Island Oasis postpones anniversary party after founder’s heart attack

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Island Oasis postponed its sixth anniversary, celebration, originally scheduled for March 1, after grid grid founder and COO Nicole Dreyer suffered a heart attack.

Dreyer, also known as Sugar Paolino in-world, was rushed to the hospital and was treated successfully.

“She is fairing well and recovering,” a grid spokesperson told Hypergrid Business.

The grid has also postponed some scheduled maintenance. The maintenance is expected to be complete next week, and the celebration will be held a week or two after that.


“The date most likely will be on a weekend, mid-day to try to best accommodate the largest variety of time zones possible,” the spokesperson said.

There will be free gifts for all residents who attend. Other activities planned include live performances and a DJ.

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  • Da Hayward

    get well soon Sugar, our thoughts are with you

  • Carlos Loff

    All the best Nicole, may the gods be with you

  • Talla Adam

    I hope you get a speedy recovery, Sugar. Blessings.

  • The grid maintenance has been completed for the residents and is up and running well. We thank you for your well wishes for Sugar!

  • Han Held

    Speaking from experience…heart attacks are no fun;I hope you get well soon, Sugar!

  • Hugs and wishes from an IO resident 🙂

  • Sugar Paolino

    Thank you everyone. It has been a tough start for 2017. We are looking for better days to come. Hope to see you all in IO.

    • I don’t know you but I sincerely hope a swift recovery and a long, happy life. Hope you’ll be okay!