Alchemy viewer updates browser, chat bar

To check for updates click on "Check for Updates" under the "Help" menu.

To check for updates click on “Check for Updates” under the “Help” menu.

Alchemy Beta 4.0.0 was released this week, with an updated Web browser, a better chat bar and numerous bug fixes. In addition, the viewer now has automatic updates to make it easier for users to stay current.

Cindy Chidester

Cindy Chidester

The old built-in Web browser was the Qt Webkit Browser Engine, and it has been replaced by the Chromium Embedded Framework, lead developer Cindy Chidester — also known as Cinder Roxley — said in an announcement.

“Webpages and shared media are no longer stuck using mid-2000’s Web tech,” she wrote. “You’ll be able to play all the YouTubes and PornTubes your heart desires. What’s more, we’ve gone beyond Linden Lab and bring you the most up-to-date Chromium engine possible.”

The new release is based on the Second Life 4.0.0 viewer, but also includes improvements for other grids, as well.

“There’s a whole slew of OpenSim related fixes to make your experience smoother and more compatible,” she wrote. “On top of that, massive amounts of changes you won’t be able to see but you just may feel them. A lot of under the hood code has been changed, and twiddled, and reworked, and twisted, and polished.”

Download the latest version here, and see the release notes here.


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5 Responses

  1.' Da Hayward says:

    fantastic will give it a test run shortly

  2.' Nick Zwart says:

    Did a test run and found that I had to install Flash for Chromium to view Flash content on the web-browser. It works great.

  3. finally all my bootstrap and Materialize based websites can load in the viewer 🙂 ty cinder.

  4.' Telos says:

    I’d switch over to Alchemy from Firestorm if they had the option “Clicking your avatar keeps camera position”, in the Move & View settings. It’s one of the many reasons i prefer Firestorm over other viewers, since the option allows me to pan around my avatars without the need to hold Alt down.