Great Canadian Grid, DigiWorldz attacked

(Image courtesy The Great Canadian Grid.)

(Image courtesy The Great Canadian Grid.)

The Great Canadian Grid and DigiWorldz have been hit by a cyber-attack that has taken the grids offline on Saturday. There should be no damage to the grids themselves.

Both grids are now back up.

“Everything is good and I am now in the process of doing updates on all the servers since were down anyway,” said Great Canadian Grid founder Roddie Macchi in a board post. “And then I will start the process of starting up the entire grid again.”

He said that the database and servers are both fine, but the core machines have been disconnected from the Internet because of the attack.

“We are hoping that we will have things cleared up by Monday, hopefully,” he said.

DigiWorldz was affected next. The two grids are located in the same data center.

“When the Great Canadian Grid was taken offline to end the attack, the attackers then moved to the DigiWorldz grid,” said DigiWorldz founder Terry Ford, also known as Butch Arnold in-world, in a detailed announcement yesterday. “It appears only the core servers at both the Great Canadian Grid and the DigiWorldz grid have been targeted. DigiWorldz and The Great Canadian grid combined have 48 servers at our data center, but only our core machines were targeted.”

The type of attack launched against the grids is a distributed denial of service attack, the virtual equivalent of so many people trying to crowd into the same train that it stops moving.

These types of attacks are on the rise recently, and there are even on-line services that allow attackers to launch attacks very cheaply using rented botnets.

Some of these attacks are also use to cover up other types of attacks, such as attempts to install ransomware or other types of malware, or to steal customer information. According to a recent report by Neustar, 50 percent of all businesses have been hit by distributed denial of service attacks recently, almost all of them hit by financially-motivated criminals.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

18 Responses

  1.' XMIR Grid says:

    It is interesting you have an UDP attack.
    Some weeks back I had a similar incident which started after a logon to a certain grid with a test viewer (as there are always oddities on that grid), and immediately after my IP was UDP flooded from a server that was associated by the same grid by ownership (and not by name). At the end of the day the origin had to be blocked by the ISP.

    •' Tom Messenger says:

      @ XMIR Grid ..May I ask, was your “test viewer” Darkstorm, or one of the Darkstorm offshoots produced by said veiwers coders/hackers group? I am of a mind to take a shot at saying that theres a possibility of a corrupt viewer doin this work,..thanks for your time

      •' XMIR Grid says:

        I don’t roam around the grids “testing” a copybot viewer!

        Before we release a new version of Kokua it is tested on some of the grids for compatibility as they don’t all behave the same. This was one such test.

  2.' Minethereé says:

    And once again….I wonder if some people will connect some dots in the near future.

  3. Great Canadian Grid just got attacked again today.

  4. ““When the Great Canadian Grid was taken offline to end the attack, the attackers then moved to the DigiWorldz grid,” said grid founder Terry Ford, also known as Butch Arnold in-world,” Terry Ford is the DigiWorldz grid founder not the GCG grid founder btw. He is the tech/programmer support for GCG.

  5. hopefully none of those IP addresses can be connected to innocent Canadian people. Since the GCG is a “Canadian” grid, by the location of the legal business address itself, any information gathered by its servers or databases would fall under “Canadian” laws. In Canada IP addresses are considered to be “personal data” by the Government of Canada and protected under Canadian Privacy Laws (regardless of whatever you ‘intent’ to post them might be). I’m not trying to defend any illegal action on the part of DDoS hackers, but you did state “It is also very important to understand that the “attacking” ip addresses shown below may be and probably are owned/used by innocent people whose systems have been compromised in some way as to allow the real attacker(s) to direct these machines to carry out the attacks, so as you read this data, please understand that it would be very unwise to accuse or attempt to harass the owners/users of these ip addresses as they probably weren’t even aware they were part of this attack.” which does not remove your liability for posting confidential information.

    • i can assure you winter that no Canadians were harm in the attack, well except for you GCG people xD

      • Your reply is both uninvited and hardly humourous. First of all “GCG people” include “Canadians” therefore to make a blanket statement that “no Canadians were harm in the attack” is false. This is because Canadians, including the grid owner, were denied service for over three days, a service they paid for. Therefore, many Canadians were harmed financially by the DDoS attack. Second, “except for you GCG people” is also false, since the attack included DigiWorldz (among others) which is a US based grid it was not just “GCG people”. Third, since you have no involvement in the programming of GCG the comments I made to Butch Arnold (Terry Ford) have nothing to do with you specifically (unless of course either A one of the IPs belonged to you, or B you were responsible for the attacks and knew the intent of the attack; I am hoping it is A).

        • wow rage much there winter, this is why i dont like you. take a chill pill and reread my comment, or the very least do everyone a favor and go away.
          I meant that all the attacking IP’s did not come from Canada.

          • “this is why i dont like you” gee and here I thought it was because I block you every time you choose to be abusive in your responses rather than give constructive input on the matter.

        • My last comment above that you are referring to Winter was about the attacking IP’s not coming from Canada.
          No i don’t work for Roddie but i did my own little investigation into the IP addresses Terry put in the article above and was only stating that from my own investigation that no Canadian computers were compromised. I apologize if you took my comment the wrong way.
          I hope this clears up the misunderstanding you have to my failed joke.