OpenSim Everything fastest-growing community

(Image courtesy Hypergrid Safari.)

The Google Plus community OpenSim Everything gained 131 new members since last September, bringing it to a total of 506 members. It was the single biggest gainer of the OpenSim-specific communities we follow. However, more people could be visiting the community without becoming official members.

OpenSim Virtual remains the largest OpenSim-specific community, with 1,960 members, and was the second-fastest growing, with 124 new members.

Hypergrid Resources was the third-fastest growing, with 122 new members bringing the total up to 361.

Hypergrid Safari gained 79 members, for a new total of 469.

Google Plus seems to be the platform of choice for sharing news and announcements related to OpenSim, where we are now tracking 182 active communities.

New and notable communities and collections include Gloebit on OpenSim, Opensimulator DreamWorld, Infinite Metaverse AllianceOpensim Performance ImprovementsOpensim Free, Opensim Free Resources, Opensim Middle Earth and Promotion for virtual worlds and everything in ’em.

Do keep in mind that the number of members isn’t the same as the number of visitors. Many people have public communities bookmarked and visit them often, without necessarily becoming an official member.

In addition to providing an outlet for event organizers, content creators and grid owners to share news and events, these communities also help OpenSim users with technical questions, share resources, conduct polls, and provide a platform for a wide variety of viewpoints and discussions.

Largest Google Plus communities for OpenSim

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Maria Korolov

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  • Alex Ferraris

    Well in AviWorlds community is now at over 1200 members. Why only google plus communities is mentioned here since the bulk of SL residents and virtual reality followers are in FACEBOOK not in google plus.

    • Cinder Biscuits

      Because the name of this website is Google Plus Business so that’s where focus is.

    • Because I have an automated way to collect the Google Plus numbers, and because that’s where the bulk of activity seems to be. Also, according to Facebook, your group has 290 members, not 1,200.

      I’m a member of a lot of OpenSim-related Facebook groups, and I notice that I’m not getting many alerts from them lately.

      • But if I’m missing any, please let me know — [email protected].

        • Fanny

          RECENT ACTIVITY 13 August 2016

          Not much to miss there.

      • Alex Ferraris

        Not true. Becareful Maria there are copy cats groups with the same name or similar names. I placed the link on here. 1289 members.!!

          • As you can see, 290 members, and the latest activity is August, 2016.

            Searching Facebook for AviWorlds shows no other listings.

            The Facebook link I have for AviWorlds in my database,, does not work.

            Meanwhile, the link to your Google Plus page is also dead:

            So is your Twitter page:

            As I keep pointing out in every article, please stop shutting down your social media accounts if your grid is down temporarily. It makes it look like your grid is gone for good, and it also means that there’s no place that users can go to get updates, or to share information.

            It takes effort to shut down a social media page. It doesn’t happen automatically, so you are doing it deliberately. It is a disservice to your users, and it hurts your reputation, and that of your grid. In the time it took you to shut everything down, you could have posted a quick update saying that, for example, you’re working on restoring service and will post more news at such-and-such a date.

          • Alex Ferraris
          • I have no idea what’s going on. I just typed the URL you had on your snapshot:

            It still says 290 members, though there are some more recent posts:


          • Alex Ferraris

            me neither maria…Maybe that number you see in your end is referring that 290 members are your friends.

          • No, it definitely says members… and when I pull up the list of members, it offers that I send them a friend request, so not all of them are my friends.

            Is anyone else around today to check it out? Here’s the link:

            Maybe it’s because I’m not a member of the group? I just sent in a join request.

          • Alex Ferraris

            Ok Your request was accepted.
            I m not lying it is 1292 members.

          • That is so weird — I got the join approval, and now it shows 1,292 members for me, too.

            Alex, I hope you can get that straightened out. If a Facebook groups shows 1,000 fewer members than it has, that’s a pretty big problem.

            And then it gets even weirder…. I scrolled down the list of members until it hit bottom, and searched for “joined” — a word that appears in many of the member listings. I got 281 results. So the word “joined” appears only 281 times on the member list page (after scrolling down and hitting “more” until there was no further to go).

            But the phrase “Added by Alex” appears 1,204 times on the page. So there’s a bunch of people who were added, but without the “joined” label.

            Is this because Facebook allows folks to be added to groups without their approval, and they’re only counted as “joined” after they approve it?

          • Alex Ferraris

            If the users are my friends I am allowed to put them in my group. But they can reject and leave as they wish.

          • Good to know.

            I guess that’s another good reason not to use the community number stats from Facebook.

          • Alex Ferraris

            The important fact here Maria is that FACEBOOK has MILLIONs of people interested in virtual reality. Groups have thousands of members. I do think that focusing on Google Plus is really leaving a lot of people out of all the news anyone from opensimulator wants to put in the public’s view.

          • I agree that Facebook is a huge platform, and I totally recommend it for grids looking to market themselves. I especially recommend, if you’re buying Facebook ads, to target “friends of friends” — these are people who are most going to be likely to be interested in your services.

            However, as this example illustrates, in addition to the fact that I’d have to figure out a way to scrape the data, I’ve got two other problems:

            * The public member counts are different from those that are shown to the members themselves.
            * Group owners can just add a thousand people to their group without permission, and those members will stay on the rolls until they notice and delete themselves from the group.

            And, as I mentioned before, from the activity indicators I’m seeing, there’s a lot more interaction going on in the Google Plus groups than in the Facebook groups right now when it comes to OpenSim. And Google Plus has many more cross-grid communities — OpenSim Virtual, OpenSim Everything, Hypergrid Events, Hypergrid Safari, etc… etc…

            I haven’t seen any similar communities for Facebook. (Again, let me know if I’m missing any, but I haven’t been able to find them so far.)

            I understand you’re trying to drum up some positive publicity for AviWorlds. But this isn’t the way to do it. It just makes the grid look a little desperate and under-handed.

          • Fanny

            You’re forgetting how many users of virtual worlds had their virtual-name facebook account deleted (because facebook deemed their name as ‘fake’) and refuse to have anything to do with facebook.

            From – “Facebook is a community where everyone uses the name they go by in everyday life.” – not something many in virtual worlds would be prepared to do.

          • Han Held

            [quote=maria]But the phrase “Added by Alex” appears 1,204 times on the page. So
            there’s a bunch of people who were added, but without the “joined”

          • lmpierce

            I just checked at 12:02 PST… 291 members.

          • lmpierce
          • Alex Ferraris
          • Alex Ferraris

            I am not lying. You probably need to be in the group. My shows 1292 members now.

            I have no reason to lie about this.

          • lmpierce

            I am not saying you’re lying. I’m showing the results I see when looking at the page. I do not know why there is, or would be, a discrepancy.

          • Alex Ferraris

            I am not using google plus and twitter because I am not investing much into it. Only Facebook. As you see below the picture I am not lying. THERE! 1289 members AND GROWING!

          • Alex Ferraris

            That is not correct…My group says 1289 I m trying to print screen it.