VR Headset QR Codes

The codes below can be used to calibrate your Google Cardboard apps to work with your particular headset. You may need to try more than one to find one that will work. You will first need to download the Google Cardboard app for Android from the Google Play store or for the iOS from the Apple App Store. Run the app, click on the three dots at the top right to get the settings menu, then click on the “Switch Viewer” button. Click on a QR image below to open it on its own page, then point your phone’s camera to it to switch your viewer.

Quick Links:

Note: Many headsets are sold under different brand names. Please check the pictures to make sure that it matches the headset you have.

Alian Cardboard v1.1

Alian CardboardAlian Cardboard QR Code

Ant VR

AntVR squareAntVR QR Code qr_viewer_profileAntVR QR Code 2AntVR QR Code 4AntVR QR Code 3


Arunners VR viewer square Arunners viewer QR Code

Atill 3D VR (rebranded VR Box 2)

Atill 3D VR squareAtill 3D VR QR Code

Aura VR

Aura VR HeadsetAura VR QR Code



AZ360VR squareAZ360VR QR Code

Baofeng Small Mojing

Baofeng small mojing VR pinkBaofeng Small Mojing qr_viewer_profile

Baofeng Mojing 3

Baofeng Moging 3 VR headset Baofeng Mojing 4 QR Code

Baofeng Mojing 4

Baofeng Mojing 4 VR headset squareBaofeng Mojing 4 QR Code 2Baofeng Mojing 4 QR Code 3

BMW-Mini Cardboard

BMW-Mini Cardboard squarecardboard BMW-Mini QR Code

BoboVR Z3

BoboVRBoboV3 Z3 QR CodeBOBOVR Z3 - reader - QR Code


BoboVR Z4

BoboVR Z4 squareBoboVR Z4 QR CodeBoboVR Z4 -- Reddit 4BoboVR Z4 -- Reddit 3BoboVR Z4 -- Reddit 2BoboVR Z4 -- Reddit 1


BoxGlass viewer square BoxGlass viewer QR Code

C1-Glass from Goggle Tech

GoggleTech squareGoggleTech QR Code

Cobra VR

Cobra VR squareCobra VR QR code


Leegoal headset squareColorCross 2 qr_viewer_profile


conan360-squareconan360-qr-code-official-scanned conan360-qr-code-reddit


Defairy headsetDefairy headset QR code

DeePoon V3

DeePoon squareDeePoon V3 official QR CodeDeePoon temp QR Code


Desktek VR headset Destek VR headset QR Code

Dodocase VR 1.1

Dodocase VR 1.1 squareDodocase VR 1.1 qr_viewer_profile

DOMO nHance VRC57

DOMO_nHance_VRC57_01-500x500 DOMO_nHance_VRC57 QR code

Dream Vision Pro


D-Scope Pro

D-Scope VR headsetqr_viewer_profile -- D-Scope VR


Dscvr squareDscvr QR code

Durovis Dive 7

Durovis Dive 7durovis_dive_qr_viewer_profile


Fibrum squareFibrum QR code


Fiit VR square corner viewFiit VR QR code from Reddit

Flying Tiger


Freefly VR

Freefly VRFreefly VR QR code

Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR consumer squareSamsung Gear VR QR code



Gmyle VR headsetGmyle VR headset QR Code

Google Cardboard 1.0

Google Cardboard v1 squareI Am Cardboard V1 official QR CodeUnofficial Cardboard QR Code -- qr_viewer_profile_UC_Classic

Google Cardboard 2.0

Google Cardboard v2 headsets with capacitative button on top.Google Cardboard V2 QR Code -- I Am CardboardUnofficial Cardboard QR Code -- UC_2.0

Habor (rebranded VR Park)

Habor VR squareHabor VR QR Code via Amazon customer

Habor (rebranded VR Park V3)

Habor 2 squareVR Park V3 qr_viewer_profile


HomidoHomido QR code

Homido Mini

Homido Mini Viewer Homido mini QR Code

Hootoo HT-VR001 (rebranded VR Box 2)

HooToo HT-VR001VR Box 2 QR CodeVR Box 2 QR Code opt 2

Hootoo HT-VR002 (rebranded Fiit VR)

HooToo HT-VR002
FiiT VR QR CodeFiit VR QR code from Reddit

I Am Cardboard

I Am Cardboard squareI Am Cardboard V1 official QR Code

I Am Cardboard Giant EVA

I Am Cardboard Giant EVA headsetI Am Cardboard Giant EVA QR code

I Am Cardboard v2

I Am Cardboard v2I Am Cardboard V2 official QR Code


iBlue VR squareiBlue VR qr_viewer_profile from reader


Immerse viewer Immerse vr QR code


IncrediSonic viewer IncrediSonic viewer QR Code


Lakento MVR

Lakento MVR headsetLakento MVR QR Code


Ling VRLingVR QR code

Mattel View-Master

(Image courtesy Mattel.)

Mattel View-Master official QR Code

Merge VR

MergeVR goggles squareMerge VR QR code


Modecom FreeHands MC-G3

ModecomModecom FreeHands MC-G3 qr_viewer_profile

Motoraux (rebranded Shinecon)
Motoraux square

BOBOVR Z3 - reader - QR Code

Motoraux (rebranded BoboVR Z3)
Motoraux VR SquareBoboV3 Z3 QR CodeBOBOVR Z3 - reader - QR Code


MTT VR headset squareMTT VR official QR Code


Noon VR NoonVR QR Code


(also sold under Colorcross, TreasureMax, SunnyPeak, Winait, and other brand names)

Noton squareNoton temp QR CodeNoton qr_viewer_profile by PascalU NOTON VR - reader - QR Code

OnePlus Cardboard

OnePlus Google Cardbaord squareOnePlus Cardboard QR Code


OWL VR viewerOWL VR viewer QR Code

Planet VR Box

Planet VR BoxPlanet VR Box QR Code

Planet VR Box 2

Planet VR Box V2Planet Vr Box V2 QR Code

Planet VR Box Elite

Planet VR Box Elite headsetPlanet VR Box Elite QR Code


Isuru PlayVR square PlayVR official QR Code - small screen PlayVR official QR Code - big screen


Powis VRPowis QR Code - Official

Procus VR

Procus VR Square Procus VR


Refugio3D viewer square Refugio3D QR Code

Ritech Riem 2 (also sold under Favolcano brand)

Polarized VR 3D squareRitech RIEM 2 VR glasses QR code

Ritech Riem 3 VR Glasses

Ritech Riem 3 VR headsetRitech Riem 3 QR Code

Shinecon (also sold as Pop-Tech, BlitzWolf, VR-Gazers, YSSHUI)

Shinecon VR headset blackShinecon QR CodePop-Tech or Shinecon 3D VR Headset QR codeMotorauxViewerProfileQR -- aka Shinecon

Shinecon 2


Snail VR

Snail VRSnail VR QR Code


SoyanSoyan QR code

StarLight VR

StarLight VR viewerStarLight VR viewer QR code

Stooksky VR-Spektiv


Stooksky VR-Spektiv XL


Stooksky VR-Spektiv iP6+



Sunnypeak headset basic blackSunnypeak headset basic black QR code


Sunnypeak headset very basic blackSunnypeak headset very basic black QR code


Sunnypeak headset another blackSunnypeak headset another black QR code


Sunnypeak VR 2Sunnypeak VR 2 QR code


Sunnypeak VR 3Sunnypeak VR 3 -- QR code


Sunnypeak VR 4Sunnypeak VR 4 -- QR Code


Sunnypeak VR 5Sunnypeak VR 5 QR code


Teefan VR 4 square Teefan VR 4 QR Code -- official


Teefan VR 1 - SquareTeefan VR 1 -- QR code


Teefan VR 2 - squareTeefan VR 2 QR code


Teefan VR 3 squareTeefan VR 3 - QR code

Teleport VR Headset

Teleport VR headsetTeleport VR QR code



TT 3D Viewer Cardboard

TT 3D Viewer Cardboard squareTT 3D Viewer Cardboard QR Code 2


UCVR squareUCVR QR Code via VR-iPhone


Unicorn VR from Novo VR

Unicorn 2Unicorn VR QR code

Unofficial Cardboard 2.0 Plus

Unofficial Cardboard 2.0 plus headsets Unofficial Cardboard QR Code -- UC_2.0_PlusUnofficial Cardboard 2.0 Plus QR code


ViarBox squareViarBox QR Code

Viewbox from Evomade

Evomade square Evomade Viewbox QR Code

Virtoba X5

Virtoba X5 SquareVirtoba X5 QR Code

VOX+ Gear Plus

VOX+ Gear Plus squreVOX+ Gear Plus -- official QR Code


VOX+ Z3 Square VOX+ Z3 -- Official QR Code

VR Box

VR Box viewerSunnypeak QR codeVR Box QR codevr-box-qr-code-by-reader

VR Box 2

VR Box 2 SquareVR Box 2 QR CodeVR Box 2 QR Code opt 2

VR Case RK 3 Plus

VR Case RK 3 plus

qr_viewer_profile VR CASE RK 3 plus

VR Case RK5th



VR Fold

VR FoldVR Fold QR Code by reader


VR Kix

VR Kix VR Kix QR Code

VR Park V1

VR Park V1 square VR Park QR Code - Amazon - Jeff M

VR Park V3

VR Park V3 square VR Park V3 qr_viewer_profilevr-park-v3-qr-code-reddit-user

VR World (rebranded Shinecon)

VR World headset squareVR World reader QR Code



VrizzmoVRizzmo - QR Code - vr-iphone-dot-com

Wearality Sky 0.1

Wearality Sky square

Wearality Sky QR code


 Weebo3D Weebo3D qr_viewer_profile

Xiaomi VR


Yay 3D

Yay 3D viewerYay 3d Viewer QR Code


Zebronics VR headset squareZebronics VR headset QR Code

Zeiss VR One

Zeiss OneZeiss VR One QR Code


Are we missing any QR codes, or do you have a better QR code for a headset? Email us at [email protected].

You can create your own QR code, as well. It takes just a few minutes. If you do, please share!