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Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China.

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OpenSim logo 7

New official OpenSim release is out

The new official release of OpenSimulator — OpenSimulator 0.8.1 — came out this week, with only minor changes compared with the preview release. “The most significant being a fix for a regression where script...

Land area on OpenSim’s public grids in standard region equivalents. (Hypergrid Business data.) 34

OpenSim passes 30,000 active users

This was another record-breaking month for OpenSim, with new highs in regions, users, and active users on the 323 active worlds. For those who are new readers, OpenSim is a free, open source virtual...

(Image courtesy Mountain Dew.) 0

Mountain View releases VR Snow Experience

Mountain Dew has produced the Dew VR Snow Experience, a live-action snowboarding virtual reality experience that takes fans on a 360 degree adventure through the Utah backcountry. The on-site experience will debut at the Burton...

Last October, Spellscape became the second grid after Kitely to filter content for hypergrid travelers. 0

What are the best grids?

I don’t usually go around telling people what the best grids are. I run surveys, or I punt the question and just say, “What ever grid works best for you” or “Your own private...

(Image courtesy Davide Restivo  via Flickr.) 5

Urgent security fix for grid owners

This week, OpenSimulator released a security fix to protect content on public grids. All public grids should either install the fix, or configure an HTTP proxy to protect important ports, said OpenSim core developer Justin...

Cirque du Soleil cropped 0

Cirque du Soleil coming to Gear VR

Cirque du Soleil Media has partnered with Samsung to produce a live action virtual reality aerial show to be viewed on its flagship Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones in combination with the Gear VR...

Bjork biophilia 0

Björk making music video for Oculus Rift

Icelandic article Björk is making a music video for the Oculus Rift. “It’s easy to get really intimate [with virtual reality],” she said in a recent interview. “It’s almost more intimate than real life. It...

Erin Reynolds, Creative Director and CEO, Flying Mollusk. (Image courtesy GDC.) 0

GDC featured record high female speakers

This past week’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco featured more female speakers than ever before, according to new analysis from Vocativ. According to the report, the number of women speakers at the conference...

Exo-Life Logo 0


US $50 for a 20,000-prim region, hypergrid enabled, no setup fee. Free lots and other land sizes also available.

(Image courtesy Google Analytics.) 0

Pageviews cross 100,000 milestone

Monthly pageviews for Hypergrid Business crossed the 100,000 milestone for the first time in its six-year history, according to today’s Google Analytics report. Visitors viewed 101,371 pages in February, up from 97,036 pages in...

MetaCosmo logo 0


US $73 (65 Euro) for a 16,000-prim region with up to 80 visitors on the MetaCosmo grid. No setup fee.

14Virtual logo 0

14 Virtual

US $56 (50 Euro) for a 25,000-prim region on the Spanish-language 14 Virtual grid, with voice, hypergrid and daily backups.

YrGrid logo 0


US $60 per month per 15,000-prim region, no setup fee, on the Bitcoin-friendly YrGrid. No hypergrid. Education discount.

John Lester's hypergate, located on the Pathlandia region of JokaydiaGrid, is also known as a "blamgate" because it immediately teleports anyone who walks through it. It can now be set to go up to 16,000 regions in any direction. 29

Which grids are open?

An open grid is one that allows outside people to connect their own regions. Those regions could be hosted for free on home computers, or be provided by third-party hosting companies, such as Dreamland...

Linda Kellie's clothing is available via IAR file on 54

How dangerous are IAR exports?

Inventory exports, or IARs, became a heated topic of discussion in Google Plus communities yesterday, with one grid even disabling its IAR exports temporarily as a result. Much of the debate is due to...

Scripted hummingbirds follow the avatar around. 14

Dahlia Trimble’s fix earns bounty

OpenSim developer Dahlia Trimble has won a bounty for her work on fixing llLookAt, a function useful in making objects move better. “Fred Beckhusen has tested the code and is happy with the result,”...

New Year Eve party on OSGrid. (Photo by Key Gruin.) 13

OSgrid is back

OSgrid, the oldest grid running on the OpenSim software, is backup. The news was announced in a tweet a few minutes ago. “OSgrid is opening its gates to direct logins and regions at this very...

(Image courtesy WizDish.) 0

WizDish treadmill to cost $610

WizDish‘s ROVR developer kit will cost £395, or about US $610, according to a report today in VRFocus. WizDish is an omni-directional treadmill similar to the $700 Virtuix Omni or the $600 Cyberith Virtualizer and is designed to allow...

Team Fortress 2 is available for download from the Oculus Share portal. Click on image to watch video. 0

Valve releasing its own VR headset

Valve just announced that it will show off its own virtual reality hardware, SteamVR, at next month’s Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Valve is the company behind Portal, Team Fortress 2 and the widely-used PC...

Hypergrid space 37

Virtual reality’s secret third front

When it comes to virtual reality, there are two fronts, two main technical directions that the technology is evolving in that everyone is talking about. But there’s also a third front, that hasn’t been getting as...

River Island vr app 0

First VR fashion app released

River Island, a UK-based fashion chain, has released the first-ever fashion app for Google Cardboard-compatible virtual reality headsets. The app was released to promote the launch of the company’s Design Forum x Jean-Pierre Braganza collection,...

(Image courtesy Alexsandro Pomposelli .) 26

AviWorlds reopens as a ‘fun’ grid

The drama-plagued AviWorlds grid is back up under its previous ownership with a new domain name, and a new business model. “This will not be a commercial grid and you can only enter by...

(Image courtesy US Patent Office.) 3

Apple awarded patent for VR headset

Today, the US Patent Office awarded Apple a patent for a virtual reality headset that is, in effect, a case for an iPhone or iPod. The patent application does not mention the iPad —...

Kitely Market Exportable items Feb 2015 7

Kitely merchants continue switch to exports

Given the choice between selling to Kitely‘s 1,003 local active users or to the 14,075 on the hypergrid, it makes sense that more and more Kitely Market merchants have gone the hypergrid route. In...

"Avatar - A Love Story" was an event on Kitely's Seanchai Library, one of many shared on The Adult Metaverse community. 1

Adult Metaverse fastest-growing community

The Adult Metaverse Google Plus group was the fastest-growing OpenSim-related virtual community over the past six weeks. The community, as it sounds, is dedicated to adult content and events on the hypergrid, and has...

Land area on OpenSim’s public grids in standard region equivalents. (Hypergrid Business data.) 32

OpenSim active users pass 25,000 milestone

This was another record-breaking month for OpenSim, with new highs in regions, users, and active users on the 303 active worlds. For those who are new readers, OpenSim is a free, open source virtual...

OSgrid's LBSA Plaza is the cross-roads of the hypergrid and a popular virtual hangout for developers, region owners, and metaverse travelers. 0

OSgrid recovers assets, still no ETA

OSgrid has been able to restore the rest of the assets from the recovery disk, OSgrid grid administrator Allen Kerensky announced today. However, he did not provide an estimated date for when OSgrid will be coming...

Immersis 0

Immersis hits Kickstarer goal for VR projector

Immersis, a project from the French VR company Catopsys, has hit its $100,000 Kickstarter goal for a virtual reality projection system. The technology adapts the image, in real-time, to the shape and size of...

Oculus DK2 headset. (Image courtesy OculusVR.) 0

Oculus passes 100,000 DK2 milestone

Oculus has shipped more than 100,000 DK2 headsets, Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe announced in a Tweet on Thursday. Previously, Oculus had also shipped 65,000 units of the DK1 headset.

(Image courtesy DX Exchange.) 4

DX Exchange enters OpenSim payments space

DX Exchange, one of the oldest exchanges trading Linden Dollars, has now entered the OpenSim payments space. The exchange is now providing the currency infrastructure for Sunlight Grid, with four other grids in beta...

(Image courtesy Mattel.) 0

Mattel releases VR View-Master

Mattel has updated its View-Master toy, this time, for the smartphone-owning virtual reality generation. The headset, which is scheduled to hit the market in the fall, is made in bright primary colors and works...

Welcome Center signage is both in English and Chinese. 4

New grid uses Bitcoin for payments, gambling

In the past, several grid owners have discussed using Bitcoin, the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, for in-world payments but, until now, no grid has done so — Bitcoins are typically too volatile to be used within...

Sunlight Grid 0

Sunlight Grid

USSunlight Grid $34 (30 Euro) for a 15,000-prim region on the hypergrid-enabled, French-language Sunlight Grid, no setup fee. Includes voice.

apollo 11 0

Apollo 11 experience seeks funding

Ireland’s Immersive VR Education Ltd., has launched a Kickstarter to raise funding for its Apollo 11 virtual educational experience for the Oculus Rift. The Kickstarter launched yesterday and is already more than €3,000 towards its €30,000...

Clothing maker takes virtual reality users on an outdoor adventure. 0

Apparel maker uses VR for marketing

Its not just cars, movies, and hotels using virtual reality for marketing. Outdoor-apparel brand Merrell showed off an Oculus Rift experience at the Sundance Film Festival last month and said it will do more virtual reality...