Creating a Cardboard QR code

Update: There are now apps you can use that make it easier to create a new Google Cardboard QR Code. One we tried out recently is Sites in VR. Read our review here.

I recently ordered Baofeng Small Mojing virtual reality headset from AliExpress. They start at $12, with free shipping, and come in a variety of colors.

I got the pink ones.

Baofeng Small Mojing in pink and purple.

Baofeng Small Mojing in pink and purple.


Unfortunately, they did not come with a Google Cardboard QR code. This is a symbol that you use to calibrate your headset, so that Google Cardboard virtual reality apps and YouTube movies show up as best as possible.

Google, unfortunately, was not my friend — apparently, this particular QR code had not yet been uploaded by anyone.

But I’m not someone who’s just willing to sit around and wait for other people to do the work. Especially when I can get a blog post out of it. And there’s a QR Code Generator that Google has created for folks to use. Of course, this generator is designed to be used by the manufacturers themselves, but it turned out that it wasn’t too difficult for a mere human to do it, either.

Getting started with the Viewer Profile Generator.

Getting started with the Viewer Profile Generator.

I loaded up the official website on my computer, then picked up my smartphone — a Samsung Galaxy S6, pulled up a QR code reader app, and scanned the QR code. Or you could also type in the URL provided. It opened up a tool on my smartphone that is synched with the form on my computer screen.

The phone loaded the tool and asked me for the “pixels per inch” value of my device. I Googled “samsung galaxy s6 pixels per inch” and got 577. Easy enough. It asked me to touch the screen to switch to full-screen view, then I got a bunch of lines on the screen.

Viewer calibration screen.

Viewer calibration screen.

Now, back to the website on my computer.

I skipped the part about adding my company name and device name, since I’m not the actual manufacturer — and I still have hopes that the manufacturer themselves will come through and create an official code.


Google's Viewer Profile Generator for Google Cardboard-compatible headsets.

Google’s Viewer Profile Generator for Google Cardboard-compatible headsets.

So, first, it asked me for the primary button type. This headset doesn’t have any buttons — but it does allow me to touch the screen. That’s probably as good as having a touch-style button on the headset itself, so I selected “touch.”

Then it asked me for the screen-to-lens distance. I’m supposed to use calipers to measure this.

Measuring the distance between the viewer's lenses and the smartphone screen. (Image courtesy Google.)

Measuring the distance between the viewer’s lenses and the smartphone screen. (Image courtesy Google.)

I don’t own a pair of calipers, but I do have measuring tape.

Measuring screen to lens distance with tape

I got 55 millimeters.

Then they had me measure the distance from the center of one lens to the center of the other. That came out to 65 millimeters. My lenses were adjustable, so, per their instructions, I set them at the middle setting for this measurement.

Then they asked me how the phone is aligned. Some headsets — like the FireFly — have the phone positioned so that it’s centered in all directions. As you can see with this particular set, however, the phone is just dropped in and sits at the bottom of the two clips. So I chose “bottom” for the vertical alignment.

Then they had me measure the distance from the bottom of the tray — in my case, the bottom of those clips — to the center of the lenses. That came out to 40 millimeters in this particular case.

Now comes the tricky part — the distortion coefficients. This is what adjusts for the curvature of the lenses.

Here is where the magic happens. Since the online form is synched to the tool running on the smartphone, you can adjust the coefficients — using the little up and down arrows — and see the immediate effect on the phone.

I adjusted the k1 value up and down and a value of 0.15 seemed to work the best. Then I did the same for k2, and got 0.22.

That was it. I clicked the “Generate Profile” button and got my QR code:

Baofeng Small Mojing QR Code qr_viewer_profile

Baofeng Small Mojing QR Code qr_viewer_profile

I added this code to my QR Codes page, for anyone else to use.

I’m going to follow the same process and create QR codes for other headsets in my collection that don’t have official QR codes released yet.

Do you have a headset that you created a QR code for? Please share! Paste a link below, or email me: [email protected]. Thanks!

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Maria Korolov

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68 Responses

  1.' White Bunny says:

    Thanks Maria! This was quite helpful.

  2.' gnico says:

    Hi Maria, will one be added soon for the Autonomous Teleport VR Headset? I’m unable to find a QR Code for it anywhere. I received it from Indigogo a few days ago and I feel as though its not calibrated for the apps I have.

  3. A reader just asked for a QR Code for the Teleport 3D camera and headset:

    I don’t have one, but I see that in the comments, someone has already asked for one. I’ll keep an eye out, and if they post one, I’ll add it to my list (

  4.' alberto says:

    please help me, i m tryng to generate qr code for model zte nubia z7 and i cant:( i dont understand why… on line exist for mini version, that s not same. please help me.

    • The ZTE Nubia Z7 is a phone, not a headset.

      A viewer QR code is based on the viewer — how its lenses are configured, mostly. The same QR Code is then used on any smartphone. What headset do you have?

  5.' Raul B. says:

    Thanks for the QR, Maria!
    I also have a couple of Baofeng Small Mojing, but black and purple instead of pink. I’ve tried your QR on them, but it doesn’t work as expected (maybe mine are from a different batch).
    I’ve generated QRs adapted to my headsets for two positions of the lenses: “centered” position (62mm) and “near” position (57mm). Maybe you want to add them to your QR collection as alternative QRs for this headset…

    • Could also be because I have weird eyes! This is why I haven’t been making as many QR codes as I could be — I have a different prescription on each eye.

      Thanks for the QR Codes!

  6. A reader sent me this image, that may be useful for people calibrating their Cardboard-compatible viewers, which you can download here:

    It’s a 3D image, so I can’t just attach it here. You’ll also need a special app to display it, MPO Viewer for Cardboard:

  7.' Nicolas Eshraghi says:

    I have the fiit vr headset and i have made so many profiles and looked all over the internet but no qr codes work for me please help!

    • What problems are you getting when you use the FiiT QR Code from our QR Codes page?

      Are you able to successfully recognize the QR Code with your Google Cardboard app and switch viewers?

      Do you have a particular kind of distortion of the image?

      •' Nicolas Eshraghi says:

        I still have double vision when I use it

        • Double vision can also be caused by the smartphone not being perfectly centered in the viewer. One thing you can try is moving the smartphone to the right or left a little bit, while looking through the viewer, and seeing if that helps the double vision issue.

          Another reason is that your eyes could be farther apart or closer together than the headset makers planned for. on the FiiT, you should be able to move the lenses closer or farther apart — does that help?

          Another possibility is that there’s something about the combination of you, your smartphone, the viewer, and the QR Code that just doesn’t work. Can you try the headset using someone else’s smartphone? Can you have someone else try the viewer? And do all the FiiT QR codes cause the same double-vision effect for you?

          Here are the QR Codes again.

  8.' Alvin says:

    Hey, can you help me to generate the qr code for gruu vr kit? Thanks

  9.' guillermo crespo says:

    Please , could you do me a QR code? 3D Merope . thank you very much

  10.' Devanshu Sharma says:

    i got cardboard from
    I can’t find any Qr code anywhere please help

  11.' bobo says:

    iv recently bought baofeng mojing d 3d and there isnt a qr code that works with google cardboard. Is it possible for anyone to find the qr code for it
    thanks in advance

  12.' Chara Dreemur says:

    Hey, so this is my headset.
    It does not come with a qr code, but it looks like it’s a rebranded baofang mojing 3, so I need clarification if that QR code would work for it.
    Thank you!

  13.' Ananthu says:

    can you help me with domo vr7??? I can’t find the QR code

  14.' Zanov says:

    Could you do a qr code for the Allie VR cardboard if you have it if you don’t I can gladly just purchase a standard Google one


  15.' Edward Winslow says:

    Please help! I can’t even find a website for mine. I have the Neutab Virtual Reality headset bought off of amazon. Not sure it it came from amazon or a amazon seller! Tried your method and i just cant figure out how to measure well all of it. my lenses move in and out. how do i measure that and the distance from phone to lenses? my goggles have a slide in tray. also with my phone the Lg G4 I can not enter into full screen mode!

  16. There’s a bunch of things out there called VR Max. Do you mean this one?

    If so, it’s a rebranded Bobo VR Z3. Here you go:

  17.' Illtud says:

    Any luck with that? I get double vision on my Tiger headset as well and googled for a Profile and got to your post.

  18.' Eduardo Guzmán says:

    Do you have the qr code for xiaomi vr??? I dnt find in every internet! Thanks!!

  19.' Brandon Strausser says:

    I have a hype i-fx HY-VRWS is the model# if that helps, got a code for me?

  20.' anand raj says:

    Hi, I have Lenovo Vibe K5 plus and VR box 2.0 but while play the VR games it’s not working properly it’s seems multiple display, Can any help me with suitable QR Code

  21.' Gil says:

    I’m not very tech savvy but I don’t understand what to do with these QR codes… I have a Samsung S7 and a Gear VR… I used it already without any kind of QR code. Also, I may be getting a Fiit VR 2S to use with non-Oculus VR Apps. How do you use the QR code and how will it affect how the phone works with the Gear VR? Can I go back and forth or do I need to do something with the QR code each time I change headsets? Thanks in advance…

    • The Gear VR is a separate thing, and talks to the phone via a wired connection. It is totally completely separate from the Google Cardboard ecosystem — uses different apps, different standards, different app store, different sensors, everything.

      A standard Google Cardboard-type viewer doesn’t have any built-in electronics and can’t talk to the phone, so it can’t tell the phone how the lenses are set up, etc… So the QR Code tells the phone how to adjust the picture so that it looks right in your headset. Here is how to use it:

  22.' Artur Khisamov says:

    Flying Tiger shops now sell cheap plastic VR headset (GBP7 in UK) pretty descent for the price. Here I generated the profile for it:

  23.' David Babcock - Turner Fenton says:

    I have a Hyper Vision Headset, bought from Chapters here in Canada, and cannot find a QR code for it. Thanks

  24.' Rodgeriego says:

    I’ve just got the Goji headset free with my new phone (Xperia XZ). If you don’t have a code for this I will make a custom one shortly and post it here, couldn’t find one online myself.

  25.' Arrun Bawa says:

    Hi I got the Kellogs Krave VR system do u have the QR code for it?
    much appreciated

  26.' DuhDUDE says:

    I bought a DVV Dynamic Virtual Viewer. Can u make a QR code for it

  27. Sorry, I haven’t seen one yet, but I’m keeping my eye out for it.

  28.' Ray says:

    Do you have a QR Code for the Dream Vision VR not the pro one thou the Tzumi Dream Vision one

  29.' Bradley37 says:

    Got a Polaroid Virtual Reality headset. No qr code. Nothing online I could find. Tried the generator and got a “success
    !” but no qr code actually showed up.

  30.' RV says:

    Could you provide QR code for the DOMO nHance VR9 ?
    I use Phone Lenovo A7000

  31.' Sirdrak says:

    I have a Xiaozhai Z4 3D VR (a BoboVr Z4 rebranded) and a Nubia Z11 Mini S (5’2″ FHD screen 424 ppi) and the provided qr code doesn’t works (on Google Cardboard app the image is really small, 1/3 of full screen). Curiosly, using VR mediaplayers the vr videos works ok. I used a lot of qr codes and i can’t found the correct one.

  32.' Rudzius says:

    hi all, maybe somebody use KSIX bxgrv03 ? there is a picture of it:

    i cant find any QR for it, manufacturer CHINA of course doesnt reply…

  33.' Tina May Coulter says:

    Hi i got my grandson an ETVR 4.0 for Christmas but I cant find a QR code anywhere. would you happen to know where i can find one? Thanks.