Second OpenSim treasure hunt shows rapid growth

Leighton Marjoram participates in the first OpenSim Treasure Hunt. (Imate courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

Leighton Marjoram participates in the first OpenSim Treasure Hunt. (Imate courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

The second OpenSim Treasure Hunt concluded on May 25 with 122 participating regions, up from just 86 in the first hunt.

The number of participating grids increased as well, from 22 to 26, Tangle Grid co-founder and hunt organizer Leslie Kling told Hypergrid Business.

There were also many returning participants, she added.

“That makes us feel they enjoyed it the first time,” she said.

Kitely was the grid with the most participating regions, 23, and OSgrid was the grid with the most participating players, 28. A total of 79 players participated in the hunt.

“We were happy with this hunt,” she said. “There was a few things that of course we can not control. One is regions going offline. Certain grids have their setting different so the hunt item would not work but we went there and helped them figure it all out.”

Avatar Eva Kawadias from OSgrid was the grand prize winner, and will be receiving a Fibrum virtual reality headset ($80 on Amazon).

Avatar Katadiop Carami from FrancoGrid won second prize, Bluetooth MP3 speakers, a Holland Woodenshoes key chain, and a HipHop Band T-shirt.

See the full list of sponsors here.

Hunt upgrades

Organizers improved a few things about the hunt this time around.

For example, Kitely regions aren’t up all the time — they get activated when people teleport in. Normally, links to inactive regions are removed, so players don’t waste their time trying to teleport to destinations that aren’t there.

“We added the configuration to not remove the hunt items [on Kitely], making it fair to the Kitely grid residents to stay involved with the hunt and for the hunters to be able to get the hunt item,” said Kling.

There were also specially configured hunt item stands for OSgrid and Metropolis grid, she added.

“We also added that the hunt item could also give its hunter a gift from the region owner as well as the points they need for the hunt,” she said.

Next, organizers plan to work on a remote update system so that hunt items and stands can be updated when needed.

“But for now — until OpenSim allows it — we will ask people to replace the stand if needed,” she said. “We also would like to get the back-end, the administration side of the hunt more automated. Right now we have to do a lot manually.”

The Hyperica Hall, the OpenSim Treasure Hunt headquarters.

The Hyperica Hall, the OpenSim Treasure Hunt headquarters.

The next hunt is expected to start later on this summer, on July 1.

For more information or technical details, visit this page or contact Leslie Kling at [email protected].

You can also pick up a stand from Hyperica at, Tangle Grid at Station 1, or WestWorld grid at, or download an IAR file online.

Watch a video by Leighton Marjoram about the first OpenSim Treasure Hunt below.

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10 Responses

  1.' TanGLe Grid says:

    Hi OpenSim Treasure Hunters and Grid Owners. The next hunt will be from July 1st till Aug 6th 2016. So get your hunt items out for the next OpenSim Treasure Hunt.
    1. You DO NOT have to change your Treasure Hunt Stands.
    2. You can use the HUNT ITEM from this last hunt again. No changes have been made.
    3. Remember you can add a gift to the hunt item if you like.
    4. Please try to change the location of the hunt item to make it more interesting and help you get them to travel more around your region or grid.

    Let’s make this OpenSim Treasure Hunt even better then the last one. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE…..
    WebSite of OpenSim Treasure Hunt:

  2.' Lani Global says:

    See my review of the OpenSim Treasure Hunt. I visited over 100 regions to seek treasure… It was fun (and sometimes frustrating). The review includes some tips on how to be a successful player. click:

  3. I agree with Lani (and thank her for the review. Glad it was both difficult and fun!) and in Kitely, were you can see your account history in real time (including whoever visits your regions) it was pretty clear that 50%+ were doing things that way.

    Most people spent less than 3-4 minutes in my region, while others spent 20+ minutes (which is about what I would expect). I highly doubt people could find my item in under 5 mins without some sneaky help.

    Next time I will take an OAR of the region, then unlink EVERYTHING and rename it all “Hunt Item”. Muhahahaha!

    Either way, its just a bit of fun and I hope everyone who took part had a great time (even the sneaky ones :P)

  4.' TanGLe Grid says:

    It find it unfair that people need to cheat. but it don’t help when says how to. Most that didn’t know about the cheating now do. Thanks A Lot. Just spoiled it for the people that where not cheating. As you can see from the stats of this next hunt all you did was kill a good thing and fun. We will see how it goes this time and see if there will be another. BTW the hunt item needs 1 UUID number their way that can’t happen. Plus what they want is soooooo much work of the person trying to put out the hunt item they will give up fast. The problem is hypergate travel from grid to grid and keeping scores fair. Their way might be ok for a grid hunt. So it is up to you if you want it to continue. It would be a real shame to stop it cause of a few cheaters. Feel free to comment.