Alibaba working on VR payments

(Image courtesy Alibaba.)

(Image courtesy Alibaba.)

China’s Alibaba online retail giant told China Daily that it is developing virtual-reality-enabled mobile payment technology, which could allow users to pay bills in a 3-D virtual world by nodding their heads or making other gestures to log in payment accounts. Read the full story here.

The company. which is known as China’s Amazon, has also unveiled its Buy+ virtual shopping platform last weekend in Shanghai. Read the CNBC story here.

And, yesterday, Alibaba followed up with the announcement of a partnership with HTC that will lead to the use of more cloud computing for virtual reality applications. HTC makes the high-end HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

Watch a video preview of the Buy+ platform below (in Chinese):

In May, Alibaba teamed up with P&G China on the “VR Boy Friend” and “VR Girl Friend” apps which feature popular young Chinese actors Yang Yang and Dilireba and virtual shopping for P&G Rejoice products.

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  1.' Joey1058 says:

    Two words in English that stood out clearly in the end of that video: “It’s coming”. Who says the Chinese are behind the times? They know who is watching this stuff.