Submission guidelines

At Hypergrid Business, we are more than happy to receive press releases, columns, and article suggestions.

Please remember that our audience is enterprise users of virtual worlds. Will your announcement — or opinion — help our readers in selecting or using a virtual world in their workplace, educational institution, or non-profit organization?

We reserve the right to reject any material that doesn’t serve our target audience. By submitting a press release or article, you agree to give us the right to edit the material for style if we use it as-is. If we quote from the material, we will attribute the information to the appropriate source.

Press Release

When submitting a press release, please include contact information in case we decide to follow up and write a story about the announcement.

In the body of a product or service announcement, please include a link to the page on your Website that features this product or service.

All press releases must be wirtten in the third person.

All press releases should include a photograph, oriented horizontally. If no photograph is provided, we reserve the right to use a stock photo instead, or to use an image from the company Website.

Story idea

If you are a public relations representative pitching a story, please send a quick note to [email protected] with the story idea, as well as relevant contact information for our writers and links to supportive material.

If you are a technology journalist pitching  story, please send your story idea to [email protected]. And please remember — we all get the same Google Alerts, and your story idea is probably not original. We will assign the story to the writer who seems most qualified to write the story, who has a history of delivering on time and on spec, and whose rates are within our editorial budget. We also have a backlog of stories that we’ve been meaning to write, but haven’t got around to yet. If you’re interested in writing for us, please send us a note and we can assign a story to you.

If you’re a writer contacting us for the first time, please include your resume, a link to your online portfolio, and your standard word rate. Writers must be prepared to work with the Trombly Editorial workflow system, which requires full interview transcripts and research notes to be filed into an online database. Writers who work with us regularly will receive training in how to use the system, and will also be able to access our database of sources.


When submitting a column, please include a paragraph at the end describing yourself (or the author) and include a link to the author’s personal or professional Website.

All columns should be written in the first person, and include personal opinions or experiences of benefit to our readers.

We will happily reprint material that has previously appeared on other blogs and in other publications, provided we get the permission to do so.

All columns should be accompanied by a photograph, oriented horizontally. Avatar images or virtual world snapshots are fine. If no photograph is provided, we reserve the right to use a stock photo instead, or to use an image from the author’s Website.

In addition, we will need the author to create a Gravatar account and upload a headshot. This is a business-oriented publication, and headshots should be actual photographs, not avatar images. If the author does not have a Gravatar account, a placeholder image will be used instead.

We do not compensate authors for first-person columns.

Freelance Articles

We do compensate writers for assigned, reported news and feature stories. More information here.

We do not charge to run guest posts, as long as they fit our editorial requirements and do not contain paid text links. More information here.