Apple buys VR firm Faceshift

Apple_Computer_Logo_rainbow.svgAs the virtual- and augmented- reality wars heat up, Apple is making sure it stays competitive with occasional acquisitions such as AR pioneer Metaio and 3D sensor outfit PrimeSense.

Now it’s adding another company to its quiver, Swiss-based Faceshift, whose motion capture tech¬†allows animated avatars to double the facial movements of real actors. The tech was used in the new Star Wars movie, out Dec. 18.

Read full article at USA Today.

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Maria Korolov

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3 Responses

  1.' Tank Laville says:

    Scary on how much money is being spent on unproven technology by the likes of Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple. I suspect what I expect out of AR/VR will be significantly different from what they will be serving up in order to recoup their investments.

  2.' Kim Peart says:

    There is one quite logical application for this new Apple acquisition. ~ Siri. ~ The Siri team is currently being enlarged in Boston. ~ With iPsoft’s Amelia AI system carving out a corporate nitch, Apple may step in with a Siri AI assistant for all personal and business needs. ~ This may lead to a far more advance virtual world robot and management tool for virtual worlds. ~ Imagine a personal AI which can be seen on one’s screen, can reply to Emails, can communicate in text and voice, can provide help on-line and also be the robot helping people learn the robes in the virtual world. ~ The AI could also appear as a hologram. ~ The only thing left is to look over your shoulder and see that your personal AI in the machine, can in time also take form as a humanoid robot in real life, to make coffee and cook dinner. ~ Though Metario focus on translating human expressions to animations, this would also be an ideal way for the Siri to learn to appear rather human. ~ Kim Peart