Mobius seeks $2,000 to port Phlox to OpenSim

Mobius Grid

Mobius Grid

The Mobius Grid is seeking $2,000 in donations in order to port the Phlox script engine to standard OpenSim.

The Phlox script engine was created by the InWorldz grid and donated to the community last fall. The open source community page for Phlox is located here, on GitHub and is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. One of the goals of the Phlox engine project was 99 percent compatibility with the Second Life Linden Scripting Language.

However, it was designed to work with InWorldz, which, although based on OpenSim, has branched off a bit a few years ago.

“We have worked with an very talented and experienced programmer to port Phlox to standard OpenSim in addition to adding OSSL support,” grid founder Shawn Corr told Hypergrid Business. “We want OpenSim grid owners and users to contribute if they can. The programmer is waiting to start work once funding goal is reached.”

Phlox -- InWorldz

OSSL functions are commands such as hypergrid teleports, and text-on-a-prim, which are unique to OpenSim.

Once completed, the code will be tested on Mobius and other interested grids, then added to core OpenSim, for any grid to use, he said.

OpenSim grids have a choice of which script engine they choose, and most opt for XEngine, Corr said, which is slower than the Second Life script engine and not as good on memory.

Phlox can help raise OpenSim performance to Second Life levels and may inspire more content creators to come to OpenSim, he said.

“Phlox is compatible will all of Second Life scripts minus experience keys, from what I read and saw in our research,” he said.

There is no crowdfunding page for the project, but the Mobius Grid is accepting donations via its PayPal account at [email protected].

Watch a video below in which Phlox supports 60 avatars on a single region:

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27 Responses

  1.' Jim Tarber says:

    There is no such thing as “the Phlox physics engine”. Phlox is a script engine.

    Checking the link, I see they are looking for a port of the script engine. Porting it to OpenSim is very likely a much larger project that anything $2000 would pay for, since the OpenSim interfaces will not align easily with the ones provided by InWorldz that Phlox uses.

    That said, it would be great to see OpenSim adopt Phlox, since the Phlox compiler and virtual machine runtime was typically a couple of orders of magnitude faster and much more secure than the SL implementation of LSL. OpenSim too would likely see a huge boost in script performance, and if implemented correctly, better reliability. I wish the project well.

    • Thanks for the correction — this was totally my mistake. Mobius quite clearly said “script” and I typed “physics.”

    •' Cassie Ellen says:

      I kind of took on the project at the request of friends… long story… It has been a while since I have done serious programming, and I’m starting to take it back as a hobby. I really cannot do more than that, I would welcome any help that you may be able to give me. /Cassie Ellen

  2.' Mike Chase says:

    Probably the more sensible approach would be to port the HyperGrid code to Halcyon. Which includes Phlox. Functional physics. Mesh and a full materials implementation. Since Halcyon is also open you could simply replace the OpenSim underpinnings with stuff that performs well and when enough servers were converted do a HyperGrid follow on that was more secure.

  3. I’ll donate some as soon as my comp finishes its monthly virus scan. I just like to know who the dev is so I can personally thank him/her for doing this.

  4.' Carlos Loff says:

    I have been building and running communities on SL during years and years and I never noticed now that OS was underperforming compared to SL, maybe even on the contrary, but anyway I wish them luck and believe it looks like a serious project and contribution, all the best for you guys

    • It’s so under performance that a simple llsettimerevent or a llsleep function can lag the (bleep) out of a SIM. Phlox is badly needed in opensim.

      •' Carlos Loff says:

        Im not a tecky, just speaking for the user bulder and event organizer point of view – Avilabs is using Ubode engine and maybe their own twists, but from the Builder User Evnt Org point of view I have been much happier with OS performance than SL, Im not saying your project is not needed it´s more of a proud thing to be in OS and not wanting to hear how better SL was when it was not on my user experience, cheers

        •' Cinder Biscuits says:

          Carlos, when you start seeing some actual activity, the system starts to collapse and quickly.

        • cinder said it pretty good. Its like if you put your hands around someone’s throat, they will soon choke and die, thats what happens to opensim when you put alot of scripts onto 1 region, XEngine will choke and cause the region to crash.

        •' Da Hayward says:

          Hear Hear…I have to agree Carlos.
          My own experience within AviWorlds using UBODE is that it really does have a lot of potential. So many people told us things couldnt be done…. well they have been. Aircraft cross regions and the ones we are using perform better than SL variants. Any new developement is a good thing however and and ones such as Phlox for example can only benefit OS in the long term even if its just a learning curve

          • isnt UBODE physics? Phlox is for scripting, even though the two do work together they are two different systems inside opensim. For physics i would love to see PhysX as the default for opensim since its awesome in InWorldZ.

          •' Da Hayward says:

            yes thats the great thing about open sim in general, there are a lot of talented people involved in it developing these tools and physics, & its only by keeping an open mind we can go forward together.
            And its really all of these people making it work. Despite there being so many different grids I think open sim has a greater unity than SL

          •' Da Hayward says:


    •' Samantha Atkins says:

      Of course some of us won’t be happy until we have a much better language than LSL. Javascript would be a good candidate.

  5.' Fred Beckhusen says:

    The funding goal of $2,000 has been completed. The task is large enough that additional funds would still be very much be appreciated and directed towards documentation, testing, and related work.

  6.' Serra Royale says:

    sorry for late post. But as Fred Beckhusen said we hit the goal and porting has begun. Thank you to those that have contributed.

    •' Thelma Marks says:

      Any updates on this project have not seen any news curious for information. Also is the progress being shared on Github or someplace others can help out along the way?

      •' Serra Royale says:

        Sorry for lack of updates. I been away due to life throwing very unpleasant things at me. But development is going at a slow pace as our developer was working out some things to make sure Phlox runs well on Linux as read me says it had little test time on Linux. I will have more info shortly as we are meeting to discuss progress this weekend.

        •' Thelma Marks says:

          This is definitely something that Opensim needs, I have visited inworldz and really like the way their world runs things in terms of scripting. I really like Opensim because it is not a walled garden and it would be great to have this functionality in Opensim for that reason. It will make my job of bringing people away from the big grid to Opensim a lot easier because scripting is a huge issue for a lot of people. I visited your grid web page looks really nice great to see the sonic community come to Opensim. Look forward to more updates.

          •' Serra Royale says:

            I agree. most of my staff are scripter’s and while most things work speed is slower and somethings dont work. while we adapted not everyone will want to. plus Phlox would bring opensim higher on compatibility.

        •' Mike Chase says:

          There’s nothing in Phlox I’m aware of that would keep it from running in Linux. I’ve certainly run it there as a part of Halcyon. If your dev has any questions I’d encourage contact with the Halcyon team via github or directly. They/we are a friendly bunch.

  7.' Talla Adam says:

    I was wondering what progress has been made with this project – anybody? I re-posted it to G+ Opensim Virtual at

  8.' Mike Chase says:

    Cassie sent you a PM. Happy to help if I can.