VisionZ celebrates second anniversary March 15

3rd Life Grid’s Eye eMagine region.

VisionZ HG Magazine will be celebrating its second anniversary on March 15 from 1 to 3 p.m. Pacific time on the 3rd Life Grid.

“Our focus is on all things happening in the Hyperverse, those spaces connected via the hypergrid protocol,” said editor Sunbeam Magic.

The event will feature a live performance by singer Rosy O’Grady at 1 p.m. and DJTommy Seetan at 2 p.m., and will include a visit by the HG Safari.

The teleport address of the event is eMagine.

VisionZ racks can be found in grids and individual simulators around the Hyperverse. The entire rack is full perm. To receive just the contents simply click the rack. The magazine is wearable as a HUD.

“We are always interested in guest writer articles and any events and places of interest our readers may enjoy reading about,” said Magic. “If you wish to be on our staff, let us know.”




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6 Responses

  1.' Minethereé says:

    Thank you Maria, as always it is nice to see VisionZ information promoted by your site-)

    • Hey, the more competitors there are, the less work for me! Also, less grief from people who don’t like the way I cover things, because they’ll have other places they can go. And it helps build the OpenSim ecosystem, which is good for everyone — including us.

      Same goes for anyone else out there — if you want help setting up a news, fashion, shopping, travel or gossip site about OpenSim, just email me: [email protected]. I can put you in touch with vendors, grid owners, developers, content creators, help you with design and layout, with setting up an ad platform, editorial workflow, etc… I love telling people what to do! 🙂

      •' Minethereé says:

        I agree, and with VisionZ we like to showcase the people and talent from a wide variety of perceptions. We added a new editor recently who will help to expand that even more.

        I like our guest writers column a lot and the 10 questions article is interesting also, People can learn of others in the Hyperverse which can lead to new friends and possible new collaborations-)

  2.' Sunbeam Magic says:

    Thank you indeed Maria, hope you are feeling much better!!! Perhaps you can join us at the celebration! Wow, 2 years I can barely believe it myself lol HUGS ☻

  3.' Sunbeam Magic says:

    Is this the type of site that will also list our HG VISIONZ Christopher? perhaps we can do a banner exchange ?

    • of course, i just need to figure out how to get VISIONZ on the site unless you like to post every newspaper as a article then i can give ya permission rights to posts articles and ads are always free, just post a url to your banner, a link and submit, when i see it waiting for approval ill approve it. HGList is all opensim related ONLY! No VR articles, no articles about other platforms including the real life grid cuz well that grid sucks big time.
      Right now i been abit busy with another site thats not related to opensim.