How to use Gloebits

Gloebit needs your help. Getting as many people in to use the system will help the company catch and fix bugs and make the system easier for everyone to use.

Plus, if you like it, you can ask your grid if they can add Gloebits to their supported currencies. In fact, they can deploy Gloebits on just a region or two at a time, if they want to take it slow.

Getting started

First, teleport to a grid that has Gloebits enabled. Right now, that’s Hyperica, so teleport over to

I teleported in from the Kitely grid, which is why you see the KC symbol — Kitely Credits — in all the dialogs.

Item for sale on Hyperica with the Gloebits virtual currency, a hyper gate.

Item for sale on Hyperica with the Gloebits virtual currency.

See that white “For Sale” sign on top of the translucent box? There’s a hypergate to OSgrid’s LBSA Plaza inside that box. It works on any grid except OSgrid itself, where the jump to LBSA Plaza is just a local teleport.

Click on the box. Don’t worry, it won’t take your money — for this month, it’s just a beta test.

The regular “Buy” dialog box will pop up.

Buy screen

It says “Kitely Credits” but that’s because I started out on the Kitely grid. If you come from some other grid, it will show a different symbol. Click the “Buy” button.

But you don’t have a Gloebits wallet. You need to set up an account with Gloebits, just as you had to set up a PayPal account the first time you used it.

authorize Gloebit

A dialog box will pop up inviting you to go an outside web page to set up and authorize the account.

Click on that link.

website -- login screen

Here’s the login screen for the Gloebit test sandbox. You don’t have an account yet, so click on “Sign up.”

authorize Gloebit -- new signin screen

Type in an email and password, or sign in with your preferred social media account.

authorize Gloebit -- agree to terms of service

Then agree to the Terms of Service.

And put some money in your account.

authorize Gloebit -- purchase 400G -- credit card

Pick the “credit card” method.

authorize Gloebit -- purchase 400G -- credit card -2

And fill in your name and zip code. Note that it’s a fake credit card account — you’re not actually spending any money. It’s just a test.

authorize Gloebit -- purchase 400G -- purchase confirmation

And there you go. You now have a Gloebit account — well, a test account — with some play money in it.

But you still haven’t authorized the Hyperica grid to take your money. Well, Dreamland Metaverse, our hosting company.

Each new grid has to be approved by Gloebit users on a Web-based confirmation page, similar to a PayPal confirmation.

Each new grid has to be approved by Gloebit users on a Web-based confirmation page, similar to a PayPal confirmation.

That’s on the authorization page. Just click “Allow.”

Authorization confirmation

Now all routine payments that you make on Hyperica will go right through, the same way they do on Second Life or any other closed grid. If you make an unusual payment, however — for example, you rent an apartment where you get automatically charged every week — it will ask you to go to a website and authorize that, just in case.

You will also have to authorize new grids that you go shopping on. That way, if you teleport over to the “We Will Rob U” grid — and who can resist a title like that? — they won’t actually be able to take any of your money. Of course, once customers complain, Gloebit will issue refunds and shut down Gloebit payments on that grid anyway, but still, nice to have that extra security.

Okay, back to OpenSim. We can now shop!

In-world currency balance

In fact, you can now see your Gloebit balance in your viewer.

One-click purchaseOnce you make purchases on this grid, you will see your balance go down. Here I am, buying that hypergate, and look at all the messages that pop up — there are the details of the transaction, confirmation that it was delivered to my inventory, and that it went into the “My Suitcase” folder.

But what happens when you teleport home to your grid of origin?

Back on Kitely

Here I am, after teleporting back to Kitely. Now my balance shows my Kitely Credits again. Whoa, I’m rich.

and back on Hyperica again


And after a quick hop back to Hyperica — now I see my Gloebits balance in the viewer.

If I want to buy more, I click on the “Buy KC” button next to the balance — I hope they change that soon to say Gloebits, this is so confusing! — and it offers to take me to the Gloebits website to top up my account.

need more gloebits







If you have any problems, questions, or suggestions, post them in the comments below. Or email me at [email protected] or contact Gloebit CEO Christopher Colosi directly at [email protected]. He doesn’t mind.

I can see a bunch of Gloebit-enabled mall regions around the hypergrid, where I can teleport from one to another to another and just shop. And shop. And shop.

If this platform takes off, it might become the go-to system for in-world shopping, just like PayPal is the go-to option for Website payments.

And anything that makes shopping easier will help merchants sell more stuff, which will attract more merchants to the hypergrid, which will bring in more money for grids, and expand the selection of content available for customers.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

41 Responses

  1.' oopsee says:

    Don’t want it, Don’t need it … keep currency and commercialism out of
    opensim, stay in sl, inworldz and kitely. Quit trying to make opensim
    another crappy sl clone … it is unique and nice without greed and
    commercial junk.

    • Reminds me of the early days of the Web when it was transitioning from mostly educators and government folks and techies to mainstream use. And people complained about the way it was being commercialized and how people from AOL were flooding it and that it was being ruined for everyone.

      But the addition of Amazon didn’t make the universities get up and leave — the commercial aspects were added ON TOP OF everything else that was already there. And if you didn’t want to participate — you didn’t have to.

      So if someone opens a hypergrid store that takes Gloebits, you don’t have to go and shop there.

      HOWEVER. If the shopping attracts more users (because there are plenty of folks — me! — who just love to shop) and attracts more merchants and more content creators and more hosting companies (to provide land for all those stores) and more grid operators (to provide places for all these new users to live) then everyone else benefits as well. The musicians will have a bigger audience. The virtual museums will have more patrons.

      And — and this is REALLY important — OpenSim will take another step towards becoming the default platform of the coming metaverse. And not something else, something proprietary, that some company might come up with.

      Because I personally love the idea of a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, open source metaverse. Right now, OpenSim is in the lead — but it won’t necessarily stay there. Having a universal payment mechanism will help.

      •' oopsee says:

        Great Maria, go to secondlife, inworldz, kitely, great Canadian grid, digiWorlds, greeklife, and I am sure I missed some. You have your real life to shop till you drop also. You can shop online. Isn’t that enough shopping for you? That is not enough economy for you? Would that not be enough commercialism for you?
        I respectfully disagree with you … it brings greed, spam, advertising, bots, and other undesirable elements as did the Internet. Remember spam emails? You have a junk folder don’t you? Remember ads choking out everything else? Pop ups, pop unders, sliders and all the rest. Remember it is still there???? It had to be dealt with by buying more junk to combat it. Email filters, had to take the time to set those. Ad blockers. Now it has seeped into every dark corner. I remember utube without adverts, I rather liked it that way.
        You are forced to participate by the use of spam, advertising, people promoting in all kinds of annoying ways. Want examples of the worst of it go to secondlife. Landmarks dropped on you, friend requests for the purpose of spaming, people wearing signs above their heads, just about every kind of intrusion imaginable. Do a search in secondlife and 99.9 percent of results are for shopping. It has even spread to outside venue’s like “Fliicker”. The amount of adverts posted by members promoting “for sale content” dwarfs the imagination.
        When shopping is not there it forces one to try to create it. This is the best benefit to no economy. You end up with a population of “people”who tend to be more involved, creative, curious and most important busy. With economy you end up with a “secondlife”. Again, anyone who wants “economy” it’s there now.
        So if you love greed, spam, bots, advert bombardment and spending money then “news flash” its already available to you in rl, the internet and virtual worlds in a plethora of possibilities, Really don’t need more of it do we?
        Opensim is in the lead as people flee commercial grids hahahaha.

        •' Rene says:

          This response by @disqus_4F2yjvAkSL:disqus is an excellent description of the tension between the keep-it-all-free and monetization cultures. There is no point in trying to defend one over the other because they are mutually incompatible systems, although we see examples where both cultures operate out of the same regions or grids. I will say that the ‘crap’ mentioned has nothing to do with whether something is commercial or free based. People who do spam or scams will happily do that where ever they can. There too are plenty of examples.
          The one nice thing about OpenSim is that anyone who wishes to create a free or a commercial grid can do so. They choose how the regions of that grid will be run. But in the end, nothing is free. Someone pays for the resources that create the virtual world, the networking that connects them.

          As for “OpenSim being the lead as people flee commercial grids”, don’t kid yourself. The rough numbers are this:
          If the people activity in SL is normalized to 1.0, WoW is 15.0, InWorldz is 0.01 and all of OpenSim grids combined is 0.01 (and growing to 0.015). People are not running to OpenSim from commercial grids, they are simply going away.

        • “Great Maria, go to secondlife, inworldz, kitely, great Canadian grid, digiWorlds, greeklife, and I am sure I missed some. You have your real life to shop till you drop also. You can shop online. Isn’t that enough shopping for you? ” agreed, I recall a time when Maria said she only has an avatar on kitely and her grid (which she has now sold, hyperica)… and osgrid has a lot of freebies… not sure what wide range of shopping she does. I never see her shopping in the stores on GCG.

          “With economy you end up with a “secondlife”. Again, anyone who wants “economy” it’s there now. ” and GCG agrees, they’ve opened 4 regions of freebie stores to discourage the rapid commercialization of the grid that was happening last year. OpenSim is about creativity and having fun. OpenSim has exploded in use because people are escaping the ‘avatar welfare state’ created by the likes of SecondLife.

      • “And — and this is REALLY important — OpenSim will take another step towards becoming the default platform of the coming metaverse. And not something else, something proprietary, that some company might come up with.” reminds me of the early days of the internet… I remember when the conspiracies talked of big business and government taking over control of the internet… and yet, here we are 20 years later and the internet is as wild and uncontrolled as ever. “Because I personally love the idea of a fully decentralized, peer-to-peer, open source metaverse. Right now, OpenSim is in the lead — but it won’t necessarily stay there. Having a universal payment mechanism will help.” Umm how? A universal system only leads to a centralized unified system in my book.

    •' Alex Ferraris says:

      Hey oopsee… The fact that the platform is open source doesnt mean the hosting of it is free. In fact even if you host it in your home pc ; you are still incurring a cost with your internet. And no one is obligated to create content for free neither.
      Open Simulator is free but only the grids that charge something can offer some type of content quality to its residents.
      This free mentality is not welcome in my thinking .

      • I probably shouldn’t even bother replying to this comment, but, that is an ignorant thing to say Alex. Littlefield as well as alot of the “non-commerce” grids have some of the best content out there, and it’s all free. Don’t make snap judgments about content based on commerce. You’re basically saying that if you aren’t charging for something – it’s not quality, and has no value. Let me give you a heads up, we have alot of ex-SL content creators on our grid that made a fortune in SL, and still sell there I might add, and their stuff is of the highest quality, but on our grid it’s FREE because they are sick of the ratrace and all the commerce. Your statement is offensive to the content creators out there that are doing wonderful things, and creating amazing content to give out free because they enjoy it. I’ve been on MANY grids where the content is better than what I can find on any of the marketplaces, and it’s free. Aine for example has put out a ton of wonderful things like her danceball system, which I know everyone in Opensim uses… It’s FREE, and frankly it’s better quality than expensive dance systems I’ve purchased in SL.

        •' Alex Ferraris says:

          Your ignorance about economics is the only offensive statement here. I simply poiint out about the fact that quality will always win when its inside a capitalist environment. I dont care how many frees you have. It will never win against something created for its value.
          I really dont think is correct to sell content in SL and give the same content for free in another grid. I would be very upset if I was a buyer and found out that I spent money for something being given away with no value on another grid.
          And I said no one is obligated to give content for FREE.. Yes many freebies may have some quality but it never ever have more quality than a paid content. The very name FREE tells you righ there it has less quality and therefore its free. NO VALUE. thats what it means.
          While the creators in your grid make no money and have to give their quality creations perhaps for free; the ones in AviWorlds are making money. Bottom line… 🙂

          • You mean until you shut Aviworlds down again with no warning like you have so many times in the past? You were “Mr. Free” when it suited you Alex. And today your flavor of the week is commerce. For someone who’s grid has been up continually vs. someone who can’t manage to keep the grid up for more than 6 mos at a time, and cries the blues that they are living in their car at one point (according to your own posts here on HG Business in the past), I find it amusing you are telling me who is ignorant with regard to economics and who isn’t. As for the Free vs. Paid angle, let’s see who’s grid is up and who’s isn’t a few years from now. We’ve proved our grid can stay up, uninterrupted, have you? I’ll bet you have Aine’s stuff from Refuge Grid on Aviworlds, did you pay for it? I’ll bet you have every single one of LK’s freebies on your grid as well, did you pay for those? So simply put, if your pay stuff is so great, and the FREE stuff is low quality, then why don’t you put your money where your mouth is.. take any content you got for FREE off your grid and let’s see how much content you have left.

          •' oopsee says:

            News flash Alex. Money is not the “be all end all” for everyone. Money is not a determiner of status, quality or smarts.
            I love giving my creations away for free. I love creating. I love to see people using what I have dreamed up. I don’t care if my items carry my name, are no cost (there is a difference between cost and value by the way).
            A relative gives me a brand new “rolls royce” automobile. According to you this would have no value or the quality would not be as good as if I had paid for it myself.
            I think you don’t like people enjoying free and really don’t know how to express or justify your feelings.
            You can just say ‘free” is not good and I am now going to delete my free “opensim” software and pay to develop my own so I can be true to my feelings and convictions.
            I’ll hold my breath on that one haahahah. Your pretty fun Alex but conflicted.

        •' XMIR Grid says:

          Not sure i am impress by the “free” stuff on Littlefield where virtually nothing is allowed to leave the grid with a Hypergrid traveler. Last time I checked (and it is a while), not even items like Open Collar – which is supposed to be open and free, could leave. Go figure!

          • Let me give you some info on what “free” OpenCollar means… It means the scripts cannot be sold, and they aren’t being sold. And they are full perm as well so anyone who can get a collar on the gird can do whatever they like
            . The primwork however, was created by the residents, and distributing that to them is up to them. Here’s some advice for you – go do what we did, go get the scripts from the Opencollar site, stop being lazy, and build your own. And saying you aren’t impressed with the quality of content because you can’t have it really has zero to do with it being free. Again… do what we did, create your own content instead of being lazy and just grabbing content from everyone elses grid and dropping it on your own. And just for the record, there are some things like any of Aine’s content that can leave the grid and leaves the grid with HG travelers all the time. She created it, she distributes it freely, and we do also as per our discussion with Aine. Also, all of Aaack Aaardvark’s content is open to HG users. So just cause you can’t take content off the grid and likely sell it on some marketplace when you obtained it free, is no reason to consider it “not good content”

          •' XMIR Grid says:

            LMAO – If you know anything about the content I have on my grid, close to 90% of it is own production made all the way back to 2008, where some of it is free, and some of it is for sale on Kitely and SLM.

            I am still not impressed by your explanation above. Your “free” content is there in Littlefield to capture an audience to the grid. Nothing more!

          • If your grid was actually up, I’d be interested in what your saying. Let me know when it’s actually an operating grid.

            Users in world : 0

            Total Regions Online : 36

            Active users (last 30 days) : 2

            Registered Users : 21

            Grid is OFFLINE

            Also the fact that you are on Kitely Market means you don’t need that free content do you? And yes of course our free content is there to make things nice for our “community”. Someday when you have a grid with an actual community, you’ll understand that concept. The users there make the content for the users that live there and are part of the community. Anyone can join the grid and share the content.

          •' XMIR Grid says:

            The grid is closed for access for the time being because I am sick. Content is still available on Kitely and SLM.

          • Ah so you want to go to other grids to get free content so you can sell it on Kitely and SLM? If you have Kitely and SLM and your own content, what do you care about anyone elses free content?

          •' XMIR Grid says:

            > Ah so you want to go to other grids to get free content so you can sell it on Kitely and SLM?

            Really?? Let me know when you find anything I sell made by others – free or not.

          • Well if that’s not the case, and you make your own stuff, what do you care about free content? Sorry to hear you’re too sick to have your grid up and running, not too sick to make derogatory remarks about other people who actually do have their grid up and running however.

          • Again.. since you have you’re own content, why do you care about free content? Sorry to hear you’re too sick to have your grid online. Not to sick to make derogatory remarks about other people who do have their grids up and running though. Glad to see you have your priorities in line. Let me know when it’s back up and running..

          •' XMIR Grid says:

            > Not to sick to make derogatory remarks about other people who do have their grids up and running though.

            What do you expect when you are all around putting down people’s use of free items, while you operate one of the closest locations on the Hypergrid?

            The difference between my grid (when it was open for access) and Littlefield, is I welcomed your residents to take home free items I had created and made available, while the only you thing you can take home from Littlefield is a feeling of being unwelcome as a guest.

          • Oh so to feel welcome as a guest that means people should take things? You do that to your guests at home? Have them walk in and pick things up and walk out? I bet you don’t. I guess that makes you a pretty unwelcoming host based on that remark above. You’re remark makes zero sense. We welcome everyone to the grid. Not letting people take things off the grid has no bearing on that as I described above. And my remark about you being too sick to make derogatory remarks… I’ve seen you around the HG Business troll festival. For someone that hasn’t had a grid up in months, you have alot to say about how everyone else operates. How about worrying about your own grid that isn’t up for a change, and worry less about how other people operate their grids. If you don’t like how they operate them – PROTIP: don’t go there. Stay on your own grid (if it’s ever up) or visit grids that let you feel welcome by letting you take their content.

          •' Minethereé says:

            There is a “HG Business troll festival”? licks the tip of my pencil and makes a note to read more closely…..j/k

            Personally I think it is great others are speaking up loudly and passionately about such things as said here, by all.

            Whatever their own variation on the theme.

            I have noted that closed commercial grids, and especially now hypergrid enabled commercial grids benefit greatly by free content shared by others (one of the backbone parts of the Hyperverse I love).

            As you note with Aine, but with oopsee commenting here and so many others I won’t name them because I would leave some out due to decreasing memory cells and old age issues.

            I kinda would like to see a blend of all this, using the Kitely Market as the cornerstone for the commercial side of things.

            It is just a realistic pragmatic thing that some people like to spend real money on content, and some don’t. The latter being where I am mainly because I am dearly poor.

            Even so, supporting such things that enhance the Hyperverse, my main focus now, are important.

            The issue boils down to the variations and what suits individuals.

            The only real problem I see is that commercialism in our small spaces always brings with it drama by the small minded. It brings with it all the things many of us have left behind, ala SL….many things oopsee has commented to here already.

            The reason commercialism is so fraught with drama is that they are selling to, realistically, small amounts of people. Some of them understand this and find a peaceful way to interact, some don’t…those that don’t cause all sorts of issues as even seen in this place.

            This drama, in part, was recently discussed in the GCG forums (hence deleted)…and it is seen in all sorts of ways that cause strife in our community of enlightened free spirit and sharing hippie-like folks…hehe

            So I have no real answers for how things should go, or how they will go as it is likely to change in any case…sometimes change is good, sometimes not…we can only be responsible for how we individually deal with it.

            As I know for a fact, first person, some of the negativity that is a part of the commercialism, I also know some fine people who just enjoy being in those commercial grids, whatever their reasoning.

            In a perfect world I would want those of us who like the freedoms to be able to continue doing so as we wish, for those who like to pay for stuff to use the Kitely Market, and have some kind of meshing of it all that allows us to have fun and be happy in our own ways.

            I do love seeing you and oopsee and others commenting on and about our freedoms…I feel so lonely sometimes in that regard lol…I hope more of this continues.

          • I have no issue with commerce or commercial grids at all. If people want to run SL Jr. to each his own. My only problem is when people who do run commerce call out free things as being inferior as if the stuff on the marketplaces is all that spectactular – which in most cases it isn’t. Mind you the people making the most snide remarks are people who create nothing but make a profit selling other peoples things on their marketplace. That… is why they care about commerce. Not because they want to give their grid members good content, but because they are making some percentage off of each sale. And that’s fine, but when so many people in Opensim have been so creative and generous making all kinds of things, releasing scripts, etc, etc.. to have the “commerce crew” going on about how only paid content is worthwhile I find to be a slap in the face to the people that are making this quality free content for everyone.

          •' Minethereé says:

            @Walter “My only problem is when people who do run commerce call out free things as being inferior as if the stuff on the marketplaces is all that spectacular – which in most cases it isn’t.”

            Oh I do agree. Some of those people tend to forget, or lack the understanding, or ignore it… that SL (and other commercial closed grids) creators leave, and where do some go but out here, giving content away, as you noted…(or was it oopsee…regardless)…even so, some who never were in SL or other closed commercial grids, create awesome things for us to enjoy.

            I greatly admire those people and am grateful for their largesse.

          •' Minethereé says:

            I hope you get to feeling better soon. (just an aside keeping in mind we are all mere humans, after all is said and done) hugss

          •' Dirk Mathers says:

            As the person who imported OpenCollar to Littlefield, I feel uniquely qualified to comment on this. All the scripts are wide open and no one has ever or will ever pay for them. I went to OpenCollar and personally imported and converted those scripts to OS SL.I have shared my techniques and some scripts with those who have asked politely and via the HG Scripting Trail. I know my work has made it out of Littlefield because I’ve seen some of my earlier mistakes incorporated into other peoples releases uncredited.The original scripts are still available from OpenCollar. As for Littlefield’s other content, it is made by our users for our users. You want to be part of that community? By all means sign up.

          •' valerie llauke says:

            I love that no one corrected this comment of Xmir grid ….

            OpenCollar Scripts are available to all online.You can design any collar you wish,
            and spend hours creating detailed primwork and drop in the scripts.

            And then……. when there is a glitch, every hypergrid traveler that picked up one on your grid, will be knocking on your door

            Have at it !!! i dare ya!!

          •' valerie llauke says:

            OpenCollar Scripts ARE free…Go figure!!

            Get the Scripts .. make your own collars
            Then when there is a glitch, everyone in the metaverse who picked one up on your grid, will be coming to you to fix it ..

            have at it !!

      •' oopsee says:

        well Alex, if you read what I wrote you will realize I said “free community resource” and that would be the “opensim software” itself. Never said anything about a host/server however server cost would not be the real issue of cost if one had to pay to write the software to begin with. You may have forgotten that many individuals have written code over the years for “free” that improves opensim and continue to do so. You yourself use this “free” resource and may have contributed free code yourself. If you did that is very nice of you, but to use your thinking it is not “quality” because you gave it away.
        So that being clarified for you I can say “the people using opensim software” for commercial endeavors are making a buck off something that was given to them free. Also I see them use “free” content in their comm’l grids to make them more attractive while at the same time charging for their junk. Nice huh?
        No one is obligated to create content for sale either so you don’t make sense to me.
        You say “only the grids that charge something can offer some type of content quality”. Where do you get that idea? A plethora of QUALITY content is produced and given free all over the metaverse.
        So if you had your way then why don’t you “pay” to develop your own vr software as to quote you “This free mentality is not welcome in my thinking.” That is the best example of selective thinking ever. Sorry, you made me snort with that one, hahahaha.
        To bring focus back this is about “money exchange” in opensim. I don’t see a need for it. Plenty of opportunity already and frankly I doubt the “comm’l free grids in opensim” would not be interested.

        •' Alex Ferraris says:

          My answer to you is go do it , give all your content for free and all your regions for free, server space for free if that is whay you want to do.
          But it does not mean I am obligated to do exactly what you are doing or want to do or think should be done. I can use the opensimulator platform for anything I want to. This nonsense that if you are not giving it out for free you are considered an outlaw of some sort is not fair and not correct.

          •' oopsee says:

            Thanks Alex for you permission. I do happen to give all the content I create away free.
            Who said anything about you?
            Don’t need it or want it, right.
            Your a funny guy btw .. entertaining.

    •' 1derworld says:

      I agree with you 200% keep it free as it was intended to be. The seed of greed is growing to be a ugly tree.

    • We have Paypal we have Podex I don’t see why we need another currency system. All this does is encourage the same monetary driven system and ‘avatar welfare state’ created by SecondLife. It’s yet another scheme to make money like Bitcoins have for their creators.

      • PayPal works well for big-ticket purchases like region rentals. But it’s not as useful for micropayments, where the fees make it cost-prohibitive.

        And Podex makes it easier for grids to have their own in-world currencies, but it does nothing to help multi-grid shopping.

        The question of whether we want to have more shopping on the hypergrid or not is a separate issue, and a philosophical one.

        Personally, I think if you don’t want to shop, and you don’t want to sell, nobody is making you.

        But if you do want to shop, or if you want to sell, then a multi-grid currency makes that possible for in-world stores for hypergrid shoppers.

        I do love getting freebies, and I do love giving stuff away, but I also like spending and making money. (And this blog has “business” right in the title.) Gloebit doesn’t take anything away — it just adds a cool new functionality that, for some, might be the issue that gets them to come to OpenSim. And that helps everyone on both sides of the political divide (and those who straddle it).

  2.' lmpierce says:

    Note to everyone: this is a heated area of discussion. Please stay civil. Thanks.

    • Noticed you left XMIR’s “slag” of LFGrid’s content and grid but deleted the rebuttal from me. No surprise there.. If your going to moderate… moderate. Don’t leave one side of the remark.

    • Actually I’ll assist you in moderating by removing all my remarks. This is why I don’t ever post here, you let some people run wild and make any disparaging remark they like and then remove those that don’t fit in with the HG Business business model. There you go Impierce, now you have the negative remark about Littlefield remaining as you like with no preceding remark to support it. That personal attack is ok though I’m sure.. you left it the first time, I’m sure you’ll leave it now.

    •' 1derworld says:

      Impierce you may as well delete the whole thread. How dare adults speak there minds and feelings about there concerns. I completely understand the word Moderation but there is a thing of going to far with it. Only my 2 cents 🙂

  3.' Talla Adam says:

    What ever is said in certain quarters by a very small number of people in favor everything for free I still prefer a mixed economy and I will say why. First, we all love a freebie but lets be honest a lot of the free stuff is not the best quality and you can find the same stuff pretty much anywhere. There is a limited amount of it too and so it gets a bit tiring seeing the same old content everywhere. Some – quite a lot – is even copybotted so, personally, I don’t bother much unless it is high quality and safe like that produced by Tarrna Wells and Selea Core or great scripters like Aine Caoimhe. Otherwise I pay for what I want and I do buy quite a lot because one can’t make everything and the free stuff that I might consider taking doesn’t always fit my needs.

    I’m not willing to settle for second best either, and I sure don’t want to have to go back to Second Life to better server my virtual worlds interests after all the time and money I’ve invested in Opensim. I use both SL and OS and my friends in SL hop back and forth to my role play sims so we make the best of both. I have even given money to help fund code improvements to Opensim so I think I have some right to use it even if there are people who would drive me out for not adhering to a certain school of thought. If the developers wanted Opensim to only be used for a freebie group of people then the license doesn’t support that idea. Opensim is free to use for any purpose and that is all that people do. No one can dictate otherwise.

    Perhaps those who don’t want anything to do with a mixed economy should do what Littlefields grid did and make their freebies only available to those people who reside on that grid. They don’t have currency either so it is the perfect environment for people of that mind set.

  4.' Drang Po says:

    Even thou we give away our work for free, we see the value of a common currency that is used across the wild frontier that is OpenSim Hypergrid. To that end we we have joined the test program in the hopes that the bugs will get sorted out. I as a individual would prefer to be able to be on my home avatar and buy something if that is my desire, with as little fanfare as possible.

    As there will always be freebies out there so will there always be someone selling their creative work. I as a individual like the option of being able to acquire either if I feel it will add to my project. So in the interest of personal choice and personal freedom. I can’t see where a common currency will harm. As long as people are honest that are maintaining the currency, should not be a problem.

    So our free areas, just search free on our grid <– shameless plug.. or help test the currency at sandbox2. Choice, nice eh that we have the freedom to choose.

    Wish you all a peaceful mind, and calm emotions.