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Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China.

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HTC Vive. (Image courtesy HTC.) 0

HTC to open 10,000 VR experience sites in China

HTC plans to set up more than 10,000 “experience sites” in mainland China by the end of the year, the China Daily newspaper reported today. The company is partnering with Suning Commerce Group and Gome Electrical Appliances...

An immersive view of one of the undersea destinations. 0

Google opens Expeditions to all

Google Expeditions, previously only available to select schools, is now available to the public, at no cost. “The app is available today for Android and will be available for iPhones and iPads soon,” the company...

(Image courtesy Discovery VR.) 0

Shark Week comes to VR

This year, Shark Week will be coming to virtual reality. It starts today, Sunday, June 26, and Discovery Channel will make parts of its Shark Week broadcast in virtual reality and 360-degree video format....

VWBPE science fair 0

VWBPE seeks science fair exhibitors

  On its tenth anniversary, Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education is adding a new element in to its conference program, a science fair. “Educators from all disciplines and levels are invited to participate,” outreach committee head...

gear-image-6 -- Oculus 0

Oculus reverses course, drops DRM

Oculus has released an update to its software yesterday, allowing its games to run on other headsets. “We continually revise our entitlement and anti-piracy systems, and in the June update we’ve removed the check...

The Virtoba X5 box is on the left, BoboVR Z4 is on the right. 6

Virtoba X5 vs. BoboVR Z4

Last month, I received a free review copy of the Virtoba X5 headset from GeekBuying, and a couple of weeks later, the BoboVR Z4 that I ordered myself finally arrived. You can read my review of...

(Image courtesy Ajoy Fernandes and Steve Feiner.) 0

Narrowing FOV could reduce VR sickness

Motion sickness is one of the big usability problems plaguing virtual reality today, and if you don’t want to attach electrodes to your head, there might be a simpler, easier solution — narrowing the...

OnePlus Loop wide 0

Review: Loop VR fails to impress

I just received my free Loop VR headset from OnePlus. The company gave away thousands of headsets to promote the release of their new OnePlus 3 smartphone, and while it’s definitely an upgrade from the cardboard...

Total land area on OpenSim's public grids, in standard region equivalents. (Hypergrid Business data.) 5

Summer slowdown on the hypergrid

The total land area of OpenSim’s public grids increased by almost 3,000 regions, but active users dropped by 272. The total number of standard region equivalents on the public grids is now 59,531, up...

Kitely Market product growth. (Date courtesy Kitely.) 2

Kitely Market now delivers to 138 grids

The Kitely Market is now delivering content to 138 different OpenSim grids and mini-grids and merchants are continuing to increase the amount of exportable content available on the platform. There are currently 7,486 product...

(Image courtesy Ubisoft.) 0

New Star Trek game is in VR

Game studio Ubisoft and developer Red Storm Entertainment is working on a Star Trek game that allows four players to cooperatively fly a spaceship in virtual reality. The game, called “Bridge Crew,” is scheduled to launch...

The Martian VR experience. (Image courtesy The Virtual Reality Company.) 0

Spielberg working on VR project

Director Steven Spielberg is working on a family-oriented virtual reality project for The Virtual Reality Company, where he is also one of the advisors, the company announced yesterday. That’s only a couple of weeks...

Fruit Ninja VR (Image courtesy  Halfbrick Studios.) 2

Fruit Ninja is coming to VR

Fruit Ninja VR will launch for the HTC Vive later this month, with versions for the Oculus Rift, Playstation VR and Google Daydream planned for later this year, the company announced this week. Based on...

AviWorlds welcome region. (Snapshot by Maria Korolov.) 12

Avi-Labs rents OSgrid regions, sells OARs

Avi-Labs, the OpenSim hosting company that grew out of the AviWorlds grid, has added OSgrid region rentals and OAR sales to its previous set of grid hosting services and managed server rentals. OSgrid regions go for $5...

(Image courtesy The Great Canadian Grid.) 26

Attacks against Great Canadian Grid continue

The Great Canadian Grid is continuing to suffer from on-going distributed denial of service attacks. DigiWorldz grid founder Terry Ford, whose company also provides hosting services, has been working on securing the Great Canadian Grid’s...

Virtual boyfriend Yang Yang. (Image courtesy P&G.) 0

Marketing meets VR and gets creepy

In general, I believe that marketing is advertising is great for promoting virtual reality.  Marketing experiences tend to short, well-produced, and, of course, well marketed. Plus, no company wants to make potential customers sick,...

Baofeng Mojing 5 Plus with Leap Motion gesture control. (Image courtesy GeekBuying.) 7

Baofeng’s new headset has Leap Motion

Baofeng Mojing, the world’s leading virtual headset manufacturer, has released a new viewer that incorporates Leap Motion gesture control. The Baofeng Mojing 5 Plus was announced at a press conference in Beijing yesterday, along...

Foldable VR Glasses 0

16 open-sided VR headsets

Open-sided virtual reality headsets are small, fold flat, and can be easily carried in a pocket or purse. Since most don’t have head straps, they are typically suited for quick, on-the-go VR experiences or...

Nicole Kidman 2 0

Nicole Kidman stars in VR airline ad

Nicole Kidman stars in a just-released ad campaign by Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the United Arab Emirates. The commercial is a five-minute 360-degree virtual reality film that showcases the new Airbus A380. The commercial...

Blockchain diagram. (Image courtesy IBM.) 0

Blockchain meets virtual reality

Blockchain is a hot enterprise technology topic right now. It’s the tech that makes Bitcoin possible, and allows companies or industry groups to set up distributed transaction records that can’t be repudiated, taking out...

Aphrodite -- better known as Venus de Milo -- on display in Art Gallery 25. (Image courtesy MellaniuM.) 1

AvayaLive Engage to close by end of year

AvayaLive Engage, one of the three major enterprise-focused virtual environment platforms, is shutting down the company announced. Avaya is no longer accepting new customers, and service for existing customers will end when their current...

Pluto and its moon. (Image courtesy New York Times.) 0

Visit Pluto in virtual reality

The New York Times has released an 8-minute virtual reality documentary based on footage from NASA’s New Horizons fly-by of Pluto. The video includes views from space as well as views from the surface of the...

BBC reporter Sian Grzeszczyk visits crime scene in VR. (Image courtesy BBC.) 0

VR could take juries to crime scenes

According to researchers at UK’s Staffordshire University, virtual reality could be used to transport jurors to crime scenes to help them better understand what occurred. Simon Tweats, head of justice services at Staffordshire Police, told...

New Kitely login screen. (Image courtesy Kitely.) 3

Kitely add stats to login screen

Since it first launched in early 2011, Kitely has been the only major grid not to publish its stats, instead providing them by email to Hypergrid Business on request. That changed today, as the...

OnePlus Loop headset. (Image courtesy OnePlus.) 2

OnePlus gives away 30,000 VR headsets

China-based smartphone manufacturer OnePlus gave away 30,000 free OnePlus Loop VR headsets today, manufactured in partnership with AntVR. The Cardboard-compatible headset is reminiscent of the Gear VR in its design, and is a significant...

AllCity screenshot 3 2

Brazil group launches grid, hosting firm

A Brazilian team has launched a new grid and OpenSim hosting company, offering local payment and support options. OpenSim Brasil offers hosting for full grids, starting at 230 Reals, or about US$64, with a...

The 360-degree view is also available without a VR headset. (Image courtesy Rukkus.) 0

Ticket vendor says VR brings in the dough

StubHub competitor Rukkus, which sells tickets to concerts and sports events, has released a virtual reality app that shows the view from any seat. The app, Seat360, is available for both iOS and Android, and...