Genesis Metaverse adds servers, backups after attack

Welcome area of the Genesis Metaverse grid. (Image courtesy Genesis Metaverse.)

Genesis Metaverse has been attacked and some systems have been damaged, but the grid has been able to recover much of its data. To help protect against future attacks, the grid has also switched server companies, upgraded its hardware, added more backups and is taking other precautionary measure as well.

The grid also has a new login URI and hypergrid address,

Cliff Hopkins

According to grid owner Cliff Hopkins, the company is also looking at taking legal action against attackers but will not comment further on the issue until it has been resolved.

During the attack, the inventory database was corrupted, Hopkins told Hypergrid Business via a spokesperson.

“But we have all the OARs, and those are being loaded on brand new servers,” he said. “We’ve also changed our server company. We now have our own rack and have better systems in place.”

For example, there is now a second machine, run in parallel to the primary machine that is running the grid, that is updated every 30 seconds.

If something goes wrong, the grid can flick a switch and have the new database take over within a few minutes.

“Then we can repair the original database while the grid is still online and active,” he said. “Both blades are the same so no one will know any difference.”

The second machine also has a second hard drive with stores backups of all the regions and databases — region OAR file backups are stored twice daily and the database every 30 seconds.

These backups are also fed to the grid’s Amazon cloud server.

“So really we have three backups in place,” he said.

(Image courtesy Genesis Metaverse.)

There are also new network security measures in place. The machines used to run the grid are now network inside the rack itself, instead of through IP addresses, so the connection is stronger, safer and faster, said Hopkins. There is also a monitoring system that alerts immediately of any unauthorized connections.

“We also have a protection bubble around the core blade,” he said. “This means anyone attempts to connect or attack it the system will go into a cocoon to protect itself but still allow the grid to function normally.”

The grid has kept users updated via its Facebook pageย and its Google Plus community.

“Most of our customers have stayed, as we were fully open with them every step of the way and kept them updated hourly on progress,” he said.

He added that the grid is now looking to hire a developer to work on a new Web-based dashboard.

There is currently a problem with the grid’s data pages. There are three pages that show grid statistics — a dashboard, the splash screen, and the home page.

That’s because there are two different dashboards working in the background, said Hopkins, and the home page is pulling data from the old login. “I’m currently in the process of figuring that all out.”

The correct data is on the splash screen, he said.

However, that screen only shows the number of named regions, not the grid’s total land area, since there are a lot of variable-sized regions on the grid.

Final advice for other grids? “Make backups, make backups, make backups,” he said.

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Maria Korolov

Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China. Follow me on Twitter @MariaKorolov.

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  1.' Da Hayward says:

    Oh the expert Tech Cliff Hopkins is going to figure it out. So all your residents have been lead up the garden path again cliffy?

    •' Dragon Heart says:

      Really have zero time for you Da Hayward, worry about your own place instead of having such a hard on for ours, and yes this is Phil, cliff is seriously ill in hospitial and its no wonder. and you single handely just alienanted over 200 users who are extreamly happy in GMV, unlike amny others we actually kept them all updated on our facebook page, so really think what you like Don it really does not matter anymore. We back and were comming out fighting …… Watch this space.:D

      •' Da Hayward says:

        We did a little background checking on you cliffy …quite a history huh? especially in SL forum.
        When you going to stop conning people….any response. no?”

        •' Dragon Heart says:

          keep calling me cliffy and you and me are going to fall out … show me proof weve conned anyone, or is this more slander from you cause ive simply had ENOUGHT of these comments from you

          •' Da Hayward says:

            Ok Cliiford Hopkins Ill stop calling you cliffy
            oh do bring on the regrets.
            you just really admitted you are cliff. not the brightest candle in the pack are you?

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            again you know nothing at all Da hayward … nothing whatso ever, your comments are showin just how desperate you are to try and hurt GMV … well it wont work … nor will the nc your passing out in GMV to go to another grid (wont put the name of it here) as you can get them a good deal on land … keep it up don keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚

            and with that since maria refuses to do anything even being branded a CON MAN in a previous post im done with HGB

            Maria im sorry but i will no loner respond to any emails you send, like i said in the message i am not a con man and to be branded 1 in a public forum is beyond a joke and yes i do have a screen shot of it.

          •' Da Hayward says:

            We have a great deal;; on land and you know what is really amazing the sims work.
            If people do a serch on SL Forum re Stargazer estates they can form their own opinion , can’t they Cliff?
            As for hurting GMV I don’t need to…you are doing that well enough on your own.

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            Stargazer Estates was sold on 27th August 2016 what someone does with it after that date is thier business, i sold it and have the paypal recipt to proove it … so keep trying don kinda scaping the bottom of the barrel now getting deperate?

            so why bring a company that has been sold into things, showing how much of a hard on you actually have for cliff there don … well im sorry dude he dont swing that way … sorry to burst your bubble there ๐Ÿ˜€

          •' Da Hayward says:

            because the forums are dated 2014
            no I,m not scraping the bottom of the barrel Open sim users deserve to be warned about operators like yourself.
            When it comes to the so called “barrel” it is still very full.
            Open Sim is fortunate that it has so many other honest operators

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            ok whatever don … funny how any slanderious comment in SL forums is deleted.

            anyway you always get someone who fell into arrears and got booted off thier land .. at 295$ a month for a SL sim you cant afford to give to much time … so land was possibly reclaimed and stuff returned and possibly upset cause on copy items went missing .. happens in any land show me a land company in SL that hasnt been branded a con because they reclaimed some land thats in arrears …. Chungs yes numiors times …. WRE yes numious times … RGF yes numouis times … blanxi estates yes numiours times …..littlefoot yes numiorus times … those are the top 5 land owners so guess there all con companys .

          •' Da Hayward says:

            oh Dragon dont be a fool. anyway we all know you going to complain about my comments and get them removed so why you worrying unless its true?.
            The Companies you mentioned are Honorable but in your case its a wee bit different isn’t it

          •' Da Hayward says:

            anyway enough is enough for the few minutes my comments are up some people will read them.
            good luck. oh there are courses you can take in IT check em out some time

          •' Dragon Heart says:

            yes i have complained as has quite a few others from GMV some even from Starazer Estates so yea we shall see wont we

          •' Da Hayward says:

            boy you got a thin skin you not really cut out for business are you?

          •' Candi Genesis says:

            No Don that is NOT Cliff, Cliff is currently laying in a hospital bed fighting for his life because of the stress that people enjoy causing……….so really, get your facts straight then feel free to come directly at me Don and I will be happy to let you know what I THINK………..I’ve kept my mouth shut up till now but i will NOT allow you or anyone else attack a good man while he fights for his life because of attacks on him…….GMV is BACK and we will NOT go down, no matter how hard you try, you tell your friends that, and if i find out you are coming into MY grid and handing out NC’s as has been suggested, trust me, it’s gonna fly…………directly at you!

        •' Da Hayward says:

          Just tell the truth Cliff you haven’t got a clue , you constantly cover yourself by blaming others with false accusations you have a History in SL. Admit it you do not know what you are doing.
          Who’s going to be next…Candi or your wonderful ex Linden?
          You Attacked Alex , Josh and Quill when AviWorlds collapsed, now you doing the same.
          We really do reccomend people do ask around and research you before signing up with you.
          And I can be wrong i admit it after all I did decide to deal with you! I WAS WRONG THEN!!!

          •' Da Hayward says:

            Oh Please Phil haven’t you got your own account or are you really Cliff?

          •' Candi Genesis says:

            Who’s attacking who here Don? The only one i see making any false accusations here is you. Be very careful how far you push because your mouth could end up taking you into a courtroom unless you have proof of your allegations……..

  2.' hack13 says:

    As I have always said to other companies and grids, Zetamex Network Makes backups, then we make backups of those backups, which is then backed up again else where. I typically suggest at minimum 3 seperate backup locations. For example We store at Hetzner, Amazon, and our local office in Germany where we house a few servers that we do development and company records on.

  3.' Candi Genesis says:

    Absolutely amazing……..

  4.' Fanny says:

    I thought Dragon was in hospital recovering from exhaustion?

  5.' Fanny says:

    They are having issues again, trying to buy anything from there results in nothing showing in inventory and sandbox has been offline for 24 hours