Educators open free resource shop on OSgrid

The Educator Commons store on OSgrid’s Wright Plaza. (Image by Maria Korolov.)

To help schools and educators create, access and share more virtual learning and educational resources, an Educator Commons shop has been set up on OSgrid‘s Wright Plaza region by Kay McLennan, a professor of practice at Tulane University.

The shop, which is hypergrid-enabled, has virtual world learning and teaching tools, freebies, Do-It-Yourself resources, hypergrid links to showcase education builds by the community, and a directory of OpenSim educational content creators.

The hypergrid address is Plaza.

The shop will help educators create  their own simulations easily and at a low cost, while accessing free tips about virtual education matters. There is free give-away content too, and all will be distributed under the open source Creative Commons licensing, McLennan told Hypergrid Business.

“If any content in the shop is believed to be distributed under a different, more restrictive, copyright or license, I request notification and I will immediately remove the content from the shop,” she said.

Interior of the Educator Commons store on OSgrid’s Wright Plaza. (Image by Maria Korolov.)

In addition to freebies that visitors can grab copies of right in the shop, there are also links to downloadable resources such the OAR files for the BioZone by Peter Miller and the Undersea Observatory by Justin Reeve.

There is also lots of information for educators who are getting started in OpenSim.

Interior of the Educator Commons store on OSgrid’s Wright Plaza. (Image by Maria Korolov.)

Educators can use resources on the second floor to get free land, learn how to host their own grids and where to host them, and download free items such as buildings and terrains.  There are also links to many more OAR and IAR files available to download on the web.

Educators can also share hypergrid addresses of college-level or K-12 showcase hypergrid destinations. To do so, you leave a note card in front of the shop or post the information to the Google Plus group.

Rooftop hypergrid gates at the Educator Commons store on OSgrid’s Wright Plaza. (Image by Maria Korolov.)

A Showcase Garden on the roof of the shop contains slideshows of sample educational builds and landmarks to the showcase builds.

The group plans to add more educational content, tips, and other resources that allow showcasing and sharing of educational content.

Educators can also search and find various providers of virtual world educational simulation consulting services for hire from the Directory of Content Providers on the second floor.

To be listed as a provider, all a content creator needs to do is provide a freebie virtual educational content for educators to use. You can do so in-world or through the community’s Google plus page.

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10 Responses

  1.' Carlos Loff says:

    Great work… Now that I will start my Free Photography Classes inworld, I have to stop by and get sone fine resources

    • Kay McLennan says:

      Hi Carlos – There are no plans to keep track of the [changing start dates for] different in-world classes in the resources available in the Educator Commons shop. Still, your comment inspired the creation of a directory of contact information for the instructors teaching in-world courses (that could be of possible interest to virtual world educators — see the image below). In turn, if you would like to list the availability of your free photography classes WITHOUT the starting date/dates, please provide a short description of the class/classes (including any prerequisites and/or any needed software/equipment) along with your contact information, web site address, etc. Further, to submit the needed directory information, please drop off a note card (in the mail box outside of the Educator Commons shop) OR post an item on the Educator Commons G+ group page @ Again, I think your free in-world photography classes could be of keen interest to educators in OpenSim (as well as appreciate your comment since it motivated the creation of an instructor directory)!

  2. Kay McLennan says:

    Hi Graham! Thank you for sharing your BioZone OAR file with the community! Also, as you easily already know, the Educator Commons currently features links to one of your talks on your BioZone simulation, the list [that I think you originally created (?)] entitled “Education-related OARs” (with a link to the download file for your BioZone), and one of your “oldies but goodies” forum posts entitled, “Educator Supplies.” Further (and needless-to-say), please know the Educator Commons is eager to disseminate any additional materials you think might benefit the community (with a note card mail box located in front of the shop or plenty of room to post materials on the Educator Commons G+ group @ [On a related topic, is it correct to assume the [email protected] list serve has been disbanded?] Again, thank you for all of your expansive contributions to the educators working and teaching in virtual worlds!

    •' Graham Mills says:

      Hi Kay, I’ve no recent connection with other than as occasional contributor but, yes, the domain name seems to have lapsed.

      Incidentally, Kay’s Educator Commons is at on Wright Plaza.

      I should also warn folk that the server behind the Biozone OAR is no longer running so the touch-sensitive aspect may generate errors.

      • Kay McLennan says:

        Graham – Is there another download page for your BioZone? [Needless-to-say, I will make whatever correction is needed (re: the display in the Educator Commons shop).

        •' Graham Mills says:

          Hi Kay, it is listed on HGBiz but I think dropbox has changed its policy on public folders so that link may expire shortly. I’ll email you a new link when that happens.

          I’m slightly surprised (and dismayed) by how little remains of opensim-edu. I couldn’t find any nabble archive and the wayback machine captured little of value.

          • Kay McLennan says:

            Graham – [Sorry it has taken me a few days to reply to your thread.] At the risk of sounding like I am quoting “The Blues Brothers” movie (re: the “need to get the band back together”), we need to get the OpenSim educators list serve [band] back together! In turn, I will take the liberty of e-mailing you directly on this topic…

  3. This is great! I can’t wait to check out this new resource. Thanks Kay and everyone else who helped make it possible!