GearBest holding ‘flash sale’ on VR viewers

GearBest flash salesGearBest is holding a “flash sale” on its virtual reality headsets over the next few days, with free shipping.

Some of the headsets on sale are older models, heavy and with a narrow field of view.

But there are three worth checking out, that are newer releases, with wide field of view and not as heavy:

  • Riem 3
  • BoboVR Z3
  • SnailVR

This is a nice opportunity to get a sturdy headset for less than the price of a cardboard one.

Meanwhile, AliExpress is having its 6th anniversary sale, with deep discounts on virtual reality headsets if you buy via their mobile app.


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  1.' GearBest says:

    Oh cool! just wanted to order these glasses for my xiaomi mi 5!