Digitaleisure grid launches with unprecedented offer to ‘recover’ AviWorlds regions

Update: The Digitaleisure has rebranded as SkyLifeGrid.

The 1966 Stephens Motor Yacht will be a promotion give-away at the Digitaleisure grid's grand opening party. (Image courtesy Josh Boam.)

The 1966 Stephens Motor Yacht will be a promotion give-away at the Digitaleisure grid’s grand opening party. (Image courtesy Josh Boam.)

The new Digitaleisure grid will officially launch with a grand opening party on Thursday, September 1, a “song and dance,” a free yacht to all visitors — and an unprecedented offer to “recover” regions for former residents of the AviWorlds grid who are looking to move over.

Josh Boam was previously the CTO at AviWorlds but quit recently, alleging that he hasn’t been paid for months.

In return, AviWorlds founder Alexsandro Pomposelli accused him of “hacking” into the grid’s servers, and alleged that this was the reason that AviWorlds has been down for the past couple of weeks.

Alexsandro Pomposelli Aug 2016

Alexsandro Pomposelli

“The problem is that if I turn on AviWorlds’ main server Josh and Quill will try to hack it in order to download all the data to transfer to Digitalleisure, their new grid,” Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business. Quill Littlefeather is the in-world name of Kristopher Therrien, an OpenSim developer who was hired by AviWorlds last summer, and who has joined Boam in his new venture.

In this particular instance, Pomposelli might actually be right.

In an email sent to AviWorlds residents, Boam wrote, “”If you were a previous customer of AviWorlds, we may be able to recover your region content for you.”

“I personally see this attitude as robbery,” long-time AviWorlds resident Logan Hunter told Hypergrid Business.

According to Boam, he was Pomposelli’s business partner on the AviWorlds grid, “half and half,” and therefore has the rights to the content on that grid. He added that he has no plans to move regions owned by Pomposelli personally, but only those built by individual residents, and only on their request. There is no charge for the migration, he added.

Josh Boam

Josh Boam

“I’m only doing the right thing by the users,” Boam said.

However, whether Boam was a legal partner in that company or not, all content, by default, belongs to the grid where it was created unless the original creator specifically agrees that the grid owners can transfer that content to other grids. If a particular region also includes content created by others, that could pose legal problems — as does the whole issue of accessing AviWorlds without authorization.

Then there’s the issue that Boam seems to have access to the AviWorlds customer email list.

“I don’t give two craps about what is legal and not,” Boam said. “People deserve to have the content their designed and built. I have made quite a few creators very happy that the hundreds of hours they spent creating wasn’t for nothing.”

Boam said that recovering the old regions is his duty.

“As a content creator, I understand the time spent spent creating things and the frustration coming along with losing it all,” he said. “I could only hope for something like this in the event I lost all my boats.”

Meanwhile, AviWorlds isn’t giving its residents backups of their regions because the grid is still down, creating a Catch-22 situation. Residents can’t get exports of their regions and content as long as their grid is down, and Pomposelli won’t bring the grid back up because he doesn’t think he can keep his former technology managers from getting back in.

“AviWorlds will be back soon,” Pomposelli promised. “I’m still studying how I can protect my server.”

Once the grid is back up, residents might have other, and more legitimate, ways to recover their content.

And about those boats…

In addition to working in OpenSim, Boam is known for his boating business in Second Life, JP Collections.

As a result, boating will be a major focus for the new grid.

“And since physical sim crossings work we can create a boating community,” he said.

To help build the community, he said he plans to market to residents of Second Life, and will leverage his team at JP Collections and build an embassy for the new grid.

“I’m not trying to take away from other [OpenSim] grids,” he said. “It’s the thousands of people in Second Life who do not know about OpenSim and its possibilities.”

Region prices start at $10 per month for a 15,000-prim region, with several varregion size also available — the full price list is up on the website. The site also needs proofreading. And the hypergrid teleport address is not working.

“A lot is going on so fast it’s hard to keep up,” Boam said.

The management team, in addition to CTO Kristopher Therrien, also includes lead programmer Christopher Strachan, who is best known for his work for Zetamex. There is also a team of mentors lined up, he added. Boam himself is the CEO of the new company, which will be properly registered and structured.

The grid will have automated hourly backups, self-serve region restarts, and the ability of residents to easily roll back their regions to previously saved versions. Boam also added that Digitaleisure won’t suffer from the same kind of financial problems that have hurt AviWorlds, where, allegedly, hosting costs weren’t paid on time.

“Money here is not an issue like it was with Alex,” he said. “I know how to budget and prepare for the worst.”

Boam said that he has a background in the hospitality industry and a business education.

The big opening party starts at 5 p.m. Pacific at the JP Collections region on the Digitaleisure grid, and the yacht being given away is the 1966 Stephens Motor Yacht, which retails for L$499 (about US $2) on the Second Life Marketplace.

While the yacht is available to all comers, Boam warned that the scripts might not work on other grids, since they are optimized for the ubOde physics engine that was donated to OpenSim by Avination last year.

Watch a video demo of the yacht below.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

408 Responses

  1.' Josh Boam says:

    Bear in mind, Skylife Grid never had any users. That’s the whole reason this crook “partnered” Alex, because he can’t run a daamn business! Looking forward to the day that Christopher and Josh have a falling out because they are both emotional wrecks and can’t control their actions when their little feelings get hurt. LMAO

  2.' Alex Ferraris says:

    I wasnt going to post anyting here but here it is.

    This is what happened.

    I fired QUILL LITTLE FEATHER because everything he did turned to POO POO. After asking him for many months to please fix everything he still answered me back saying he could not do it. I have his email as proof.

    Quill was using my account in HEZTNER for a server in germany because his account was suspended. I cut him off there and he retaliated by taken control of AVIWORLDS main server. He hacked into the server and changed the password.
    The next morning I find out that JOSH was behind that also and eventually JOSH gave me the new password which was qlittlefeather89. I then FIRED JOSH.

    The next day AVIBRASIL grid’s website was hacked and had sexually explicit content all over it.
    Josh and Quill’s next move was to completely download AviWorlds data and I have an email where JOSH complains that I stopped his download in the middle by shutting the server off. Meaning he already had hacked into the server AGAIN even after I had already changed the password for the second time.

    My experience with JOSH and QUILL has been nothing but a pain. Both are very lazy and I cant even count the numerous times I had to call our customers and apologize for JOSH’s behavior.
    Josh would not respond to the customers’s requests via skype and one day even cursed them out.
    I was the one always there for all our customers and to see them now all nice nice with JOSH and saying how good he is really makes me realize how people can turn on you and even lie knowing very well what they are saying is not true.

    Both Genesis grid and Baller Nation’s grid know fully well what I am talking about. Many times I had to stop what I was doing to respond to them via skype because JOSH was ignoring them.

    Regarding DA ADMIRAL…another deception… This man owes AviLabs more than 4 months worth of rent for his 5 var regions plus another 32 regular size regions I kept online for him while he kept promising me that he was going to pay it.
    Mr. Opensim HONESTY here now is on JOSH’s side which makes me wonder why Mr.Admiral opensim honest man always told me to fire JOSH and QUILL. He once told me to watch my back because these two were not trustworthy. I have emails that prove all that I am saying here.
    I never used my GOD’s power to illegally copy any content from any AviWorlds’s creators. I did however always help admiral mr opensim honest here to recuperate air crafts that were left all over the vars running making the regions crash. Now I want to also point out that most of the builds in MR. HONEST Admiral were copy bots from SL and I did not do anything about it because he wasnt selling it so I figured it would not be much of a big deal.

    Josh and Quill also wanted me to stop servicing Baller Nation grid many times… I was the one who stood firm and told them I would not do such a thing.
    Many times I was the one who personally helped Baller Nation and Genesis because Josh and Quill were either HIGH all the time or were simply playing ARK games all day long and purposely ignoring the customers.

    I did not and do not give Josh or Quill authorization to use any of AviWorlds’s content. I am enforcing AVIWORLDS’s TOS.

    The way Josh and Quill obtained some of the data and including a full mailing list of all aviworlds users was illegal. I am simply enforcing AviWorlds TOS here also.

    I also wish to apologize to all for this shameful happening and the way things turned out.

    JOSH and QUILL have skills but they are not trustworthy. Unfortunately.

  3. I have a sense of De Ja Vue here.

  4.' Digitaleisure Grid says:

    I want to thank Everyone that has stuck through all this with me Quill Chris you guys rock!!! Many new features on the way not in any grid around. Very exciting times at Digitaleisure

  5.' Digitaleisure Grid says:

    To the ones that were effected by the fake account I apologize and am still trying to get that account removed and or gain control of it since it is my personal name How about you send me the login credentials so I can change the email and password. That would be the nice thing to do

    •' Josh Boam says:

      Sorry bro, you don’t have a trademark on my name. You don’t even have a trademark on Digital SLeazure. LOL

  6.' Thelma Marks says:

    This whole situation is really worrisome. If they are trying to attract people from outside of opensim and from SL then they should be more focused on not breaking the law in restoring content they are not authorized to restore. I bring a lot of people to OpenSim from SL and this is totally the opposite of why people want to come to our wonderful community. I for one will never set foot in this world or any world they are associated with. The good news is this will all be here and be a history so people can be warned and then take it up on themselves if they want to get involved. Still worried though about the image this portrays to our community.

  7.' Josh Boam says:

    lol you can take the trash out of the trailer park, but you can’t take trailer park out of the trash

  8. btw im stepping down from lead programmer for josh and wont be part of the digital leisure team.

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      Any reason behind it Chris ? Quill n I are shocked. I hope your ok. Do t let other people get to ya man

      •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

        Google bill gates or anyone public figure. You will friend trash about them anyone that makes a statement in the world gets people talking good and bad. I’m sorry the rumours and bad blood out there is keeping you away. Wish you well Chris and your welcome back anytime

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      Thank you for the help in setting up the Rising World server and other things you helped me with 🙂

  9.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Josh and Quill were never partners or owners of any percentage of AviWorlds.
    If they are claiming they were they better show a signed agreement by me stating that.
    The way Josh and Quill obtained AviWorlds data was an illegal act. A federal offense .
    And anyone who accepts this stolen data will be part of it.
    Im also enforcing AviWorlds TOS. It clearly states all content in AviWorlds belongs to AviWorlds.
    It also states that AviWorlds services may be shut down at any time without notice.
    Also states that AviWorlds have the right to deny any refunds or currency exchanges
    All users AviWorlds were bound by this contract since they agreed to it by joining AviWorlds.

    •' Johnny Mac says:

      I don’t specifically remember there being a terms of service on the Aviworlds website. There was a link to the terms of service page on the web panel but there was never anything there. So unless you are talking a terms of service that nobody ever saw or that you never published, I’d stop with this while you are ahead. I’ve been all over just about every grid’s website and if I am not mistaken a terms of service must be readily accessible, within reason before it can be enforced.

      As to the claim about ownership, thats something best left out of the public eye, you have nothing to gain from putting any of this out where other people can see it. It’s only working to further damage your image and is a fruitless endeavor honestly.

      •' Cinder Biscuits says:

        I knew about the AviWorlds TOS, and I never actually signed up for the grid….

        •' Johnny Mac says:

          Then I stand corrected. Pardon my insinuations. Reputation has a very strong influence it appears.

          •' 1derworld says:

            Lets try to get those facts straight before making accusations

          •' Johnny Mac says:

            Now now. I recognized where my mistake was. Let’s not resort to browbeating. I believe not a whole lot of what I’ve said so far has been more than observation based on available fact and opinion based on my prior dealings in the creative arts and intellectual property rights. I certainly have not made any direct accusations.

            And any derived from my commentary may just be in your head.

          •' 1derworld says:

            Why even chime in at all? I think Alex been beat up enough here when in fact many are at fault.

          •' Johnny Mac says:

            I’ve commented on all the, well, visible parties involved.

            Just because you don’t like some of what I have to say I regards to Alex and avilabs, doesn’t mean he is my target. If anything I’ve been giving advice about handling matters like this. But I can see that’s being missed, instead being taken as a direct personal attack on a group of people (yes, including but not limited to alex) who have been put in the public light for things that are unprofessional.

            If you’re not directly involved, I don’t think your defense is helping anyone either.

            But that’s just my personal opinion and view on the entire situation that’s been going on.

          •' 1derworld says:

            Defense you say? Well yes when you print non truths i Have to point it out. I’m not going to go over your many opinions here but yes your NOT INVOLVED. And not really sure anyone takes you seriously.

          •' Johnny Mac says:

            I see no reason to continue this engagement. Your filtered perspective has blinded you to what I just said.

          •' 1derworld says:

            You took the words right out of my mouth. Just another Alex/Aviworlds Basher. Yea everyone needs a hobby.

          •' Gregg Genesis says:

            Aviworlds iss dead let it lie in pieces at the bottom of the ocean, bottom line is alex DIDNT pay for the servers, we all know thats the truth and he can try and sugar coat it anyway he wants to, he lost his 3 biggest customers to another hosting company and not one has had a issue since.

            There is a lot of very unhappy people who have been in aviworlds, avilabs and avibrasil and instead of owning up that he didnt pay the servers first of all (and notice the pattern here) he blamed Genesis for hacking … then he blmed josh for hacking …… then he blamed quill for hacking …. i see a slight pattern here and alexs past is bought up all over again, Aviworlds may be up and running again … but seriously is anyone foolish enough to trust him again and again and again.

            Josh ventured out on his own and i wish him all the best lets hope on his own he can venture into something, but alex tarnished things and still trying to do that even tho the bottom line is this would never have happened if it wasnt for alex not paying the server fees.

            This constant bickering needs to stop Avilabs is dead (for now) and will be for the forseable future as i really doubt alex will be able to compeate with Genesis prices (yes were doing things at knock down prices to keep him from reopening), some may agree some may not, i see it as keeping a bad person out of OpenSim it really doesnt need this at this point in its life, OpenSim has huge prospects but with all this going on people will just go back to SL, unless thats what you really want to happen.

          •' Alex Ferraris says:

            Gregg.. I did pay for the servers. Please what you are saying here is not true. your server was online until last week. The server was hacked pretty bad and there was nothing to be done. I am sure Josh gave you access to it. But it was paid I have the receipt from paypal and OVH also. Thanks bud.

          •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

            Aviworlds needs a host genesis that’s what he means he needs you. Get with him maybe you can help him bring back Aviworlds. If he has all the servers still I can show you a few safe fallbacks I had in place just for times like this. It’s a my f&&kup button lol and it repairs all databases and content to its snapshot state. Ask Alex and if he pays me the 1612 he owes me I’ll even help

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            chat on skype if you want.

          •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

            Alex I had to pay your server fees in the end when you “Disappeared” half the reason all this went on was because you gave up paying the bills.. Im having to go spend my own money now on servers to try to keep people happy You need to figure out what your going to do Open AviWorlds ? or close it because the people are in limbo and waiting to find out where to go……..

          •' Alex Ferraris says:

            You did pay for two servers. Yes. you did. But they were not GENESIS’s servers. They were AviWorlds’s .
            I am not going to re open AviWorlds because you and QUILL know how to hack into the server and grab the data. So it will remain shut down. That is why I have to enforce AviWorlds TOS.
            If I start the grid it will be a fresh one. From scratch so you wont have any ties with it or want to grab anything because there will be nothing there.
            I cant say I have not been looking into your new grid’s traffic count..1 or 2 online…
            In the meantime you destroyed AviBrasil grid which was winning at all levels…
            I will not venture in re opening AviWorlds at this time. I am very busy and unfortunately I do not have a team I can trust. .

          •' 1derworld says:

            There not in limbo we took steps to avoid that. Not sure who your talking about in that regard

          •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

            Are you David Buttler ?

    • im sorry to butt in on this and burst your bubble alex but josh and quill were legally allowed to obtain assets and account info when you gave them access to the server’s backend to maintain the grid for you which would include making backups and storing them on another server/computer. So whatever data they obtained is legal, you only have yourself to blame on that one alex.
      It be like Terry giving me access to DigiWorldz and have me do backups and move regions from one server to another, that would require me to download all data from one server onto my computer then upload that data to another server. Terry then doesn’t have the right to say that i illegally obtain stolen data because i didnt, i legally obtained the data with Terry’s permission to help him make DigiWorldz a better grid.
      Now if i took all that data and sold it all as my own work THEN that’s a major DMCA and legal issue that Terry and all content creator owners of that content can get me with.

      •' Johnny Mac says:

        As per your example, not technically. If backups were being done correctly then they would have been to a centralized server using a backup service with a company account owned by avilabs. Thus containing liability to the company maintaining the backups and avilabs as the account holder.

        There are major assumptions of liability when you take what is yours personally and use it to handle company data. Every place I’ve worked had a system set up to protect the companies interest and using personal computers to make and handle backups is just plain sloppy and reckless.

        Account information is legally protected information and should never be on anyone’s personal computer.

      •' Alex Ferraris says:

        Hey Chris. Josh was not allowed to illegally hack into AviWorlds servers and change their passwords without me knowing and without my consent. And he was not allowed to download anything. The way JOSH and QUILL obtained the mailing list plus region back ups was totally illegal and it is a Federal Offense. In the USA and in CANADA.
        I also have emails from JOSH and QUILL stating that they did it ..that they changed the password and hacked the server. So yeah…really Chris?
        No I did not give JOSH permission to copy and place into another grid. Also I had changed the password the night before to prevent QUILL from getting in. Josh was not aware yet when I did it. And in the morning I find my server hacked and password changed and JOSH had the new password. Go figure.

        •' 1derworld says:

          If any Brasilians see any of there things in the other grid, File a DMCA on Digitaleisure problem solved

          •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

            WE have NOT the data and my friend 1derworld Mr Buttler Please stay out of it You are only keeping the Drama going and I’m getting sick of your attacks against myself and my business I am advising you keep your tongue

          •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

            I am working with the Brazilian Grids well the ones That Alex did not want me to help… They have contacted me for some work and I am more than happy to help…. and Mr 1der About everything in AviWorlds was from hypergrid or users creations I myself brought all my creations into AviWorlds and I have all the rights to keep them.. They exsisted long before my help with aviworlds … Alex is just trying to stir up the pot … Why dont you team up with Alex ? you 2 could make a great team seeing as you run your own grid too!

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      So your saying your running a shady business returning only money you deem fit ?

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      Your true colours show now Huh you are just what everyone warned me of. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and now your trying to scew me. You know damn well you gave me 50% interest sure we may not have it in writing but you defiantly said it many items and my husband and other family members have heard you say it not gong to go more into things but you know what your doing. I must say it’s rather smart too. You get to start up again and not look like the bad guy …

  10.' Gregg Genesis says:

    That TOS is almost word for word of LL TOS (secondlife) ill be sure to forward that to them as i am sure there is a copyright infringment there

  11.' Johnny Mac says:

    “3.3 Aviworlds retains ownership of the account and related data, regardless of intellectual property rights you may have in content you create or otherwise own.”

    Clearly indicates that while the data you store, you own as the data, but intellectual property rights and licenses deny you the right to distribute said data to others with or without personal profit involved.

    So yes, according to these terms, Josh and Quill are in possession of stolen property.

    However this agreement, while in Google Docs, is a good attempt to cover your rear. It was never to my knowledge linked or posted on the site and is no further proof that you had a terms of service than you saying you had one.

    Without actual factual proof, in this day and age of instant information, you would have to provide proof that this was on the site, prominently linked for your users during operation of aviworlds for it to be enforcable. Therefore it does you no more good now than your claim that you had one.

    And again, I state that none of this is making your position any better than it was before.

  12.' Alex Ferraris says:

    1.6 AviWorlds is subject to scheduled and unscheduled service interruptions. All aspects of the Service are subject to change or elimination at AvWorld’s sole discretion.

    AviWorlds reserves the right to interrupt the Service with or without prior notice for any reason or no reason. You agree that AviWorlds will not be liable for any interruption of the Service, delay or failure to perform, and you understand that you shall not be entitled to any refunds of fees for interruption of service or failure to perform. AviWorlds has the right at any time for any reason or no reason to change and/or eliminate any aspect(s) of the Service as it sees fit at its sole discretion.

    •' Gregg Genesis says:

      Alex you need to let this go, your just killing any chance of reopening you had, your also killing Josh with these childish bickering it needs to stop.

      If hes got things illegally then take it legal instead of bashing each other he said she said you sound like a married couple, do something about it, jesus is it really that hard.

      Aviworlds is dead, move on, take things legal and get on with your every day life, others have stepped upto the plate and can and are running things a lot better, so what if you lost your 3 biggest clients to another hosting company, it happens, you lost your programmes to thier own grid, it happens in every day life, do you see digiworldz, inworldz, avination, secondlife going after past CEO and techs like this, no you dont, let it god damn rest and move on.

      •' Alex Ferraris says:

        Thanks Gregg Genesis… I am. I am not fighting I am just placing here the facts so I can defend my actions. By the way you guys rock.! I am sorry things went down the way they did. You guys managed to get things done for me and fast By the time I got back from my training in my new job it was too late but anyway lesson to be learned. Next time if there is one I will employ guys like you instead.

        •' Dragon Heart says:

          was good while it lasted, shame it happened the way it did, but life goes on, you need to do the same, if Josh has things illegally then take legalaction, same if quill does. this really isnt doing the OpenSim community any favors or helping it along any, everyone has a opinion on what happened, some will belive, some wont …. but life goes on never live in the past, always look forward.

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      The biggest miatake was going into business with you in the first place. Countless people have contacted me about how they can recover the money from Inworld. Are you even replying to them

      •' Alex Ferraris says:

        First of all that is a lie. A big one. Most of the AV$s inworld were given freely by me. The ones that did buy it spent it and I am enforcing AviWorlds TOS. I will not restart AviWorlds server because you will hack in there and try to download the data. So it will remain shut down and for this reason I am enforcing AviWorlds TOS.
        Here is the section about currency.

        8.0 Aviworlds “currency” (AV$) is a limited license right available for purchase or free distribution at Aviworlds’s discretion, and is not redeemable for monetary value from Aviworlds. A refund request may be placed for a minimum amount of 5000AV$s only and
        it is up AviWorlds administration to accept or not this request. AviWorlds has the right
        to deny any refund requests at any time.
        You acknowledge that the Service presently includes a component of in-world fictional currency (“Currency” or “AV$”), which constitutes a limited license right to use a feature of our product when, as, and if allowed by Aviworlds. Aviworlds may charge fees for the right to use Open Metaverse Currency, or may distribute AV$ without charge, at its sole discretion. Regardless of terminology used, AV$ represent a limited license right governed solely under the terms of this Agreement, and are not redeemable for any sum of money or monetary value from Aviworlds at any time. You agree that Aviworlds has the absolute right to manage, regulate, control, modify, create and/or eliminate such Currency as it sees fit in its sole discretion, in any general or specific case, and that Aviworlds will have no liability to you based on its exercise of such right.
        You agree and acknowledge that Aviworlds may deny any sell order or buy order individually or with respect to general volume or price limitations set by Aviworlds for any reason. Aviworlds may limit sellers or buyers to any group of users at any time. Aviworlds may halt, suspend, discontinue, or reverse any transaction (whether proposed, pending or past) in cases of actual or suspected fraud, violations of other laws or regulations, or deliberate disruptions to or interference with the Service. Aviworlds claims no responsibilty for any currency, real or fictional that has been exchanged for Meta Credits.

        •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

          Dude we dont want your data Nor anything to do with you. “Format” “delete” “restart” “change Ips” I don’t care what you do with the data! Its the Users your effecting that I was worried about.

          I have no care for your stuff I have plenty of regions From SkylifeGrid that I have been bringing back
          Now have the Ms Axiom grid moved into Digitaleisure and they are starting up the 3 region Massive cruise ship build…

          People are moving on and we are rebuilding…

          Stop this nonsense and either give up or shut up, because people are tired of you saying I’m forcing tos and your all screwed ,putting the blame on people that helped you and screwing the very ones that made you what you were, After all this I would NEVER invest anything into ANYTHING attached to your name!!!!!

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:


  13.' Digitaleisure Grid says:

    I want to thank the 2 new grids that just stated with us. Sinful Grid and Dreamworldz grid. And @ Alex we haven’t even used your data it’s amazing the people that now are coming out of the woods now that we parted ways.

  14.' Digitaleisure Grid says:

    Don’t forget bout our party today at 5 pm passific time 8 pm eastern

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      Welcome region has a teleporter in the middle of the stair circle thing you walk into it to arrive at the party

  15.' Alex Ferraris says:

    I placed Aviworlds back online last night and as I predicted it was invaded again.
    Very sad because these criminals dont learn …dont respect anything.

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      ok if its getting invaded simple solution. go into your control panel of the host, change your passwords, change the server password, change system password, change the dashboard password, change all passwords, take out any addons that you dont know (as seams there is a backdoor into your system), if you havent a clue then get a host who knows what they are doing to do a fresh install, get a fresh server with them, or go though the code to see if any back doors have been put in.(Cloudserve, ds40, EU Hosting, 3DM, Genesis ect ect).

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      You most likely set it up wrong no one needs to bother you Alex we have our own agenda. Not everything revolves around Alex

    • dont blame me, i been busy in secondlife enjoying what little time there is left before the lindens fully destroy that grid for sansar

  16.' Carlos Loff says:

    GUYS, MAKE WORLDS NOT WAR – Let´s rock OS and stop arguing, to many contradictions for anyone to achieve a conclusion – LET´S BUILD

    •' Cinder Biscuits says:

      Remember when we used to fight? Now we’re like best friends! Viva Virtual Lisbon!

      •' Carlos Loff says:

        I never fought with Josh, neither for Lisbon neither for anything at all – 0%

        •' Cinder Biscuits says:

          I thought you were the boxing heavy weight champion?

        •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

          I have the rest of the grid as well Carlos if you ever want to have me host for you i have now 4 grids I’m hosting and plan to open my own lil hosting company

    •' Digitaleisure Grid says:

      I agree!!! and Digitaleisure Is doing Just that! come visit us sometime Carlos !!! I still want to take you up on that offer for that office/home in Lisbon

  17.' Digitaleisure Grid says:

    Digitaleisure will now become SkyLifeGrid due to some Legal issues

  18.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Over 1600 Region in SkyLifeGrid! We are creating a Massive Boating community hundreds of boatable ocean and water ways .. Many Islands for rent throughout the ocean. Come Visit our Huge and ever growing Mainland !

    • I would love to see news of any big events, especially public sporting events… and if there’s any of multi-grid effort — where the best racers from all the grids can compete against one another…

    • forgot to mention that we got a road and soon train tracks going through the ocean along the sea floor with working sim crossing for all vehicles including non physical phantom trains.