Genesis MetaVerse

genesis-metaverse-logoUS $5.95 per month for a 20,000-prim region on the Genesis MetaVerse grid, no setup fee, hypergrid-enabled.

Other region sizes also available, including $2.95 per month for a 1,000-prim region.

Add-on prim packs also available.

The grid also offers variable-sized regions.

Varregion prices:

  • $17.95 per month for a 60,000-prim region the size of four standard regions
  • $32.95 per month for a 100,000-prim region the size of 16 standard regions
  • $65.95 per month for a 200,000-prim region the size of 32 standard regions

Free one-month trial available for a 5,000-prim region, no billing info required.

Full land sales page here.