Canadian Sun to hold St. Patrick’s Day parade

An under-construction St. Patrick’s Day float by Tigerkitti Eberdene. (Image courtesy Canadian Sun.)

The Canadian Sun, an in-world magazine on the Great Canadian Grid, is sponsoring a St. Patrick’s Day parade on Friday, March 17.

Participants are starting to build floats now, but there is still room for interested groups to sign up. Organizers are also looking for performers, and there will be a contest for the best float at the end of the parade, with prizes provided by community merchants.

“This is our first St. Patrick’s Day event,” Canadian Sun editor and publisher Marianna Monentes told Hypergrid Business.

The parade will be held on the Great Canadian Grid’s GCG Communications region, and will run from the offices of the Corran Journal and end at the Canadian Sun office.

To participate, people should contact Monentes by email, via Google Plus, on in-world on the Great Canadian Grid.

The magazine will also be hosting a visit from the Hypergrid Safari tour group on February 8 on its GCG Communication region, at Communications.

“We’re very honored to be included,” said Monentes.

You can find upcoming Hypergrid Safari events on its Facebook Events page, or buy its 2017 calendar, which features OpenSim destinations, on Lulu.

Canadian Sun office building on the GCG Communications region of the Great Canadian Grid.

The Canadian Sun is a revival of a Second Life magazine started by Roddie Macchi, who is now the owner and founder of the Great Canadian Grid. The magazine features events and destinations both on the Great Canadian Grid and around the hypergrid. The magazine also hosts seasonal contests.

Robbie Macchi is the magazine’s owner, Monentes the editor and publisher, and the editor in chief is Anna Wright.

In addition to the Corran Journal, the Canadian Sun also shares the region with the GCG Pulse, the events calendar for the grid. Both the Corran Journal and the GCG Pulse are managed by Winter Silversmith.

Other organizations with offices here include Metaworld Broadcasting, run by Mal Burns, and The Independents, which promotes a worthy real-life community outreach group in Oakville, Ontario.

There is space available for other organizations as well, and people interested should contact Monentes .



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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

16 Responses

  1.' Minethereé says:

    Wonderful. I love seeing more magazines out and about the Hyperverse. It always lends to the excitement and various viewpoints involved.

  2.' Sunbeam Magic says:

    Since I started the “Canadian Sun” when I was in GCG, I do feel a special connection to this magazine and want to say Marianna has a done a wonderful job keeping it alive! Best of luck on your parade!! ♥

    •' Marianna Monentes says:

      Thank you Sunbeam, you should enter the parade with a Visonz float!

      •' Jamie Wright says:

        For anyone referring back to this, people who wish to have floats do need to register with Marianna ahead to be fair to everyone else entering and the process of putting the floats in order and making the parade run smoothly. If you don’t register ahead, you can still enjoy the parade as a spectator because it will be a fun day.

    • Maybe I need to clarify a few things here because my memory is hazy.

      It states in the first edition in July 2016 that Roddie came up with the idea for and started the Canadian Sun and provided a region for its office. You were the Publisher for July and August 2016 until you abandoned the magazine for Visionz and GCG for another grid. The first edition in July 2016 states that “The Canadian Sun magazine was originally started by Roddie Macchi” and “Roddie recently decided to revive this wonderful magazine now that he has his very own grid”.

      The magazine has been kept alive since September by Marianna as Publisher and the hard work and dedication of her team members.

      •' Sunbeam Magic says:

        Roddie had done the magazine for years and asked me to ‘revive’ it, I designed the *new* logo and put a team together to bring it back to life. I did ‘abandon’ it as you say as I asked Marianna to take it over and showed her the ropes. No matter how you try to twist the words Winter Silversmith the trurth always prevails .

        •' Marianna Monentes says:

          I am so sorry Sunbeam if you feel I never gave you credit, the first magazine I put out I thanked you even though you really didn’t show me the ropes. You were much to busy getting 3rd Llife grid going, you barely had chance to speak 🙂
          when I took over the magazine you went to G+ and said I have found my patsy, Marianna Monentes, If that is showing me the ropes then I guess I owe you another thank you

        • I replied but HGB has chosen to censor my comments, so, I’ll post them on my G+ where HGB can’t censor them 🙂

          •' lmpierce says:

            HGB has not censored your comments. Your comment had links, and all comments with links are automatically withheld for moderation. As noted in the Discussion Guidelines, moderation can take up to 24 hours. Your comment was approved as soon as it was reviewed.

          • Ahh see I wondered, but it said “held for moderation” which was fine, but then it completely disappeared. There is an edit I needed to make to it too, a paragraph should have read ”

            “I did (not) [corrected after original posting] ‘abandon’ it as you say as I asked Marianna to take it over and showed her the ropes. No matter how you try to twist the words Winter Silversmith the trurth always prevails .” umm ok, so, you did not abandon it and Marianna took it over… but you left the magazine and the grid how is that not abandonment? how is “truth twisted” ?”

            as she corrected it to say “not”… so I would need to edit that to be accurate.

          •' lmpierce says:

            Once the comment is posted, you should be able to edit it. Is that not the case?

          • oh probably, i just don’t know when i would get on to edit it and didn’t want to imply something that wasn’t accurate and i didn’t intend to fix 🙂 no worries