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Maria Korolov is editor and publisher of Hypergrid Business. She has been a journalist for more than twenty years and has worked for the Chicago Tribune, Reuters, and Computerworld and has reported from over a dozen countries, including Russia and China.

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Mary Spio 0

Florida B.I.G. summit to feature virtual reality

Press Release: Next Galaxy Corp Partners With Miami Beach Chamber Of Commerce To Host The Business Innovation And Growth (B.I.G.) Summit At The New World Center MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – Next Galaxy Corp., an...

Muse Island on InWorldz. (Image courtesy Relay for Life on InWorldz.) 10

September events on the OpenSim grids

August was a relatively slow month in OpenSim, but September is shaping up to be full of major events, including an anniversary celebration on Avination, an Air & Space Expo, a 9/11 commemoration, and...

(Image courtesy Homido.) 0

Homido releases iPhone VR app

Press release: Homido virtual reality smartphone-HMD is bringing VR to the masses Paris, France - Moving in the footsteps of Oculus Rift (Facebook), Morpheus (Sony), Gear VR (Samsung), Cardboard (Google), Homido is proud to bring Virtual...

imprudence logo 17

Kokua viewer branches off OpenSim

The Kokua viewer team is following in the footsteps of Firestorm developers and creating a new branch of the viewer software just for OpenSim. Because of Linden Lab licensing issues, there are some features...

My new skin with baked-in underwear. 1

How to create a work-safe avatar skin

After I created yesterday’s Hillary Clinton Avatar and uploaded it to the Kitely Marketplace, Kitely CEO Ilan Tochner reminded me that, with an adult skin, it needs to go into the “Adult” category — I...

Shoes still attached, feet firmly on the ground. 2

OpenSim officially rolls out attachment fix

  Version of OpenSim is out, and this is an official, recommended release and includes the attachment fix donated by Kitely last month. The fix solves the problem that some users experience when...

(Image courtesy Noitom Ltd.) 0

Perception Neuron aims to lower motion capture costs

Beijing-based Noitom Ltd. has launched a Kickstarter for its Perception Neuron motion capture product which offers the promise of interacting with virtual environments at a lower cost than available with other platforms. Perception Neuron costs...

The Meerkat appearance editing window. 21

How I copied my shape across grids

I’ve read on Ener Hax’s blog that you can use Imprudence to copy shapes from Second Life. This month, I redid my skin — using my much-improved GIMP skills to combine an actual picture...

InWorld Review Aug 17 2014 0

InWorld Review: The Future of Work

This week, Joel Foner joins Mal Burns, Maria Korolov, Tara Yeats and Petlove Petshop to discuss the future of work, the latest OpenSim stats, and more.

Number of standard region equivalents on the top 40 OpenSim grids. 15

OpenSim passes 50,000 region milestone

OpenSim’s 40 largest grids gained over 3,000 new regions this month, many thanks to the new varregion functionality. Registered users and active users also increased this month, despite the summer season. The exact totals...

(Image courtesy DodoCase.) 2

10 sites where you can buy Google Cardboard kits

I’ve written about Google Cardboard before — it’s a virtual reality headset made from cardboard designed to work as a frame for an Android smartphone. What distinguishes Google Cardboard from other smartphone cases is...

New, permanent prices for Zetamex' bargain regions. 51

Zetamex makes new low prices permanent

Las Vegas-based hosting company Zetamex — which recently tested out a $3 region offer — has decided to make the low prices permanent, and added some much-requested features. The company also raised prices slightly....

(Image courtesy Kitely.) 0

Kitely Market simplifies demos

  Kitely customers will now have an easier time trying out Kitely Market products. The “Try demo” link is now right there on the product listing page, said Kitely co-founder and VP R&D  Oren Hurvitz...

Still from a promotional video for Twinith. (Click on image for full video.) 7

Virtual World City moving to Unity 3D

The Virtual Worlds City grid is moving from OpenSim to Unity 3D. “Since our clients only will shop and explore there is no need for all the build tools that the OpenSim-based viewers have,” said...

(Image courtesy Cyberinth Virtualizer.) 0

Cyberinth treadmill hits crowdfunding goal

The Cyberinth Virtualizer, which launched its Kickstarter campaign a little more than a week ago, has reached its $250,000 goal with 26 days left in the campaign. The $700 device is designed to be used in combination with a...

Koanend, a $3 region from Kitely on OSgrid. It was ridiculously easy to set up. 61

So how good are the $3 regions, anyway?

I was chatting with the folks on the InWorld Review today about how great the new $3 region offer from Zetamex was and couldn’t resist — I had to pick one up for myself. The ordering...

InWorld review aug 3 2014 0

InWorld Review: $3 regions and more

Mal, Maria and Tara are joined by Petlove Petshop and Saffia Widdershins. to talk about August events on the hypergrid, about Second Life and PrimPerfect, and about the new $3 regions from Zetamex.

Sim-on-a-Stick 1

Sim-on-a-Stick gets update

The easy-to-use Sim-on-a-Stick distribution of OpenSim has been updated to the latest version, supporting Bullet physics, variable-sized regions, profiles and other improvements. Sim-on-a-Stick is a packaged version of the Diva Distro. If you’re upgrading from...

DD Inc 0

Designing Digitally

Designing Digitally is an Ohio-based development company specializing in virtual worlds, e-learning, and 3D training simulations. The company works in multiple virtual world development mediums including OpenSim, Unity 3, Second Life, Azivia, and 3D Virtual Campus Tours.  

Hyperica calendar 1

How to add your calendar to Hyperica

If you are a grid owner or event organizer looking for more hypergrid visitors, you can submit your calendar for inclusion in the Hyperica website. Just email me the iCal link or your Google...

(Image courtesy Next Galaxy Corp.) 1

3 things about new VR platform CEEK

A new social virtual world is coming, and it’s called CEEK. Not much information is available yet, other than this press release. Here’s what we know so far: EON Reality, best known for the EON...

Trinity Magnum 0

Trinity Magnum controller adds 360 degree tracking

Press release: TRINITYVR ADDS 360 DEGREE OPTICAL TRACKING TECHNOLOGY TO TRINITY MAGNUM, ITS VIRTUAL REALITY AND PC SHOOTING MOTION CONTROLLER Company Also Announces Additional Games and Compatible Technology for Trinity Magnum, Including Arcade-Style Racing...

Shoes still attached, feet firmly on the ground. 4

Kitely donates teleport attachment fix

Have you ever teleported from one grid to another and had your attachments disappear? That problem has now been fixed, thanks to code donations from the on-demand Kitely grid. Grids running the latest, cutting-edge...

Zetamex just redesigned their website, for a crisp new look. 5

Zetamex offers $3 regions

Las Vegas-based Zetamex, one of OpenSim’s leading hosting companies, is experimenting with a $3 region offer for 15,000-prim regions on OSgrid and Metropolis. “This is an experimental service, meaning we are changing and it...

hand_tick_survey_238526_l 12

Survey: Where do you want OpenSim to go?

Update: The survey is now closed, but you can see all the raw results here.   The explosion of new virtual reality developments, the announcement that Linden Lab is working on a new version...

(Image courtesy FOVE, Inc.) 0

Report: Microsoft backing VR headset maker FOVE

  According to a report today in TechRadar, Microsoft has just accepted FOVE into its Microsoft Ventures program. FOVE Inc. is a company that makes the world’s first virtual reality headset with eye-tracking. The eye-tracking...

(Image courtesy OSgrid.) 1

OSgrid begins 7th birthday celebration Saturday morning

OSgrid, the oldest virtual world running on the OpenSimulator software, is turning seven years old and birthday celebrations begin 10 a.m. Pacific time on Saturday morning with DJs and live performances. These include DJ Foxx...

Hypergrid Search 7

Two ideas for better search for OpenSim

Everybody talks about the fact that we need better search functionality in OpenSim, but there are few solutions out there. Why today’s automated searches don’t work Keyword search is what Metaverse Ink does, created...