Next OpenSim Treasure Hunt starts Oct. 3

Leighton Marjoram participates in the first OpenSim Treasure Hunt. (Imate courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

Leighton Marjoram participates in the first OpenSim Treasure Hunt. (Image courtesy Leighton Marjoram.)

The next OpenSim Treasure Hunt has been scheduled, and it will rum from October 3 to November 7.

The hunt, the fourth so far this year, is an opportunity for grids and venues to promote their destinations to hypergrid travelers, and for designers and other content creators to promote their products by offering prizes.

Hypergrid Business has been one of the sponsors of the hunt from the start, and Tangle Grid is coordinating the organizational efforts.

Promote your destination by picking up a stand from Hyperica at, OSgrid at grid, Metropolis at grid, Tangle Grid at Station 1, WestWorld grid at, or download an IAR file online.


“You will need to pick up a new hunt kit,” Tangle Grid co-founder Leslie Kling told Hypergrid Business. “The old one will not work.”

After rezzing the stand, click on it to get the OpenSim Treasure Hunt Kit.

For more information or technical details, visit this page or contact Leslie Kling at [email protected].

Prizes include a Noton virtual reality headset and cash. If you would like to offer a prize, you can sign up as a sponsor. See the full list of sponsors and previous prize winners here.

The first OpenSim Treasure Hunt began on January 31. Since then, more than 26 grids and over 122 individual regions have participated in the hunts.

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Maria Korolov

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4 Responses

  1.' TanGLe Grid says:

    If you have any trouble please contact me (Leslie Kling) at [email protected]. Enjoy. Have Fun. And Good Hunting.

  2.' TanGLe Grid says:

    Shakes Head and don’t know what to think anymore. We did our very best to make something special for Hypergaters and try to make it fun as well. Either your not getting it or cause we finally made it so ppl can’t cheat, that this hunt is not doing as well as it should. This hunt was to help increase HG travel to your region and grids. If you drop a hunt item for ppl to find don’t mean you need to go on the hunt. Anyways if you have not yet dropped a hunt item still lots of time. What I am seeing this hunt is not making me a happy camper. I might as well juust stop it. Will know after this hunt if I will or not. If you have any ideas how to make this better we are always listening.

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      i would have got into it this year but a lot been going on :s wouldnt be wise with us having a new welcome center built and all the backend recoded, next one is a deffo tho, hopefully youll keep it going 🙂