benefit for some of the users of LFGrid. Just like Amazon allows anyone to go buy things there and do things and browse their marketplace they can do so with no restrictions, However if you want the fringe benefits like the music/video/free shipping, you have to be a Prime member. We are working along a similar mindset, however in our case it’s the community and the people that are what are really the payment to us rather than cold hard cash. We welcome people from the HG to participate in our events, come and use any of the regions facilities there including the sandboxes and enjoy themselves, and have even assigned some regions to groups like HG Safari to use whenever they are there. We even have a considerable amount of free content which is available to HG users which they can utilize while on the grid.The fact of the matter is content is worth what you feel it’s worth. But if you want some of the most recent content available, or things that have othergrid licenses that were obtained for use only on LFGrid, then you have to be part of the VIP group. Almost all of our content creators do this because their friends/family etc.. are on the grid and it makes them happy to create something that makes their friends/family happy. Case in point, one of our creators Amy Storm personally goes out with her own money to purchase legal licenses textures and Mesh DAE’s in order to create content for the people she considers family. When people thank her for it, or she sees someone wearing or using something she created, it makes her day. For her, that’s payment… The issue to be blunt is that some HG grids have a commerce (as well as a marketplace system in some cases), and some don’t. This let’s people albeit small time, make money on something they basically picked up and dropped in a commercial grid, or on a commercial marketplace. Some people don’t care, and that’s great. But many content creators want to give their content out for free, and want to know it remains free.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            First, I’d like to note that people can browse Kitely Market for free but if you want to acquire anything then you’ll have to buy it. Kitely Market doesn’t allow selling or giving away other people’s freebies.

            Regarding your reply, I see two separate issues I’d like to address.

            1) Whether or not selling in Kitely Market makes sense for content creators who want to earn money (and it does, as I’ve explained above).

            2) Whether or not your VIP system makes sense for your grid’s residents. My only comment is that the people who you’ve felt abused your grid’s policies in the past will still be able to do so using illegal means (e.g. copybots that hide their real viewer identification). There is simply no secure way to block someone who has content delivered to their viewer for display from being able to rip that content and upload it to other grids. Your VIP system is a form of DRM and like all forms of DRM it can be bypassed. In other words, you’ll be providing “security theater” instead of actual security. It may block casual abusers from getting your content using the options you control but it won’t stop determined abusers that are willing to use tools outside your control.

            As grid owners, we can only limit what can be done using the parts of the service which we control. We have no control over what can be done with software running on people’s computers (e.g. their viewers). I make sure I tell people that when they ask me about the robustness of our content control system.

            It is really up to your content creators to decide whether or not they value having your new VIP system in place but I’d advise you to inform them that it won’t actually prevent their content from being taken to other places by copybotters. The alternative is that they’ll blame your system once some scumbag does that.

          • As for item 1… I don’t recall questioning the validity of selling on Kitely Marketplace. If your goal is to make a buck, then that’s perfect. There are plenty of ways to make a buck and plenty of places to do it. We just choose not to do it with an Opensource application designed to allow people to enjoy themselves and be creative.

            As for item 2… If the item is boxed, and you can’t buy it or open it unless you are a member of the VIP group, the best you are going to attain is copybotting a box. Anyone that wants to copy a 1 prim cube on our grid can feel free to do that. Is it 100% fool proof? No. But it’s pretty close because we know who is in the VIP group, and it’s unlikely the people in it are out to harm the grid and/or the content creators.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            The problem isn’t with the way items are packaged or distributed to people in the VIP group but rather with the fact that people who are not in the VIP group can see the items that the people in the VIP group rez/wear inworld. Whatever a VIP member rezzes is sent to the viewers of both VIP members and non-VIP members alike when those people are in view distance from those items. So, unless you intend to prevent the rezzing of such items anywhere near where non VIP members can visit, those items will be sent to non-VIP member’s viewers. Once this information is transmitted you have no control over what software the user viewing that content will use to view and/or copybot it.

          • Like I said, it’s not 100% foolproof, but it cuts down on alot of the theft. Nothing is foolproof, but if it becomes a pain in the ass to steal the content from Littlefield, people will just steal it elsewhere.. Or better yet, they will just buy it from you Ilan, that can’t hurt for Kitely Marketplace. It’s like a house with an open door, one with a closed door, and one with a locked door. People who steal take the path of least resistance. Open door first, Closed second, Locked third. It’s easier to walk into the open front door of a house and steal a table than to break into a locked house and steal a table.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            I agree people are willing to pay to save time and many are willing to pay to acquire things legally if doing so is easier than the alternatives. I have no issue with you doing whatever you want on your grid, my only comment about this was that your new system doesn’t offer protection just an inconvenience to would-be content thieves. Instead of being able to pick things up easily they’ll need to find somewhere on your grid where someone has already rezzed those items. That is probably easy to do for some items and harder to do for others.

            That said, the inconvenience of needing to search may be enough to send some thieves to look for content in other grids and/or marketplaces. Security theater can’t be trusted but it does reduce the frequency of the more amateurish ways of doing whatever the security measures were designed to prevent. You’ll still have a problem, though, with determined thieves, which I have a feeling are more likely to be the ones that also try to distribute and/or sell the content they worked hard to steal.

          • I honestly don’t see it adding any less protection than the protection Kitely provides. The difference is we aren’t selling the items, and we don’t have content creators assuming their creation is safe on the grid because it is monetized.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            As I stated previously, I clarify what our content protection can and can’t do to any merchant who asks about what content protections are available in Kitely. I’ve yet to talk to a Kitely Market merchant who wasn’t already aware of the fact that content can be copybotted from any grid that content is rezzed on. The people who don’t understand that are simply not attracted to our marketplace’s value proposition of selling to the open metaverse.

            That said, there is a difference between how likely content is to be copybotted from your grid verses the likelihood of it being copied from Kitely.

            Your grid’s content creators display their creations (freebie or otherwise) on your grid. That is great but it also makes it easy for copybotters to download almost all the content that exists on your grid by simply visiting all the regions on your grid with a copybot client. Now that you’ve blocked non-VIP members’ ability to get legal copies of some of that content, the only choice people will have to acquire the content they see and like in your grid is via copybotting.

            Whereas in Kitely, many of the content creators don’t have an inworld presence or build in their own private Kitely worlds (remote private islands on the Kitely grid). This behavior makes it much harder to copybot most of what is sold in Kitely Market, simply because it isn’t easy to find that content already rezzed in the Kitely grid itself. That, and the ease of getting content from Kitely Market delivered to avatars on other grids, makes it easier to buy the content people want from Kitely Market than to go to the trouble of trying to seek it out inworld in order to copybot it.

          • I disagree. Anyone could order an item from Kitely right now on OSGrid. Rez it on their land. God Mode it and then resell it elsewhere or give it away full permission, including scripts and rigging of worn mesh items. The very BEST that someone will accomplish with things from Littlefield is possibly (and this is only if they see it, they have to locate it in person first) copybotting the primwork. They can’t get the scripts, nor if it’s a mesh rigged item get the rigging. In addition, they have to actually see the item in person, not get caught by our system checking for copybot viewers, then export it. Import it somewhere and hope it made it completely, then rescript it if it’s a scripted item it, or re-rig it if it’s a mesh worn item. Sounds to me like that’s alot more difficult than buying something from your Marketplace and then simply God modeing it. You have zero control (or concern really) over who buys an item from your Marketplace by design which is fine, but you leave the door open for easy copy and distribution of content creators content regardless of the intended permission.

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            First, I did already say “Those that believe that people who intend to rip off their content will first buy it from some marketplace instead of using a copybot on whatever closed grid(s) their content is already available are free to
            not sell exportable items.” and “those items that can easily be found in other OpenSim grids are instead frequently bought in Kitely Market instead. In other words, those content creators [who sell via Kitely Market] turned a potential lost sale into a sale by listing their items in our marketplace. Had they not listed them [their items] there [in Kitely Market] then people on all those grids where their content isn’t available would have only been able to get unlicensed copies of that content.”

            I never claimed items that were bought from Ktiely Market can’t be then copybotted or (if exportable) delivered to a third-party grid and have their permissions changed using God mode. What I did say is that the people who steal content rarely buy it first and that it is hard to view most of the items sold in Kitely Market on the Kitely grid unless you’ve bought them from Kitely Market. I also claimed that having unlicensed copies of content be sold on other grids doesn’t prevent sales of that same content in Kitely Market and that big merchants have opted to use this fact to monetize content that is already widely copybotted and distributed on many OpenSim grids.

            As for what can and can’t be extracted by someone who is dedicated to ripping content and the difficulty of doing so. Everything displayed in the viewer of someone seeing it inworld is transferred to the viewer in OpenSim/SL. Some things are delivered in a way that is not in the native format used by other applications (e.g. rigging) but that data is still transferred to the viewer or the viewer wouldn’t be able to render it.

            Avatar movements need to adjust the mesh shape of worn rigged items on the viewer side and the viewer can’t do that without having the rigging data. That requires the actual rigging to exist on the viewer in one form or another. Whether or not existing copybot software makes it easy to save that data to a format that people can easily upload into other grids is irrelevant. What is relevant is that that feature is not overly complicated to add to existing copybot clients.

            Extracting textures that have been baked server side makes it harder to get the textures that people want to copybot but those too can be separated using texture comparisons with the textures of avatars wearing only parts of the same outfit. This isn’t overly complicated to automate. All the perpetrator has to do is go to a shopping district and view people changing their outfits. In other words, a feature copybot clients can add if they don’t already have it.

            Saving all the info the viewer is sent to an IAR file so items don’t require rebuilding is also not a very difficult feature to add. Casual copybotters may not know how to do this or may think it not worth their time but the people you fear may want to resell your content may think it worth their investment to have that feature built.

            The only type of content that is really protected from copybotting is the content that is never sent to viewers, which in OpenSim/SL is just textual data saved in scripts and notecards that aren’t opened by the viewer. That data is the only thing which requires people to first own the content before they can view it. You’ll note that for scripts to be taken out of Kitely Market (to be later changed using God mode) they’d first need to be sold as exportable and be bought by and/or given to the person who wants to steal them (only Kitely has god mode in the Kitely grid and we don’t steal content).

            No grid can prevent copybotting of content, but having it in an e-commerce site does make it a lot more costly (time and/or money wise) than acquiring it in places where it is available inworld.

          •' Adam01time says:

            Keep it simple.To have your store sell items on another grid, Than do business. The difference between a deal and doing business is the deal is always one sided.
            Very Simple by you facilitating your clients on your website you should charge them.
            Then when and like any store you will have to pay for accesses to the grids.
            What really killed SL was people just creating a web-front in market place and not really being part of the community. No need to by land and have a store. So land sales dropped.
            What is land it is a users data a creation etc etc.
            I would tell any creator. join all the grids you want your product in. Then give the buyers a way to contact you. Keep it simple.
            You Come off like some CEO. But the fact is your just person selling server space. The kitely store is just a website that has a store front for free. At the expense of the owner of the grid
            you think you can exploit the grids customers with out cost.
            Next thing you will tell me is the only way to send mail to you is a po. box in a post office in Israel.

            What part of doing business is this. 90 percent of the stuff you see on kitely have already been copied with god power the moment it hit the open-sim.
            There is nothing wrong with what you do. I am saying do business. Not deals.
            What do you get for a rubber biscuit. ?

          •' Ilan Tochner says:

            I think you’re failing to understand why content creators choose to sell items in Kitely Market (where they are charged a sales commission) instead of (or in addition to) opening their own e-commerce site and/or opening shop in each grid they wish to sell to. The reason they opt to get a Kitely Market store is that having one simplifies their lives and, in many cases, increases their net earnings.

            Kitely Market has already delivered to more than 100 different OpenSim grids (both closed and Hypergrid-enabled). It is way too time consuming to try to open and maintain an active store in that many grids on your own. Kitely Market also reaches people on standalones and non-public grids that content creators can’t have a presence on (such as ones in cooperate and education organizations).

            That is why even some content creators that have a wide reaching presence and their own e-commerce sites still choose to maintain an active Kitely Market store. Our marketplace enables them to sell to more people with less effort. In other words, we let them keep it simple.

            People buying from our store also want to keep it simple and Kitely Market provides them with a centralized, easy-to-use marketplace that delivers to their avatar on their grid of choice. They don’t need to start trying to convince merchants from other grids to open a presence on their grid. If deliveries don’t immediately work, which for most grids they do, then they just need to talk to their grid’s owner to ensure that deliveries from Kitely Market aren’t intentionally blocked.

            As for grid owners, Kitely Market enables them to offer their users access to a lot more content than most grid owners can get access to on their own. Not only that but Kitely doesn’t charge them anything for doing so. Amazon charges a shipping fee (per item or as an Amazon Prime subscription) but Kitely Market offers free delivery to any grid that doesn’t block it. This bought content gives grid users a reason to get land. Where else will they rez all the great looking objects they bought? Why do you think they buy non-avatar items if not to use them in the grid they call home?

            In other words, Kitely Market helps content creators, content buyers and third-party grids and does so while saving all these different parties time and/or money. Our marketplace keeps things simple and helps the OpenSim ecosystem grow, you have to try hard to find a negative thing to say about that (which I’m sure you, Adam, will continue doing) 😀

          •' Carlos Loff says:

            I only joined other grids and bought land there because it accepet kitely deliveries, othersise I wouldnt be att all on those grids

          •' Susannah Avonside says:

            Having Kitely Market actually proves to be a disincentive to acquire pirated content as it’s now possible to get decent creations that were largely difficult or near impossible to get previously unless it was pirated. We now have access to legitimate Heart Botanicals and other landscape and plant supplies, which are going to prove a boon for my latest build. I’m sure I have over my time in OpenSim collected and used, unknowingly, pirated content, but it’s my firm opinion that the reason behind pirated content was scarcity rather than greed, as there isn’t really a well developed cash economy within OpenSim. I’m happy to pay for the content from Kitely Market, as prices for most exportable content remain very reasonable, and I have absolutely no problem paying a reasonable amount for content, as it at least gives some return to those that created that content, which has no doubt incurred some expense for the creator, even if it’s just to run the computer they use. I’m no fan of the profit motive, and see absolutely no merit in commercialism, but I live in the real world and realise that there are costs that need to be covered. If the mantra is something like ‘limit of price equals cost’ then things are on the right track. Anyone seeking a profit is guilty of theft of a different sort to that which copybotters are accused of.

            I’ll remain a huge fan of Hypergrid enabled grids, and the free flow of legitimate content and all my creations will continue to be available for free. I don’t see a point in closed grids, as they don’t represent any progression from the now increasingly defunct Second Life model. I’ll also remain a fan of Kitely Market, even though I once used to wonder what the actual point of Kitely was when it was a closed grid, and didn’t have the market!

    •' Minethereé says:

      it is said that mud wrestling is quite fun…..urgh, you said mudslinging…nvm…………………..

  3.' Carlos Loff says:

    I make Delana Quinn words – MY WORDS

  4. We started out believing in the fanciful pipe dream of being all open and interconnected. It sounds so idyllic. If only Opensim really worked that way. But Opensim people took dreadful advantage of us. Too many hypergrid visitors took our content, not to use and enjoy for themselves, but to SELL, when we had given it away for free. But to me, even worse than that are the people who assume that we created OUR content to support THEIR grid. People often praise the quality of content on Littlefield grid. Our content is outstanding because we worked long, hard hours to create it, and because we spent, literally, THOUSANDS of dollars of our own money to purchase premium textures, animations and so on directly from the artists who created them. Those premium building materials are superior in quality, but, not surprisingly, they come with licensing agreements, including the agreement that those materials would be used only on our grid. Why would we spend so much of our own money, and use it to create things that we give away for free? For one reason and one reason only: to build a COMMUNITY. We give things to the members of our community because they give back–we have an awesome community of people who help and support each other, building lives together. Most hypergrid visitors, on the other hand, rarely participate in our community. They come, they take stuff, and they leave. They don’t even talk to us. What good does that do our grid? We aren’t here to show off our creations. We are here to build a community. We invest in content to support our community. That’s the only reason we do it. Letting our content off our grid (1) does not support our community, (2) violates licensing agreements, and (3) pads the wallets of copybot thieves at our expense. Littlefield is not now, never has been and never will be a business. We have never charged a penny for our content and we never will. It will always be given away for free. If people from other grids would like to own our content, I would be more than happy to show them where to take a class in building skills, and point them to the same artists who supplied our materials, so that you can buy from them also. But instead of putting in the time, money and effort to create things themselves, people want to take a short cut. Instead of creators they just want to be consumers. They want to build their grid using our stuff. I’m sorry, but we aren’t here to supply your grid with stuff. I’m happy to show you how to create your own stuff, though.

  5.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Alot of energy is placed on a few areas but there is one left out and that is the upload fees. I think that upload fees being zero will make it easier to bring copied botted material into the grid. If there is an upload fee in place and together with a good policing the action of bringing in copied materials will diminish.
    If all grids did this it would diacourage the importation of copied materials. Offcourse we cannot forget that having hypergrid enabled will also open a huge door for importation of copied and corrupted materials into the grid.
    Hypergrid Enabled grids offer an unfair competition to its creators because people can go outside the grid and bring in copied and free materials.
    Thats why I have had alot of doubts about HG travel.
    A grid cannot survive if free and copied objects can be imported or brought in via HG ttavel.
    At least the grids that are trying to present opportunity and growth to its residents.

  6.' Adam01time says:

    Littlefield grid is an extremely stable platform that brought in some of the virtual worlds stable level headed minds.
    Just the name Littlefield speaks for it self a very “posh” well known English name. The service they bring to the customer is for ever evolving for the clients they have. They have taken on a huge responsibility to the viewer developers to the sim owners. LFG is and does bring security to the front and will strive day in and day out to it’s clients.

    By no means will or should outside comments detour LFG. “Data Safety” Comes first when that is your world.
    There are many shopping clubs in this world you must join to buy products. There are many organizations you must join in order to use a certain product. What LFG brings is a paid for service to the content creators of the grid. Those content creators are the actual diamond in the mines for any grid.

    I would like to take this time and thank the Staff of Littlefield for the huge amount of help they gave me last year.
    It is easy to hold your head high and create higher standards when you are ready to be responsible for your client.

    •' Amy C says:

      yea its easy to run a posh sim when all the content was stolen from OS Grid and SL.

      • None of it was stolen, but it’s all gone now, so no worries about anyone ever seeing anything from Enslaved around LFGrid ever again.

      • And here is why you can’t really tell what the hell Enslaved is talking about. First they say it’s ok, then post that. Here’s our dialog:

        [11:01] Walter Balazic: and I told you that last time you were talking to me

        [11:01] Walter Balazic: and your things were there

        [11:01] MzBitch2u (subgirl Magic): in anycase i dont care

        [11:01] MzBitch2u (subgirl Magic): i just wanted to know

        [11:02] MzBitch2u (subgirl Magic): well then i am good with it i dont care. i wanted to know

        That sound like someone that thinks we stole from them?

        • Seems to me “I’m good with it” means they don’t care if it’s there or not, but that’s my fault for not getting a written contract from Subgirl Magic.

  7.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Its not only about protecting what goes out but also what is coming in. Need to protect the grids economy and markets also.

  8.' Dharma Galaxy says:

    I think I visited Littlefield once, but I guess I wasn’t impressed.

  9.' Sebastian says:

    Or you could just give up like every software developer outside that world, you’ll still get revenue and customers won’t have to deal with all that annoying measurements.

  10.' TribeGadgets says:

    I rather like this. Its not perfect but it is a least addressing some legit concerns and until the ‘export flag’ thing is implemented (I gave up on trying to find out how that is progressing as it seems to be mostly in G+ stuff) it is at least a start.
    Right now we have the option of making content available via Ilan Tochers Kitely for at least some return (in terms of hgrid as of course there are other markets such as tsquid) or …nothing .
    Thats fine to a point.

    Right now there is no incentive to release content. In SL we can trade. On the HG there is no equivalent (and ‘land’ is meaningless as even my own 8 year old box runs an old style 5 by 5 to play in with an option to connect).
    Right now there are 40k logged in SL. (06.11 CET)

    On an extremely tight budget, what would you be looking at?

  11.' Baal Zobel says:

    There was this old song from the 1980’s called Kool in the Kaftan, it was a sort of warning to the young kids who were revisiting all the youth cultures of the past 20 years or so at an alarming rate.
    Anyway, there was this line in it that went, Soon we’ll all be hippy yippy dippy living in the country on a bag of rice, all things equal share my treacle, hey man I’ll share your wife.
    This line always comes to my mind when I hear people talk about sharing things, or when some people point at others for what seems like their excessive possessiveness over products.
    Open sim has been, on the whole, free of the whole sale rip off culture that has plagued SL, but there is an obvious reason for this.
    The same reason that crimes of theft are always lower in deprived areas.
    The pain one feels when one’s creative efforts are stolen, on the whole, tends to be proportionate to the amount of effort put into the creative process in their production.
    The Hypergrid is a fantastic idea as a way in which we share virtual space and ideas. But it will never be popular as long as it allows truly creative products to be stolen and re sold by those who have never created anything of worth in their lives. And with the advent of Mesh creations, things that are worth real money in the real world, this all becomes amplified. The issue is not about sharing your creativity with those who appreciate your work, but about having it stolen by those who believe that those who create are nothing more than a sources of income.

  12.' Tony Anytime says:

    It seems as always, many in OpenSim worry about the virtual pennies and forget about the millions, perhaps one day billions of dollars being spent in VR. OS will be extinct and people will be arguing over the protection on their little creations. The only way OpenSim will grow into usage by a general public, is if we make it easier for everyone. For example, Linda Kellie did more to increase OpenSim usage by giving away a few basic items. Still 80% of the stuff out there is LK. Some code donations recently will be a big deal, congratz Avination.

    Kitely, I urge you to add free items to your marketplace just like SL. This will make your marketplace blossom into a resource for newbies. And bring more people in other grids to it. Then the whole business will grow. Do not be afraid to do it.

    Also Kitely, donate your region startup code so it could be incorporated into the core. You may ask why would we give away your advantage. Well two things, first someone will figure it out sooner or later anyway. And second, it will help smaller grids grow on less hardware, this will help OS grow. And this will help the biggest grids more. You have the opportunity to own the marketplace for many grids. This is where the money is, not in hosting regions.

    We will all benefit from sharing information, knowledge and tools. OpenSim needs to grow up to survive.

    Btw, there is a very active copybot world out there. They mainly steal from SL, the stuff is better there. And they are getting ready for new worlds like wifi. And they can copy anything in any grid, close or open, if they can rez it.

    •' TribeGadgets says:

      @T_Anytime ‘ OS will be extinct’ ‘SL, the stuff is better there’

      And this is your argument why we should bother? Its rather a weak premis coupled with your dismissal of those who do indeed worry about ‘the virtual pennies’. Some of us do and not just the virtual ones.

      And a big thanks to Baal Zobel – been too long since I listened to BA Robertson mate.

  13. Because we had agreements for Enslaved items which were script repaired by Dirk Mathers in order to function in Opensim I might add from Subgirl Magic. If you find that to be an issue, I would take that up with Subgirl since it is HER content.

  14. The owner of Enslaved is Subgirl Magic, and she did in fact give us consent.

  15. I’m in contact with Subgirl right now… if in fact that is the case, it will be removed although it was FULL PERM with no licensing whatsoever in OSGrid.

  16. In the interim as we get clearance from Subgirl Magic all content from Enslaved including the free sim she has had on the grid since it’s inception will be taken down until further notice.

  17. See post above for dialog from the owner of Enslaved.

  18. From Amy: walt and I are friend and we have talked and he has my permission now.

    •' Amy C says:

      I will be posting an update about the current situation this month. It will be here and on some blogs.

  19. Amy C Adam01time • 2 days ago

    walt and I are friend and we have talked and he has my permission now.

    •' Littlefield Grid says:

      Seems Amy had some bad information on “what” of her content was on LFGrid and she hadn’t visited to see it personally. That’s taken care of now. See what happens when you listen to other people rather than getting the info directly?

  20.' Amy C says:

    Only the old devices that were non mesh & made on OSGrid.