Exo-Life offers free IARs, OARs

Just in time for the holidays, Exo-Life Virtual World has released a set of IAR inventory export files, to accompany its collection of ten free OAR region export files.

The IAR files include three fully-functional in-world calendars featuring ExoLife‘s staff and residents.

(Image courtesy Exo-Life Virtual World.)

(Image courtesy Exo-Life Virtual World.)

There is also an IAR file of women’s dresses, and another IAR of men’s outfits.

“The files are being made available to all grids and simulator owners running the OpenSim platform provided users of the files acknowledge ExoLife as the creator, which is provided by using the original boxes the items come in, and that the items remain free of any charge,” grid owner Bryan French told Hypergrid Business.

“The clothing IARs have one style of outfit each in multiple colors,” he added. “The women’s have six colors and the men’s five colors.”

ExoLife Virtual World residents may obtain the IAR contents in-world on Garden Island and Freebie Island regions.

The grid is also accessible via hypergrid. Visitors can teleport to hg.exo-life.onl:8032:garden island or hg.exo-life.onl:8032:freebie island.

The OAR files include a Winter Wonderland region and a Hanukkah Region.

Winter Wonderland. (Image courtesy Exo-Life Virtual World.)

Winter Wonderland. (Image courtesy Exo-Life Virtual World.)

The 3,494-prim Winter Wonderland region contains a Winter Outfitters shop, a gift shop, an outdoor cafe, skiing trails, ice skating, an ice castle, realistic winter weather, custom winter AOs and holiday lighting.


This region can be previewed every year on the Strawberry region on the Exo-Life Grid from November 15 to December 31, or via hypergrid teleport at hg.exo-life.onl:8032 and take the Teleport Board to Strawberry.

Hanukkah Village. (Image courtesy Exo-Life Virtual World.)

Hanukkah Village. (Image courtesy Exo-Life Virtual World.)

Hanukkah Village takes place in the fictitious agricultural community of Nahal Akoh in the Negev. The village boasts a detailed replica of the First Temple, or Solomon’s Temple. This region can be previewed every year on the Blueberry region on the Exo-Life Grid from November 15 to December 31, or via hypergrid teleport at hg.exo-life.onl:8032 and take the Teleport Board to Blueberry.

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Maria Korolov

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  1. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    AviWorlds has been offering OARS, IARS for a long time now. FREE. But we filter oars.
    And AviWorlds offers region back ups , every hour .

    • Do you have a link to the OARs and IARs that you offer?

      Or are you talking about backups?

      • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

        He’s talking about backups, and he knows it’s offtopic; he simply wants to use your comment section to pimp his grid, whether it is relevant to anything or not.

        • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

          hang on! arent you the same chap who tried pimping another grid to me when you and your friend found out we were going to AviWorlds? Really are you qualified to comment on such a accusation…be a bit like the pot calling the Kettle black wouldnt it?

          • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

            a)I have no idea who on earth you are

            b)I have literally never had anyone tell me they’re going to aviworlds. Ever. Not once. Not face to face, not on slu, not on G+.

            I have no idea who you were talking to, but it sure as hell wasn’t me. See this post for specifics: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+HanHeld/posts/cAW4caVV5yR

            c)That doesn’t have anything to do with what’s going on in this thread.

            d)Nice job keepin the focus on that thing there you’re pimpin.

            Thanks again to Exo-Life grid for creating and giving away quality content and making the hypergrid a better place.

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            boo hoo
            im not pimping you on the other hand have sonmething in your warped little head against alex.
            and you have a very short memory

          • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

            you are a know it all aren’y you?
            but actually does very little right?