Party Destination Grid

US$27 per month for a 15,000-prim region on the Party Destination Grid that supports up to 40 simultaneous visitors.

Other region sizes also available.

A 75,000 prim region that can hold ten visitors is $20 a month, and a 3,500-prim water region that can hold five visitors is $7 a month.

The grid is on the hypergrid, and accepts Kitely Market deliveries.

Full land pricing details here.


  • John Simmons

    The pricing of visitors AND prims in this configuration is not attractive. There are plenty of alternatives with better pricing and visitor friendliness. Then again, with no hypergrid, visitors aren’t very likely. I give this grid 6 months. Until they pivot or die.

    • Thelma Marks

      From what it looks like they have been around since 2014. I think they were just now added to hypergridbusiness.

      • The grid has been running in private mode for the past two years, and has just opened to the public. We’ll be writing more about them soon.

        • Thelma Marks

          Great news, thank you!

  • Welcome everyone to our world. Now special for new members we have big discount to all our prices. You can find it on our web page.
    Party Destination Grid, always with you.