Gear VR hits 1 million users

Samsung’s Gear VR had 1 million users last month, reported its content partner, Facebook’s Oculus VR.

Oculus also reported that Gear VR now has 250 apps, including the recently-added Minecraft.

The average user spends 25 minutes a day using the headset, which was released six months ago.

Media the killer app

As is the case with other mobile-based headsets, media consumption is the killer app for the Gear VR.

According to Oculus, seven of the top ten most used apps are video apps, and, on any given day, nearly 80 percent of people who use Gear VR watch video content.

Gear VR currently has apps for Netflix, Hulu, and Milk VR, none of which are available for Google Cardboard-compatible mobile-based headsets.

Gear VR home area. (Image courtesy Oculus VR.)

Gear VR home area. (Image courtesy Oculus VR.)

The company also announced that it is revamping the Gear VR home area this week, with a bigger redesign coming in June.


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  1.' Carlos Loff says:


    • Yeah, we’re definitely in the early stage of the hype cycle. We’ve got a while to go before peak hype, though. If anyone is in the hype business (or in the investment business) this is a good time to get in, if you think you can spot peak hype before the inevitable coming crash. Then we’ll have the “valley of disillusionment”, followed by steady growth and actual productivity. Anyone want to venture and predict the timing on this? (By the way, it’s also a good time to get into the “vr expert” business since nobody knows anything yet!)

  2. Update: Samsung just released their European sales numbers, and they’ve sold 300,000 of the Gear VR headset in Europe THIS YEAR: