53 new hypergrid communities

Blender for OpenSim. (Image courtesy Serene Jewell via Google Plus.)

Blender for OpenSim. (Image courtesy Serene Jewell via Google Plus.)

In mid-December, we were tracking 117 active Google Plus communities related to OpenSim and the hypergrid. As of today, that number has hit 166, of which 53 are new to our list.

The largest new communities, with more than 100 members each, are Blender for OpenSim, Opensim Technical, ARiELSIG, Immersive World Learning Opportunities, Immersive Worlds in 3D Stereoscopic, Immersive World Opportunities, MetaMeets, Raz Cafe, Immersive World Statistics, OpenSim Scripting Showcase Trail, Free 3D, Virtual World Video, Psicologia Virtuale, and Practical Uses for Virtual Worlds.

Some of these may actually have been around for a while, but are new to us. If you know of any communities we’re missing, email me at [email protected].

Of the largest OpenSim-specific communities, The Adult Metaverse gained 159 new members for a new high of 1,317, while OpenSim Virtual gained 87, for a new high of 1,710.

This month’s 15 largest communities:

Here’s the full list of all the new communities on our list:

Adventure Bay, ARiELSIG, Atek Grid, BDSM in Opensim, BearKat Enterprises Grid, Blender for OpenSim, Dublin 1904 VR, El Blog Del DJ, Entertainment on the Hypergrid, Free 3D, Hypergrid Hypergrid, HyperGrid instruction, Hypergrid Sex, Hypergrid Shopping, Hypergrid Story, Hyperlicious Events, Immersion One, Immersive World Learning Opportunities, Immersive World Newbie Help Desk, Immersive World Opportunities, Immersive World Statistics, Immersive Worlds in 3D Stereoscopic, Lighthouse Point Community page, MacICT: Virtual Worlds in Education, MetaMeets, Metaverse life, Metaverse University of DigiWorldz, New Vinland Colony, Opensim – We speak German, Opensim AAM Virtual Performers, OpenSim Business, OpenSim Scripting Showcase Trail, Opensim Technical, Opensimulator Hypergrid Collective, OpensimWebUI, Practical Uses for Virtual Worlds, Psicologia Virtuale, Raz Cafe, Refuge Grid, RezMela, Space Life, The Lisbon Loft Expats, The Realm of Rygeon, The Virtual Micronation of Neuanzere, Time Paradox Grid, Vapers In OpenSim, Virtual Life Grid, Virtual Museums, Virtual Role Play Developers, Virtual World Video, Women in Virtual Reality, Worldwide Crowdfund, and ZanGrid.

Full list of all OpenSim-related communities is here.

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2 Responses

  1. bell.wings@gmail.com' Sunbeam Magic says:

    My eyes aren’t as good as they use to be… but I didn’t see ‘Opensim Everything’ started by Linda Kellie with 268 members a couple months ago. What I love about this group is there are NO categories to try and decide where your post should ‘properly’ be inserted! HUGGLES ♥

  2. Blender for Opensim is a particularly amazing group filled with useful info for builders of every level. Lots of talented people over there.

    I personally am loving all the info about rigging. Something that was frustratingly obtuse to me for a long time, but Vbinnia Radek
    does a great job breaking it all down.