AvatarFest kicks off this Friday

(Image courtesy AvatarFest.)

(Image courtesy AvatarFest.)

The community-focused AvatarFest event kicks off on Friday, accessible to all OpenSim hypergrid users.

There are about two dozen exhibitors already participating, and more than a dozen performances are scheduled, including those by OpenSim celebrities Truelie Telling, The Fabulous Wailers, Rosie O’Grady, and many others. There is also a performance of “Two Gentlemen of Verona” by the Avatar Repertory Theater.

The hypergrid address is avatarfest.net:6000. Check the Google Plus group for all the updates.

It is a different, but complementary event, to the OpenSim Community Conference, which is scheduled for December. The OSCC is focused on development, education, business, and other topics of interest to organizations with more formal panels and presentations.

Watch a preview video below:

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Maria Korolov

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  • Lani Global

    Visited AvatarFest load test. Nice exhibits. But, sim took 30 minutes to render, then crashed (requiring 2 logins and clear cache to repair viewer). There were only 6 avatars in the AvatarFest region at the time. Whoops! Looks like they may need to fix the AvatarFest server quickly before the crowds arrive 🙂

    • Han Held

      As you said, it’s a load test. The whole point is to shake out problems such as that. We’re on it.

      Last year AvatarFEST had over 50 people on each of the days folks performed -don’t worry about us, we’re gonna be just fine. 🙂

    • Lani Global

      The AvatarFest sim should be named Lag-AtarFest. Everyone who went there for the main events had to wait more than 30 minutes before seeing any objects rezz. I feel bad for the organizers, exhibitors, and performers. The server was not set up correctly. Here is an actual view of the Lag-AtarFest region, after walking in it for 15 minutes. https://goo.gl/IbttAF

  • This is a very good thing.