First commodity trade placed in VR

(Image courtesy Trading Advantage.)

(Image courtesy Trading Advantage.)

Trading Advantage President and CEO, Larry Levin, made the first ever live virtual reality commodity trade using Oculus Rift, a virtual reality system that completely immerses the user inside virtual worlds.

As one of the premier trading organization in the nation, Trading Advantage is leading the industry with its innovative practices.

“Trading Advantage is constantly working on new and innovative ways to trade the markets,” said Larry Levin. “We believe virtual reality is that new way! Everyone will be trading and investing with virtual reality in a few short years.”

Using Oculus Rift’s immersive technology, trading in virtual reality is an entirely different experience from conventional methods. The Oculus Rift headset totally surrounds the user with what they would normally see on a monitor. Software applications, charts, graphs and trading programs are no longer squeezed onto a 2D screen, but blown up in an expansive 3D view.

This completely new way of trading takes virtual reality out of the world of video games and into a whole new industry.

Trading Advantage members will be able to experience virtual reality trading for themselves at Trading Advantage Live Fly-In Events. These three-day, exclusive mentorship events are hosted once a month and include one-on-one coaching with Larry Levin and his team of top mentors.

As well as the unique opportunity to experience trading in virtual reality, the Fly-In Events also include an all expenses paid executive trading excursion, round-trip airfare and luxury accommodations in Chicago’s financial district, CME trading floor experience, a simulated trading competition, and more.

About Trading Advantage

Trading Advantage, founded by Larry Levin in 1994, is a leading trading firm that offers extensive programs in futures, options, stocks, day trading, and commodities. The company boasts a professional and experienced trading team of more than 40 industry leaders committed to providing the best trading techniques, strategies, and training. Trading Advantage has been featured on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Fox Business, BNN, and CME Group. To learn more, visit

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3 Responses

  1.' amanieux says:

    this is a typical useless implementation were VR brings nothing with the additional discomfort of wearing a headset ! he just opened his windows trading app in virtual desktop. why do you publish that ?

    • Because it’s still a first. And, eventually, just as trading moved from phones and faxes to the Internet, it will move to virtual reality.

      Virtual reality allows the ability to have more screens than you can have in real life. On my desk, I have two screens for my computer — I might, at a stretch, fit in a third one. Some trading desks stack them up on top of each other, fitting in four screens at each desk. You can’t make the type too small because then you can’t read it.

      In virtual reality, you can create, basically, a virtual war room setup, with as many screens as you want, like in my virtual OpenSim office below.

      No, it’s not ready for prime time yet. We need better headsets, better interfaces, and faster connections. But those are all coming. We’re basically at year zero of virtual reality right now.

      •' amanieux says:

        for his application, this makes much more sense, VR display technology will not have such cumulated high resolutions any time soon : he just need to put all his monitors in a cylindrical configuration by using multiple small desks around him ( instead of the L shape configuration shown here) so he can just turn 360 on his swivel chair to see information on any monitor.