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Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China.

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(Image courtesy Phenomec.) 0

Aussie phone-based VR on sale now for less than $50

There’s yet another smartphone-based virtual reality headset on the market, this time from Australia-based company Phenomec. The headset, called the VRSmartView, costs AU $49.95 or about US $43.48 and is available for order now...

Pro Racer Motorsports racetrack. (Image courtesy Mike Hart.) 0

Next Reality merges with AviWorlds

The motorsports-focused Next Reality grid has merged with AviWorlds. Next Reality had 125 regions as of mid-October, and was known for its racetrack and for its adults-only Red Light Hotel. Grid owner Mike Hart...

The Three Glasses virtual reality headset. (Image courtesy Jingweidu Technology Co., Ltd.) 6

Chinese Oculus alternative hits the market

There are plenty of headsets on the market today that are basically shells made out of plastic — or cardboard — that you slide your smartphone into. Higher-end devices such as the Oculus Rift,...

An Energy Park build  by Media and Communication students at the University of Augsburg. 2

3DGrid to merge with Metropolis

3DGrid, a small non-profit German grid offering free or nearly free regions to educational institutions, announced today that it is merging with Metropolis, Germany’s largest grid. 3DGrid is a three-year old grid that, at...

InWorld Review Oct 25 2014 0

InWorld Review: Conference update and breedables news

AviWorlds grid owner Alexsandro Pomposelli and AvaCon president Joyce Bettencourt join Mal Burns, Maria Korolov and Tara Yeats this week to discuss the upcoming OpenSim Community Conference, breedables, and upcoming changes to the AviWorlds business...

The OAR Converter tool from the Network System Laboratory of the Tokyo University of Information Sciences. 1

New tool coverts OpenSim regions to mesh

The Tokyo University of Information Sciences released a new tool this week for converting OpenSim regions to mesh. The new OAR Converter tool takes a region saved as an OAR backup file and converts it...

Josh Boam and his LifePet Breedables turtles. 34

Breedables arrive on the hypergrid

Love them or hate them — and many people do love them — but there are now breedables on the hypergrid. Previously, breedables in OpenSim were limited to closed grids like InWorldz, with Oyo Breedables,...

(Image courtesy Kitely.) 3

Kitely merchants can now buy ads

Merchants selling products on the Kitely Market can now advertise them. According to today’s announcement, merchants can now put up ads promoting individual products, or their entire stores. The ads will appear on top...

OpenSim Creations 15

OpenSim Creations gone due to backup failure

OpenSim Creations, the top site for OpenSim creators sharing original content under Creative Commons licenses, is gone. “In the wee hours of October 20, the entire /home folder of this server got wiped,” said...

This summer's Ozzie Con on the Virtual Highway grid. That grid has a lot of parties. 1

5 tips for positive promotion

This is a follow-up to yesterday’s article about the rules of grid competition. So you’ve decided to avoid self-sabotaging, unproductive, negative types of marketing and competition. What’s left? Lots of stuff! 1. Market your...

Abraham Ford in Episode 1, Season 5 of The Walking Dead. (Image courtesy Gene Page of AMC.) 38

9 rules of grid competition

As OpenSim grows bigger and bigger, some grids might think that an easy way to gain customers would be to bash other grids. For example, AviWorlds grid owner Alexsandro Pomposelli said in a recent...

That's a gate from The Hypergates in the background, and a couple of boxed panels on the counter. 2

Free gates on Hyperica

Now that the Hyperica hyperport is starting to get into shape, I’ve set out some free hypergates for people. Just teleport over to and pick them up. I’ve got some all-in-one gates, like the...

Oculus Rift-ready Halloween build. (Image courtesy Island Oasis.) 0

Island Oasis releases Oculus viewer

Island Oasis, a closed commercial social grid, released a new viewer for its residents yesterday. The custom viewer — available for download here — is a version of Firestorm configured specifically to work with Island...

The welcome region of the Spellscape grid. Spellscape, together with Avination, recently contributed a big bug fix to OpenSim. 7

Spellscape, Avination fix inventory bug

There is a new version of the OpenSimulator software,, which fixes an inventory permissions bug that appeared in 0.8 and This change fixes a problem with the llGiveInventory and llGiveInventoryList scripting commands, said core...

Virtual corporate offices of Zetamex, on ZetaWorlds grid. 82

Rogers back in charge of Zetamex

OpenSim hosting company Zetamex is bringing founder Timothy Rogers back as its CEO, a new support partnership with Zandramas, and a limited time region offer to existing customers. This was the news that came...

Grid name world cloud. (Image via Taxedo.) 0

Grid name word cloud

Trying to come up with a new name for a grid? Try to avoid any of the words in the cloud above so that you wouldn’t be confused with other grids.

cloudserve-fb-cover2 12

New hosting provider CloudServe offers $8 regions

A new hosting provider, CloudServe, is offering cloud-based OpenSim regions starting at $7.95, mini-grids starting at $34.95 and full grids starting at $94.95. CloudServe is a service operated by Austin-based 3D Virtual Web, Inc., the...

(Image courtesy AviWorlds.) 15

QuickLife, SkyLife merge with AviWorlds

SkyLifeGrid founder Josh Boam agreed to provide hosting for the much-troubled AviWorlds grid last month. Now, the two grids are merging — and a third grid, QuickLifeGrid, is joining up as well. As of...

3D chess set 6_001 3

The hypergrid turns six this month

The hypergrid turns six years old on October 26. On that day in 2008, Crista Lopes, a professor of informatics at the University of California, Irvine, sent an email to the OpenSim developers mailing list....

(Image courtesy Exo-Life.) 95

Exo-Life moves from Zetamex to Dreamland

Exo-Life, a small social world, has completed its move from Zetamex to Dreamland Metaverse hosting this week. Zetamex and Dreamland Metaverse are the two leading hosting companies for companies, organizations and individuals running private...

(Image courtesy Carl Zeiss.) 0

Carl Zeiss’ VR One on sale for $99

Carl Zeiss, a company known for high-end lenses, is now in the virtual reality business. Their headset, the VR One, is currently available for pre-order, with shipping scheduled to begin before Christmas. The first...

(Image courtesy Paramount Pictures.) 1

Go to space with ‘Interstellar’ VR experience

If you live in Houston, Los Angeles, or Washington DC, check out the Oculus Rift experience for the upcoming moving “Interstellar” by director Christopher Nolan. The virtual tour, which began in New York City...

The Virtual Gay Kingdom 0

Virtual Gay Kingdom

US $25 (20 Euros) a month for a full region with 16,000 prims on the adults-only invitation-only Virtual Gay Kingdom grid. Hypergrid enabled. OAR and IAR exports and uploads.

Winner of a building competition on Craft. (Image courtesy Craft.) 1

RAID problems spread to Craft

Update: Craft was back up earlier than expected, on Monday, October 6. See this post for details. OSgrid went down with RAID problems in late August and still hasn’t recovered. The Next Reality Grid...

AirVR 0

Finally, VR love for the iPhone

I’ve been feeling left out because so many cool virtual reality accessories coming out are for Android phones. And I have an iPhone. So I was really excited about the $49 AirVR, which just pulled in $25,000...

(Image courtesy Nimble.) 0

Motion control… thimble?

Okay, so the field for motion control is wide open. Nobody knows what technology and user interface paradigm will actually take us into mainstream virtual reality. But this probably isn’t it. Watch the video...

prototype 1

Prototype puts Leap Motion on Oculus headset

A prototype virtual reality system from Sightline VR‘s Tomáš “Frooxius” Mariančík combines an Oculus Rift, a Leap Motion controller, and an innovative user interface to allow people to use their actual hands as controllers, no...

(Image courtesy Visus VR.) 0

Visus headsets marry PCs and smartphones

One of the downsides of PC peripheral headsets like the Oculus Rift is that they require high resolution screens and motion sensors, which are expensive. Case-based virtual reality displays that are simply holders for...

The Toft by Oddball O'Toole. 3

5 rules of White Hat marketing

We all love OpenSim. That’s why we’re here. But some of us aren’t as good at communicating it as others. One reason could be that a large part of the human population, especially the...