AllCity makes surprise top showing in seventh annual grid survey

Nearly 800 responses came in for this year’s Seventh Annual OpenSim Grid Survey, and after 31 were deleted as invalid, DigiWorldz came out with the most responses, while AllCity received the highest scores, followed by FrancoGrid, Virtual Highway, DigiWorldz and Lost Paradise.

People rated 51 different grids, of which 19 made it past the 10-rating-minimum cutoff point.

The big difference in the distribution of responses, compared to previous years, is that InWorldz received fewer total responses than six other grids. In past years, it had always been the leading grid, since it is the most popular grid in OpenSim. This could be a reflection of the changing readership of Hypergrid Business, or the fact that InWorldz’ traffic advantage over other grids has been shrinking over the past few years. InWorldz’ share of all active OpenSim users has shrunk from a peak of 39 percent in 2012 to a low of 18 percent this month.

Total number of responses for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Total number of responses for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

YrGrid was in second places with the total number of responses, as a result of an in-world business owner who offered an award, in in-world currency, for people who filled out the survey.

Since the promotion was not associated with the grid’s management, and residents were not rewarded for voting more than once, I kept the votes in. I did have to delete a large number of duplicate submissions, more than for any other grid.

As you can see in the chart below, YrGrid’s promotion actually backfired.

Scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

YrGrid scored the worst overall of all the grids, with the lowest score for content, second lowest for community, fifth lowest for support, and second lowest for technology.

I suspect that the reason is that people were encouraged to rate the grid who might not have taken the survey otherwise because they weren’t particularly enthusiastic about their grid. Normally, I think, people vote because they’re either very happy with their grid and want to let everyone know, or they’re very unhappy about something but haven’t for another grid yet.

Another interesting statistic in this year’s survey is how many people visited other grids. Even if visitors don’t consider a grid to be their virtual home, they might still spend money there, attend events, and participate in activities, so these visits matter.

These results serve as a check on the traffic numbers that grids release each month.

The following is a chart of the grids that were visited by at least 10 percent of our respondents. InWorldz and OSgrid obviously did well here, since they are well-established, popular grids.

How many people visited each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

How many people visited each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Overall, the numbers were in-line with the traffic stats reported by the grids this month, and validated the decision not to run the numbers from Alife Virtual. Although that grid has been claiming very high active user numbers, only two people said that they had visited the grid, and none picked it as their home base.

AllCity had been visited by 33 of our respondents, a third of whom also chose that grid as their home base. That is not a bad showing, given that the grid only launched this spring, and that its primary language is Portuguese — and Hypergrid Business is written in English.

Avination, once one of the biggest, most successful commercial grids, continued its slide. Only one person chose it as their home grid, and only 10 people said that they visited it. The grid is currently down, which didn’t help, but OSgrid was down for a longer period in 2014 and still had a large number of people saying that they had visited it. Avination had a peak of nearly 9,000 active monthly users in 2011, but traffic has fallen off steadily since then, falling below 450 active monthly users this year.

Another surprise was the falling scores for the Great Canadian Grid. Last year, it received an average of 4.7 as its overall score, and this year it was down to 4.0. In addition, only 74 percent said that they would “absolutely” recommend the grid to others, while 14 percent said “absolutely not” — compared to 2 percent overall.

By comparison, most people were extremely happy with the grids that they rated.

Percent of residents who would recommend their grid to others. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Percent of residents who would recommend their grid to others. Only 2 percent said they would “definitely not” recommend their grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)


Write-ins DreamNation, 3rd Life Grid make a strong showing

Every year, there’s usually at least one write-in grid that pops up on the survey as a write-in candidate. This year, there were two grids — DreamNation and 3rd Life Grid.

DreamNation had 56 respondents choosing it as their home grid, though only six others said that they had visited the grid but did not live there. The lack of visitors was partly due to the fact that people had to write it in, and partly that it is not open to hypergrid travelers. In order to visit the grid, users have to create a new account, and membership is by invitation only.

3rd Life Grid, had 20 respondents choosing it as their home grid, and 24 said that they had visited it. The grid only started making a splash in the past couple of months, but one of its residents, the well-known content creator Sunbeam Magic, has been promoting the grid recently. The grid also has a nice new Halloween-themed build. It also serves as the headquarters of HG VisionZ magazine. You can follow the grid on Facebook, and follow Sunbeam Magic on Facebook and Google Plus. Sunbeam Magic is also the founder of the OpenSim Everything Google Plus community.

AllCity, Virtual Highway score tops in content

AllCity and Virtual Highway both had perfect scores for the content category — all respondents rated them as “excellent.”

Content scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Content scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

YrGrid scored the lowest, even below “my personal grid.”

AllCity, Nara’s Nook tops in community

Nara’s Nook, a small grid focused on writers, tied with AllCity for a perfect “community” score.

Community scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Community scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

“My personal grid” was ranked lowest, for obvious reasons, with YrGrid scoring next lowest.

AllCity, Virtual Highway rank best in support

When it comes to the support, all AllCity and Virtual Highway residents gave “excellent” scores to their grids.

Support scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Support scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

OSgrid, a non-profit, ranked lowest.

Surprisingly, Great Canadian Grid, which has had a good reputation in this area, scored next lowest.

FrancoGrid, AllCity, Kitely lead in technology

No grid got a perfect score for technology, but FrancoGrid ranked tops, followed by AllCity, Kitely, Lost Paradise, and DigiWorldz.

Technology scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

Technology scores for each grid. (Hypergrid Business data.)

The Great Canadian Grid ranked last, and YrGrid came in second lowest.

Other Comments

The following are representative comments about the grids. There were 195 comments in all, some of them quite lengthy, and if anyone wants to see them, just email me at [email protected]. In addition to leaving out some of the repetitive comments, I’ve also skipped those that had negative personal attacks or that seemed libelous and edited out any personally identifying information.

3rd Life Grid

“For a brand new grid, 3rd Life is full of fun and happy people. There is always something to do and projects to join in with the community spirit.”

“For only being online for three months, this grid has great content. The mentors and residents are very friendly.”

“Great new grid. All about fun. Owners listen and follow through with fun ideas like the Holiday Isle.”

“This grid changed providers to make our virtual experience the best, always helpful and kind. They are how I like to think I would be if I had a grid to run.”

3rd Rock Grid

“A very friendly grid where support is excellent.A good home base, and you can ask anybody and they will help you — or find somebody who knows who can. Pricing is good.”

“They just lost 28 days of people’s inventories, without bothering to tell anyone until pressed by members about what the heck happened. Not a good situation.”


“Eu recomendaria a todos virem e conhecerem o AllCity pois é um grid maravilhoso.” (“I would recommend everyone to come and know the AllCity it is a wonderful grid.”)

“Gosto muito dessa grid la encontrei muitos amigos diversao e aprendi muit coisas. Para mim o melhor grid que eu já joguei.” (“I like this grid a lot. I found many friends and learned many different things. For me, the best grid I’ve ever tried.”)


“From day one, I have felt welcome on this grid and so many people have helped me get around and learn this grid. When I did have issues, they took care of them right away. I have been on many other grids but this one is my favorite by far. Small but growing and I can see why!”

“The quality to cost ratio is the best I have found. This is a great place to run a sim inexpensively, where everything just works and is well maintained.”

“I recommend DigiWorldz to everyone I run into. It is the most comprehensive and thorough grid I’ve experienced in a virtual setting… Support there is fantastic! never had an issue that wasn’t resolved within minutes!”

“I like also that the owners are known by their real life name, with a company with real address… When I submit a ticket or write an email suggesting new features, they do not try to evade them giving me pseudo reasons. They tell me what they are doing to achieve that that feature is implemented. Always very friendly, they thank me for submitting such suggestions.”

“Their prices can also not be beat and the availability of variable-sized regions makes it even more worth the price. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with DigiWorldz as I am now able to build my dream that I could never do — or afford — on other grids.”


“DreamNation is a wonderful world full of many wonderful people. I am proud to have been a member for over four years now and enjoy being there to this day. I love to help my fellow residents explore and discover new things about our world, and can not think of any place I would ever rather be. I have accounts in over 50 grids, even my own small standalone I bring up occasionally, but DreamNation is home.”

“Love DreamNation! Don’t like the sign up process but once you’re in”it’s just great! Friendly people and helpful mentors.”

“The grid is on the cutting edge using [OpenSim release] o.90 and have excellent coders supporting it.”

Great Canadian Grid

Last year, the comments were overwhelmingly positive, with only a couple of complaints about support. This year, however, the number of negative comments was much higher, with people complaining about technology and support. Some of this was due to the distributed denial of service attacks this summer.

“Great Canadian Grid has had some availability issues in the past year that have caused some contraction after dramatic growth. Things seem to have stabilized, and the core community remains strong and engaged.”

“This grid had to endure a DDOS attack and we are still standing.”

“Downsized my holdings and looking at options for moving. Owner is very bad at support. Combine that with the DDOS issues, server move issues, and the owner’s lack of tech savvy and it’s gone from being a great place to build to a poor location at best.”

“The support is very poor — I still have tickets open, unanswered since months. The owner is not showing any interest in his people and cannot handle feedback. He deletes posts on Facebook and at the forum. Some people still are not able to log back in. I would not recommend this grid to others.”

“I would recommend for someone to consider having a backup grid to log into.”

“Great Canadian Grid has always been a great grid simply because of the owner and his commitment to the community. We’ve hit some hard times recently and things aren’t quite up to the standard they used to be. Overall, though, the Great Canadian Grid is a grid you can be proud to live on, work on, play on and bring your friends to.”


Last year, InWorldz residents had some complaints about missing features and lack of Kitely Market deliveries last year, but most comments were positive. This year, there were more negative comments. In addition, many commenters said that they were splitting their time between InWorldz and another grid.

“InWorldz has built an amazing server back-end to support an outstanding community and scale up as the community grows. Official viewer development seems to stall regularly however, making up-to-date third party viewers more viable for many experienced users and leaves those new to virtual worlds with an official viewer that may or may not allow them to fully experience the grid.”

“It is getting buggier by the week with ill-tested changes. Fix one thing, break two others. An appalling lack of developer discipline that brings down the quality of this grid’s experience.”

“Tech-wise, the best out there — some elements even passes big brother Second Life, cannot understand why other grids do not take advantage of the open sourcing InWorldz did on a lot of their essential improvements.”


Kitely had a few complaints about community in previous years, but this year the responses were almost universally positive. The one negative comment mentioned community, but was positive otherwise.

“Kitely’s community hasn’t seemed as good the past year, but it’s definitely the most stable, and it’s very affordable.”

“I have been a resident on Kitely for five years. I recommend it for the stability, community, and support. It’s a great grid, one I would not change for any other.”

“I have found that Kitely’s proprietary asset server technology, and their improvements on sim performance, as well as its hosting in Amazon server farms, provide an experience far and away superior to any other grid I’ve visited. They are operating the only significant in-world economy and the Kitely Marketplace website also are superior to any other grid, and it serves other grids with exportable content. It makes having a Kitely presence a necessity for any content creator of any kind who wishes to be compensated for their work instead of just giving their stuff away.”

“I switched to Kitely from another grid because Kitely is more stable and is better for scripts. I also adore the option of having a huge sim with the prim count for very little money a month.”

“I use Kitely as my home grid but also use OSgrid more often during conference and developer activities. Kitely has been very reliable, but it is starting to present differences from OpenSim version 0.90 when going to other grids. Map tiles, assets and friend and presence issues are most noticeable.”

“Over this past year, Kitely’s founders have worked closely with community members and added community-building tools — listing events on the log-in screen is one example. The revamped Kitely Welcome Center includes features to help newcomers get in touch with volunteer helpers. The fact that users are willing to volunteer to help in this way suggests an underlying good will towards Kitely grid.”


“I would absolutely recommend Littlefield Grid based solely on the community there! These are some of the most friendly and helpful folks you can find anywhere. It’s hypergrid-enabled, there are tons of free goodies and plenty of fun events. Their servers have always proven to be rock solid and stable. Not a single time have I had a login failure. There’s just so much good here because the grid is based on a spirit of community, not profits or technology.”

Lost Paradise

“Our Lost Paradise grid owner checks in regularly through the day to provide any and all needed support. The sim owners and residents really enjoy helping and sharing with each other, and we have some amazing sims and regions that invite all to come see, enjoy, and usually walk away with some additional items in their inventories.”


“Simply the best. Metropolis has more friendly people than any other. And so giving and helpful.”

Mobius Grid

Comments were split for Mobius grids, with some users complaining about lag and support.

“I like Mobius Grid not only for the friendlier people and staff, but the intriguing environments and support it has! I enjoy it!”

“The staff seems kind of a mess and the support is pretty slow. Most places are too big so it often feels empty as a whole. You can get in trouble for breaking a language rule even if no one else but a single staff member is around. Overall not a bad grid, but not one to take seriously either.”

Nara’s Nook

“The Nook has a great atmosphere and appeal. It has fresh content that is engaging.”


There were few positive comments about the grid’s community and support, and more discussion about technical issues. OSgrid is the main testing grid for OpenSim software.

“Given it is the test grid, it is darn good.”

“OSgrid, while it is less densely populated than some others, has better technology and great community in the areas where people congregate. Hypergrid-enabled grids allow users the best of all worlds. Multiple servers, some privately owned, are a tremendous asset.”

“I find the tempest in a teapot internal politics of a lot of OSgridders really disconcerting, as well as the prevailing rather prudish attitude.”

“When OSgrid went to OpenSim version 0.9 things got seriously messed up and not sure they can recover.”

Tangle Grid

“A nice, stable grid with the latest bells and whistles.”

Virtual Highway

“I checked out other grids — my search ended when I found Virtual Highway and made it my home.


As mentioned above, many respondents rated YrGrid this year due to some promotional activity, but the comments were very divided.

“Very nice lag free environment, cheapest land, and guess what, games. Plenty of them to play and entertain ourselves… I would recommend it to anyone that coming from Second Life.”

“Having gaming and Bitcoin makes this grid great.”

“I have enjoyed the time I have spent in YrGrid. I would love to see more creators join as I think this grid has a lot of potential.”

“A lot of problems on the grid lately.”

“The grid is very unstable. Sadly, this grid has major technical problems. Every day, something new isn’t working.”

“Too problematic to buy land — not a whole sim just a parcel.”

“YrGrid has gone way downhill! I gave it a shot at first, but recently, it is so crashy and laggy everywhere. Can’t even play games. And community? There’s no community whatsoever! Cash-outs were supposed to be instant, now they hold the money a long time, for what? It looks like this place is going down the toilet. Best to avoid it.”


ZanGrid got quite a few comments this year, all positive.

“I have been a resident of ZanGrid since May 2013. Originally, I came there as a tester, there were just seven of us and the grid has come on in leaps and bounds in the last three years. Many of the regions there are now hypergrid-enabled, and it’s great to see so many more visitors.”

“The support is excellent, always an answer within the hour, I would say. The community is very stable and caring. This grid cares about its people and is not run by volunteers. They stay out of the drama as we can follow daily at Hypergrid Business when it comes to news about grids. It is my grid because they do take things seriously and act like a registered business should act.”

“ZanGrid is very reliable, customer support is very fast. The pricing for regions is very competitive, they are one of the only ones that offer truly un-metered prims. I have seen people use over 200,000 prims with no issues. You don’t hear much about them — it feels like one of the best kept secrets in the community. Don’t understand why they are not listed on the survey as they are one of the most reliable and popular grids out there. The grid is also a registered business which makes me feel better about professionalism.”


“ZetaWorlds is hosting our Virtually Enhanced Languages project demonstration region. The project is funded by the Australian government and is focused on demonstrating free resources we have developed for task-based language and culture learning — with a focus on Chinese — based on the resources we have developed and used in Second Life since 2008. Over 1500 students have done lessons in our Second Life region Monash Chinese Island. While there have been some technical teething problems, I have found the ZetaWorlds leads  to be incredibly helpful, and I admire the way they continuously improve what they do.”

Editor’s note: If you are interested in getting a copy of the anonymized data, or all the comments submitted for your grid, please email me at [email protected].

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1. done and i selected my personal grid as a 2nd visited grid, thats just used to test a module im trying to make in opensim as well as teach myself c#. so far its been fun.

    •' Quill Littlepecker says:

      Whatever keeps your hands off of small children is a good thing. Glad to see intensive counseling working!

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  3.' Carlos Loff says:

    Done, Im very curious about this year

  4.' Butch Arnold says:

    Done with my vote! Hey DigiWorldz users… Need your car washed? Trash taken out? Yard Mowed? Pets walked? 🙂

  5.' Lani Global says:

    In Lani region, HyperGrid visitors make up more than 50% of all traffic now. To put that in perspective, HG visitors were only about 10% in 2010. OSgrid is the oldest grid and it is still the “crossroads” of the OpenSim metaverse. 2016 has brought growing success and popularity to so many new grids in OpenSim, especially those grids which are openly connected by HyperGrid without restrictions. The fate of OpenSim has always been tied to Second Life through a common viewer and technical standards. The upcoming year brings the introduction of “SL 2.0”, and with it, a huge transition upheaval. It remains to be seen how this will affect the destiny of OpenSim. “I feel a great disturbance in The Force coming…”

    •' Lani Global says:

      Every day, we see HyperGrid visitors to the Lani Mall from most of the grids mentioned in the survey. The increased stability of HyperGrid has changed the pattern of migration between grids and the colonization of new OpenSim worlds. The appetite for OpenSim content is still growing.

  6.' Nanccie Sinatra says:

    Vote Done again for this year. i will be very interested to see how this year pans out.

  7.' Sofee Supermarine says:

    voted and excited to see the outcome for this year!

  8.' Dolly Dot says:

    InWorldz is NOT open sim so it should not be on this list. To use traffic as a parameter is not good, still does not tell people what grid is most popular etc. Is there a difference between commercial grids and non commercial grids. And was there a check if commercial are actually registered as a business? I believe that a lot of grids are asking money for their regions ( not as donations) and not registered in rl as a business. when doing a survey do not compare apples with strawberries ( both fruits, but yet very different) Why are some grids not on the list? I miss grids who are on top in, because they have busy parties and very popular regions. This survey is worth nothing if not set up right. An idea would be to NOT use a list with grid names ( does not give accurate info to the people) but let people fill in the names them selves. And split commercial from not commercial and leave the not registered (and this can be easy verified) commercial grids ( illegal activity) out of the survey.

    •' Cinder Biscuits says:

      Why not do your own survey if everything about Maria’s is wrong?

    •' Justin Time says:

      The Opensimulator ‘Metaverse” (as such) is comprised from an unregulated aggregate collection of hosted simulators.The “Metaverse” collection all operate from the foundation of opensimulator software which is their only common bond. The playing field of simulators is as varied as the personalities that run them so as stated, there will be unfair comparisons when grading same in a single group of popularity. I personally congratulate Maria for taking a daunting task that nobody ever wanted and creating a forum of entertainment that many people now reference as gospel. I know that is an exaggeration however when people refer to Hypergrid Business statistics to boast of their achievements, they are giving precedence to the very publication that nobody else had the time or effort to support. To post comments about how unfair or biased Maria or Hypergrid Business is or is not, is most certainly ludicrous.

    •' Julie Pyle says:

      actually i believe inworldz IS opensim as that is the platform it uses..altho inworldz is NOT part of the hypergrid

      •' 1derworld says:

        Tough question being Inworldz uses different software like SL does.

        • InWorldz uses a fork of OpenSimulator. There are several version of OpenSim currently in use by OpenSim grids. InWorldz’ Halcyon branch is just one of them, though it is among the oldest.

          Other versions include the DivaDistro and ArribaSim.

          It does not support hypergrid connectivity, but not every other version does, either. At times, for example, ArribaSim did not have hypergrid connectivity to mainline OpenSim.

          Meanwhile, Moses has indicated that they are planning to on hypergrid connectivity for Halcyon, though not right away, since they are currently busy on the Web viewer.

          Second Life is not a branch of OpenSim. it uses a completely different code base, different underlying architecture, different programming language.

          I definitely consider InWorldz to be an OpenSim grid, and, in fact, consider them to be a “most valuable player” in the OpenSim community because of how many new users they bring to the OpenSim platform. The average InWorldz visitor has been to four other OpenSim grids.

          I’ve written about this topic before:

          And while InWorldz might be the largest and most popular of the closed grids, many other OpenSim grids also do not offer hypergrid connectivity, for a number of different legitimate reasons. Some don’t want strangers visiting their classrooms, some want to ensure maximum privacy for their members, others offer proprietary role playing games and want users to have unique avatars and content for the world. And some commercial grids want to offer best content protection available for their merchants and creators.

          • I recall I challenged that very point during the survey… guess this makes TWO of us… perhaps that takes notice since I know the opinions of “one” person aren’t important… but then let’s look at the big picture. If InWorldz is a “fork” of “opensim” then technically “opensim” is a “fork” of SecondLife since it uses SL protocol therefore ruling OpenSim as an entity itself moot. Yeah… personally I’d like to see InWorldz off the list not because I don’t like them but because they are “too big”… There should be a point at which you should no longer qualify as a opensim grid and instead have a classification of your own somehow. Unless InWorldz shuts down tomorrow NONE of these other grids will ever compete… but it’s always going to be like comparing Walmart to Bob’s Hardware Store.

      •' mikelorrey says:

        This site is “Hypergrid Business”, which should limit itself to grids that are on the hypergrid. That said, this is an opensim survey, although I would dispute the idea of inworldz being particularly “open”, I have to agree with Maria that they have a rather vibrant community which impressed me when I visited there, there were even blingtards at the welcome area, and multiple welcome helpers, although the amount of “hoodrat” flirtation was imho a bit unprofessional. I also enjoyed the use of physical vehicles that performed very well (sailing Scurvy’s pirate ships, as well as jets and choppers). So they have a lot going for them, but their not hypergridding to me is a big minus.

    •' Iris Dolphin says:

      Maybe InWorlds should have a (Non Hypergrid) after your listing Maria?? Is it not a hyperworld and Dolly Dot is partly right.. but included in the list with a notation would have been great.. thanks

  9.' 1derworld says:

    Not voting I like them all equally, Grid owners do there best and that’s good enough for me. As for my grid its only a showroom

    •' Justin Time says:

      All grids are showrooms, centers of community, agents of commerce. Some are better at one or two but not one is superior at all three grid aspects.

      •' Minethereé says:

        Heya Justin-) nice to see you around still. There is a fourth type, the non-profits in the free Hyperverse. Metropolis is one, OSG is another, FrancoGrid is another and Craft-world is another example. And many more.

        •' Justin Time says:

          Good point Minethereé
          My reply was geared to a comment made by the OP 1derworld.
          Indeed, there are many types of grids that comprise the Metaverse however, they all originated from the same software base (concept) then branched out to become what they are today. Some are experimental, some are educational, some are non-profit, and so on.
          To be completely successful in all three areas as I expressed them would make an ideal Grid. The three elements are crucial even if commerce is not related to profit but more to collective interest.

      •' 1derworld says:

        I suppose I meant to say a grid of Entertainment all built for opensim users with no commerce and no your wrong not all are showrooms. Maybe I need to shoot you a LM see for yourself.

        •' Justin Time says:

          I did not miss anything in my post. Just because a grid does not meet your expectations does not make it unworthy.
          What is the first thing you see when you land on any grid? The showroom, typically the welcome center.
          Very true 1derworld, there are some I prefer over others, but none are unworthy of calling showrooms.
          The whole point of my post was to not find fault, but to explain what an ideal grid would consist.

  10.' Carlos Loff says:

    This survey is done on this website so it teflects only what this websit readers prefere, not what overall OS users prefere – People who come here are probably the most teck and trend interested and there may be thousands of folks using and visiting and renting in Virtual Worlds on a scheme thats is the opposite to what this graphs show – But is nice to have so e pools for reference

    •' mikelorrey says:

      I have to disagree with that, since I’ve seen at least a few grid operators promoting to their residents that they complete this survey, whether or not they are regular readers.

      • I also try to do my best to get word of this survey out to as many people as possible, beyond just my regular crop of readers, by contacting grid owners directly, by posting links in various online groups (both grid-specific and general OpenSim groups) and in other social media.

  11.' Kitty Pashinin says:

    I’d like to visit them all but already spend too much time on the ones i do go to.. The staff at Yrgrid are great about dealing with any issues you might have and are always working on improving things.

    •' Suz Blessed says:

      And they pay you when you fill in the survey and send a screenshot of what you wrote in the additional comments ?
      I think i will create an account and play in area 51 and grab the 10 k 🙂

      •' Andy Grant says:

        “I think i will create an account and…” – this why we added rule #4. I’m sorry but it’s only open to genuine players, to prevent abuse like this.
        You’re most welcome to join the fun though, we have many exciting projects coming up.

      • wow sorry that to me sounds like a great way to rig the voting. Voting should be legit with NO rewards for voting for 1 grid. People shouldn’t have to feel they have to vote for one grid all because that grid is offering money for their residents to vote for them.

        •' Da Hayward says:

          I agree Chris, really buying votes isn’t it?

          • sounds like something that a politician would do if they could get away with it. i’m pretty sure buying votes in a actual election is illegal and i think it should be illegal for this too.

          • Again, in the survey, grids aren’t rewarded for how many people vote for them. It depends on how well they are reviewed.

            So more like Amazon reviews, than a vote in an election. Having a lot of votes doesn’t mean that a grid is better or more popular, it just means that the residents are motivated to go out and rate it.

            Now, if a grid has been reporting high traffic numbers, but receives no votes at all, that is a cause for concern, especially if the grid’s population is English-speaking.

            But even when people are rewarded for a review, not for a vote, it can still make them more inclined to be positive, which is why Amazon is cracking down on paid reviews, or reviews where the reviewer gets the product for free.

            So I’m concerned about that on that score. If it turns that the allegations are, in fact, true, that will be reflected in the final report one way or another.

          • ok a survey. granted i get some money for doing google survey’s but i can still be completely honest with the survey. let’s say if google pop up your survey, i would still say digiworldz has excellent everything because that is my opinion and google wants honest opinions, not opinions influence on money.
            Let’s say, just saying, what if google then told me they will give me $100 credit on my play account to say i love YRGrid, well that be very unfair for other grids because of course i would then say YR Grid is the best just to get that $100.
            Terry Ford doesn’t offer anything to digiworldz residents at all, all there is is a group notice about this survey asking residents to do it but its up to each person to decide to do it and their choice to say the truth of how they feel about any grid.

            Sorry Andy to be rippin on ya, its a good way to get people to do the survey but think it would be better if your notice said something like “even if your review is for another grid” just to make it fair for all grids.

          •' Suz Blessed says:

            ZanGrid also does NOT reward people or make a competition over this survey. But because some grids just have less people they also will get less responses , bad or good. So there should be something like …..% of the people who filled in the survey of …… grid think the costumer service is pretty good.

          • Suz — That is exactly how the survey works. The number of people who voted does not affect the ranking of that particular grid. The reason I want more people to vote is to make the results as accurate as possible.

            If, say, only one person votes, and they’re the owner of the grid, that will obviously skew the results. Or if a handful of people vote, but one of those people just had a really bad customer experience and rates the grid badly, that will skew the results. The more tallies, the less likely that an outlier will make a big difference.

            That’s why i have a cut-off point and only look at the numbers when there are enough of them.

            Plus, with more people voting, more grids get into the report, which is all good.

            Similarly, explanations in the “other comments” section do not affect the ratings. What they can do is provide a REASON for the ratings. Residents might say that they rated a grid highly because of their great customer service, or badly because there’s never anything happening.

            It’s also an opportunity for grids to fix problems — or perceived problems. There might be things happening, for example, but there isn’t enough communication so that residents know about all the events.

            And it’s an opportunity for other grids to see what everyone else is doing well.

          •' Da Hayward says:

            its a great job you doing Maria, I’m sure the majority are not intentionally directing any criticism at you.
            Keep up the good work

        •' Kitty Pashinin says:

          Nobody was asked to vote for a certain grid.. It was only asked to do the survey and be honest. No one was offered any reward to vote for one grid.

      •' Lani Global says:

        “YrGrid” paying the vote bribe 10k uBTC (10000 micro bitcoin) is worth about $6.39 US Dollars. Enough to buy a loaf of bread.

  12.' Saudi Baar says:

    i just login to yrgrid to play at Area51, I wont login for any other gaming sims because there r all have the same boring games ,but Area51 is so uique to be honest.

  13. I’m getting emails from folks forwarding a note from YrGrid encouraging their residents to vote — and rewarding them with in-world currency if they do. I’m fine with folks being encouraged to vote. Keep in mind that respondents aren’t rating grids against one another — they’re only rating their own grid. So the number of responses, while it makes the results more meaningful, doesn’t correlate to increased scores. In fact, the more people vote, the more likely it is that some will have very negative experiences and will use the survey to say so, as has happened in the past with some grids.

    What disturbs me here, though, is that respondents are encouraged to send in a screenshot of their actual response — not just of the confirmation screen. The responses are supposed to be completely confidential. If the voters have to tell the grid owners how they voted in order to get the reward, they’re more likely to submit positive responses.

    I’m also worried about the potential for ballot stuffing here, if the grid accepts multiple responses from the same people.

    I’ve contacted the grid owners for clarification, and if they are reading this, and did not get my email (I understand that there’s been a change of spokespeople), please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!

    •' Jamie Wright says:

      It’s your survey Maria, but if I’d disqualify a grid for that if it was my call. That’s just not cool.

    •' Andy Grant says:

      Let me clarify some confusion going on here. Neither am i nor is Chiana Lane the owner(s) of Yrgrid, i don’t see where that idea came from. I run a gaming place there. This year i chose to do an expirement and reward people to do the grid survey. Did i do it the best way ? Possibly not, but with the limited tools i have available i believe i made a decent effort to motivate people to participate and at same time limit ballot stuffing by requiring that they are active players at my place.

      What disturbs me here, though, is that respondents are encouraged to send in a screenshot of their actual response — not just of the confirmation screen. The responses are supposed to be completely confidential. If the voters have to tell the grid owners how they voted in order to get the reward, they’re more likely to submit positive responses.

      I think this should be far less disturbing now due to the fact that it’s not the grid.

      I’m also worried about the potential for ballot stuffing here, if the grid accepts multiple responses from the same people.

      Again, it’s not the grid, but a gaming place on a grid. I’m worried about that every single year, Maria. But you seem to do a very good job at it. I tried to limit it by making the requirement that they are active players at my place during the last 3 months. Yes there is a chance a person has more than 1 account, but most of my players seem to use 1 account.

      • Andy — I’m glad to hear that you’re not affiliated with the grid owners, and that you’re accepting only one vote per resident.

        I would still be worried about the results, but, so far, the rating seem to be lower than average, not higher. So while the campaign has definitely brought in a lot of ratings, it seems to have backfired in that it may have caused more unhappy people to rate the grid, who might have otherwise sat out the poll.

        We’ll see when the final results are tabulated, and I’ll definitely mention the issue in the final report.

        •' Justin Time says:

          Just post the results as they were received. MHO
          Here is why;
          Just how well someone describes the grid they love or hate does “NOT” reflect anything other than how a person feels at the moment when filling out the survey. Now you have made it known that going into remarkable detail about any grid will indeed influence your ranking. I would be willing to bet that most people had no clue that their added comments made any difference at all. I do not remember if I made any comment at all in the past, I only entered my vote to the best of my knowledge and that should be the sole purpose of the “survey”.

          You are not going to get a true representation of any grid from the informal survey as it is represented. A truly popular grid may indeed have more submissions than a relatively obscure grid, but that alone does not tell the whole story as you well know.
          Had there been instructions on the header explaining to the survey taker that comments are not only appreciated, but also used in scoring your favorite grid, then that would be an acceptable “review”. A survey is NOT a review, it is only a survey.

          •' TribeGadgets says:

            Raise some good points here. Apart from some more or less generic comments I used it to indicate that, yes, voted twice as over the past year have split roughly 50/50 between two grids. Which was mentioned in the article as:

            ‘If you split your time evenly between two grids, you can rate both grids, and make a note in the comments that you are voting twice, so your second vote doesn’t get deleted.’

      • Call me crazy or paranoid but “What disturbs me here, though, is that respondents are encouraged to send in a screenshot of their actual response — not just of the confirmation screen. The responses are supposed to be completely confidential. If the voters have to tell the grid owners how they voted in order to get the reward, they’re more likely to submit positive responses.

        I think this should be far less disturbing now due to the fact that it’s not the grid.”

        How exactly should that be less disturbing?? Now instead of the grid, which already has my personal information, just receiving more of my info… now some random person who is not associated with the grid at all has access to it? Apparently the privacy laws where you live are WAAAY less strict than they are in North America.

  14.' Sugar Paolino says:

    hi Maria this year we were just not aware of the survey. Lots of things going on in IO and rl. Sorry we will try to look for it next year.

  15.' Minethereé says:

    heyyy, where is my write in vote for “The Hypergrid”!! I feel slighted!!

  16.' Butch Arnold says:

    Congrats to all grids, and thank you to all users who took the time to fill out the survey.
    It would be very nice if the grid owners could have a listing of all of the feedback comments (no names attached of course) to use as a tool to try to correct where each scored lower than they would like.

  17.' Minethereé says:

    What’s even more interesting is that one change I told her about was done, but not this one yet. What’s up Maria?

  18.' Korgi Silvercloud says:

    As always Maria, this has been another great survey and I am proud to see DreamNation doing so well this year! It has been a very turbulent year for everyone with both good and bad sides, but as a whole it seems all grids for the most part have really prospered. 1 thing to keep in mind though for the future is the “technology” score could be quite varied depending on what independent users consider good and bad. ALL opensim grids for the most part have been receiving an influx of SecondLife users for various reasons. These SL users view of what is good technology will be drastically different than that of someone who has spent the last several years in Opensim, even moreso if they do not get out to other worlds often and stay in 1 place. They would have little idea of what Opensim technology is like in the rest of the metaverse. Just a thought 🙂

  19.' All City says:

    I want to congratulate all grids, those listed in the survey and those who also are not, I believe that every independent grid shape or size has great contribution to OpenSim.

    I also want to congratulate Maria for his great work for OpenSim.

    Congratulations to all of you

  20.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Congratulations to all the grids ! Good job.

  21.' JC says:

    I am getting lost in time here. This was posted by Maria on 16th, how come there are replies from 5 days ago and much older

  22.' JC says:

    I am not sure what this survey is attempting to convey, or who might be it’s target audience.
    I would hope that it is an internal private note to Grid owners to indicate the state of their grids, or at least the willingness of their users to reveal their thoughts. I say this because if it’s aim were in any way to present a snap shot of the currant state of Open Sim and it’s top rated grids in order to attract new users, then I think it is extremely counter productive. The numbers are minuscule. I clicked on a link to one of the top grids mentioned here and there were 3 people online. I kick the hell out of SL whenever I can, but even now they have thousands of people online every day. OS is so very insular, and so very nice and friendly that it perpetuates an alternate reality. And when all is said and done the majority of the the Grids are only attempts by disgruntled SL users to mimic SL. OS is in a real bad way in the great scheme of things, does anyone here know or care what user figures are on what are considered failed online projects in the real world. Who am I to say such, someone who wished for all the world that OS was all that it imagines itself to be in it’s insular dream.

    •' Carlos Loff says:

      First of all – A big part of people on SL are covered by an not interesting category – casual visitors, curious, perverts and grievers (maybe Iam exagerating but I surelly do not get excited about an SL place just because it shows 10 avis there), secondly you must remember that most grids are interconnected by the Hypergrid, so there were not only 3 people on OS, just 3 on that grid – I understand what you meant – Reality VS this specific poll – Im pretty sure OS will soon have more people in total and specially, more valuable people, because changing systems is something only people who invest time in building, creating or engaging seriously in community affairs will have the time and patience to do

      • “A big part of people on SL are covered by an not interesting category – casual visitors, curious, perverts and grievers (maybe I am exagerating but I surelly do not get excited about an SL place just because it shows 10 avis there),”

        LOL maybe they should conduct a survey for this group of people… then grid owners would use that list of participants to ban them from their grids… much in the way that police use fake contests to catch criminals with outstanding warrants.

        •' Carlos Loff says:

          Do not make a script for a movie with words I did not said – I HATE THAT – I said – NOT INTERESTING PEOPLE – I will say the same in simple lame words so you understand it and do not twisted – About SL having many more avatars than OS – Quantity is not quality and the reference JC used of finding or not many people is not importante TO ME (MY POST AND MY OPINION) – In my lands everyone is welcome and I m offering free homes, free clubs, free stores to EVERYONE, so stop the movie making

          • umm no Carlos you actually said “First of all – A big part of people on SL are covered by an not interesting category – casual visitors, curious, perverts and grievers (maybe Iam exagerating but I surelly do not get excited about an SL place just because it shows 10 avis there), secondly you must remember that most grids are interconnected by the Hypergrid, so there were not only 3 people on OS, just 3 on that grid – I understand what you meant – Reality VS this specific poll – Im pretty sure OS will soon have more people in total and specially, more valuable people, because changing systems is something only people who invest time in building, creating or engaging seriously in community affairs will have the time and patience to do”

            anyways, lay off that sixteenth cup of coffee eh

          •' Da Hayward says:

            I agree I think that OS has so much “untapped” potential and as you said Winter “more Valuable people”.
            We often in this forum keep comparing OS to SL. TBH I am on both although I do doubt SL’s traffic number’s.
            OS has something great and most grid owners place their residents and visitors on a pedestal in OS, Whilst I personally believe LL don’t really give a toss for their residents concerns. Here’s to Open Sim, Hypergrid and everyone trying to make it work…Cheers!

          • LL use to care about the residents when philip was in charge, he really cares about the users. LL now is just milking every penny out of SL before the release of sansar.

            Opensim seems to still be stickin with what i like to call the “phil effect” because prices for sims on all grids are just enough to help pay for servers and that i love seeing. Grid owners caring more about the poor then themselves.

          •' Da Hayward says:

            yup I agree Chris, LL are milking everyone till release of Sansar.
            They said they would run SL alongside sansar whilst it is viable, whats their definition of viable?I personally think a lot of people are going to be in for a shock in sl

          •' TribeGadgets says:

            It is a possibility. There again whenever people in SL ask me about alternatives I make a point of showing them threads like this.
            As one of ‘those’ I feel it is important to show them how they will be treated.
            As a ‘casual visitor’ indeed.

          •' Da Hayward says:

            Oh yes Definitely.
            I think everyone estate owner,resident or casual visitor should be treated with equal amount of respect and politeness and although at present SL has some things to offer residents that OS doesn’t the same can be said vice versa. Great thing with OS is its a fresh canvas people can truly create their dreams

          •' Chris says:

            wow chill dude, winter and i are canadian and he didnt say anything aboot a wall eh. all winter said was a joke that is actually a cool idea imo.

  23.' TanGLe Grid says:

    As a grid owner I don’t want to blow my own horn. lol But I wanted to say that TanGLe Grid is also a grid that is always trying to find ways to bring the hypergrids together. Example our OpenSim Treasure Hunt. We might not be one of the biggest but we do care about opensim. People forget easy how hard it is to do theses kinds of things. I wanted to thank all that got involved in this survey. Where it be from our grid or any other. Maria your the best. You try to give us good information. BTW we are working on other projects to being the HG community still closer. Keep and eye open for them.