HYPEvents launches hypergrid event directory

(Image courtesy Tom Frost.)

(Image courtesy Tom Frost.)

At AVATARFest 2015, a virtual festival celebrating life on the hypergrid, HYPEvents.net launched a website that lists events from all over the hypergrid so avatars can find out what is going on right now, and where.

The website scrapes the web and parses event info from grid event calendars. The site provides a single overview of the events found, with easy timezone conversion and the location — as a hypergrid address — of each event.

“I was fed up with missing events,” said site creator Tom Frost. “There is so much going on, but the information about what is happening where and when is scattered. There really is no single directory, no overview of all the events in one uniform format. Until now.”

Instead of creating yet another site that event organizers have to post each individual event on, Frost created HYPEvents to pull in the information that is already published on grid websites and public calendars.

Frost is always on the look-out for new event calendars that are not yet included on the site, and encourages grid-owners to publish their events in an easy-to-parse format:

“Many grids don’t publish their events, or publish them only in-world or on internal forums that are only for members,” said Frost. “If you are not a member of such a grid, you won’t know about the nice events that are going on! And the events miss out on a large potential audience. Publishing an event calendar is a win-win for everyone.”

Proportion of events, by grid, on the HYPEvents calendar. Some grids list their events on more than one calendar.

Proportion of events, by grid, on the HYPEvents calendar. Some grids list their events on more than one calendar.

Grid owners or event organizers that maintain an event calendar can let the site know about their calendar to have it added. Information on registering a calendar, or on how to set up an event calendar if there is none yet, can be found on the website.

“The website is still under construction, and probably always will be,” Frost added. “I have many features I want to add, so in the spirit of Google, consider the site a permanent beta.”

The website also has an in-world event board. By simply clicking on an event, the avatar will teleport directly to the event region. The HYPEvents exhibit on the AVATARFest region has a version of the board with full permissions. Teleport in via hypergrid at avatarfest.net:6000.

For more information, contact Tom Frost at [email protected].

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15 Responses

  1. logicamp@skynet.be' Didier says:

    Interesting but i don’t see the Friday Party on Logicamp Grid …

  2. I’ve also added a copy of the board to Hyperica

  3. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

    Really nice to see someone do this, and Tom sure seems to be very nice also…++

  4. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    We need this kind of stuff, yeyyyyyy

  5. rt66@wanadoo.fr' Yichard says:

    Sounds like an useful initiative… if all the worlds are listed.

    • frost@linkwater.org' Tom Frost says:

      Yep, categories are there already (I need to make them searchable though). Filtering is also on the list of things to implement 🙂

      As for categories, if the hypevents parser finds something like ‘[[Category:FooBar]]’ it will see that as a category and tag the event accordingly (it currently has the following categories: Music, Lecture, Social.

      In addition, categories will be derived from matchin on keyword in the event title and description. For example, if the event title or description contains ‘ DJ ‘, it will tag the event with Music.

      Not sure what you mean with ‘obvious seperation by dates’, do you mean something like a line where the date goes from one day to the other?

      (ps, Maria, posted as a guest, i keep having issues with Disqus…)

  6. me and a friend are about to launch a all out website and API system as a replacement for some of those 3rd party php modules that grids need like search, webassets and of course event calendars. HypEvents is welcome to use our RESTful api to get events if they know how to parse json results.
    We just finishing up some final things before we open it up for public beta tests 🙂 Should be in a few days or by the end of the year 🙂

    Btw websearch and webprofiles are not ready but events calendar and webassets are.

    • frost@linkwater.org' Tom Frost says:

      Hi Christopher, that sounds fantastic, keep us posted! Json is one of the most easy formats to parse, plenty of libraries available. Basically, I can parse anything, but if the format is aimed to be machine-readable (such as json) the results are most accurate.

  7. frost@linkwater.org' Tom Frost says:

    Just a heads-up, apparently I forgot to set the board at the avatarfest region to full-perm. I have fixed that, so anyone who has picked up the board may want to get a fresh copy so they have full perm!

  8. greatcanadiangrid@yahoo.com' Roddie Macchi says:

    I want to thank you Tom for all your hard work you’re doing…I know it can’t be easy…so thank you!..:)

  9. masterwryter@gmail.com' M_Wryter says:

    This looks like a great idea…………cant wait ti try it out and see what the results will be……