Avi-Labs offers free regions, cuts grid hosting

AviWorlds welcome region. (Snapshot by Maria Korolov.)

AviWorlds welcome region. (Snapshot by Maria Korolov.)

Avi-Labs is offering free regions on the AviWorlds and AviBrasil grids, but will no longer be accepting new grid hosting companies,

Alexsandro Pomposelli

Alexsandro Pomposelli

Nearly 200 free regions have already been given out, company owner Alexsandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business — 65 on AviWorlds and 117 on AviBrasil — and the infrastructure for the promotion is already in place.

Those interested in the free regions should contact resident with the avatar name “Logan Hunter” on either of the two grids, he said.

Pomposelli did not say whether there is a cap on the number of free regions that will be available.

Existing paying region owners are being switched over to the free hosting.

“I have cancelled all subscriptions that were related to regular 15,000-prim private regions,” he said. Owners of variable-sized regions will continue to be charged for their rentals for the time being.

Each free region will hold up to 15,000 prims and up to as many as 100 simultaneous visitors.

The free regions are a result of corporate sponsorships, he said.

“We are getting a soft drink maker and a beer company and a bank company,” he said. However, he declined to disclose their names.

“Not mentioning that yet until their ads go up in-world,” he said.

He said that the free regions are expected to increase the number of users of the grid, which will help attract a new source of revenue independent of hosting fees.

“The more people in-world, the more valuable is our ad space,” he said.

(Image courtesy Avi Brasil.)

(Image courtesy Avi Brasil.)

AviWorlds is currently reporting 2,678 active users, and AviBrasil, which only launched a month ago, is reporting 128.

Pomposelli said that he is considering extending the free offer to larger region sizes.

“As we go deeper into this sponsorship business model we may even offer variable-sized regions for free, but sponsor advertisements would have to placed on these regions,” he said.

Traditional advertising typically does not work well in virtual worlds because the cost of supporting new users is significantly higher than advertising revenues. Web sites, on the other hand, require significantly less bandwidth and computing capacity.

In addition, CTO Josh Boam has expressed concerns about being able to support the new regions.

“What you offer is too much for our small team to deal with,” he said in a comment two days ago, adding that he is considering leaving.

As of last night, however, he had not yet made a decision due to problems communicating with Pomposelli.

“I really have no idea as I’m still not able to have an official conversation with him in a while,” he told Hypergrid Business.

No more new grid customers?

In addition to AviWorlds and AviBrasil, Avi-Labs is also currently hosting the Sinful Grid and Loff Virtual Worlds.

Avi-Labs will continue to run those four grids, but will not accept new customers, said Pomposelli.

“I have made a decision to not host any more grids except for the ones we already have,” he said. “We will concentrate on AviWorlds and AviBrasil, and we will maintain hosting services for the Sinful Grid and Loff Virtual Worlds.”

He added that AviWorlds and AviBrasil, currently two separate grids, will become a little bit more integrated in the future.

“I am going to rebuild the website which will be a synergy between AviWorlds and AviBrasil,” he said.

Buyer beware

AviWorlds has seen a large number of technical problems and other issues. In particular, Pomposelli has walked away from the grid several times, shutting it down without notice, leaving residents in the lurch. The grid is now in its eighth incarnation.

As a result, I recommend that if people do decide to become customers, that they not invest more money than they can afford to lose, that they make sure to get plenty of backups of all their builds and other content, and that they have a backup plan in place in case there is another outage, or if the grid closes again.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

82 Responses

  1. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

    Im not moving the grid to other hosts, this is just a confusion, Im just moving some projects to Digiworldz but not as a grid and My Grid hosted by Avilabs will go on and even provide affordable high performance lands starting tomorrow

  2. b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

    Oh dear, I guess I will have to stop watching Soap Operas on Televsion and focus more here because this is the best Soap Opera ever. I’m sorry but after reading everything comment wise and posted wise this is just funnier and funnier. How is someone able to act like this. Thanks for the laugh I really needed this.

  3. kashthetoylady@gmail.com' Karen Lee says:

    Heyyy Suz lmaoooooooooo you made my day lol
    Kash Kouture

  4. dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

    Im sorry but i find this story a little to convient with everything thats been going on this past month with avi labs, avi brasil, avi worlds, so now a unregistered company has 3 sponsership deals going on from a soft drink company (whats the betteing its coca cola or pepsi who would be more inclined to sponser secondlife if any grid) a beer company (could be any) and a bank (with the world finances the way they are that one i find the most hard to belive banks are struggling especially with the UK leaving the EU)

    alex has time to finalize these so called sponswership deals yet no time for anything else thats been going on in the past month, this is truly im sorry but it just sounds like a old wives tale.

    however i do wish them the best.

  5. trrlynn73@gmail.com' Minethereé says:

    I vote for http://www.shiner.com/ beer…from deep in the heart of Texas!! Good luck as always Alex.

  6. Yo jp. Contact me in sl home and let’s chat at grays and Barton again

  7. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    AviWorlds has been online for almost 2 years now.
    A lot of other grids have shut down and returned for example OSGRID and others. It is very unfair to only seeit as a problem the steps I had to take in order to be able to have a final product.
    As many things in real life take time to adjust and perfect it. At the same time Maria fails to say that with all that I never gave up and I am here been judged and made fun of.
    AviBrasil has over 360 new users now not 128. That is incorrect data placed here and I did give MARIA the stats TWICE. Also the image placed here does not merit what I have told Maria. I sent an image that shows how many people are in AviBrasil grid. She choose not to place it. But here it is.
    Anyway…God Speed everyone.

  8. Alex — Sorry, I grabbed the AviBrasil stats off your stats page: http://login.avibrasil.us/webpan/
    You might want to get that fixed.

  9. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    Yes that is incorrect.

    Here is the correct stats

    Grid Status
    The grid is Online
    User Status Count
    This grid has 12 users online.
    There are 0 HG Visitors.
    There are 376 registered users.
    There are 93 active past 24 hours.
    There are 239 active past 30 days.
    There are 130 active HG Visits past 30 days.
    Most users on was 37 on Aug 12 2016 6:52pm PDT.
    Region Status Count
    There are 99 regions.
    There are 114 legacy regions.
    Legacy Regions numbers are counted as if ALL regions including var’s were just single 256 by 256 meter regions.
    There are 98 256 regions.
    There are 1 varregions.
    Total of 7,471,104 square meters of land.

  10. tanglegrid@gmail.com' TanGLe Grid says:

    Free regions is a nice offer but how long can that go on. There has to be a top to it. And when there is be careful you don’t wake-up on morning and you have to pay for it. What sucks is that cause a grid does that Yo-Yo thing it makes all of us look bad. People from Second Life go back cause at least they know it will be there tomorrow. As someone that has bought a region on another grid I always look at how long that grid has been around. It tells me they are serious about that grid and will keep working hard to give great service.

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Tangle it is a matter of can or cannot. Google does not charge you for anything and you can use their service and even get 15 gigs free for storage spage.
      It is a different business module that survives on high traffic areas.

      • hanheld@yahoo.com' Han Held says:

        google makes money off of advertising and giving enterprise support (Universities, corporations, etc). That is where they make a lot of their money.

        Where are the areas you’re going to be making money? Enterprise support? To what enterprise?

  11. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    I have to make an announcement here.
    Effective immediately Josh Boam and Quill Littlefeather no longer work for AviLabs. I cannot trust them and as a result of this decision they have retaliated against me by taking control of AviWorlds main robust server and shutting the grid down.
    It is sad. I thought I could trust them.
    So I am here publicly demanding that if AviWorlds is not back online immediately and the server control is turned back to me I will launch a criminal investigation regarding this matter. This will get ugly in CANADA and in the USA.

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      Your server is just fine and were copying the Linux box to secure it for you. Why do you jump the gun ? And if this is true. Maybe it’s good that I’m not around but I would like the mo eye you owe me. The grid is go a be back online soon as the image is finished here you go again jumping the gun and thinking the worst

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      I left a message on your Answering machine. there is no excuse as to why you have been ignoring us … Changing passwords and not letting us know whats going on .. Your the CEO and we have been working with you for the past few years What makes you think this lack of communication is ok ? A business will never get anyplace without effective communication and your extremely lacking in this department . DA Admiral had Victoria trying to get ahold of you about the regions and said to me if we dont hear from you alex that they would look for alternate hosting I have been trying to save face for you for weeks!! You Cannot toss us under the buss like this after all we have done .. You yourself said your a good man and that you were a good friend. what is going on ?

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      I also want to point out that I have been calling you every day multiple times and you are never picking up You always use to answer my calls Ever single time… Are you avoiding us ? or is it because you haven’t paid me in 3 months, and i have played catch up with your server bills as you have been gone. Is it that your avoiding me because of non payment ? because if thatch true dude i could care less. But you need to stop ignoring us because your killing your own business!!!!!

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      OR is it you found new talent and are not needing us anymore and are tossing us to the curb ? because if that’s the case It would show true face and all the times you said were the best team and your Love you like a son was all bull crap ? But i do not believe that Alex would do this to us ?

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      (( I cannot trust them and as a result of this decision they have retaliated against me by taking control of AviWorlds main robust server and shutting the grid down.)) We had this offline all night since about midnight Soo way way way before you posted this message !!!! you jump the gun man and you really shouldn’t its looking seriously bad on you… who does this to there employees that have been working for them for the past 3 months for free and been spending countless hours securing everything It really does not make sense!

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      and you have the password I sent it to you a wile ago … You need to remove this post its only hurting both of us !!

    • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

      I POST THIS AS AN ASWER SO EVERYONE THAT KNOWS MY GRID KNOWS WITH WHAT IT IS RELATED EXACTY MY DECISION – I like Alex, I Like Josh and to me and to my grid, I do not have any complaint so far, prices vs resource (1 to 10 I give it 15), customer service (1 to 10 I give it 9) but Trustable Company Image and Future assurances (1 to 10 I give it 4 or maximum 5, and that is just because, for now, my grid is still online) – Now I have bad and sad news for all, in this case, more for Avilabs – My projects are no longer trusting in sponsors, at least for now, and they will rely in hosting some Land or charging for some rentals, starting small and scaling up wisely – All I planed is still up in my goals and, sooner or later, IT WILL BLODY HAPPEN – ALL OF IT – Loff Virtual Worlds was ready to host it’s regions to hypergriders, offering a great deal concerning price vs resources – But for all of that to happen, for people to lay down their inventories and develop buildings and communities (communities cant be saved by OARs), I needed one crucial thing – TRUST AND IMAGE from Avilabs – THAT IS LOWER THAN ZERO RIGHT NOW – Personally Im still confident that my grid, being on a separate european server and isolated ecosystem, would not suffer a cut or outage, but that is my feeling now, not tomorrow, what more surprises can I read tomorrow, because there isn’t a single day of rest nowadays with this guys I so much like individually – In Portugal there is an old saying – Friends will be friends, business apart – So Alex and Josh, specially Alex now – I regret that although Im still your friend, I can no longer remain your customer, because I dno’t know what will happen tomorrow even if today looks good – ALL MY LANDS AND WORK – Are safe in my hands and already alive and running 100% at Digiworldz – I was going to start building Lisbon structures and ret all the surplus land – BUT WHO THE HELL WILL RENT FROM A GRID hosted by Avilabs now ??? Im out, you can shut it dow right now Alex – Im not angry at you and Im not angry at josh and – VERY GOD DAMM HONESTLY – Im sad to go, really sad, but after all Im already spending 100$ each month and as we say in here – friends will be friends, business apart !!! I did this in public but I sent this first to Alex by Facebook IM

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

        Extremely sad to hear and I have been emailing back and fourth with Alex he has agreed to remove the above post providing I removed mine first I am not sure what is going on with Alex. But certainly not doing the things he accuses we work very hard to keep all this going I hope Alex is ok

      • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

        hi Carlos. We are wishing you all the best with virtual Lisbon and hope you keep in contact with all of us.
        We are sure you will make this happen my friend

        • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

          Hi, I sent you an private email, explaining how 100% of the work I have done so far is up and running at Digiworldz, including your home and your stuff, just finishing some parcel tuning for you – LET´S ROCK – Business as usual, 0% is lost

  12. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Wtf are his talking about Alex ? And you owe me money so stop ignoring me. We are doing a backup of the server we didn’t lock you out and why have you been avoiding me

  13. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    The grid is fully online ALEX so Stop freaking out and thinking the worst! You must be going though hell to start thinking this crazy stuff!

  14. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    After all this crap you put me and quill though this past few months I don’t even know if i want to help you anymore.. I spent all damn night awake ( another sleepless night) working on saving the main servers files, is this how you thank the people that work so hard for you ? You haven’t responded to our emails our calls its like your avoiding us. And I think we deserve some answers as to what the HELL is going on

  15. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Don’t you see This is exactly what the competition and enemie wants ! You are loosing your mind and they are feeding you junk to be honest i’m not Sure where your getting your ideas from but you need to knock it off

  16. dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

    just a note, if any of the avilabs hosted grids wish to move to another host get you oar files Genesis will look after you without all this hastle our hosting site is still under construction but should be up and running later today, we already host ballernation and another soon to be ex avilabs grid on the way very soon, contact me via our support page where myself or one of my team will answer you.

    • 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

      Wasn’t Genesis involved in all the drama going on over the last few weeks? Not sure that helped you in opensims future.

    • fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:

      Sorry but your image was as damaged as Avilabs Image, regardless of who is right or wrong, who is bad or good, that happened from the moment you came here to wash dirty laundry, as someone said, I wish everyone good luck nonetheless, because OS needs to show how better it is compared with SL

      • dragon.heart1975@yahoo.com' Genesis Grid says:

        That is not a problem, everyone is entitled to their own opinion,judging us because we defended ourselves isnt fair on us, and todays drama episode just goes to show the lengths alex is willing to go as to blaming josh and quill this time for things. Last time it was blaming us. but we shall see who was actually telling the truth in due course, we have ballernation and another on its way very soon, i wish you all the best with digiworldz (as thats who you have said your going with)

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      I quote cinder It’s also in bad taste to advertise your business in an article about someone else’s business. Just some words of advice.

  17. hartofchicago@gmail.com' Johnny Mac says:

    Just an observation, and hopefully this is received in the spirit in which is given. But with business interests in mind, regardless of the news that is posted, if I were in the position of the comanies involved…

    I wouldnt use this platform to “Air dirty laundry” Rather I would think first and post according to the best interests and image of the company I represent.

    What you say can ultimately make or break you, and I have seen nothing but complete disregard for that truth thus far.

  18. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    I have quit effective immediately. I want to let you know Alex is loosing his mind. Not only have I worked for him with no pay this past few months but I have been paying his server fees with nothing in return.he has been nothing but unprofessional this last few weeks and have been ignoring the very people that are helping him. Today he accuses us of taking his access away. It is true we changed the password so we could get things done. He has been known to cancel programs in the midst of a backup or upload. He was given the login credentials the very moment I seen the posting on Hypergrid. He did not even take the time to make contact and ask us what was going on before causing an uproar that cost him his digital Lisbon costumer. And now. We have decided to step down. Alex needs some help and beyond what we can offer I wish him well on this adventure but he’s killing his own dream

  19. qlittlefeather@gmail.com' Quill Littlefeather says:

    It is sad to see this happening. I always loved aviworlds and considered alex a friend but after recent events I will nolonger be helping at aviworlds.

    We are sorry to abandon the people of aviworlds however we do not need to take this, we help (often at our expense) because we believed in aviworlds.

    Please Alex stick to truck driving until you can get unstressed.

  20. sinfulgrid@gmail.com' Destiny Moore says:

    As everyone is well aware, Sinful Grid has been hosted by Avi-Labs from day one, although our customer service and support through Avi-Labs from day one we feel has been top notch. We also have to sit back and look at the business aspect and where our support and customer support was from. We are happy to say 99% of our positive experience with Avi-Labs has been with Josh from day one setup and all the little glitches along the way, Josh has been our go to guy and been able to help us no matter if its been at 10am or 2am. Josh has always been there for Sinful Grid, we can not thank him enough for all that he has done. With this said, effective immediately Sinful Grid is no longer being hosted by Avi-Labs, we thank Avi-Labs for all they have done, but with the unstableness of Avi-Labs and Alex himself we feel it is best that we part ways as of now, because of the changes we are making we may have a few hours of downtime today, but rest assured Sinful Grid will be back and running full force before the end of the day. More information will be released by us as we move forward.

  21. b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

    Well there goes the beer and bank and soft drink partnership… Guess no free beer for any of us 🙁

    • b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

      It says this video no longer exist or you don’t have permission to view it. (sorry for the double post had a problem uploading the pic it is my first time )

    • b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

      Says does not exist.

  22. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Since the drop out of Aviworlds and avilabs. Me and quill will be starting a contracting and consulting business we will have prices for full unmanaged setups and managed ones as well as support requests for anything opensim related. We will have a 25 dollar an hour fee with a 2 hour minimum (most things can be solved or added/fixed in 2 hours ). If your grid needs some help or just need to learn a bit give us an email at [email protected]

    • cinder.roxley@phoenixviewer.com' Cinder Biscuits says:

      And when things go south, have it all aired out in public on hg-biz comments. Yeah, no thanks.

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

        Talent like ours with 8 years In the work with opensim we know quit a bit. I have already done plenty of consulting work and grid setups and not one of my customers is unhappy people have many options but when you go with someone with experience it makes a load of diffirence

        • cinder.roxley@phoenixviewer.com' Cinder Biscuits says:

          Regardless of how much “talent” you have, it’s in bad taste to bad mouth former employers on public message boards if you expect anyone to accept you as a professional. It’s also in bad taste to advertise your business in an article about someone else’s business. Just some words of advice.

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

            Sounds like your current host taking advantage of using all posts as advertisement. Keep your trap shut I’d toy don’t know what to say. You all have been a nightmeer and one I’m glad is over we will thrive with or without people’s thoughts or blames why ? Because we are determined and enjoy what we do

          • cinder.roxley@phoenixviewer.com' Cinder Biscuits says:

            I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I’ll keep my trap however I feel like keeping it. If you don’t want public commentary perhaps Disqus is not for you.

          • 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

            Careful my friend, Cinder has forgotten more than most know about opensims. May want to vent your anger else where. Just my 2 cents. I think all the drama is over now lets get back to something constructive. 🙂

          • b54563@mvrht.com' Thelma Marks says:

            You sure do speak rudely to someone who has unselfishly contributed so much to the opensim community. Cinder is a really amazing person I am new to the community but from what I have seen Cinder has done quite a bit. You really should think twice about who you talk to in such unprofessional and un-constructive manners.

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

            Did you give Genesis the same Lecture ? if you read up hes doing the Exact same thing !! soo please get in his box and give him an ear full!

          • cinder.roxley@phoenixviewer.com' Cinder Biscuits says:

            Unfortunately for you, Josh, I do what I feel like doing and that is not your bidding. 🙂

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

            So you condone their advertisements but take offence to mine ?

          • cinder.roxley@phoenixviewer.com' Cinder Biscuits says:

            Is that what you’re doing?

          • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

            PAlex I thought was a good man until he allowed all this to happen and have me stuck in the middle of it all I wish everyone knew the full story. I hate blogs nothing but drama comes from here

          • cinder.roxley@phoenixviewer.com' Cinder Biscuits says:

            I brushed my teeth then I ate a Cadbury Fruit and Nut bar because that’s how I do night time.

  23. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    I want to thank Destiny Moore of sinful grid and Tony for giving me this opertunity to show them what a real host can do glad to have you aboard !!!!!

  24. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Alex has lost a lot today. And the largest loss is our friendship. And for what ? So much for the 1400 + regions I manually setup for him over the years. And countless hours he will find out real fast how much work is involved I’m sick and tired of people that don’t know squat coming here speaking things they have no idea about. Stop stirring up drama !,,, Alex made his bed and now he has to lay in it

  25. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    Also Baller if it was not for me you guys would not have gotten your files so you should so me so,e respect. After all I have been on your side and did provide you with everything Do not confuse me with Alex my many years of hospitality shoes Alex does not do well with the customer this is why I am pulling out before it’s too late. I can keep what dignity I have left and do my own thing I gave Alex a shot I came to him when he was down and out and offered him a way to come back. He’s now decided to toss it all away and for what ? We can’t even begin to understand his motives they change daily. So I am glad to be at rest from this musical chair company

  26. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    Ok I finally got on here. I agree with Cinders despite what has happened there is no need or place for badmouthing anyone. GET PROFESSIONAL people.
    So Alex has made a few mistakes and is “paying” for them now.
    That’s what happens it does not mean a witch hunt needs to be put into effect.
    My Advise is keep with what you doing and focus on the future & please don’t badmouth anyone it is the best way to drive prospective clientele away.
    He is to the future of all open sim grids

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      Da Admiral. I give Aviworlds a week before it comes crashing down Alex has no idea how to maintain the grid. You guys are in a very sticky situation right now. I have all backups if you guys do loose everything Alex is not himself Admiral

      • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

        I already have secured one grid. And if you want you could become your own grid. Not Aviworlds that is now tainted beyond repair not to mention he’s a floating boat in the ocean with no bilge pumps to save him. I would jump ship before all the hard work you have done us for nothing

    • skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

      Anywho there is 2 sides to every story. This is where my story ends. I wish you well with whatever you decide. But know this I am here for you guys if you need. Like I have been since day 1

  27. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    oops typo
    “He is to the future of all open sim grids” should be “here is to the future of open sim grids”

  28. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    After reading and re reading this article it’s more looking like Alex was approached with some $$$$ and is now pulling a Facebook move by shutting out the ones that built him his little empire .. He said. We’re partners on this many times .. And I have asked him for some sort of interest in the company stocks registered letter anything to secure my place. I was scared this could happen. I truly hope this is not the case as we have been loyal since the start and would defiantly deserve some explanation .. You have been avoiding calls emails and now all of a sudden were fried well I quill. And now you have corporate sponsors ? Sounds like we got tossed out to the trash

  29. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    conspiracy Theory,,, Alex gains new investors. Tosses his tech team to the curb and replaced them with _____________?

  30. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    I would like to remind you of the 1,612 dollars you still owe me. Perhaps this is the reason for being do distant ?

  31. suzandekoning@icloud.com' Suz Blessed says:

    Can you please stop this ‘discussion’. It is very unprofessional to share issues you have with each other in public. Try to get in touch elsewhere in private to sort financial issues. All i see is trowing trash. Not a very constructive discussion at all 🙁
    There are also some serious Grid owners and Grid hosting compagnies around in Open Sim. All you do is scare people away from OS and be honest OS can be great.

    • tribe_gadgets@gmx.com' TribeGadgets says:

      I would have to disagree. It has been a valuable insight into the whole process and current state of the ‘industry’.

  32. hartofchicago@gmail.com' Johnny Mac says:

    I’m just enjoying the entertainment. This is comical. Please, everyone, by all means, continue. I’ll be over in the corner with my popcorn.

  33. skylifegrid@gmail.com' skylifegrid says:

    SkylifeGrid will not be resurrected but instead we will be Starting up a very new grid name Digitaleisure It will be a spin of what we had accomplished with Alex and AviLabs – the drama and lack of communication.. Since the grid AviWorlds and AviBrasil is down Anyone currently with AviWorlds or Avi-Labs that are PAID customers can choose to move their region over to our grid with no hassle As for the Inventory’s of all your avatars Their is not much we can do about this as Alex retains the database and wont allow us to get a copy. Your land and regions will have all content all stores will have all items for sale.. you could easily take copy’s of the inworld content to recuperate some of your inventory… anyone wishing to do so please email me at [email protected] and I can see what can be done in recovering your data

  34. hadriadubrovna@gmail.com' Hadria Dubrovna says:

    Ok it’s over he’s gone with the money! … and the assets!!!!