Digitaleisure forced to rebrand as SkyLifeGrid

(Image courtesy SkyLifeGrid.)

(Image courtesy SkyLifeGrid.)

Digitaleisure, one of the new grids created in the wake of AviWorlds’ latest flame-out, has been forced to rebrand as SkyLifeGrid due to legal issues.

The original name and domain was too close to that of Digital Leisure, an online gaming company.

Josh Boam

Josh Boam

Digital Leisure paid for the domain transfers, said SkyLifeGrid owner Josh Boam, but it didn’t cover the whole cost of the rebranding.

“It cost me over little over $100 because of this mess-up but live and learn,” he told Hypergrid Business.

There are few limitations on what domain names a company can register, as long as they are available, or what name to incorporate the company under. However, the ability to register a domain does not mean that the domain does not infringe another company’s trademark, or that it does not run afoul of cybersquatting rules. A global trademark search can be time consuming and expensive. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution — just Google the name you’re interested in, and see if there are other companies using the name or something close to it that are in a similar line of business.

This is the second incarnation of SkyLifeGrid, which was up for two years, in 2014 and 2015. During that time, the grid averaged just 33 users per month, with a peak of 68 active monthly users during its first couple of months.

Boam then became the CTO for AviWorlds, which saw hundreds of active users every month.

That relationship fell apart last month, in the wake of grid outages, fleeing customers, and ridiculously uncivil and public recriminations on all sides.

The latest on AviWorlds

Refusing to do the obvious thing — apologizing for the outages and the name-calling and offering refunds and region exports to customers — AviWorlds owner Alexsandro Pomposelli is still keeping the grid off-line.

Alexsandro Pomposelli Aug 2016“I’m enforcing the AviWorlds Terms of Service, and it clearly states that AviWorlds may and can be shut down at any time without notice. Same goes to content and currency,” Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business. “Meaning no one is entitled to region backups and I can deny any currency refund.”

Residents who have spent time and effort, and money, on building up their regions on AviWorlds are left hanging, unless they take up Boam’s offer, possibly illegal, to migrate their old Aviworlds regions to his new grid.

He added that he will not be bringing the grid back up until the next version of OpenSim is released, and that the grid will be rebuilt from scratch “because the current one must remain shut.”

“I don’t owe anyone any apologies and you should stop being so one sided just because I had to shut down eight times,” he said.

Yes, this is, by my last count, the ninth time that AviWorlds has shut down. Each time, the fault was, according to Pomposelli, with his hosting company, his business partners, his employees, or his customers.

Is the whole grid just a troll? Should I announce the first annual Troll Grid Award and give it to AviWorlds?

“Hey if I win that you can’t take it away from me,” said Pomposelli.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

94 Responses

  1.' Carlos Loff says:

    Sky Life Grid sounds much better – For me, there were no bad guys at all, so good luck to all, although your battle affected all your images and brands

    • I agree that SkyLife is a better name. And Digitaleisure is almost impossible to spell. I had to copy-and-paste it instead of typing it.

      However, given Boam’s technical strengths, I think he would be better off with offering consulting services, hosting services, or working for another hosting company than running a social, for-profit grid.

      Building a community is really hard. Pomposelli seems to be able to do it, and do it repeatedly, and it might be tempting to think that if he can do it, then anybody can. But most people can’t. And frankly, I have no idea how Pomposelli does it. Nobody has ever been able to explain it to me.

  2.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Its been a rough go this past few weeks but we are growing !!! The new website is about to roll out

  3.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    I don’t see how anyone can recover from what happend to Aviworlds this time. … Im being blasted in various forms saying I’m to blame for him shutting down. But bottom line he just can’t keep up with it. With current real life situations with the new job an all. .. You should make effort Alex to refund the customers effected by this and do me right and pay me for the work I did that you said you would.

    •' Alex Ferraris says:

      As I have already explained to Maria no one is owed any money its the other way around Im owed money. But Maria has left that part out . I did tell her that.
      AviWorlds back ups were for restoring regions in AviWorlds not for giving it out as saved oars.
      That is explained in the TOS.
      There were no currency owed either.
      I also like to point out that AviWorlds had given over 203 free regions. Another part Maria purposely left out.

  4.' Da Hayward says:

    congrats to skylife, here’s to all the best josh.

  5.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    . “Meaning no one is entitled to region backups and I can deny any currency refund.”
    This sound legal yes but is it the right thing to do ? To me this sounds like robbery

  6.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    As you are all aware AviWorlds is Still offline.. Digitaleisure went up in its place BUT due to legal issues we are forced to re brand to SkyLifeGrid… Please note if you have created an account at Digitaleisure Your account and info/land are just fine Just Add the new grid login url to your Viewer that is the new website link is I hope everyone is having a great end of the summer and we hope to see you all soon!

    Josh Boam
    ex AviWorlds CTO
    SkyLifeGrid CEO

    •' 1derworld says:

      You have no Right Legally to do anything with Aviworlds or Avi-Brasil. You where only a hired hand. One resident said you passed him a OAR. I’m not sure you know how much trouble you can get into for this. If Alex decides to pursue it. Nothing that pertains to Aviworlds is your’s remember that even though you took the mailing list and all the data back ups.

  7.' Nick Zwart says:

    Good luck Skylife.

  8.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Maria left key parts of my email to her out.
    I did explain to Maria that AviWorlds back ups were for region restore only. Not for oars.
    AviWorlds TOS explains it very clearly and we did not offer oar service only of the user requested and paid for.

    Another part Maria left out is that AviWorlds does not owe any money and it is the other way around.
    Im owed money from certain players that didnt pay for over 2 months and I continued keep their regions up. Over 40 regions and 5 Vars. And I have the rest of the residents over 200 free regions.
    There are no currency exchange owed either.
    It is time to start respecting a grids TOS.
    The total disregard here for AviWorlds terms of service is really unsettling.
    SL and Avination and others do not allow oars out of their grids and I am being criticized for doing the same.

    AviWotlds never offered guaranteed oars.
    The writer completely disregards that fact and keeps criticizing me on this service I never offered.

    To me it is irresponsible and also spreading misleading information.

    • Alex — Again, you’re confusing whether you HAVE to do something, with whether you SHOULD. You say you don’t owe people money — others say you do. Reaching some kind of settlement with them and making peace would go a long way towards restoring your public reputation. You say you don’t owe people their region exports, but giving them region exports would be the right thing to do, and can help you start rebuilding your credibility.

      For everyone else: DO NOT spend more time or money on any grid than you can afford to lose, and make sure AHEAD OF TIME that you will be able to get backups of your builds. If you cannot get a backup in a particular grid, DO NOT BUILD ON THAT GRID. If you want to be on that grid, build elsewhere and upload your content, instead.

      And don’t do any work without signed contracts. Even if the amounts involved are too small to sue over, at least you’ll have something in writing to point to when there’s a dispute, and the other guy will have the PR hit, and other potential business partners will have warning.

      Here is a sample provider agreement, licensed CC0 for anyone to use or edit:

      •' Alex Ferraris says:

        Again Maria you are completely ignoring what I just wrote.
        AviWorlds TOS has been enforced period.
        I already explained I dont owe any moneys to anyone and the builds belong to aviworlds. AviWorlds did not offer oar backing only as paid feature and our back ups were for region restores only.
        I do not owe money to Josh and neither do I owe Quil any money.
        Thats it. Period.

        •' SkyLifeGrid says:

          Accusing us of hacking is Slander and we could seek for damages from you.
          You have no right to accuse us of this.
          As for the users, Many people are owed money. I myself had over 20 thousand Av$ in my account not to mention the 3 months I worked without pay.
          That and the 2 servers I paid to keep alive in your absence equals well over 1650 dollars ..
          So yes you do owe me some money! But that’s nor here or there I could care less about that as I am doing ok with myself and financially I wont hurt too much from it.

          You need to do the right thing by your customers tho many of them are on fixed incomes and this is effecting them Largely .

          Do you not think about this ? do you not care ?

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            Not nice is it josh being accused of things you havent done … i seam to recall yourself and quill doing the exact same thing to Genesis not to long ago.

            Diffrence being dont threten to seek slander … do it, i have 🙂 whats it like dealing with a UK and USA law firms (Genesis is a registered company under a umberella of my main company registered in minesotta usa, soon to become Genesis Metaverse)

            And ive still yet to get a public applogy even tho it wont stop the lawsuit thats been filed.

          •' 1derworld says:

            Numbers are easily said any amount, Until you have documentation to prove other wise you are owed nothing. Talking about it like you do on a daily isn’t going to get you a dime. Not sure this is the first time you made the news, You should lay real low to this all passes.

          •' SkyLifeGrid says:

            You must really love Alex to be going this hard. Alex stopped paying the bills my pay stopped we discussed that I would float buy until thngs got better. And we agreed that I would be back paid. When I started paying the servers. Alex thanked me and swore to pay it back many times before we have done this. When he couldn’t afford it but in 3 days I would have my money back. But in the end I paid paid and got nothing not e en calls or emails we chalk it up to his new job being a trucker on the road does not give you much opportunity to get online ,, but weeks ? My calls to Alex in the past were never gone unawnswred. Even in the middle of the night he would pickup. This again I assume he was driving but he has s Bluetooth still not ever return or pickup calls Customers start pulling out because they don’t k ow what’s going on. We start to panic thinking if the servers go down all data is lost so as cto and lead techs we did what’s right and saved all things before this happened we knew this was coming and from the extream absence or Alex we figured he ran for the hills as partners with Alex on this endeavour I decided to try to save Aviworlds after all she was , my baby too. I spent countless hours days even of no sleep over it. It’s not easy setting up and managing over 1500+ regions I would offer the users if they come to skylifegrid the option to recover the lost regions since Alex clearly quit and gave up his interest .. Now the choice is yours on what you believe but look at history and comments posted you will see just how wrong everything went. I am the good guy by giving people the chance to recover from this unfortunate mishap and I’m the bad guy ?

          •' 1derworld says:

            Once again being you still have no clue, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO GIVE ANYTHING.being you where only a hired hand in the Aviworlds Grid. If you do give out things you are not very legit and people should be aware of such.

          •' SkyLifeGrid says:

            Who are you to say anything you were not involved in anything we did. I don’t know you .. And you don’t know the facts. I am just as much owner of Aviworlds as Alex and at least I’m doing the customers right and that’s more than Alex is doing ..

          •' 1derworld says:

            Once again you are doing illegal activities trying to sell Aviworlds content back to the residents. Beware all of skylifegrid activities. You can not sell what is not yours to sell. I see emails where you say just that. Show documents signed ones that has you as a owner. There is none.

          •' SkyLifeGrid says:

            Your mistaken we are not selling anything and the Two of you are just trying to keep dragging this on Grow up and stop acting like a child. Alex can give all the users the files.

          •' 1derworld says:

            Soon as I get a written ok I’ll post the Emails that says you want $50 usd per oar from Alex’s residents. That’s criminal. keep going with your ways it will all catch up to you in the end.

          •' SkyLifeGrid says:

            Your crazy mate

          •' 1derworld says:

            I’m crazy ok i’ll buy that. But look at you on this thread talking to yourself. People already know Josh Boam’s track record scary at best. Have a great day btw 🙂 lol

          •' SkyLifeGrid says:

            not to mention I don’t see how you fit into all this.. You have nothing to do with any of it.. I looked at your postings in your profile ..It looks like you have something to say about alot of things.. Stop standing up for Alex when you do not know the facts.

          •' SkyLifeGrid says:

            on the contrary I am letting it be known and having the people effect tell their side.. I wish more people would join into this and say what is really going on.. People need to know what happened Karma is all I can say.

          •' Alex Ferraris says:

            I can because I have two emails .One from you and one from Quill where both of you confess about the hacking and changing the password remember. So make my day and try.

          •' Quill Littlepecker says:

            You have no money po’ boy. You can’t seek anything LMAO

          •' Quill Littlepecker says:

            Youve damaged your own reputaiton more than he ever could. The judge would laugh at your claim.

      •' 1derworld says:

        This isn’t the first time Aviworlds closed or had issues. I don’t understand where all this he owes money comes from or backups. The residents as you know always flock back to Alex. This has been going on for a long time. Maybe just maybe what alex says is the truth being same people back him 200%. Just a few really bad eggs have issues

    • how is it that i get banned for making a joke to josh and alex doesn’t get banned for insulting maria?
      me smell favoritism.

  9.' Alex Ferraris says:

    One major point I have to say here.
    Josh only knows how to place a grid online. And a few simple things like the money module.partner and paypal for currency purchases. But if anyrhing gets changed he would not know what to do.
    Many times I found myself having to get extra help.
    Thats why I had Quill and because of his incompetence I had to make a deal with Genesis which did get the job done.
    I was the one who answered everyones emails and restarted the grdi.
    Everytime I needed Josh’s help it was either I dont know or I cant do anyrhing about it or I will get to it after I go out..bla bla bla.
    Maria mentions here that Josh has technical knowledge and let me tell you how far she is from the trurh.
    I even had most of times to review joshs configurations because it was sloppy and not done correcrly.
    I know more than Josh 4 times much and many times I played dumb so he would be forced to do some work.
    Plus Josh used to make all the money I made zero.
    I stopped paying Josh when AviLabs was loosing money because of the two stoogies Josh and Quill.
    Nothing was done and I had to do thw bulk of the work.
    Many can attest to what Im saying here.
    Josh does not maintain the grid. Never starts a region and many times he cursed out our customers.
    Genesis could never get him to help either.
    This is the truth.

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      “Thats why I had Quill and because of his incompetence I had to make a deal with Genesis which did get the job done.”

      Ty for the compliment Alex 🙂 means a lot that you have acnoledged that Genesis were the ones that fixed most of the issues from sloppy code, back doors and code that didnt do anything and added in some new stuff for avilabs.

      I agree josh knows some things and his money module weve found errors in and fixed some exploits that can be used, but with quill and chris he may make a go of SkyLife and i wish him the best, lets hope he fixed the teleport issue via a landmark that plauged him and couldnt fix (which we had to) in his new grid as well as a few other issues we know 0.9 has.

      Im still waiting on a email responce from you as Genesis has made a offer to purchase the avi brands, so people can get thier builds as OAR as you did have a lot of people who built, plus your email list so we can hopefully come to some sort of arrangement on that and Genesis takes over your copyright licencess for the sake of your customers and opensim (or contact me on skype so we can chat) get back to me on this :).

      •' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Why would you want AviWorlds ? with its history It makes anyone attached to this look bad My name took great heat over this and Had I known I would have ran for the hills long time ago. Be careful of what you desire and wish for. That being said Alex has all his files if he kept the servers because everything even his entire asset server and all robust regions are there ( If he kept the servers) and you could re open AviWorlds like nothing happened.

        •' Dragon Heart says:

          You are not the only one that took heat over this balls up, but were doing quite well now and have a good team of techs, im also about to plough about 5 grand into a few delelopments thinking of the long term. Including a browser viwer and something that everyone wants (thats a hush hush project tho :P)

          I dont want avilabs far from it, but i do want to help the people that lost a ton of stuff, and if that means using my own money so people get that then thats what ill do, Opensim dont need this negative publicity, it needs a unity comming togetherness.

      •' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Dragon hit me up on skype sometime I have some questions and possible contracts for you

      •' SkyLifeGrid says:

        I want to say Quill has been nothing but helpful and is one of the main ideas behind our new technology that we are rolling out… People that are not being paid DO NOT like being pressured to do something they are donating their time to do. Quill is an Amazing Talented man and I am very fortnate to know him for the past 3 years now..

        Thank you Quill for your amazing work you have done for me and our little protects. Without you we would not be where we are! Keep up the amazing Work

    • What part of “reach a settlement and make peace” was unclear? And give your former residents their backups. No, you don’t HAVE to do either of those things. But if you want anyone else to ever work with you again, or build on your grid again, you really really should.

      •' Quill Littlepecker says:

        You are misrepresenting that his “former residents” have a right to HIS content. Your comment should be embarrassing to you.

  10. uh why does ever comment i make gets deleted? i dont see anything wrong with stating the obvious.

    • Christopher — I don’t mind people insulting me in the comments because I’m not going to sue myself when I’m offended. So if there’s no bad language involved — at which point Lawrence steps in and moderates it because we don’t want children and elderly people to faint in shock — I don’t care.

      Plus, it keep all this power from going to my head. I own this blog! Bwa ha ha ha! I can do anything to it! Bwa ha ha! Ha! So if write a horrible, one-sided, hatchet-job of an article, I know that someone will post something in the comments setting the story straight.

      So it keeps me honest. Plus, if they tell their side of the story while ranting and raving… well, that doesn’t exactly make their case, does it?

      But anyway, Lawrence has a policy of moderating bad language, potentially libelous speech and anything else that can get us into legal trouble, and discussions complaining about moderation. My recommendation, if your comment was moderated, is to tone down the language, take out anything potentially legally actionable, remove complaints about moderation, then — if anything is still left — take a minute to decide whether your comment adds new information or insight or not and, if it does, then post the revised version.

      (And since this comment is about moderation, it’s totally possible that Lawrence will moderate it, too, and I’m fine with that.)

      • oh so its ok for alex to slander you and everyone else all he wants in his own way but not ok for me to state the obvious which is the fact that alex is a lying scammer. Where’s the justice in that?
        What i say im pretty sure falls under the freedom of speech act which Canada still has and pretty sure USA still has too.

      •' Alex Ferraris says:

        I just found out Josh is charging AviWorlds residents for thei region back ups.
        So not only he has the stolen back ups he is charging money for them.
        Unbelievable? I just received an email from a resident stating that it is happening

        •' SkyLifeGrid says:

          Unjustified Slander with 0 proof you need to stop with this before my husband contacts legal counsel your stepping on a fine line Alex the IRS and state will be upset to find out they have been cheated on .. You leave me alone or I will start getting nasty I have been nothing but nice

    •' SkyLifeGrid says:

      It was great having you over to my home. Your welcome to come over anytime 🙂 it was fun !! My CAO

  11.' Susannah Avonside says:

    It seems that whilst Second Life has drama, OpenSim has a full blown soap! Still, it’s entertaining… Can’t wait for the next exciting episode 🙂

  12. “using the dashboard that was created for Avilabs” uh hi im the creator of that dashboard and am actually glad that some people are using it legitimately and NOT claiming it as their own work and right now that framework is getting a major update thnx to Quill.
    Try to claim work for something i did and i WILL DMCA it and start seeking legal actions against Genesis Grid.
    Thank you and goodnight.

    •' Quill Littlepecker says:

      LMFAO at unemployed canadians threatening legal action in a country they aren’t even allowed to enter.

    •' Da Hayward says:

      I thought Candi said about the Genesis welcome center pic.
      maybe an apology is in order to her?

      •' Dragon Heart says:

        its ok Da, Skylife has a legal battle on its hands now as ive taken it legal, ive sent you the link in genesis, they steal a picture and use it what else they capable of stealing.

        Plus the language they all use is atrocius to say the least, they got caught out and trying to back peddle by claiming all sorts, and the language, if that was my kid id wash its mouth out with soap

      • well then she should’ve clarify that in her post instead of just saying dashboard

      •' Candi Collins says:

        That will never happen because they don’t believe they are in the wrong, but it’s ok, now i am sure of how they work as opposed to hearing others stories. I’ve seen for my own eyes and Genesis will never, NEVER, lower ourselves to those standards……Josh thank you for your decent reply, it was much appreciated and I strongly suggest you talk to your employees about rules governing copyright laws.
        Have an absolutely wonderful day. 🙂

        • ok if you clearly meant the picture and not the website then i am deeply sorry. The dashboard in question was not created just for AviLabs but for everyone to use.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            We dont claim the dashboard never have, never will we know who created it and after today we will be dumping it asap, but i do lay claim to the image you used

          • that we are also deeply sorry about. Josh and I are still trying to figure out how it got there but we have taken it down in place of our welcome sim since it was pointed out to us.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            Damage has been done, and after the way quill spoke to me and what he called me and you expect me to leave it at that? had quill not said what he did and used that foul language at me, i would have left it at that, but not now, should think befor you act cause it lands you in a deep pile of it right upto your necks.

          • maybe you should do the same as well.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            yea thats right stick up for your fellow staff member, im not the one that used foul language, im not the one that used a copyrighted image, but i am the one that will be laughing at the end of all this

    •' Candi Collins says:

      “using the dashboard that was created for Avilabs”
      I never said who created it, i said it was created for Avilabs……..nuff said.

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      Please do i already have agaist SkyLife

  13.' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Im sorry that your photo was remence from when we hosted you we have tons of photos in our images folder and we did not ever delete any photos only renamed them .. we have taken the photo down thank you for letting us know

  14.' lmpierce says:

    Flame wars violate the Discussion Guidelines and such comments will continue to be deleted. There is a lot of gray area between critiques, feedback (both positive and negative) and comments intended only to invoke ill-will, which is unequivocal flame war territory. If you want to make comments that stand, rein in the vitriol and focus on the issues. Additional reasons for comments to be deleted are name-calling, false accusations, vulgar innuendos and any other form of malicious derision.

  15. i have deleted my comment, i am truly deeply sorry for mis-understanding your comment candi.