Multi-grid treasure hunt starts April 15

The Hyperica Hall, the OpenSim Treasure Hunt headquarters.

The Hyperica Hall, the OpenSim Treasure Hunt headquarters.

The second multi-grid OpenSim Treasure Hunt begins in two weeks, and there is still time for grids and region owners to participate.

Promote your destination by picking up a stand from Hyperica at, Tangle Grid at Station 1, or WestWorld grid at, or download an IAR file online.

“You will need to pick up a new hunt kit,” Tangle Grid co-founder Leslie Kling told Hypergrid Business. “The old one will not work.”

After rezzing the stand, click on it to get the OpenSim Treasure Hunt Kit.

For more information or technical details, visit this page or contact Leslie Kling at [email protected].

Prizes include a $135 Fibrum virtual reality headset, Bluetooth speakers, and cash. If you would like to offer a prize, you can sign up as a sponsor. See the full list of sponsors and previous prize winners here.

The first OpenSim Treasure Hunt began on January 31, and wound up including 87 regions on 22 different grids.

“I enjoyed zipping around the hypergrid and seeing all the different places,” said one participant. “Finding the objects on some of the places was challenging at times — especially on huge varregions!”

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Maria Korolov

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18 Responses

  1.' Littlefield Grid says:

    Littlefield Grid just donated $25.00US for the hunt.

  2.' Minethereé says:

    I put a stand up at my landing point

  3.' Carlos Loff says:

    One item hiden on Virtual Lisbon Utopia – I setup the notecard with all elements required (grid name & URL + Hint) and activated the item – I believe the system will detect the item and notecard on my grid and add it to the hunt, correct ?

  4.' TanGLe Grid says:

    Thank you Littlefield Grid for you donation to the OpenSim Treasure Hunt. We have posted it on the website and also in the Prize room on Hyperica Grid.Carlos I will get our tech to tell me if all is ok but yes if you put your hint in and your Grid name and the login URI to your “setting” notecard, then all should be ok. The reason some grids must do that, is because they don’t have the osGetGridName and/or osGetGridLogin turned on. If you know for sure that it is on then the Grid Name or URI does not need to be filled in. The Hint does. If your not sure you can put it in anyways. The system can tell and will ignore the info. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. [email protected] or here. P.S. you don’t have to do the hunt to put out an hunt item. It is a means to get ppl to come to your reason. The new version will also allow you to put in gifts if you want to give something away. It will take notecard, LMs or items. This goes into the hunt item. The same item you are hiding. Happy Hunting.

  5. Worlds End will be participating. There will be exportable prizes for everyone who finds my item. I have also sponsored the event. So the prize fund just got $25 bigger! 🙂

  6. Cool. I just set up a hidden item on Pathlandia and put a little gift inside it. 🙂

  7.' Lani Global says:

    LANI GLOBAL SYSTEMS is now a sponsor for a $L 5000 prize. The Lani and ixi regions have hunt items. The Lani Mall has a hunt kiosk with hunt kits and T-shirt. Photo below is a clue hint.

  8.' Lani Global says:

    Just this week in OSgrid, there were some more region owners finding out about the hunt, and adding treasure to their regions. Also, many participants.
    It’s too bad that the first grid on the list (2open) is the worst lag and most difficult experience. I would recommend that new hunters skip that grid until last.
    But, overall, I would say that the treasure hunt is increasing in popularity every day.

  9.' TanGLe Grid says:

    I am seeing not many are doing the 3rd OpenSim Treasure Hunt this time. I am wondering if you are having a problem setting things up or something else. Please let us know if you are having trouble. The whole idea of having this is to make your grids or region get more traffic and give your visitors some fun at the same time. We know there is someone out there that has spoiled it it for most but their idea on how to fix what they think is wrong CAN NOT be added to the hunt at this time. Their way will cause too much confusion to the people that that can’t not do what they are asking us to do. Their idea is good for a in-grid treasure hunt but on a hypergate game such as this there would be too many things that could go wrong. We thank that person for their idea and will do our best to try in future to upgrade but with opensim’s lack of in world transfer of items from one grid to another isn’t ready yet to do automatic updates to the stands or hunt item via from 1 location. At this time all would need to be done manually. Don’t let this “Cheat” information stop you from being involved in this great hunt. We are also looking at having a “Catch-A-Fish” hypergate travel game. Much like the SL version where you can earn cash for fishing. You will be able to fish anywhere and cash out at anytime. More information will come as soon as we release it. I will post it when we are ready. But we feel if no one wants to do the OpenSim Treasure Hunt then what will be the point of having the fishing thing. This takes a lot of work to make things like this happen. Not an easy thing to set up. Hope to see more grids and regions get involved.

    •' Da Hayward says:

      great stuff. who would want to ruin it? it can only be good for all open sim.

      •' TanGLe Grid says:

        Not so much ruin it but tell people how to cheat. Then say do it this way or that. We can’t do it that way they say cause the UUID number of the item can not be changed. They way they wanted will only make things too hard to work out and for the person dropping the item a nightmare. I hope you join us in the 3rd OpenSim Treasure Hunt.

    • Maybe it would help if I threw in several VR headsets as prizes this time around? They’re getting stacked up in my office, and I’ve run out of ideas for surveys.

      I can contribute five or ten headsets — and then promote it through all the VR channels, helping bring people into OpenSim.

      We’d need very good instructions, though,for how to create an avatar and how to do hypergrid teleports, and how to find stuff.

      •' TanGLe Grid says:

        if you send me the pictures and the estimated price like last time Maria I will place then in the prize room on hyperica. How many etc.

    • I didn’t realize the 3rd hunt was starting soon. I’ll definitely be participating again. The last one was lots of fun. I met many new people and had a ton of new visitors to my grid. Thank you for organizing it!