Baller Nation, Kea Nation grids switch to DigiWorldz

Welcome region on the Baller Nation grid. (Image courtesy Baller Nation LLC.)

The Baller Nation and Kea Nation grids have both moved to DigiWorldz.

The two were previously the marquee customers of Genesis MetaVerse, which, like DigiWorldz, both runs its own grid and also offers hosting services for other grids.

Genesis MetaVerse was one of the two hosting companies that emerged last fall after the high-profile collapse of Avi-Labs, AviWorlds’ hosting company. You can follow the entire sordid saga here.

Genesis MetaVerse’s inauspicious start was compounded by a recent attack, which exposed the company’s security weaknesses and lack of backups.

“I should have taken my time to find a good provider but was feeling pressured to keep the grid online,” Baller Nation grid owner Monique Bartley, who is also known as Malani Baller in-world, told Hypergrid Business.

Wonderland region on the Baller Nation grid. (Image courtesy Baller Nation LLC.)

While the grid was hosted with Avi-Labs, there were a number of problems, she said. They including missing assets, multiple avatars with the same identification numbers, and inadequate hardware, bandwidth, and backups. In addition, there were problems getting land purchases, search, and estates to work properly, she said. These problems were not fixed when the grid transitioned to its hosting with Genesis MetaVerse.

After the move to DigiWorldz, the problems were immediately addressed.

“DigiWorldz fixed it all,” Bartley said. “They saved Baller.”

In addition, DigiWorldz also set up a working currency, a free classifieds system, a slave database in addition to the main grid database as a fail-safe, and nightly backups that are kept for 30 days. The hardware was upgraded from the previous single quad-core “budget” server to dual six-core servers for a total of 12 CPU cores. The bandwidth was upgraded as well, from 500 megabits per second that was burstable to 1 gigabit per second to a full-time 1 gigabit per second connection.

All these improvements actually came with a cost savings. Bartley was paying a total of $300 a month before she switched to DigiWorldz, and just $150 after, partly because she was able to reduce the number of servers she needed. “They were running a sale, but even without the sale I’m saving $115 and I’m not paying for a broken grid.”

There is also now a control panel that lets users restart their own regions or turn hypergrid connectivity on and off, said Bartley.

“I wish Genesis the best and thanks for the efforts for Baller Nation,” she said.

She also expressed her thanks to the residents that stuck with the grid through all the problems. “Thank you from the bottom of my heart,” she said. “You guys pushed me when I wanted to give up, which is what everyone wanted, but I didn’t. I am excited about the grid and the new improvements.”

Rodeo region on the Baller Nation grid. (Image courtesy Baller Nation LLC.)

DigiWorldz launched its grid and hosting service in 2015, and was among the top three most respected hosting companies in last month’s hosting survey.  Dreamland Metaverse was in first place and Zetamex Network rounded out the list in third. The full list of OpenSim hosting providers is here.

Kea Nation also moved to DigiWorldz, but unlike Baller Nation, they decided not to remain a separate grid.

Don Hayward

“Kea Nation is going with being a ‘grid within a grid’ on DigiWorldz,” grid founder Don Hayward, also known as Da Admiral in-world, told Hypergrid Business.

Kea Nation has the equivalent of 176 standard regions, he said, in the form of eleven four-by-four variable-sized regions, and were upgraded to their own server this week.

“Our DigiWorldz regions were completely moved to a dedicated Kea Nation server hosted by DigiWorldz in a matter of a couple of hours,” he said.

He said that he plans to expand the number of linked variable-sized regions this year.

He said that he picked DigiWorldz because of the support he got from the founder, Terry Ford, and the rest of the DigiWorldz team. “It has turned out to be a fantastic arrangement. DigiWorldz has more than exceeded my expectations and are really a shining example of how a host or grid should be operated.”

“My best advice to anyone looking at moving their grid is to ask around, look into the new host’s pedigree,” he added.

Genesis MetaVerse declined to comment, citing ongoing legal proceedings.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

43 Responses

  1. zomg Da my homie 😀 didnt know ya owned Kea Nation. Well slap happy huge welcome home to digiworldz eh 😀 this calls for a party at tek’s place this weekend

    btw, FIRST comment 😛

  2.' Fanny says:

    And now both Digiworldz and Genesis have blocked hypergrid between the two grids. There’s an awful lot of childish behaviour going on between these grids isn’t there? I think I’ll keep away from any of them.

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      Digiworldz is not blocked from accessing GMV however we are blocked from accessing them, our policy is to block them as well which we will be doing in 3 days if were not unblocked

      • Guys, stop blocking other grids! It makes zero business sense! It only hurts the customers you want to attract! Don’t you WANT people to come to your grid, see that it’s better, and switch? Don’t you want party planners to hold their parties on YOUR grid because everyone can teleport in? Don’t you want merchants to put the stores on YOUR grid, because customers will be able to come and buy stuff?

        If you have a problem with griefers, you’re not going to solve it because they can just teleport in from some other, unblocked grid, or create a new account. Blocking a whole grid doesn’t solve that problem, but DOES hurt real people — and real potential customers. Plus, it makes you look petty and vindictive. And if some other grid sets up a block — let them. If they do, they’re just shooting themselves in the foot.

        Plus, if people from another grid aren’t able to teleport in, 99% of the time, the problem isn’t blocking but weird settings issues. Check that they have the right loginURI, and that the problem isn’t due to incompatible versions of OpenSim or other hypergrid weirdness. When traveling around, I often find that I can’t get from A to B, but I can go from A to C and then C to B — it makes no sense, just weird handshake problems when one region is trying to hand off an avatar to another region somewhere else.

        •' Dragon Heart says:

          hi maria 🙂

          I totally agree there

          Thats why were not doing anything till monday, we are deffinatly blocked from Digiworldz as our residents have tried and in the console its giving the notice of this destination does not allow your grid so we know were blocked from Digiworldz, it is a shame that Digi have taken this ground, i did talk to him last night and he said we were going to be unblocked, obviously it has not been done yet as i have 5 tickets open about it, but im not going to chase the digiworldz owner up on it, his grid his choice.

          •' Butch Arnold says:

            Dragaon, as per our discussion last night on Skype, I told you it was the policy of DigiWorldz to block any grid which blocked us, was advertising their grid on our grid, or was responsible for a large amount of greifing.

            Your grid had DigiWorldz blocked yesterday due to your being upset by Malani coming to DigiWorldz, so we blocked your grid as well.
            What sense does it make to allow traffic into our grid if the other grid isn’t allowing our traffic in as well?
            As per our skype discussion, I told you if you unblocked us, I would unblock your grid.. simple as that.
            You indicated to me you had unblocked us, and I therefore unblocked Genesis this morning as I promised.

            Again, the DigiWorldz policy on banning a grid are as follows:
            If Digiworldz users are banned from visiting a specific grid, we then will block their users coming to DigiWorldz.
            If your grid has users who are responsible for a large amount of greifing on our grid, your grid will be banned.
            If many of a grid’s users advertise your grid on our grid, your grid will be banned.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            hi only 1 person blocked from digi from accessing GMV and these are blocked via a ip for reasons we have descused you know who they are and the resons we have blocked him, i did take a look at our console history, on both systems as the old one is still kinda opertational but not functional as a whole (the old genesis-grid url), and i noticed some users from digi as well as a few other grids using our old url maybe that is why they couldnt get in.

          •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

            From: Dragon Genesis
            Date: 2017-01-06 06:17:43
            Group: Genesis Welcome Group
            Subject: Uban 4U Estates
            if anyone has any items on Uban for u Estates land please remove them, they have left us as a host, stolen files with the help of thier new host and baller nation and thier new host will be blocked from entering genesis

          •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

            No one stole anything from you my oars were backed up and we do not care if Baller nation is banned from genesis grid. so please stop informing my customers of this and move on and have a nice virtual life.Since you claim you dont have Digiworldz blocked that was just emailed to me.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            we dont have your oar when you cancelled your region on genesis 5 days ago the oar was auto deleted today sorry

          •' Butch Arnold says:

            Drama, Drama, Drama… When I questioned Dragon about this, he indicated to me his friend Phil sent this notice out this morning, but said they followed that up with a second notice telling them Only Baller was banned.
            Not sure what’s going on here, but Dragon indicated earlier in these comments that DigiWorldz has never been banned from Genesis, so I’m not sure, all I can say is that as long as DigiWorldz users are permitted to enter Genesis, Genesis users will be permitted into DigiWorldz.
            Someone else will need to sort out the different stories, as I sometimes am far to direct and I’m afraid feelings may be hurt.. so I’ll let the users sort it all out, I know where I stand on this issue.

          •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

            Well Phil it is you guys grid to decide what to do Baller is not upset we are banned I just want the negative talk to stop My residents play on genesis as well so I am aware of things that are being said. I was even willing to keep my region and creators on it but when you said Baller was banned I decided best leave and cut all ties.I hope you guys get your grid going and wish all parties involved great things for the new year. My decision was just my decision hopefully he understands I have no anger toward him simply wanted a working grid that’s all best wishes to you all.

          • can’t we all just get along? It’s a virtual game, means nothing in the real world. It’s like arguing over who had the best damage per second in a world of warcraft raid.

          •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

            My article Maria did was peaceful and well written but if I see something posted that is not right I will come and put my facts to it. There is no wall I have stated 25 times i want the best for all.

          • my apologies. I didnt mean what i said towards you, was towards all the drama starters that are smacking down baller and kea nations. I fully 100% agree with what you said diamonds and am super happy that you are letting Terry manage your grid.

          •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

            Thank you we are very happy to and wish all the grid many blessings on there gaming adventures.

        •' Butch Arnold says:

          Hi Maria, as I’ve indicated below in my response to Dragon.. Traffic is very valuable to a grid for the reasons you have outlined, but, if one grid is blocking traffic and the other isn’t, this becomes a one sided event favoring the grid who is blocking the other. I’m more than willing to reciprocate, but I won’t let others take and not offer anything in return, it’s a simple as that.

          • It is one-sided, but it certainly doesn’t favor the grid doing the blocking. It favors the grid that’s open.

            When one grid blocks, the only actual effect is that it lowers the amount of incoming hypergrid traffic and causes problems for users who want to visit it.

            It lowers the active user numbers, lowers the number of customers who buy stuff in its stores, lowers attendance at events, and discourages potential immigrants — and it makes the grid seem petty and unable to deal with griefing in a more focused way that doesn’t affect innocent people.

            Blocking a grid doesn’t hurt the other grid in any way. It hurts the grid doing the blocking, and it hurts the users.

            And reciprocal blocking — why would that even be an argument? “Some other guy is doing something useless and counter-productive. I’ve got to get in on that!”

          •' Butch Arnold says:

            Hi Maria, Traffic can be blocked 2 ways.. incoming traffic and outgoing traffic. If a grid blocks outgoing traffic to DigiWorldz, but leaves DigiWorldz users unblocked coming in, then essentially, they are open to our users going there, but they aren’t allowing their users to come to DigiWorldz. That’s the point.

          • I’ve never heard of a grid doing that before — blocking their own users from going to a particular grid? I know some grids block ALL outbound traffic, to keep their residents and content locked in (some for good reasons, some not so good) but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grid do that selectively.

            Usually, they block incoming traffic and blame it on griefers.

            Are you sure they’re blocking outgoing users and not just having some weird tech issue? Just seems like a fast way to annoy their own users. And it’s not like you guys at DigiWorlds will even notice a dip in traffic, given your size.

            Plus, if a grid blocks outgoing travel all it does is encourage users to create avatars on other grids, where they WILL be able to travel freely. (Which is what, for example, many InWorldz users do.)

            There are some times where a block on travel does make sense, though. For example, if you’re a school grid and want to keep the kids at home, instead of wandering around all the nasty areas of the hypergrid. Or if you discover that some grid out there is extra extra nasty, and is spreading malware or ripping content off of visiting avatars. (I haven’t heard of any grids doing that — there are far easier and quicker ways to steal content — but it’s certainly theoretically possible.)

          •' 1derworld says:

            Digiworld does it and has been. Lost a few residents over it as well.

          •' Butch Arnold says:

            DigiWorldz doesn’t and never has selectively blocked traffic in a one way manner to and/or from any grid, ever. If we block a grid, it is always in both directions.

          •' 1derworld says:

            Lost World Grid, Is one I know of, Never say never..

          •' Butch Arnold says:

            Hi Joe, you are correct, but that grid isn’t blocked in only one direction, it is blocked incoming and outgoing. I had alot of trouble with the guy who owns it, and it seems best for both parties to keep their distance as I am very opinionated about the owner there.

          •' 1derworld says:

            That One guy you mention brought close to 20 new accounts to Digiworlds did you already forget? Remember I still hold the note cards from your group skype chat and a few others. Remember that? Also remember how I stayed silent over all that Digi Drama. I really don’t care if Lost World is blocked by Digiworlds I see no loss over it. But the residents that left Digiworlds visit often and we do have a good laugh over the whole drama of it all. BTW unless you just unblocked your side recently Residents from Digiworlds can’t come. So a few have made accounts in Lost World being the Owner of Digiworlds has issues.

          •' Butch Arnold says:

            Everyone who knows me knows that I’m fair, honest, hard working and I always say what’s on my mind, good or bad, everyone knows they’ll get the truth from me.
            I have thousands of users who know me for who and what I am and I have a very good reputation within the OpenSim community because of it. I’m not fake, I am who I am.

            Implying I am not who I appear to be is simply an attempt to incite drama.
            I am who I am to “you” due to the things you have done and said. Anyone who has treated me in a similar manner would know me in the exact same way.
            I’m no different than anyone else, if I’m treated respectfully and fairly I will respond with the same.

            I too have note cards, screenshots, and proof of things you’ve done and said and while I’m not one to air dirty laundry in a public forum, I would be happy to discuss any issues you might have with me or DigiWorldz at any time. Please feel free to contact me at your convenience, but I’m afraid my opinions of you are my opinions and I’m entitled to those, as you are entitled to your opinions of me.
            I believe airing “Dirty Laundry” in a public forum to be quite unprofessional and quite childish and I believe it hurts OpenSim as a whole whenever someone does that.

            I have never indicated your grid was not blocked, to the contrary, I specifically stated that I have your grid blocked in both directions as I prefer it that way.

            I believe feedback of any type to be quite valuable and I do appreciate your taking your time to provide it Joe. Have a great Day!

          •' 1derworld says:

            I to have “Dirty Laundry” and yes I agree a Public Forum is not a place to air it. Digiworlds does not need people to scratch there heads and wonder. So with that said I”ll keep quite on the whole matter. Have a great day Yourself 🙂

          •' 1derworld says:

            Funny Terry Ford I found out today you blocked my Grid from one of the Grids you host, How childish is that, Please don’t go to war with me it won’t be pretty

          •' Minethereé says:

            “Some other guy is doing something useless and counter-productive. I’ve got to get in on that!” of course!! it makes perfect business sense!!

  3.' Carlos Loff says:

    DIGIWORLDZ IS THE PLACE – I knew I was betting on the right one

  4.' 1derworld says:

    Image above is Aviworlds

    • Which image? The image directly above is my photograph — I swear that’s really me. Oh, wait a second — you’re right. The snapshot that I just took of the AviWorlds welcome region looks a lot like the Baller Nation welcome region snapshot they sent me. Are they based on the same OAR? Stay tuned — I’ll try to find out.

      •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

        these are oars that Alex gave Baller nation since birth Alex gave Baller several OAR’s when I am ready to rebuild my welcome I will but I don’t have to its an OAR.

        •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

          That wasn’t the point of Maria’s article Baller and Kea informed her they left we thank the companies for trying it did not work we moved on that’s the point of the article not welcome centers I gave her 10 images this is what she has chosen to display.Once again thank you to Terry for his help and I wish all parties a good luck it is enough room for everyone out here and there is no hate coming from Baller we want to enjoy our game peaceful and that’s what were going to do. 🙂 Happy New Years Hypergrid.

  5.' Minethereé says:

    Impossible “a little mole hill just got took out of proprtion (sic) on both sides.” This has never happened in Opensim and never will!!!

  6.' Alex Ferraris says:

    Hi All..
    Yes I helped Baller Nation a lot with some OARS. They failed to recognize at least that.. They did buy some other OARS also like the second picture above. Its all from AviWorlds.

    •' Butch Arnold says:

      Hi Alex, they are still their own grid, completely private. Sorry if you misunderstood.

      •' Alex Ferraris says:

        Hmm ok. So digiworlds is hosting the grid. I thought I read they r inside DigiWorlds grid thats why.

        • Terry also manages alot of other grids separate from Digiworldz. Take the Great Canadian Grid for example. That is 100% owned by Roddie and Terry just manage’s all the backend work for Roddie, same with Baller Nation now.

        •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

          Sorry but Kea is a community grid in side Digiworldz grid. Baller is still there own grid you misunderstood because the article has both Baller and Kea in the article because we are both with Digi but Baller is private grid, and you were acknowledged for your OARs you always are.

    •' iidripdiamonds diamond says:

      Hi Alex ty for half clarifying if you scrolled down I did recognize you gave us OAR and that you birthed the grid I also emailed Maria in detailed and acknowledged you as well. I have never taken away the help you put in to Baller.Ty for clarifying but please read all comments next time i did give you acknowledgement and welcome back with Aviworlds. Happy New Years.

  7.' Da Hayward says:

    Congratulation’s Baller Nation & DigiWorldz.