Avi-Labs hacked, grids down

AviWorlds welcome region. (Snapshot by Maria Korolov.)

AviWorlds welcome region. (Snapshot by Maria Korolov.)

Avi-Labs, the hosting company behind the AviWorlds grid, has been hacked, according to Josh Boam, the company’s technology manager, but grid data should be recoverable.

“Everything is saved,” he said.

Josh Boam

Josh Boam

According to Boam, company founder and owner Alex Pomposelli has been out of touch for the past few days.

“I haven’t heard from Alex in days,” he said. “He’s not paying servers, people are dropping right and left from us.”

Clients could not connect with him either, until earlier today, when Pomposelli finally began responding.

“Alex was hacked, all accounts changed,” said Boam. “I’m working my ass off to recover and save everything now.”

Customers who would like to switch away from Avi-Labs should contact him directly at [email protected], he added. Boam can also run the hosting for personally for grid customers who would like him to do that.

“In the mean time, I’ll backup all the servers and grids I can and let the owners know they can safely switch without loosing anything,” he added.

Pomposelli has a long history of shutting down operations suddenly, without notice, and leaving customers hanging. He’s been able to offer a consistent level of service for the past few months — until now.

As before, this outage was notable for its lack of communication. There have been no updates on the Google Plus AviWorlds page, its Twitter account. The grid’s news and forum pages were all blank.

Boam did, however, post an update on his Facebook feed half an hour ago and on Google Plus.

Pomposelli did not respond to my request for comment.

Customers are furious.

“We have region servers down and more to come,” a spokesperson for the Baller Nation grid told Hypergrid Business. “Baller Nation is closing down not to any fault of our own. We trusted Avi-Labs and they have ruined our grid as well as our reputations. We put our faith into Avi-Labs as well as Alex Pomposelli and even defended him in your forum and unfortunately people were correct about him and his reputation of not being a good business person. We have no idea what the future of Baller Nation is at the moment, we are still trying to absorb all of what is happening, as well as refunding our sim owners.”

Virtual Lisbon on Loff Virtual Worlds. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

Virtual Lisbon on Loff Virtual Worlds. (Image courtesy Carlos Loff.)

In addition to Baller Nation and AviWorlds, Avi-Labs also provides grid hosting for the Sinful GridLoff Virtual Worlds, the DreamWorldz Grid, and The Genesis Grid.

Grids and grid hosting companies do sometimes have expected outages, and sometimes there is nothing that the owners can do. But what the owners should definitely be doing is communicating with their customers, letting them know what is going on, and offering a prognosis as soon as one is available.

Up-to-date backups are also critical, and it remains to be seen whether all the data on Avi-Labs servers can be restored.

In this particular case, there was no news at all until a customer contacted me, and I tried to reach Pomposelli and Boam — though Boam, at least, responded promptly and immediately began communicating appropriately through various channels.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

96 Responses

  1. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    We have regain control of our main server it appears that it was used to hack other servers. At this point we are taking the log files and are going to contact the effected hosts. As well as forward the logs to the Cyber Crime Division as this is a rather large hack I still have not heard a word from Alex “Alex is starting a new job and is out driving a transport truck” so this may be why hes unreachable But I have never had a call missed from Alex and now not 2 days I have any contact… I Am also concerned for our customers they do not deserve this … I am doing the best I can to fix things along side Quill .. Quill has some amazing skills and were working non stop to get all this sorted.. Please accept my apologies on behalf of All things Avi-Labs this is not normal and we will make sure we do everything to make it right. JOSH BOAM

  2. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Backups Off all our grids we host has already been completed and no data has been lost. So rest assured that your content and progress is safe! were just patching up the holes now and trying to get the bugs out.. we will be changing all our passwords and imposing a more higher lvl of security on all servers in the few hours to come… This is a big job as we have over 20 servers to work on and very limited staff.. With today’s Cyber criminals its hard to not be a target and only the best security software and settings can only go so far .. we understand this is frustrating for everyone involved … I can assure you i have been pulling my hair out over this.. I hope that Alex will emerge and post something someplace… I would love to know whats going on I mean this is important ”He damn well have a good excuse to as why hes not replying to us his helper and customers!” Josh Boam

  3. qlittlefeather@gmail.com' Quill Littlefeather says:

    The attack is severe however no data has been lost, The hacker(s) were unable to remove there log files or there tools. There currently is over 160000 target ip address and 3 have been successful. I will be alerting the company’s affected to this. From what i can tell the intruders gained access thru a windows service exploit. The grid and some hosted grids will be down untill this is resolved. I would give an estimate to this however due to the extensiveness of the breach this could be not less than 6 hrs. As our webserver was also effected Please look for updates here on Hypergrid Business in the comments section. We are working hard on this. The list of effected ip addresses will also be given to the Cyber Crimes Division as per law.

  4. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Alex contacted me via email staying that hes on the road and can only talk when at places with wifi

    “Alex” (I am in a bad area no transition and I cant be on the phone. Av10 is online but was hacked My Facebook was Hacked and my back card is also not working. I cannot pay av13 and today two more servers are due. And more will be due. I have my hands tied up.?

  5. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    I am going to be backing up everything off of all servers in the next 5 or so hours making sure that if any server does go down we will be able to put it back Up when we figure out whats going on with the financials ” We have had a large member of our community fall sick and is in the hospital we have been covering the costs of his lands that cover over 4 severs in total. as he has been a long time resident and very great asset to the grid.. we have been taking this money out of our own pockets to pay the server fees until he returns This could be part in why Alex is not able to keep up.. I Know for a fact that soon as Alex gets on his feet again with this new job AviWorlds and Avi-Labs will have its largest investor yet! ALEX .. we all go though crap in our lives and this is one of them times where being nice can end up hurting you in the long run… We love all our customers and friends we have met,, We Will make all this right again!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. iidripdiamonds@gmail.com' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

    so were you hacked ? or you just did not pay? because i just refunded all of my customers because baller nation will not be labled as thiefs thats not what we stand for so what is it alex?

  7. kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

    So which is it? was the site hacked or Alex didnt pay? it seems to me it wasn’t paid that’s what I’m reading ? Kash Kouture Baller Nation co Owner

  8. dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

    Avi Labs did host Genesis Grid (on AV13) but genesis is now owned and operated by Genesis Tech

    However 4 days ago we went offline, and had zero contact via skype or avilabs website (which is no longer active) and lost ALL CONTENT, however we have investigated things and this that its a hack??? im sorry but the people that avi labs had servers with have stated and i quote from thier own customer service desk “they are owed money” so this means that the servers have not been paid, so ive no idea where this hack has come from this is new information.

    We are working hard as we now have our OWN servers as it was GENESIS tech team wo kept developments on the avi labs (search google for avi labs youll see it says Avi labs – Genesis)

    Avi labs is destroyed if not it will be very soon, but our tech guys are working hard to repair this almighty screw up and simple greed of avi labs as well as working with other grid owners that avi labs hosted to get them moved to Genesis Tech Hosting.

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      We let you guys into our servers and from day one things started changing. Now I’m not pointing any fingers but what confuses me is. How that you guys decided prior to all this to start your own hosting company. But now. All of a sudden all our servers. Are hacked and. Your saying your attempting to contact the grids we host in hopes they will merge ? This is the part I find fishy

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      Our structure is very well setup and we only have had this one major issue in the years we have been doing business I would like to think our customers can see that this is rough times and hang In with us. We would dearly hate to see anyone leave

      • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

        hate to see anyone leave, lets see, your biggest client is leaving, your 2nd biggest client has gone (us), your 3rd biggest client is on the verge of leaving, and your main developers and fix it people have also gone, all in the space of less than 24 hours.

  9. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    This is josh not Alex and some servers are not paid. But we did get hacked. It’s been a tough time for all of us including you guys but rest assured we have your stuff safe I’m just waiting on ALEX TO pay the servers or I may end up having too but the grid lives on we really would hate to loose you

  10. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Alex is truly a good man it’s not like him to be so absent. We shouldn’t assume he’s ignoring rather that he’s in a position where he can’t

  11. b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

    After reading this article and then looking at the comments it leaves a lot of questions in my head. I thank god I am not a customer of this place it all sounds very unprofessional & unacceptable. Something seems fishy. Hope whoever is hurt by this can get things sorted.

    • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

      cant get things sorted we lost everything 4 days ago and zero responce from either alex or josh, quill was supposed to be in india according to alex and no longer worked at avi labs, well now Genesis Tech has been born and weve already got 2 of Avi Labs customers and will treat them much better than avi labs ever did

      • b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

        Just curious how much do you charge for regions I may be interested if they are HyperGrid enabled. I know this may be off topic.

        • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

          per region on which grid? or your own grid?

          • b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

            Sorry I may of been confused thought you were offering regions on Opensim or Metro

          • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

            we will be over the next few days were going to figure all that out as today due to the constant falures of avi labs were going to be offering better support but prices weve yet to figure out 🙂

          • b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

            Thanks ill check back do you guys have a website?

          • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

            yea but josh (skylifegrid) is having a nervious breakdown and accusing us of poaching so ill private message it you 😛

          • noemail@email.com' virtualgrowth says:


          • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

            i just changed it up a bit as it still advertised our assosiation with yea well you know who, so ive now taken that off, and ty virtual for posting the site 🙂

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

            Please don’t use our article comment section to advertise your new business This is AviWorlds/ Avi-Labs Related. If you are stealing our customers away on our comment fourm of our hardship this furthers my concerns in our attack was deliberate and resonates closer to home than I know or wish to know.

          • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

            please do not start accusing us of doing anything, we are the ones that were the developers for avi labs, so DO NOT accuse us of doing things, you bought this on yourself. its funny how aviworlds and avibrasil the 2 avi labs babies were not touched yet everyone elses grid was and your claim of being hacked does not match up to the company that you got the servers from.

          • lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

            Hi skylifegrid… the comments by Genesis Grid are allowed. Presenting people with relevant options is not spam, and only spam is not permitted. Insinuations or accusations that one company or another, or that any individual or another, are behind hacking attempts are not permitted. And Genesis Grid, this goes both ways… do not throw back accusations or insinuations. Everyone can comment and add concerns and options, but outright accusations will be removed. If you feel a comment amounts to an accusation you can flag that comment and I will review it – this is a mechanism provided in the event I miss a comment during my review of comments. However, flagging a comment does not guarantee its removal, only further review.

          • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

            kk understood and ive flagged skylifes last post as i feel its defamatory and a accusation.

  12. kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

    In this day of modern technology I find this all unacceptable !!! hell even children have cell phones

  13. iidripdiamonds@gmail.com' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

    A good man would not let his partner take the fall josh he would speak up to us and let us know whats going on. he has not answered us we never defaulted payments its been almost a year and he has taken a lot of money from us at least speak to us and tell us whats going on we could have helped but he is leaving you to speak for him thats not right. we have worked very hard on our grid to just be shut down its not right. he let me and my partner down and all of our residents at baller

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Ok if I could use mind communication I would have. I am over the road with no cell phone.And all my social media had been hacked and financial information. I cannot do miracles and I dont have mind telecommunication powers. All this apparently happened in the last 4 or 5 days. I did not let JOSH down I simply was not available and I did not know all this was happening until two days ago when I went to try to pay for my cell phone and couldnt.
      Look I do understand the frustration I would too. All I can say guys and ladies is that I am in a bit of difficult situation now and I am trying to resolve it. I got on here as soon as I could and I am on here explaining myself and SORRY.

  14. iidripdiamonds@gmail.com' iidripdiamonds diamond says:


    • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

      Loff Virtual Worlds was never down

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Lets think here. AviWorlds is using another server. Every grid has its own network of servers. AviWorlds is not down because it was not attacked YET…
      And you should know this because AviLabs gave Baller Nation FULL server access. 4 servers in total which you and Karen have access. So you know Baller Nation is not in the same servers as AviWorlds.

  15. dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

    Just my 2 cents here ITS FUNNY HOW AVIWORLDZ AND AVIBRAZIL have NOT been touched, real funny how his 2 grids are still up yet all others are screwed over

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Your two cents is worthless. and the answer is simple. Your server was hacked along with others. We do not keep all regions in one single server. So some regions may be down and some are ok. One server may be hacked and others are not. Simple.Anyway I now see your true intentions 🙂

    • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

      Loff Virtual Worlds is not down and it never was, Im not taking sides, just clarifying that

  16. kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

    yes we are angry and nothing you can say at the moment will pacify us. This was bad business dealings simple as that !

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Well. It is so easy to just crucify people that has helped you so many times. Something bad happened and we are trying to resolve as usual.I think that we should stop and think a little bit more before we start beating people up.

      • kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

        this was not once incident its many that we paid for in many ways, also you can respond here but we have been trying to contact you for 48 hours? really???? I’m done

  17. lmpierce@alcancemas.com' lmpierce says:

    A note to all commenting… This problem is not resolved and is in flux. Questions and frustration and anger abound and that makes sense. Let the questions and concerns fly! However, any outright accusations of fraud will be removed at this time.

  18. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    I have been working for him the Past 3 months for no pay because I believe in Aviworlds and in Alex. This is not like him. And I am really saddened that all this is going on at the same time. There is something larger brewing I think something of a battle for hosting. In the time to come we will know more. But it appears we could be getting attached when we’re already on our low

  19. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    And Aviworlds is down as well its been the server that
    Our main robust and assets run has been hacked. We are now restoring it and gathering logs

  20. iidripdiamonds@gmail.com' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

    it is fine I wont comment any longer on the matter thanks josh

  21. candistyle127@gmail.com' Candi Collins says:

    Ok so if backups were done, where are Genesis’ assets? I keep seeing no data lost but that is absolutely NOT true.

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      Genesis Has control of his own servers

      • candistyle127@gmail.com' Candi Collins says:

        it does now, under AviLabs it didn’t……..so where are our assets?

        • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

          you guys have had direct access to your servers that we gave you free of charge in return for some help with things.. Your assets are stored in your servers database.. I have no login credentials for any of your servers we gave you This is what you need to talk to Dragon as he has access to the server and files

          • candistyle127@gmail.com' Candi Collins says:

            which we no longer have access to since the bill was not paid for our server, so………again, if back ups were done by AviLabs as it should have done, as you are saying have been done, why were we not given them? an agreement was made, the work had been ongoing for AviLabs up to the literal MINUTE our server was shut down, we had no idea this was coming so there was no reason for us to grab them from the server.

          • qlittlefeather@gmail.com' Quill Littlefeather says:

            Im sorry I cant stand by as you enflame the situation to suite your goals. First off i have the invoice for your servers and it is paid and has been. secondly the attack has originated from your server (from a login not a outside hack) and has been verified from our data center. you will get your files however you will not have access to that server.

            As for the server being disconnected that was done by the data center when an attack on the network was detected. I was sleeping nicely when i received the phone call and im tired and im mad.

          • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

            Candi stop saying the server was down because of non payment. It was paid. The attack originated from inside your server AV10. The one we had no access to it. AviLabs has no access to your servers. The back ups were completely under your supervision and control. As per Dragon and Alec Genesis. We did not interfere in that area. The server was shut down due to the huge hacking attacks of which is still going on. It is always a good idea to do back ups and I would imagine that GENESIS had the smarts to have done so. AviLabs backed up everything on all the servers that were under our responsibility. Maybe this is something Genesis Hosting should look into because the customers you are trying to take from AviLabs should be alerted that you do not do your back ups and AviLabs customers all have their back ups done.
            The reason I was not around is because I was away and I had no way of being here or knowing all this was occurring.
            Anyway just stop saying the server was down due to non payment because it was and that was not the problem. And all this problem originated from av10 server the one under your control. Not AviLabs. Remember that.

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      The server was under GENESIS control. We were told not to go into the server. It was 100 percent under Genesis Grid control. It is not true that the server is not online. It has been hacked.
      Yes all other avilabs servers were backed up. But Genesis’s was not our responsibility.

      • candistyle127@gmail.com' Candi Collins says:

        “According to Boam, company founder and owner Alex Pomposelli has been out of touch for the past few days.

        Clients could not connect with him either, until earlier today, when Pomposelli finally began responding.“I haven’t heard from Alex in days,” he said. “He’s not paying servers, people are dropping right and left from us.””
        If it was an Avilabs server, it most certainly was your responsibility to let us know that YOU had been hacked and the servers were about to be shut down due to YOUR cards being cancelled. You did not, to any of the grid owners concerned. Had you informed us we all would have made arrangements to backup and store our data so OUR clients would not be hurt.

  22. crimson_fury18@yahoo.com' Anonymous person says:

    It is to my understanding that avilabs, via Josh Boam is asking for additional money to retrieve grid data.

    I did some contract work for avilabs and was appalled to find that no security measures had been taken to protect the grid servers. Firewalls were off and web directories were messy and full of potentially vulnerable code. It’s really no wonder this was the end result.

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      We are not requiring any money at all to retrieve any content This is our duty ! soo who ever your getting your facts from your wrong your wrong about many things . You do not know us and we sure dont know you why stay anonymous ? its all bull

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Wow…anonymous….can you show your name please…I could also say here I saw Elvis and he told me where he was living all these years.

    • I saw the backend of aviworlds once with Josh at a local Tim Horton. It’s not messy and Josh does know what he is doing. You sure it wasn’t another grid you saw

  23. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    Hello everyone sorry I have been unavailable and I only have a few minutes. I am currently over the road and it has beenbec hard for me since all my social media has been hacked and also my financial information. I am trying to resolve all of this as fast as I can. I do apologize for all the problems caused by this situation.
    I will try to be more available as I have more chances to be.

    One thing I would like to point out.
    GENESIS server has been paid and was never turned off. The problem was that the server was hacked as I have shown below. AV10 server and others.
    AV13 server is down due to nonpayment since I have not been able to pay anything due to all my cards being cancelled because of the hack I suffered.
    There will be more servers shut down due to non payment because I am not able to conduct any payments online now.

    Carlos Loff Grid has been online with no problems.
    AviWorlds and AviBrasil also online.
    Baller Nation also online.
    All these grids have been online but maybe Josh and Quill may be working on the backing and saving all the data or retrieving all the data since we did back up.

    Genesis Grid had their own servers. We were told by Dragon Genesis not to log into their servers. They had full control of
    them and plus they were FREE of charge in place for their developmental help.


    • b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

      Was customer data effected in this breach?

    • kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

      and Baller nation was paid as well so why was one of our servers shut down???????

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      Grid owners paid for the Av13 server and i am in the progress of backing up the data for them atm

    • kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

      this server has been down for days we noticed it on wednesday so yes we were affected

    • iidripdiamonds@gmail.com' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

      you have time to post but not talk to your people and we could of helped don’t point fingers customer service first

      • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

        The time I had I came here and showed up in the middle of a lynching so you all could crucify me for something I had not hands on. I am now in an emergency trip back to NY to try to resolve my personal finances and information. But I am also very sad to see people who calls themselves my people and know that I would never have done any of this on purpose and if I could have come here before I did I would have done so.
        It is hard to talk with no cell phone no internet and when you are in a mountain in the middle of the country over the road with none of your bank cards not working. How many times I have to explain this? Anyway I will be without net again soon.I have come in here and explained myself.

    • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

      hmm really funny alex, 4 days to respond, so everything was hacked so how you explain your skype going idle then not idle then idle then not idle and your website changing twice in 3 days and now parked free at godaddy,, including your social media,these excuses are getting really interesting, should i start actually sharing screen shots of our skype conversations cause i log and have them from our very first enconter, Your insinuating that its a internal hack so basicly pointing fingers at the help you had, yes we had our server free for all the developments we were adding to avi labs that was the agreement but that stopped the day you didnt pay for our server (according to your hosts)

      the plot thickens

    • iidripdiamonds@gmail.com' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

      Baller Nation was half on line because you had my customers mixed in av13 server so 25 regions of paying customers were off line so yes Baller Nation is off line because we are on av13 server Josh and Quill are trying to resolve the issue so we will wait and see what josh can do but please be clear half of baller nation is off we are on av13

  24. qlittlefeather@gmail.com' Quill Littlefeather says:

    UPDATE! So far the server has been fixed someone deleted all the admin accounts so had to fix that. We are now rebuilding all the security descriptors. To other servers were turned off as there was a breach in progress, this leads me to believe that this was an internal attack. I can confirm that the data is intact as i had the server auto backup every day to my offsite storage. There were missing files mainly the asset server but has since been recovered and merged with the backup asset server so any new data will still be there along with any data up to the attack.

    Notice to customers!
    For those of you who requested your files we are now working on fulfilling your requests. This may take some time as there is a lot of data and only two of us. We ask that you remain patient as we work thru this.

  25. iidripdiamonds@gmail.com' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

    Baller Nation never defaulted payments we pay faithfully every and have done so for the past 7 months retrack your statement alex I have transactions to prove everything that was paid.As far as helping us yea you helped we also spend as well instead of being negative you should try talking to me in private instead of trying to attack

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      As I have explained before. ALL my social media, ALL my financial information have been HACKED. I am currently OVER the ROAD with almost no means to communicate since I couldnt pay even my CELL because all my cards had to be cancelled and by not being at home right now its been really hard. I am very very worried about all this and I am sure you are also. At this point I cannot do much except for JOSH and QUILL to try to save your data so if you wish you can move it to another hosting company. My social media Facebook has been restored.
      I couldnt go on private with anyone unfortunately..Anyway I must go on I am as I have explained before OVER the ROAD. Please contact JOSH for the moment.

  26. kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

    You know what if we only had half this much communication in person versus trying to save face in a forum. Maybe none of this would have happened !!!!

  27. alec@stargazer-genesis.com' Alec Genesis says:

    As a part of Genesis, I felt that it behooved me to make a statement.

    It saddens me that someone would do such a heinous act on organizations that have literally been looking after their own since their inception.

    While I reserve my personal opinions out of professional courtesy, professionally speaking, I was surprised by how avilabs was operated.

    From the lack of communication with the staff, to the lack of concern for professional image, I felt that there was a lot that could have been done to prevent this event, and to assuage anger and disappointment over the hacked servers.

    With that said, it has reached my attention that fingers were pointed at me and my team as the potential source of these issues. To which I would like to straighten out a few facts.

    As Josh had stated in his first post, “We have regain control of our main server it appears that it was used to hack other servers”

    Now that alone isn’t what I find important. The accusations stated that the ip address which was the source of the attacks was our own main server av10.aviworlds.us.

    av1.aviworlds.us is the main server for aviworlds, and thus must be the source of the original attack, according to Mr. Boam.

    Genesis, in no way had anything to do with this problem, and wouldn’t have had any benefit from carrying it out. As it is, we are at a disadvantage of not having our data.

    We have decided to part ways and venture into hosting our own grid. We wish avilabs the best and hope they recover and learn from whatever caused the issue.

    • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

      Putting on record

      Its real funny how these accusations have started against Genesis, they know now were opening up in DIRECT competition against them after their countless failures, and now these accusations have started that Genesis are the ones responsible for the so called attack, this is a outright LIE, we had nothing to do with the attack, the simple truth is they didnt pay for the servers from their host and they were switched off.

      All these accusations started as soon as they found out we were going to open in direct competition with them and have already been contacted by 3 of the grids avi labs hosted (and a 4th making enquirers as to what they need to move) as we were the main developers for avi labs (also worth a note it was all fueled when alex asked Genesis Tech guys alec and titan to move over to avilabs and become their programmers, they both refused)

      Now alex is claiming that we have hacked his bank and thats the reason he can not pay … come on seriously, were good but were not that good. dont banks have a number of security checks, and how the hell can we get his financial information from a server, i mean seriously, weve also been accused of hacking his paypal, now i know for a fact paypal have some serious defenses in place, for example, log in from a different computer (IP) then paypal asks you for a security code before you are allowed to even log in, so how in the hell did we manage to hack his paypal. oh wait i know we hacked his paypal and cloned his phone at the same time so we got the security code … come on seriously thats the best you can do.

      My lawyer has already been in contact with their host (after josh boam sent me some logs which incidentally look fake) via skype and has requested legally the logs of our server (josh said avilabs will gladly supply them but the ones he sent look fake and have 2 spelling mistakes not something you would expect from a very large server company) and we will be considering legal options as soon as we get those.

      Josh has claimed numorious times that all the data was safe and still active, however Genesis is not getting its assets back according to Josh now i wonder why this is, could it really be the bottom line is could the real reason be that they have actually lost the server for not paying it and just making up a shed ton of lies in a attempt to cover themselves and also attempt to make Genesis look bad at the same time. thats actually what i think happened, but people will make up their own mind, Alex has a huge history of doing this exact thing and pointing fingers at others (hosting, servers, staff just take a look on here with past posts the amount of times avilabs has shut down because they lost the servers).

      Avilabs may have think they have won the fight, but Genesis is coming, and things you charged extra for (search and classified, LLemail, Currency, Map tiles to name just a few) will be given as standard on all Genesis hosted realms.

      People will make their own minds up, you have a long history of doing this and shafting your clients, this time you shafted the wrong one cause we not only know how to host grids, we are capable of following though with our customer support,

      You have a lot of very unhappy clients, all the ones that live on grids you host also all the ones that pay you a monthly subscription for grids, you have also burned a lot of bridges but this is all Genesis fault right lmao

  28. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    Loff Virtual Worlds was never down and all the elements of my grid were working properly – I still agree on the part that communication is essencial and all the channels to Alex got closed so I had a bit of a panic but my grid was never down or affected in any way – I even expanded very recently from 16 VARs of 4X4 each to 20 of those VARs, geting ready for the new upcoming great project – Space Life

  29. Frank Corsi says:

    This is all very unfortunate, and wish only the best to Alex and Josh as I am sure they are doing everything they can to recover.

  30. Without discussing the possibilities of why this latest outage occurred, how anyone has any faith in this operation is utterly beyond my comprehension.

    How many incidents is this now? I lost count years ago. No other grids or service providers I know of go down as consistently and inevitably as Avi Worlds/Labs.

    I make no judgments on anyone’s character or intentions. But looking purely at the track record alone, how are grid owners putting their business and the well being of their users in the hands of this company? It has been proven, over and over again to be unreliable and uncommunicative when it matters.

    • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

      here here i would tend to agree also all the times he has shut down in the past and hes pointed fingers at others ( hosting let him down, server was not good enough, internal attack, staff sabotaged him ect ect) they are all here in Hypergridbusiness all his excuses in the past. (not one has he taken any responsibility for his failures)

      Low and behold surprise surprise hes pointing the finger yet again at us (Genesis the ones who were his developers and fix it people since josh and i quote from skypse messages CBA with opensim anymore and quill had suddenly moved to india, funny how they both came back the same day this so called attack took place.

      • Like I said I dont wish to comment on the intentions of anyone involved. I am just looking at the facts. This seems to happen to this business time and time again and its never handled in a way I consider professional or courteous.

  31. kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

    So to be Completely in full understanding of what you (Avilabs) are promising. In representation of Baller Nation and also as Co Owner you are stating we will be given at no cost to us a complete copy of our files, assets etc. Am I correct?

  32. kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

    So to be Completely in full understanding of what you (Avilabs) are promising. In representation of Baller Nation and also as Co Owner you are stating we will be given at no cost to us a complete copy of our files, assets etc. Am I correct?

  33. sinfulgrid@gmail.com' Destiny Moore says:

    I would like to say as one of the owners of Sinful Grid we are up and running and have had no downtime. We are hosted by Avi-Labs and we can say from day one of our setup with Avi-Labs we have had no problems with the staff of Avi-Labs most of our dealings have been through Josh, who has been nothing but professional and excellent to work with. The dealings we have had with Alex himself has also been professional and easy to work with. The company went out of their way to work with us and help us with all of our glitches from the initial setup and it has been enjoyable to work with them. We are not trying to be involved with all the he said she said, we are just voicing our opinion of the company, staff and the overall experience so far.

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      Thank you for your kind and honest review. Your grid is running well with plenty of room to expand. I’m glad we are able to have you with us

  34. logan_hunter@live.com' Logan Hunter says:

    Talk to who are extorting money to put power doing what is hired and being duly paid is easy. Criticize all know see the problems and encourage that to me is no elbow pain, jealousy, etc. I have 65 Islands and paid Alex Ferrari and I have nothing to complain about, problems happen mostly when other grid Brazilians envy of not having AviWorlds and AviBrasil has the only way out is to attack and talk bad of Avi-Labs, which can’t get over is that the Americans criticize instead encourage. It is sad to see that.

  35. logan_hunter@live.com' Logan Hunter says:

    I believe the only impartial in this case is Mrs. Maria Korolov.

  36. alec@stargazer-genesis.com' Alec Genesis says:

    I’m sorry to hear that things are still going on. Hopefully they figure out what is causing the problem.

  37. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    Genesis Hosting sabotaged AviWorlds and AviBrasil’s classifieds and search. They entered our servers and intentionally sabotaged what we had agreed before.
    The fact that their server AV10 was HACKED does not mean I went back on my word. It is not AviLabs fault their server got hacked and that they werent prepared for it.
    I was away on an OVER the ROAD trip and to simply say that we did all this purposely is not nice and not right.

  38. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    All servers have been secured and we are happy to say business is going well. What a shame it was to go through all this. Glad that that part is over

  39. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Quill and I have been working our asses off to get everything sorted I want to thank you quill for your hard work

  40. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Alex is away still on the road becoming a trucker when finished his training things will change we will start investing more into the company

  41. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Big shout out to our customers that hung in through this tough time We thank you !!!!

  42. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    when trying to ping the master login server IP it responds NOTHING this means ALEX has turned of the master server for AviWorlds now Im not sure why he would do that But as it stands No data can be recovered without this turned on! Alex turn back on the server and Allow us to recover the users data!!! They have spent almost 1 year and then some developing stuff and you have no right to take that away from them!!!

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      All the other servers we have or we Had ping and return results only the master server is OFFLINE Alex has turned this server off and hes stopping anything from being saved .. People of AviWorlds I feel very sorry for you that this is happening… Alex Return the Server to online and do the right thing!