Kitely switches to varregions

(Image courtesy Seanchai Library.)

Seanchai Library’s island in Kitely spans the equivalent of four standard regions. (Image courtesy Seanchai Library.)

Kitely, OpenSim’s largest commercial grid by land area, announced today that it will switch all multi-region islands to varregion mode.

Currently, customers renting these larger islands on the Kitely grid can choose to have them arranged as a simple group of regions, or in Kitely’s version of the megaregion format, which does away with region crossings but where each region of the island still has its own name.

As of December 9, these islands — which Kitely calls “worlds” even though they are not actually separate grids, but clusters of regions on the Kitely grid — will be run in varregion mode, meaning that they will act as if they were one large region, with a single name.

Ilan Tochner

Ilan Tochner

The latest version of OpenSim, 0.8.2, fixes the biggest previous problem with varregions, which was their inability to run the commonly-used ODE physics. In addition, support for megaregions is being deprecated, said Ilan Tocher, Kitely’s co-founder and CEO, in the announcement.

OAR region backups of the older megaregion islands will still work, he told Hypergrid Business.

“You will be able to upload all OAR backups into Kitely and they will be automatically converted into varregions,” he said.

Since all the regions of an island will now have the same name, some landmarks may no longer work.

However, customers should not notice other differences and all other existing functions will continue to work, he said.


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13 Responses

  1.' Da Hayward says:

    Thats great news DOR has a 20 x 20 VAR region in AviWorlds and despite comments of they dont work we have found it to be very stable. the no crossings within the region make it really worth while

  2.' Carlos Loff says:

    I hope Opensim Viewers techies soon solve all problems with Varregions because Opensim lands can now be huge and worth wile – I just started an 256 Regions world today on a fresh grid and I decided to allow more sim crossings minor troubles and have better performance – I have 16 VARs of 4X4 each – But I would love to have a 16×16 VAR, yet they are still troublesome for building, etc

    •' Da Hayward says:

      What we do Carlos is either use OARs or build on Single regions or 4 x 4 VARs then just rez the build in place on the big VAR.DOR is 20 x 20 = to 400 standard regions we have no complants with it.

      •' Carlos Loff says:

        I know that, I remember to have visited you and you explained me that technique, but even moving around can be tricky, and I plan to have meetings with 30 Avis or more if I can – A risk I will not take yet but anyway it is easier later on to turn my 16 VARs into a huge one than the opposite, if Opensim evolves right on this issue

    •' Alex Ferraris says:

      Yes the terraforming on huge VARS once they reach a size bigger than 16 regions is a bit hard to do. So what we usually do is we place oars on them with the terraforming already made.
      Hopefully this can be addressed in the near future.

  3.' Samantha Atkins says:

    YAY! Enough said.

  4.' Alex Ferraris says:

    AviWorlds now uses UBODE physics and it seems to be accepting all kinds of SL scripts now.

    •' Da Hayward says:

      The UBODE physics, although i was skeptical at first is proving to be very good so far.
      THe VAR region responds a lot more quickly to terraformong and building, vehicles seem to be a lot smoother. there are bond to be a few bugs which need sorting over the next few weeks but I agree this is a very good thing for Aviworlds.

    •' 1derworld says:

      Many more updates to UbODE coming soon, Avinations merge is working nicely. Keep the faith in ODE 🙂 Its going to be a game changer.

      •' Da Hayward says:

        The UBODe will be fantastic the only issue we asre having is aircraft crossing on linked regions, other vehicles do just not the Aircraft. Mind you on our Big 20 x 20 VAR aircraft fly better than they do in SL, Great job team

        •' 1derworld says:

          Hmm not sure on flying better than SL. I have many wonderful vehicles in SL that can do some amazing things. Remember the scripting in SL is extremely advanced based on Havok Physics. The scripts that work for vehicles in opensims use the old SL physics and yes it works in UbODE. Again been testing vehicles in opensims over 5 yrs now.

          •' Da Hayward says:

            oh im not talking about what the planes can do im talking about their movement, i have been flying in sl for over 6 years, although sl uses “advanced” havock physics there has been a really quite noticable degrading in region performance over the last 2 years, I Personally dont blame that on the Havock Physics but rather on SL themselves.