AviWorlds moves to DigiWorldz hosting

AviWorldz has officially joined the big grid migration of 2017, becoming the latest in a string of grids to switch to DigiWorldz hosting.

DigiWorldz is mostly known as a popular commercial OpenSim grid, but the company also provides hosting for other grids. This means that would-be grid owners can focus on building communities, and leave all the technical stuff to someone else.

Genesis Metaverse, one of the grids that emerged after the collapse of AviWorlds last summer, stopped running their own servers and switched to DigiWorldz earlier this month. Two other grids also affected by the AviWorlds collapse, Baller Nation and Kea Nation, have also made the switch.

Alexsandro Pomposelli

AviWorlds owner Alexsandro Pomposelli told Hypergrid Business that the new grid should be up within the next couple of weeks.

The grid had gone down four days ago due to a power surge and wasn’t due to come back up until May. It had been run out of Pomposelli’s garage, an announcement that was met with a great deal of skepticism by the OpenSim community.

The business model of the grid will be changing as well, he said.

The previous business model — if you can call it that — was to give away 1,000 free regions to everyone.

Now, the grid will be a non-commercial, social grid. Users can connect regions that they run at home, on their own computers, and will still be able to get one free region on the grid.

“If they want more than the one free region we give them, then we will charge for it,” he added. “But there is no price range yet.”

He added that the grid will have an in-world currency, but the currency won’t be enabled on the self-hosted regions.

When users host regions at home they have access to the region database and all transactions that take place on that region, which raises potential security concerns.

The grid will be hypergrid-enabled, and will also have free uploads, free groups, and free classifieds.

AviWorlds welcome region. (Snapshot by Maria Korolov.)


Former residents who had free regions on the grid before it went down can move those regions over to the new grid, or ask for copies so that they can use them elsewhere.

“I have all the OARs stored in Avi-Labs Google Drive storage,” Pomposelli said.

He reiterated that the AviWorlds grid will continue to exist as a separate grid, and while it will use DigiWorldz for the hosting, it won’t be part of the DigiWorldz main grid.

“I have read what Butch [DigiWorldz founder Terry Ford] is offering and I was sold on it,” he said. “AviWorlds is a very busy grid and I need to have it in a place that will be cost-effective but also honest. This is a very important characteristic that I look for.”

Previously, Pomposelli has also experimented with getting hosting from Dreamland Metaverse and Zetamex Network. Both of those relationships ended when Pomposelli said he hadΒ problems with their services. Pomposelli had also had problems with a number of different business partners, employees, and, in the grid’s most recent incarnation, with the gods themselves.

This is AviWorlds’ tenth incarnation.

My previous warnings remain in place:

  • Do not invest more time and money than you can afford to lose. Do not keep more currency in-world than you can afford to lose.
  • Get regular backups of your builds.
  • Do not use the AviWorlds avatar as your primary avatar. Set up an avatar on another grid and hypergrid in to AviWorlds instead. Users have routinely lost their avatars and inventories during previous grid closings.


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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

111 Responses

  1. i just have 1 request for Alex now. PLEASE let this be the LAST time you resurrect Aviworldz.

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      I sure hope so Christopher. When I place AviWorlds online Its never my intention to take it down.

  2. fonsecaloffpt@yahoo.com' Carlos Loff says:


  3. shelbymoonlight@gmail.com' Linda Kellie says:

    How secure are the OARs that are stored on the AviLabs google drive? Just curious with all the talk today about OARs that were stolen.

    • wyldrose45@outlook.com' Candi Genesis says:

      Sorry but I can’t wait to hear the answer on your question Linda. πŸ™‚

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      These OARS are very secured. It is under my 1 terabyte google drive storage and I have google to back me on that. Most OARS are well stored and are there on demand. Makes life a lot easier also when you want to send them to your tech guy or simple restore it inworld yourself.
      I want to say that they are the ONLY OARS that were out of reach when AviWorlds went down a few months ago. They were safe because they were in google drive.

      • Is that so Alex? Because at this point, I have 4 creators that want to talk to you then as well as an Attorney then as well :))))

        • Candi you may want to talk to terry about that issue, another creator has found more evidence pointing to someone else

        • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

          I have no Idea about what you are talking about Candi. My OARs I am referring to are the ones made for me a long time ago. I paid the creator to make these regions for me. If you are talking about other regions I do not have any back ups for them. All AviWorlds data was taken, lost I do not have it.

        • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

          Candi you should thread lightly when accusing me of anything. Think real hard because I have my conscious clean on whatever you are trying to do here. I dont really know what is going on but I am not dumb either. So if you are going to accuse me and put an attorney on my back you need to really think before you fall into a hole you cant get out from ok. I dont like the way you are coming on to me here specially.
          AviWorlds rules are if anyone sees anything unauthorized they should point it out to me and it would be deleted and purged from the data base thats it.
          AviWorlds is not even online yet. But I had a taste of your ways before , you and Dragon. I dont like you,. I dont like Dragon. Your ways do not please me at all.

        • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

          Ok I have been informed of what is going on and I deleted some of my responses so I can re phrase my view on all this.
          I did not distribute anyone’s oars nor do I have any grid’s contents saved in my google drive.
          What I have in my google drive storage are my own OARS made for me over 5 years ago and some residential oars that 2 residents asked me to save for them. Other than that I do not hold any other content. Boith AviWorlds and Avi-Labs data bases / content were destroyed by me personally months ago when I became aware that I could no longer trust the third party I had hired to help me with the hosting and server management.

          AviWorlds rules are as follows: If any unauthorized content is found and proven to be unauthorized copies I would personally delete it and purge it from the grid. These are my rules.
          So being that said I hope it clarifies the situation brought to my attention here.

          • hey alex buddy, is there any way to have a private chat with ya?

          • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

            I am not inworld. I am working now in real life

          • well when you can, your my last person to question about this whole mess.

          • shelbymoonlight@gmail.com' Linda Kellie says:

            Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t accusing you of mismanaging anything. And I certainly wasn’t accusing you of doing any of this mess yourself. I was just struck by the comment in the article about the google drive. And I don’t know much about it so I was wondering how secure it was. After posting that question to you I went and found out that I have a google drive and I have an old Clutterfly OAR on it.
            Sorry if it came off like I was accusing you. I don’t view you as being untrustworthy like that.

          • Though I did receive those deleted responses you made I have no intention of commenting on them as this is no longer a matter for anyone other than the attorney’s, investigators and several different agency’s, both in the US and the UK. As I said to Chris earlier, the truth will rise to the top as it always does. Whether or not you had anything to do with this particular mess Alex only you know for certain. I am not pointing fingers as I have seen the evidence for myself and am confident the responsible parties will be held accountable.

          • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

            Yes I know that I did not have anything to do with it and it very unfortunate that this has happened. I am very upset with it all. At first I didnt understand what was going on then It was explained to me so I did re phrase. I do apologize for my responses earlier they were based on a different point of view and I can assure you that from my side I do not have any oars or any data from any grids only my personal oars that were made for me years ago. I am firmly against these type of behaviors firmly against unauthorized content. The person who did this I find sick and really reprehensible . I had no idea he did this up to two days ago when I read all this here on Hypergrid Business. I do hope you can square this mess away and move forward it is my deepest wish.

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      HMM Nn the oars I have are mine. Created for me around 7 years ago. Old oars. some residents asked me to save oars but they were also old ones around the same time frame. So I dont know what it going on but if thats what you are asking me no. I do not hold any creators content in my storage. All my own oars I always place online each time aviworlds goes back online. πŸ™‚
      All the other content were deleted along with the grid itself.

      • dragon@stargazer-genesis.com' Dragon Heart says:

        no that isnt what they are on about, you and your company have a lot of explaining to do and some real damage limitations to do, care to tell me why you allowed quill to take oars from a grid your company at the time (avilabs) off the data center that you are supposed to protect, and distribute via a forum which is theft on content.

        Now under the eyes of the law as the owner of said company YOU are responcable for YOUR staff, thefor you are responcable for what happens on the servers and this theft thats accored IS YOUR responcability to make right. so yu have some serious explaining to do as at the moment aviworlds/ avilabs or whatever you want to call yourself has stolen AND distribututed GMV content without our knolede or consent and effectivtly stolen content at thier disposal that belons to GMV and some of its residents.

        To be prosise in this 63 OARS were made by YOUR STAFF (Quill Lightfether) while GMV were hosting by your very own company, these 63 OARS have now been found (by one of our residents and big businesses around opensim) to be freely distributed on a forum under quills name. you are responcable for your staff, and myself, my lawyer and my residents want answers, we WILL NOT settle for that was quills doing he did that on his own bull, WE WANT ANSWERS ALEX aviworlds has royally screwed up this time and i will make sure i do everything within the law to hold avilabs/aviworlds accountable as well as quill lightfeather.

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      I just found out what happened and I re phrased my answers here down bellow.

  4. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    Carlos’s Grid also made the switch to digiworldz, I think he was the 1st of the ex aviWorlds customers to do so.

  5. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    I did not change my intention to donate 1000 regions FREE of charge to the public. That hasnt changed. If I am saying I am giving free regions thats exactly what I am saying. LOL… Also people will be able to connect but those regions will not participate in our currency system.

  6. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    My intention is to bring AviWorlds back to be one of the TOP grids again. I am preparing my following and I just recently conquer another following which is a group of hundreds of people from SPAIN and EUROPE. So I am excited and I do believe AviWorlds with the proper hosting and back end can achieve over 1000 people online at the same time or even more than that.

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      We have found DigiWorldz to be excellent on the tech support and service Alex. I am more than certain that the team can deliver what is possible. You should have a great experience with their hosting services.
      Once again best wishes for Aviworlds

  7. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    Despite Alex’s fault’s I do not believe he is a criminal.I think its about time we give him him a break and see how he fares with DigiWorldz hosting him
    You doing good work Chris & a few of us do appreciate your efforts helping people within the Open Sim community.

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Wait a min there . I have no fault and I dont even know what is going on here . This sneaky way of trying to blame people for something is really getting to be annoying and also unfair. To just come in here and accuse me of taking something that I dont even know what it is clearly states how unfriendly and unsafe this environment is.
      People better better be very careful when accusing me of something. I would thread lightly when it comes to that because I also have a lawyer.

      • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

        calm down alex i’m not accusing you of anything. If you read my comment I said it was time to back off and give you a break. You have a real good shot of making Aviworlds work well, don’t let people get under your skin.
        If I accuse you of anything I’ll email you, not do it in a public forum

    • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

      Thank you . I dont even know what is going on

  8. tribe_gadgets@gmx.com' TribeGadgets says:

    Always fun to read, especially comments containing ‘ the right people are brought to justice is when we all can talk about it’ and such like. Fascinating. Maria, you do the world a service.

    • That’s what I was thinking. Yes, sometimes the comments get out of line (thanks, Lawrence, for stepping in!) but just as often they offer an education in how to run — or not run — a grid. I really believe that the more successful grids there are, the better. When you just have a few grids, with modest plans, the gain of a few active users here or there becomes important, and grids seem to fight among one another for those few users. But when there are more grids, they have to get creative with marketing — and reach beyond the OpenSim community, to Second Life, to other online communities, and even to offline communities. And that’s where the growth in OpenSim will come from. Each new grid that opens up is another chance for a grid owner to come up with a cool new marketing strategy that will bring people in — and, at the end of the day, that benefits everyone here.

      And the flip side of the story is that if you’re good at building communities, then for God’s sake, leave the tech stuff to someone else. If you open a delivery service, you’re going going to build your trucks from scratch. If you run a website, you’re not going to write your web server and content management system from scratch. There’s no reason for anyone these days to learn to build and manage an OpenSim grid, especially when a successful commercial grid requires so many critical pieces — bandwidth, backups, DDOS protection, user management systems, and so on and so forth.

      DigiWorldz has lately become the go-to service provider for grids with strong communities who are looking to become serious commercial businesses, and they’ve been doing a really great job with outreach. Dreamworld Metaverse continues to get high scores from its customers, and is particularly strong with schools and private companies running internal grids. CloudServe seems to have zeroed in on the land baron market. And Zetamex Network still seems to be finding its way, but I’m hoping to hear from them soon. And there are about a dozen other hosting companies providing OpenSim hosting services, including several based in Europe to better serve customers there: http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/category/vendors/multi-grid/

      If you have an OpenSim hosting company that is not on this list, please contact me: [email protected].

  9. services@farworldz.com' Talla Adam says:

    Following the Aviworldz saga is both fun and interesting but also it dose give a fair idea of what might be a good grid service provider to switch to, and, for people aiming to start up their own grid for the first time they might find this helpful too because there are many pit falls in running your own server. I know, I’ve had to run my own for quite a few years and, while my grid is well resourced and quite fast, I have still not been able to move beyond OS 8.1.2 Robust due to the lack of a Diva Wifi pack for Windows – which my server runs on. And, moreover, I do think Opensim is getting more difficult to run by amateurs which a lot of us are really. Anyway, all that aside, I too have seriously considered moving my grid to a service provider like Digiworldz and be left to run my own regions from my server. I didn’t know if Digiworldz provided a service like that until Terry offered to help Alex with Aviworldz.

    So, yes, I am considering moving Farworldz to Digiworldz too but not before I see how Alex gets on and if Terry can handle his whimful ways. For, if he can handle Alex, he should be able to handle my needs which are not exactly aimed at being the biggest grid out there. But I don’t want to be left behind for lack of knowledge, and having an expert handle some of the server stuff could leave me to get on with what I do well, which is build and run my role play games.

    I’m still invested in Second Life and it isn’t going away any time soon but Opensim has so much more going for it now apart from the lower costs. I hope and believe we still have a ways to go with this community and I still hope to remain invested in it too.

    And I wish you better luck this time Alex. You are a trier I have to give you that!

  10. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    I see that people are already trying to gang up against me here and in a very sneaky way trying to accuse me of something I did not do or have any knowledge about. The semi accusation and even the mentioning of an attorney is really uncalled for. I think some people are scared to see AviWorlds building something good and that it can kick their butts by creating competition.
    I have no idea what happened and I am against anything done illegally. Again I say it here and I will say it again. I do not hold any content from anyone and I did not distribute contents to anyone.
    I also consider this to be a hostile attempt to stop me before I place AviWorlds online. The kids are scared and cant compete.
    Anyway good day to all of you.

  11. 1derful61@gmail.com' 1derworld says:

    Lot of Drama going on again I see, Alex I say best to use your own equipment and avoid the opensim police. Bring can’t catch a break regardless where you go.

  12. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    I am looking for pioneers.

    2 clothing creators
    1 or 2 Homes creators
    1 or 2 furniture creators
    2 avatar creators, skin and shape ,
    1 hair creator
    1 scripter
    1 vehicle creator
    1 dance and position creators

    Each creator must offer at least 5 freebies in order to qualify for 1 FREE store and 1 region for a mega store. You will be the first ones having an advantage on the late comers.
    AviWorlds needs these items in order to be well balanced and people will be able to buy for their private use.
    This is also to prevent IMPORTS as we can see IMPORTS is a major problem.

    AviWorlds will be giving away 1000 free regions so people will need all kinds of stuff to place on their regions.

    If you are interested please email me at [email protected]

  13. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    In view of what has happened here I am announcing that I will not bring AviWorlds back at this time. I will hold Butch’s offer in a special place and maybe one day I will find the will to once again fight for what I believe.
    I am very saddened for what has happened here and I do not see how a grid owner can protect him or herself against bad doers like these perpetrators.
    My dream was to have a place FULL of people where harmony and fun happened all the time without the COST. I tried many business modules and failed.
    I guess the important thing here is what is in my heart right? Well I wish I could show you all but I cant.
    I am leaving opensimulator and hypergrid business forums for a while maybe for good. We never know right?
    I do thank all the ones who are supporting me here and I also thank the ones that are not because this is a learning lesson to me.I walk out of here not with less but with a lot more.
    God Speed everybody!
    Alex Ferraris is OUT

    • Alex — To guard against problems in the future, have a good, easy-to-use takedown policy. You can’t be responsible for what people who work for you do unless you somehow helped them do it. So if you ordered someone to do something bad, or looked the other way when they were doing something bad — don’t do that again.

      And taking down the grid won’t make old problems go away. In fact, you’ve accused former employees and partners of doing much much worse than this before, and bounced right back.

      This isn’t a good reason to shut down a grid. This is a good reason to make things right, and improve processes so it doesn’t happen again in the future.

      There, are, of course, some very good reasons for you to close your grid. Such as the fact that you don’t actually have a viable business plan, and ought to take some time to figure out what it is you really want to do and how it will best serve the community.

      A company can have a crisis and get over it. (Check out Tylenol.) It’s all in how you respond and deal with it. In fact, responding to a crisis in a sane, competent way can make a company even stronger than before. There are a lot of resources out there about crisis management, and I recommend every business owner do at least a little bit of reading on this topic.

      In fact, dealing with the crisis is the easiest thing for you right now. Just do the right things, and you’ll get through it.

      Creating a viable business plan, on the other hand, is a very very difficult thing. And nobody can really give any advice here because we’re all trying to figure it out. And when we think we’ve figured it all out, the world goes and changes and we’re back to square one.

      • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

        I agree Maria, One thing I will say about Alex, despite some opinions on him in open sim I do believe he does have a good heart & a true desire to create a nice “world” for people to hang out in. With the right guidance or even “mentor” I can see him making something out of AviWorlds.Before he creates his “business” plan he needs to define what he want’s AviWorlds to be, He is capable of doing this I do hope after he has had time to clear his thoughts a bit he does bring Aviworlds back.

      • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

        Thanks Maria
        I am taking a break and I will have lots of time to think about things.
        Maybe we can meet up in NY? Would be fun!
        Anyway thank u for your words.

      • netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

        I did not order anyone to do anything bad or looked the other way Maria.
        You even wrote an article about when I fired Quill and Josh for being incompetent but I did not know Quill had downloaded oars as Dragon/Candi are saying. I had no idea period and I would never ever do that to anyone!

        • That’s exactly my point. If you didn’t order, didn’t know, didn’t deliberately look the other way, then there’s nothing you could have done. You might, however, look at beefing up security and oversight, or picking vendors with a good reputation.

          And while this isn’t something that a small company would normally be able to do, some companies, especially those in heavily regulated industries, set up logging so that they can tell who accessed what files, so that if something goes wrong, they can trace it back to the person responsible. They will also have data exfiltration technology in place.

          Again, not something most companies in the OpenSim space can do, unless they already have this infrastructure and knowledge from other projects. However, the potential financial losses here are so low — I don’t know of anyone who’s been sued in OpenSim over content issues (empty threats don’t count). This might become an issue someday, however, if OpenSim gets bigger.

  14. skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    Space Engineers!!!!

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      what the hell are you going on about josh. what are space engineers?

      • skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Don’t you have google ? Lol

      • skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Da Hayward how does flying from earth and landing on the moon for a walk theb flying back to your house on earth or maybe a space station. You of all people I know would love it “” space engineers””

        • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

          yes you are right, i would probably love it. I still maintain that Open Sim can with the right creators etc offer the same activities though. To me the great thing about Open Sim is the social aspect of it, people from all around the world can connect, chat express their views, it’s not so important if I agree or disagree with any ones view what does matter is that we can all intermingle in a friendly environment. In a way its better than the RL UN most of us in here listen to what others are saying. To me that is fantastic.

    • shelbymoonlight@gmail.com' Linda Kellie says:

      Josh ………… Every time I see you on one of these comment sections posting “Space Engineers” like a 14 year old boy I wonder what sort of attention you are trying to get. Enlighten me please. What message are you trying to convey?

    • shelbymoonlight@gmail.com' Linda Kellie says:

      Ya know. Maybe it would be a good chance here for you to answer some questions about what you know of the “alleged” stolen OARs that you “allegedly” had access to on the AviLabs grid. I just get this feeling that you don’t take any of this seriously and you are sitting back laughing about all of the awful stuff that is being pinned on Alex. In my view it’s time for the focus to be more on you. (just my opinion of course). But you seem to want attention so here is me giving it to you!

      • skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

        Think all you like. Investigate me all you like I have nothing to hide and have nothing to do with this mess and your right I am laughing because since I left the soap op of opensim my life has gotten much more enjoyable. Y’all not happy less you are complaining about something content theft is no joke and as a content creator myself I find it disturbing. This being said I i implore you to look deeper you will find what your looking for in plain site. Everything leaves a trail follow it !!!

    • what the hell are you smoking josh?

  15. shelbymoonlight@gmail.com' Linda Kellie says:

    aww. This makes me so sad. And kinda pissed (not at you)

  16. shelbymoonlight@gmail.com' Linda Kellie says:

    Welcome back to OpenSim. Enjoy your stay. πŸ™‚

  17. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    good man! Welcome back to the fold Alex.

  18. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    Big Thumbs up to Alex and AviWorlds.

  19. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    AviWorls grid should be up again in less than 78 hours.
    Terry is going to be configuring the servers we ordered with the backend and all.
    I will be posting in here and in our Facebook page and community as soon as the grid is up.

    Thank you

  20. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    AviWorlds online will be a huge plus for the OPENSIM community! I plan to give over 1000 regions FREE of charge. I want to give back to opensimulator community and its developers.
    AviWorlds will step up and now with appropriate back end and professional service I dont see an END!

    I just want all to be able to…. FEED YOUR IMAGINATION! FEED IT! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/49bf77408a655acd44871d860b5f8508eb5896509b0a503e72e5d3cc378b2f14.jpg

  21. skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    I have no idea whats going on but its really pissing me off Someone is using my name and trying to get me in trouble.. I Just want to let you know I have NOTHING to do with this OAR mess and If I find out who is doing this Im heading Right to the police!

    • josh buddy i have said to alot of people that i think quill got the oars backups were regularly make of grids, same kind of auto backup that terry does to all the grids that he manages. So i personally dont think you had anything to do with the oars issue either except for doing what any grid tech would do, make backup oars in case of data loss as we all learned when OSGrid had a major loss of data.

  22. skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    I have No idea whats going on but its really pissing me off Someone is using my name and trying to get me in trouble.. I Just want to let you know I have NOTHING to do with this OAR mess and If I find out who is doing this Im heading Right to the police!

    I Have nothing to hide I use my real life name in everything I do. I have alot of people that do not like me because of the work I do and have done. Someone close to me is attacking me and its not cool… Please disregard anything posted under any account other than this one.. I left opensim just for this reason its too much bullcrap people trying to cut your neck to make a few bucks its sick… Leave me alone and out of this … If you have any doubts please have your attorneys contact me and i will be more than happy to let them know what I know or think about all this.. I have my thoughts of who it is BUT I will NOT point fingers in a public forum.. My Contact details can be found all over the web .. I have NOTHING to hide!

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      we know josh. most of us know it wasn’t you that posted it

    • shelbymoonlight@gmail.com' Linda Kellie says:

      I’m sorry that someone is using your name that way and that I believed them. I don’t know if the other weird posts you posted on this thread were you or not. But if they were then you can see how that other post did not seem like that much of a stretch for me to assume it was you.
      I have tagged you in G+ and here numerous times asking for you to help because you might have information. And all I have gotten as a response was “Space Engineers”. Was that you or was that someone pretending to be you?
      Please though, accept my apology for assuming that was you and re-posting that on G+.

    • so is that what you mean in the email to me josh? If so then i am willing to take a lie detector test to prove that it isnt me posing as you. I have no reason to. I still consider you a real life friend and i only got 2 of those, you and my best friend chad.

      I been playing Train Simulator on and off as well as working on a c# project and had to go to walmart to buy a new router if you were wondering what i been doing all day. Oh and watching afew twitch streams.

  23. skylifegrid@yahoo.com' SkyLifeGrid says:

    This is the Very First mention of the Stolen/Uploaded OARS

    I would start HERE and look from who posted this message It all leads back to the fist post…… I implore the authorities to contact me For someone that plays nice in this community is really a snake.. I want them to go down I wont divulge the name Publicly but some of you may know who posted this below.. I would look more closely at who you all call your friends

    first off i am not a licensed Private Investigator so my investigation and findings are of a civilian and any testimony I give is of a civilian observation.

    On close completion of my investigation (just need to get dates from alex) i do find that Quill did “acquire” the oars and put them on that site and a Mr. Sorin Tody did use the oar, however, after talking to Terry Ford on how oar’s are imported i have come to believe that Sorin may of copy botted items to put on that sim as well as other sims in ALife Virtual grid as some stuff such as the roads and a house from Anshe Chung found on another sim in ALife Virtual Grid were never in Genesis grid.
    As for Mr. Pomposelli involvement, i believe he had no idea about quill “acquiring” those 62 oars from AviLabs while Quill was working for Alex in August of 2016.

    Background about me: I spent 5 years a real life security guard and have learned some things from private investigators that i use to work with. I bring my skills and knowledge to virtual worlds because i believe in justice in both as a roleplayer and when something like this happens. I like to get down to the absolute truth with proof before accusing anyone of anything.
    Now for a little joke.
    I didnt spend 5 years a security guard just so i had an excuse to sleep on the job and eat donuts πŸ˜›

    Ill post more soon on any new information i find.

  24. netinterprizes@yahoo.com' Alex Ferraris says:

    AviWorlds is online. Thanks to Butch everything is running great. Minor adjustments still being made, regions being placed online. Many already have been. People registering !
    lab.avi-labs.com if you like to register and grab a free 15000 region.

    Login URI is login.avi-labs.com:8002

    I am inviting ALL to come join AviWorlds and FEED YOUR IMAGINATION! FEED IT!!


  25. uk1and@hotmail.com' Fanny says:

    Can you guess what’s happend now?

  26. Didn’t last long did it Alex ?

    • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

      Hey! lets give him a chance to reply before hanging him? There may be a real life reason for it. Has anyone heard from him in the last two weeks.

      • I would have, except for the whole taking down the Facebook page thing. That’s what he’s done in the past when he shut down the grid.

        So if he’s being held hostage somewhere without his computer, or his phone, or his carrier pigeons and can’t communicate with his hosting company or his residents or his friends or with me… how did he shut down his Facebook page?

        • da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

          I don’t know Maria as you say it is a bit suspicious. But the real tragedy is the residents again, although I am sure Terry will do all he can legally to help them.

  27. da.tonyhayward@gmail.com' Da Hayward says:

    Ok Alex is Going through a rough patch, lets give him a bit of kindness eh!