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  1. bristle2010@yahoo.com' Bristle Chesnokov says:

    the problem is still avatars, clothing, and buildings. This is especially true for men. I hate the fact that I only have a few style of hair. Even OSgrid has few choices for men, and lot more choices for women. when will we give a web page that is open to everyone– SL, Opensimulator? We had once a long time ago and Linden bought it and scrap it.

    • Sounds like a big business opportunity for someone to open a Men’s clothing and hair store on the Kitely Market, which delivers to this and 150 other OpenSim grids.

      • bristle2010@yahoo.com' Bristle Chesnokov says:

        Yes. there should be one market place where you can get what you want independent of what Opensimulator you are. In fact, a big region of buying stuff, a Wall-Mark for everything from L $0 to L $2000 and an importer that looks at the owner and not the creator. Of course an exporter too. and shipped for FREE!

    • 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

      There is lots and I mean lots of Regions, Grids that give what you need freely. These people want to keep it a free metaverse. Explore and Explore and you will find, That’s the real fun