June enterprise learning conference to feature virtual reality

Anaheim Convention Center

Anaheim Convention Center

Press release: Discover How to Build the Smarter — Engaged — High Performance Organization

MARICOPA, AZ— Elearning! Media Group, producers of the Enterprise Learning! Conference 2016 (ELC16), the leader in learning and workplace technology media, is pleased to announce its groundbreaking Keynote Speaker for the conference. Anders Gronstedt, Ph.D., President, The Gronstedt Group, Inc. will deliver his Keynote Address: “Next Gen Learning: The Virtual Reality Experience” This keynote is more than talking heads, this session will immerse attendees into the virtual reality experience.

Anders Gronstedt

Anders Gronstedt

If you believe Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg, virtual reality is the next major computing platform after the smart phone. A new generation of virtual reality headsets and software promises to revolutionize learning. It’s bringing immersion to new levels — the feeling of actually being in another place. “It’s like the difference between looking out through a window and actually walking out and moving around in the world,” said Gronstedt.

“We are honored to have a leader in virtual reality learning not only reveal the future of virtual technology, but take us into the immersive virtual reality experience as well,” said Catherine Upton, ELC 2016 conference chair.

At ELC 16, attendees will experience live virtual reality learning via Oculus Rift and their own personal Google Cardboard. Anders will demonstrate the training implications of Virtual Reality in learning. He will showcase a high end learning experience via Oculus Rift and take us on a tour of the virtual realm. Then, each attendee will experience 360 degree applications, as well as open-source learning content and apps via Google Cardboard Viewers. From high end customized learning, to low cost open-source resources, attendees will experience Virtual Reality like never before. The user experience of VR is far more visceral than anything experienced on a screen.

Gronstedt will also be exploring the augmented reality technology which is on the heels of virtual reality. It is the lens to the world that that superimposes digital graphics over the world around you.

ELC16 Helps Build Smarter Organizations

ELC16 conference will feature four distinct tracks to support the theme of Building Smarter Organizations. They are: Engaging the Smarter Workforce, Empowering the Smarter Learner, Best Practices of the Smarter Leader, and Building the Smarter Enterprise.

Who Should Attend

Executives charged with driving enterprise performance via learning and workplace technologies, including HR, Talent, Development, Training, E-learning, Project Management, Education, Sales & Service should attend ELC16. Government, non-profit agencies and educational institution leaders are also in attendance to collaborate on the now and the next in learning. Attending this conference is an amazing opportunity to meet colleagues from across the globe. Registration is now open at www.ELCEShow.com. Register by April 30th and save $300 on the 2-day conference pass.

Celebrating Excellence

The Enterprise Learning! Conference 2016 (ELC16) hosts the exclusive Learning & Workplace Technology Conference for corporate, government and higher education executives. ELC16 provides executives an engaged environment to network, share and learn from leaders across the globe. Coupled with cutting edge research, expert learning technologists and 3 prestigious industry award programs; Learning! 100, Best of Elearning!, and Learning! Champions, this is the “Must Attend” forum for learning and performance executives. Registration is now open at www.ELCEShow.com. Register by April 30th and save $300 on the 2-day conference pass.

About Elearning! Media Group

Elearning! Media Group is owned by B2B Media Group LLC. Elearning! Media Group consists of twelve media products including: Elearning!Magazine and eMagazine, Government Elearning! E-Magazine, Elearning! Alert, SalesTec eNews, Pulse, 2elearning.com, Elearning! Web Seminar Series, Elearning! Institute, Enterprise Learning! Summit, Virtual Learning! Summit and Enterprise Learning! Conference. Elearning! Media Group serves the $225 billion learning & workplace technology market. Suppliers and practitioners can follow us: online at www.2elearning.com; on Twitter: 2elearning or #ELSummit; via Facebook: Elearning!-Magazine or LinkedIn: Elearning! Magazine Network orElearning! Summit.

Enterprise Learning! Events

Since 2008, Enterprise Learning! Events bring onsite and online audiences together to learn, network and share. Mark your calendar for Enterprise Learning! Conference on June 6-8, 2016 in Anaheim, CA. Enterprise Learning! Conference hosts the Best of Elearning!, Learning! 100 and Learning! Champion Awards. The Enterprise Learning! Conference Online is slated for September 8th, 2016. For more information about the Enterprise Learning! Conference visit http://www.elceshow.com.

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4 Responses

  1. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    People want to be in the Internet or in a virtual world zipping a cup of coffee, glancing the TV, answering some sms, exchamging words with the companion next to us, petting the Cat, etc, etc – This kind of stuff is pure focus and isolation so impossible to go into the general masses, at least for prolonged uses, more than 20 minutes – This hype will pass soon, unless there is a huge Alien revolution and we see everything else around us going virtual, almost like Matrix – Some cool folks, maybe even I, will like to try sometimes 1h or 2h straight but that is not masses or general public, like the philosophy of this article says

    • Carlos — You’re talking about the CURRENT state of VR viewers. This will change very quickly. Augmented and virtual reality headsets will merge with our mobile devices, become ubiquitous and easy to use. They are ALREADY becoming social — check out AltSpace on the Gear VR headset. Multi-players games are coming.

      Movies, sports events, music, education, porn will all drive adoption. Baofeng, the leading manufacturer of headsets today is a company that none of us have heard of, but they sold 1 million headsets in the first quarter of this year. Their $30 Baofeng Mojing 3 is one of my top-two sets right now, and they’re working on the 5th generation of their viewer already.

      They have 20,000 retail outlets, brick-and-mortar stores, where people try these sets out before buying them in Asia. In emerging countries, these viewers are an alternatives to big-screen TVs and video game consoles, and over 100 manufacturers are competing to make better sets, with new iterations and improvements coming out each month.

      I’m currently waiting on delivery of a headset with 120-degree field of view and built-in headphones, and waiting for another to hit the market that has a Gear VR-style built-in trackpad.

      People replace their smartphones every one or two years, so performance, image quality, everything, is going to be going up quickly, with VR as a big driver in emerging countries. And at a cost of $25 to $30 for the best headsets (and the prices are lower in Asia for these sets, and there are also sub-$10 sets as well), it’s easy for folks who’ve spent several hundred bucks on their smartphones to replace their VR viewers even more frequently.

      This is the next big medium. The next big entertainment medium. The next big storytelling medium. The next big shopping medium. The next big social medium. This is the next big mass medium, and, possibly, as some experts are predicting, the FINAL medium.

      We are in the VERY early stages right now, but there are already killer apps out there for this, even at the low levels of quality and performance we see now. The problems you mentioned are all being worked on, and will vanish quickly.

      • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

        I really do hope so because I like it a lot, immersion is a great thing for Me, but Im not so optimistic, I just don’t see on my family even half of it using these gadgets, not even trying. But on the long run I envision something like Google Glasses – Light, easy and familiar to humans, something that everyone will use or even better – Eye lens that do not make you look silly and can cover the whole field of vision and merge reality with virtuality – I just think these companies are exaggerating the actual state of the art and predicting massive adoption to early, but maybe marketing is jut like that, pushing things to early to make some fast sales