Active OpenSim Grids: IPR Information

This list includes all grids that have been active this month. Please note that some grids may only be up part-time, especially the smaller ones. Click here for key info. Click here for more details.

Last Update: 7/16/2017 • Total grids: 261

Grid IPR Policy More Info
2nd Oakdene
3rd Life Grid DCMA policy in place. DMCA Link.
3rd Rock Grid 3rd Rock Grid has a take-down policy following US DMCA rules. There are no OAR or IAR exports, self-connected regions are not allowed. God powers are restricted to management. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. 3rd Rock Grid is one of the oldest OpenSim-based grids, and is about community, with a community council and weekly meetings of community members.
A Virtual World
Activity Ds
Adventure Bay
AIRE Mille Flux
Alife Virtual Link to TOS.
AllCity Link to TOS.
Alluris Estates
Alterworld Grid
Américas Worlds
Anda World
Anettes Welt
AnSky DMCA take down policy in place. DMCA Link.
Arrival Nation
Atek Grid
Athabasca University
Avalonia Estate
Avatar Sex Grid
AviUnite Haven companies with the DMCA, and has a posted take-down process in place. Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
AviWorlds Copyright infringement is a violation of the grid’s terms of service. Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
AweSim Worlds
Baller Nation
Beta Technologies
Binders World
Calypso 3D
Chimerus Link to TOS.
Counter Earth
Craft World Craft forbids users from importing here they have not created or that they don’t own and will delete regions where this rule is not respected by owners. Link to TOS. Craft prides itself on being a commerce-free area, where users freely share knowledge and creations, and on having a warm and friendly community.
CreaNovale Grid
CyberNexus VW Grid WhiteCore
Destination Cloud
DevWorks OSG
DigiGrids Aurora-Sim
Digital Multiverse
DigiWorldz Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
Discovery Grid
Dorena’s World Infringing content will be taken down. Link to TOS. ArribaSim
DreamNation Membership by invitation only.
Dreamscape Link to TOS.
Dynamic Worldz
Encitra Home Grid
Encore Escape Link to policy. Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
Endivatomic World Link to TOS. Endivatomic grid started December 2013 as experiment between Italian and French friends. Since there it has been always online 24/7 and hypergridded.
Eureka World +972544462881
EVA Park
Fantasy World
Fearless Mysteries
FrancoGrid Policy in place and enforced. Those who bring in infringing content can get a warning or suspension, or be expelled from the grid. Link to TOS. FrancoGrid is known for live music and cultural events. In January, it hosted a sold-out performance of the Marriage of Figaro.
FranEsti Grid
Free World
Furry World
Genesis Global Journey Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
Genesis MetaVerse Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
GerGrid No OAR exports. No self-connected regions allowed. No God-powers given to users. Content protection policy in place and enforced. GerGrid has its own implemented, secure money-system. All money transfer communications are encrypted.
Gnosis Grid
Great Canadian Grid Infringing content takedown policy in place, as well as a Terms of Service that protects the rights of content creators. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. Over 18 only.
Grid Nirvana
Grille EVER
HD Skin World
Hypergrid Life
Icelady Grid
Ignis Fatuus
IMA Test World
Immersion Tools
Immersive Reality Link to TOS.
Infinite Grid Link to TOS.
Infinite Metaverse Alliance
Insight Concepts
InWorldz Strict adherence to US DMCA policy. DMCA agent registered with US Copyright Office. All takedowns responded to within 24 hours. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. Automated backups for seven days stored for regions, with ability to choose which one by region owner. Live restore. Community driven, easy communications with founders. Grid prides itself on customer support and responsiveness. Customized software to allow faster asset loading, less server lag.
Island Oasis Grid prohibits illegal copying, and has posted a takedown policy. Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
Islands of Enlightenment
Iti Motu Resort
Japan Open Grid
JokaydiaGrid Content Policy which includes respect for content creator’s rights. All takedown requests and copyright queries investigated within 24hrs. OAR file backups only provided after verification of rights to use content. Link to TOS. JokaydiaGrid is focused on education, arts and social change. Grid owners support a community that is exploring a range of uses and projects across all sectors of education and specialize in supporting educators to explore, dream, plan and execute virtual worlds projects.
jOpenSimWorld Link to TOS. There is a charge for uploads. Free land available on Canary Islands region.
Justice Grid
Kalasiddhi Grid Link to TOS.
Karmalot Link to TOS.
Kaz Grid
Kitely According to posted copyright protection policy, Kitely complies with the DMCA and Israeli copyright laws. The company has an online form for submitting take-down requests, and a registered agent on file with the US Copyright Office. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. Cloud-based regions
KiWo Grid
Konk Combat Grid
Kroatan Grid
Kyle Archipelago
Lighthouse Point hosting by Dreamland
Littlefield Link to TOS.
Logicamp Link to TOS. Logicamp was founded as a French-language grid with a focus on Belgian tourism, but has since become more of an educational grid, with regular classes in OpenSim, design, building, and LSL scripting. All classes are conducted in French.
Lost Paradise Grid prohibits users from uploading or transmitting infringing content, with possible suspension or banning of violators. Link to TOS.
Lost World
Majickal Life
Marble Isle Marble Isle is dedicated to the economic philosophy Georgism, also called Geoism. Users will own what they create, but virtual land will be common property, owned equally by all residents.
Meet Instantly
Metaverse Concept
Metropolis Illegal, violent and pornographic content is prohibited and violators may be banned from the grid. Take down policy in place for content that infringes on copyright. Link to policy. Link to TOS. Metropolis allows OAR import and exports and has an inventory Web service. The grid also claims to have the most active and visited OpenSim-related forum.
Miki Kiti Tiki
MisFitz Grid
Mobius Grid Link to TOS.
My Educational Community
My First Life
My Virtual Community Link to TOS.
MyOpenGrid Residents are advised to refrain from uploading any content without creator permission. Illegally uploaded content is removed from the entire grid, and the infringers’ accounts terminated. Link to TOS. MyOpenGrid prides itself on a very friendly and helpful community for new residents and that truly makes it a welcoming environment.
Naras Nook
Nemesis 3D
Neuland The grid is hypergrid enabled. No god powers, no region console, no OAR export, no self-connected regions. Requests for takedowns have to be mailed to staff, who check and then take the necessary actions to enforce the TOS and the rights of the content owners. All issues are handled by support tickets. Link to TOS. This is one of the oldest grids running on OpenSim. Grids have have professionally created premium content and stable, managed land with reasonable pricing and good support. The grid owners focus on professional service for customers and offer commercial services for consulting and application development.
New Genres Grid
New Zealand Virtual World Grid – Auckland
New Zealand Virtual World Grid – Otago
Next Dimension Tales
Nextlife World
Ocean Grid
Old Fuddy
One More Grid
Open Community Grid
Open Virtual Worlds
OpenSim Life
OpenSim UAb
OpenSimulator Community Conference
Openvue Content infringement policy in place. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. The Openvue grid was an early adopter of OpenSim and is used for development and testing. Host to Open Virtual Collaboration Environment ( facilities.
OSgrid Detailed DMCA policy in place. DMCA Link. OSGrid is a non-profit grid, the largest grid in the OpenSim universe. There is no official grid currency and no grid-wide oversight of commercial activity, but some payment systems, such as PayPal, G$, V$ and OMC may be in use by individual region owners.
Outworldz Pirateland HG
Party Destination Grid
Play Grid BR
PMGrid PMGrid makes its best effort to keep the grid free from infringing content. Free land available for builders, builds can be exported to other grids. PMGrid is a hobby grid dedicated to encouraging OpenSim adoption. It particularly prides itself on the Romenna build, a 16-region middle-Ages city, HG addresss
REDgrid Grid designed by the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA Lab) at Ball State University for virtual and blended learning projects.
Refuge Grid
Relliketh Grid
Rev World
S&B Airways
Savage Grid
Second Chance
Servex Grid
Sinful Grid Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
Six Sides Grid
SLFDGrid Content that infringes German copyright law is removed from the grid. Link to policy. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. Membership by invitation only.
Sludge Entertainment
Spellscape The grid complies with the DMCA and promptly removes infringing content. Link to policy. Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
SPH Places
Survgrid Otago
Tangle Grid Link to TOS. Facebook: Free shops for merchants, free 3-month apartments for new residents. Land rental page here:
Tenebris Mysterium
That Place
The Adult Grid DMCA policy in place. Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
The Lost Castle
The Public World
Trans Sidera
Tropical Isle
TUIS Open Grid
U4ria Grid
UCI Mondego vLab
UFSGrid UFSGrid has a policy in place, and enforces it. The grid does not condone IPR violations and if violations occur they are dealt with swiftly and offending content is removed from the grid to the fullest extent of ability, grid managers say. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. Science-fiction themed roleplaying world inspired by Star Trek. Residents are welcome to be any species from any era or even create their own. Popular groups such as UFS (United Federation Starfleet) and IFT have a presence already on the grid.
VIBE: Genome Island
VIBE: Nova Archeology
VIBE: Virtual Islands for Better Education
Virtual ABDL Grid
Virtual Brasil
Virtual Builders
Virtual Highway Registered agent on file with US Copyright Office. Grid enforces copyright claims by removing infringing items from inventories. Has posted DMCA notice. Link to TOS. DMCA Link.
Virtual Life Brasil DMCA Link.
Virtual Life EU
Virtual World City DMCA take down requests handled via support tickets.
Virtual Worlds Grid Intellectual property infringement is a violation of grid policy, and grid policy is to terminate the accounts of repeat offenders in appropriate circumstances. The grid will also disable, delete or terminate, without notice, any user’s infringing content. Grid is home to an extension of Melissa’s Blue Angel 911 Memorial from Second Life, 36 regions for an All Faiths Center, and 144 residential regions available for rent to residents. Another 83 regions are set aside for education projects. The grid is intended to be a resident-governed world.
VR Playground
WestWorld Grid Link to TOS. People can connect their own regions for free.
WestWorld Outworldz
Xmir DMCA Link.
Yaras Welt
Your Alternative Life Posted and enforced IPR policy. No God rights for residents. Violators banned from grid. Link to policy. Link to TOS.
YrGrid Link to TOS.
Yugen World
ZanGrid “Zero tolerance” policy for copybotting. Link to TOS. DMCA Link. Membership by invitation only.