New hypergrid communities launched

The number of OpenSim-related communities on Google Plus is growing, in part due to simple subscription options, easy calendar updates, and Google allowing pseudonymous accounts.

Altogether, there are 20 new communities on our list. The five biggest, that are specifically focused on OpenSim are OpenSim, OpenSim Everything, OpenSim Standalone, Collaborative Hypergrid, and Hypergrid Welcome Center.

The other new communities on our list: Cookie II, Greekifour virtual world,  HYPEvents, iPelago, Mac Users in OpenSim and SecondLife, Mental Design, Neon Evolution,Opensim Misfits, Radioactive Grid, Utherworldz Community, VIRTLANTIS, Virtual Photography, Virtual Scuba in Virtual Worlds, Virtual Worlds Teacher Network, and ZetaWorlds.

(Image courtesy Shari Cortes.)

(Image courtesy Shari Cortes.)

The biggest growing OpenSim-specific community this month, as it has been for this whole past year, is The Adult Metaverse, which gained 157 new members since the end of September, for a new total of 1,158 members.

OpenSim Virtual, the largest OpenSim-specific community, gained 55 new members for a new total of 1,623 members.

This month’s 15 largest communities:

Full list of all OpenSim-related communities is here.

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Maria Korolov

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3 Responses

  1.' Isis Ophelia says:

    Thank you Maria, your list helps. It is not easy to find Opensim related communities in G+

    Would you please add this one
    For the AvatarFest 2015, I noticed how difficult it is to find information about available performers and started this group. The intention behind this community is to have a central point where event planners, venue and club owners and performers can meet one another. As more joined, new categories were suggested. So now this community it’s open not only for live performers but also Comedians, Writers, Actors, Singers, DJs etc and for every person or group who is and wants to be available for Events and Activities in Opensim as it is for the ones seeking for them for their events. We are 49 members, but I am sure that there are more talented persons in the Metavers, who have not found us yet.

  2.' Serene Jewell says:

    Great list. Thanks for collecting all of those. Here’s another new one.

    Blender for OpenSim opened this week. We’re up to 60 members in only a few days.

    Blender for OpenSim